Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities

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Voltaire’s Candide

Those who can make you believe absurdities
can make you commit atrocities.


The story of Candide is a philosophical satire that concerns various philosophical beliefs in 18th century Europe. A satire is anything which humorously criticizes a person, group, concept, or philosophy while trying to offer a different, better viewpoint. “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central is an excellent modern example of a satire. We have already studied the Enlightenment and have discovered that many of these philosophies have continued to this day. The following tasks below are what you are supposed to accomplish while you read the story of Candide. There will be a classroom discussion on this book, and 18th century France when you return. NO STRESS PASSES!

I. Having just studied the Enlightenment in class and in the textbook, identify and EXPLAIN at least TWO things from Candide that make it an Enlightenment text.
II. Throughout Candide Voltaire criticizes individuals, social institutions, and certain forms of behavior by using satire. Give THREE examples of Voltaire’s satire (there are many) and provide a quote from the text to illustrate each of your points. Also, answer why you think Voltaire uses satire.
III. What is Voltaire’s view of human nature? According to Voltaire, are we naturally corrupt (the concept of original sin) or do we learn our corruption? Explain your answer, and provide THREE examples from the text that illustrates your point. Think carefully about this question.
IV. Since this book has been written readers and scholars alike have provided different interpretations of Candide’s final chapter, including the famous line where Candide states that “we must cultivate our garden.” Your task is to decide what Voltaire means by this statement, and explain it.

  • If your answer above is Voltaire’s main point, which it should be, do you agree with this philosophy? Why, or why not?

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