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Thorlabs Device Firmware Upgrade Wizard - Readme

The Thorlabs Device Firmware Upgrade Wizard installs new firmware to Thorlabs USB devices with DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) support.

Before running this software make sure the new firmware upgrade file (*.dfu) fits to your target device. Also read the user manual of the device and the documentation provided with the device firmware file.

This software comes with additional software packages:

- NI VISA runtime engine (

- Ni LW/CVI runtime engine (


This software is copyright Ó 2007-2013, Thorlabs GmbH. For license details please see file License.rtf.

Supported platforms:

This software was verified with the following platforms:

- Windows 8 (32/64-bit versions)

- Windows 7 (32/64-bit versions)

- Windows VISTA (32/64-bit versions)

- Windows XP SP2 (32-bit version)

Change log:

V2.4.0 Sep-11-2013

Automatically enables the DFU interfaces of devices that support remote enabling the DFU interface.

V2.2.0 May-22-2013

Added additional devices to *.inf files.

V2.1.5 Nov-19-2012

Message texts modified. Verified with Windows 8.

V2.1.4 Aug-29-2012

Added VISA engine V5.2.0 to distribution.

V2.1.3 Jul-27-2012

Dropped support for Windows 2000.

Added VISA engine V5.1.2 to distribution.

V2.1.2 Aug-25-2010

Support for 150% font size added.

V2.1.1 Mar-11-2010

Default path for firmware files modified.

V2.1.0 Mar-09-2010

Support for Windows 7 added.

V2.0.3 Mar-05-2010

Signed driver package included.

V2.0.2 Feb-22-2010

Shortcut assigned to 'Rescan' button. Progress bar style modified.

V2.0.1 Nov-19-2009

DFU driver installation modified.

V2.0.0 Sep-18-2009

Delay added after failing with timeout error during download.

V1.9.0 Aug-19-2009

More tolerance to communication timeouts during download.

V1.8.0 Jun-25-2009

Erroneous error message when download failed fixed.

V1.7.0 Dec-22-2008

NI-VISA engine included in distribution package.

V1.6.0 Jun-25-2008

Bug fix: When rescanning devices Next button is dimmed properly now.

V1.5.0 Mar-24-2008

Supports vendor specific errors and nevertheless allows upgrading.

V1.4.0 Nov-13-2007

Installation directories for *.inf files changed.

V1.3.0 Apr-24-2007

DFU files with wildcard in vendor id or product id supported.

V1.2.0 Apr-13-2007

If device is not able to switch back to RUNTIME mode, it is still possible to upload firmware.

V1.1.0 Feb-07-2007

Only devices compatible to the DFU file are displayed in the device list.

V1.0.0 Feb-02-2007

Initial release

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