Tilapia culture in trinidad and tobago: yet another update

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Initiation at Office

Immediately upon return after receiving the training, broodstock of GIFT F6 generation from Cox’s Bazaar Marine Station one of the BFRI’s stations were obtained and reared at government Fish Hatchery and Training Center (FH&TC), Raipur. As FH&TC was supplying high quality seeds of carps to the fish farmers of mid-to-southern part of the country, there was a good opportunity to provide information and motivate them supplying them some GIFT seeds for their trial. Within short period of time farmers of the region showed interests in GIFT due to its good performance. Within a year in 2002, about 3.7 millions of GIFT fry were produced and supplied to the fish-farmers which were produced through selective breeding and feeding with simply wheat bran twice a day. In addition to supplying high quality fry, FH&TC provided technical supports to the farmers including field visits.

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