Thursday, May 21

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5th Grade Fabulous 50’s Day

Thursday, May 21st the 5th grade will experience one of the most exciting decades in history, the Fabulous 50’s. Although this was a time when America was involved in a Cold War and experiencing a struggle for equality, the 1950’s was a decade that introduced many changes such as technology, working conditions, living conditions, cars, and Rock-n-Roll.
Students will have an opportunity to re-live these years and have fun! Students are asked, but NOT required, to dress up 50’s style. They may dress up as their favorite singer, movie star, housewife, business person, or regular teenager. I will share several pictures with them in class, but students may do their own research about the attire/clothing during this period.
The second part of this exciting day will include the opportunity for students to talk with someone that actually experienced this era. This person can be a family member, community member, church member, etc. If students have difficulty locating a person to interview, please let me know. I will be happy to provide a contact name and number for you. This will count as an assignment and will be graded according to the rubric attached.

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