Thursday, 01/22 7th Grade Social Studies Midterm Study Guide

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Mr. Santoro: Social Studies Midterm Date: Thursday, 01/22

7th Grade Social Studies Midterm Study Guide
The Social Studies Midterm is cumulative (September-January). It will cover Chapters 1-6. However, the predominant focus will be on Ch. 3-6. Furthermore, there will be DBQ (Document Based Questions), on the Assessment. You cannot study for a DBQ. You will read documents and answer the questions based on the document itself and your previous knowledge of Social Studies.
Midterm Format (subject to change)

  • 25 multiple choice questions (two [2] points each)

  • 3 DBQ questions only not a DBQ Essay (six [6] points each)

  • 2 Essays, 1-2 paragraphs each (16 points each)

Below you will find some specific Chapters/Topics to study for the Social Studies Midterm:

Chapter 1 & 2 Pre-Colonial America

  • Olmec, Maya, Aztec and The Inca Empires

  • Explorers (Columbus, Henry the Navigator, Vasco de Gama, Magellan, etc.)

  • Spain in America (Cortes, Pizarro, Social Classes)

Chapter 3 Colonial America

  • Early English Settlements (Newfoundland, Roanoke, Jamestown)

  • Three types of colonies (New England, Middle, and Southern)

  • Pilgrims, Puritans, Separatists, The Mayflower Compact

Chapter 4 Growth of the 13 Colonies

Chapter 5 The Spirit of Independence

  • Taxation without Representation(Acts against the colonists, ex. Sugar/Stamp Act)

  • Building Colonial Unity (Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Tea Act, etc.)

  • First Battles (Lexington and Concord, Battle of Bunker Hill)

  • Declaring Independence(debate over independence, Declaration of Independence)

Chapter 6 The American Revolution

  • Study the notes you were given for all four sections!

  • Key Concepts- Loyalists vs. Patriots, Battles, Gaining Allies, Native Americans, War in the West and South, Guerilla Warfare, Yorktown, Independence.


Some possible essay topics are below; please note that each student will choose two out of four essays on the Midterm. Each essay should be 1-2 paragraphs in length, and resemble our essential question answers we complete for homework.

  • Spain in the Americas

  • The three types of colonies (New England, Middle, Southern)

  • The French and Indian War

  • Colonists reactions to British Policies (Sugar Act, Stamp Act, etc.)

  • Patriots vs. Loyalists

  • Revolutionary War (Key Concepts)

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