Throughout the history of the us, slavery has been a "hot topic"

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Civil War Project

Throughout the history of the US, slavery has been a "hot topic".

Think about the events/problems/laws/situations that took place before 1861. See your charts/notes.

  • Was slavery the only thing that led to the Civil War?

  • Was it just part of the whole problem?

  • How far back in US history can you go to find the true causes of the Civil War?

You will create a recipe to depict your interpretation of the causes of the Civil War.


Make a "recipe" for the Civil War. Include at least 5 "ingredients" that can be considered the causes of the war. The “amount” of each ingredient should reflect the “importance” of the event to war and how it helped start the war.

Use measurements and a detailed list of how the war began (don't include ANY battles of the war...this should be how the war started not how it was fought).

Recipe example:

Two-tone Stew

1 C slavery 4 TBS reform movements

a pinch of politics 3 C states' rights

Mix together reform movements and politics. Let sit for a few years. This will rise afterwards. Next stir in slavery and states' rights. ... etc....

Bake @ ________? How long? What temperature? Where?


See Rubric on website

Download 24.5 Kb.

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