Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency Outline The Beginning

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Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency Outline

  1. The Beginning

    1. March 4, 1801

      1. Thomas Jefferson is the first President inaugurated in the new ____________________ _____________ of Washington D.C.

      2. He delivers his first inaugural _________________. This address outlines what he feels are the essential _____________________ of government

  2. Louisianan Purchase

    1. Robert Livingston & James Monroe signed the Louisiana Purchase Treaty in _____________

    2. The United States paid ____________ million for the land, roughly, ______ cents per acre

    3. The purchase added _________________ square miles of land west of the Mississippi to the United States

    4. July 4 the Louisiana Purchase is publicly announced

  3. The Lewis and Clark Expedition

    1. January 18, 1803

      1. Jefferson sends a _________________ message to congress regarding the Lewis and Clark Expedition

      2. In this message Jefferson asks for ____________________ to establish trading with the Indians

      3. Jefferson asks Congress for ________________ to explore the land west of the Mississippi

      4. His goal is to find a __________________ route to the Pacific

    2. May 1804

      1. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark depart on the expedition

  4. Embargo Act of 1807

    1. 1803- __________________ of the Napoleonic Wars between France and Great Britain

    2. American was once again trapped between the two nations

    3. Jefferson, wanting to stay ________________, proposed an ___________________ on all foreign trade

    4. This was highly _____________________________ and devastated the American Economy

    5. The Non-Intercourse Act of 1809 was put in place to repeal the unsuccessful Embargo Act

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