Thursday May 9, 2013 panel session one 8: 30 10: 15 a m. 1A the imf then and now

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Thursday May 9, 2013

8:30 - 10:15 a.m.

1A The IMF then and now
         Chair and Discussant: Waltraud Schelkle (London School of Economics)

Constellation A

Structural Adjustment Comes to Europe: Lessons for the Eurozone from the Conditionality Debates
         Scott Greer (University of Michigan)


The Euro Crisis and the Dangers of Disembedding Liberalism: Lessons from the Gold Standard
         Matthias Matthijs (Johns Hopkins University)


The IMF in a Post-Westphalian World: a European reality check
         Wouter Coussens (European Central Bank)


1B Lobbying in the European Union: Interests, Framing and Influence
         Chair: Heike Klüver (University of Konstanz)
         Discussant: Joost Berkhout (University of Amsterdam)

Constellation B

Framing the Debate: Interest Groups and Political Rhetoric in the European Union
         Christine Mahoney (University of Virginia)
         Heike Klüver (University of Konstanz)


Interest Group Influence in the European Union: Is There a Business Bias?
        Andreas Dür (University of Salzburg)
         Patrick Bernhagen (Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen)
         David Marshall (University of Salzburg)


Interest Groups and Legislative Lobbying in the European News Media
         Iskander De Bruycker (University of Antwerp)
         Jan Beyers (University of Antwerp)


Negotiating Under Cross-pressure? How Member State Representatives Handle Conflicting Policy Frames in the EU Multilevel System
        Frida Boräng (University of Gothenburg)

Daniel Naurin (University of Gothenburg)


Transnational Local Ties and Supranational Regional Funding: Explaining National Parliamentarians’ Involvement in EU Affairs
         Arndt Wonka (University of Bremen)
         Berthold Rittberger (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)


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