Threat Assessment Template

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Threat Assessment Template

This document should be used as a starting point for areas to consider during threat assessment. This should not limit other sources of information that may be invaluable in assessing a threat.
Date:_________________ Person Reporting Threat:__________________________
Date of Threat: ___________________ Time:_______________
Intended Targets/Victims:______________________________________
Exact wording and nature of the threat:

Step One: Types of threats (Is this a threat?) Keep in mind the following types of Threats:
Direct Threat: Identifies a specific act against a specific target and is delivered in a straightforward, clear, and explicit manner: “I am going to place a bomb in the school’s gym.”
Indirect Threat: Tends to be vague, unclear, or ambiguous. The plan, the intended victim, the motivation, and other aspects of the threat are masked or equivocal: “If I wanted to, I could kill everyone at this school”. Violence is implied but tentatively “if I wanted to” and suggests a violent act COULD occur not that it WILL occur.
Veiled Threat: Strongly implies but does not explicitly threaten violence. “We would be better off without you around anymore” clearly hints at a possible violent act, but leaves it to the potential victim to interpret the message and give a definite meaning.
Conditional Threat: Warns that a violent act will happen unless certain demands or terms are met: “If you don’t pay me one million dollars, I will place a bomb in the school”
Step Two-- Levels of Threats: This step could be used alone if the threatener is not known.

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