Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency Jefferson and the Courts

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Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency
Jefferson and the Courts

  • The ______________________ – decreased the number of Supreme Court judges and increased the number of Federal Judges

  • before leaving office, John Adams made a series of “midnight appointments” to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court with Federalists who would serve for life – __________________ most notable, Chief Justice of Supreme Court

  • _____________________ (1803) – Jefferson tried to deny some of Adams’s appointments, particularly an appointed DC Justice of the Peace named William Marbury – under Jefferson’s orders, James Madison (Secretary of State) didn’t sign the paperwork

  • John Marshall ruled against Marbury, establishing _________________ – the power of the courts to decide if laws passed by Congress are Constitutional

Louisiana Purchase

  • Adams and Jefferson encouraged the expansion of states in the frontier area with the ______________________________ – allowed Americans to buy small parcels of land on credit

  • Napoleon took much of the Spanish lands west of the Mississippi River – he gained control of the mouth of the Mississippi at ____________________

  • Settlers needed the use of this river, so Jefferson approached Napoleon about buying the city of _____________________

  • Napoleon decided he wanted to sell all of Louisiana – Monroe offered ________________ for the area without the approval of the President and the Congress

Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Jefferson chose _______________________ and _____________________ to lead an expedition to explore this new United States territory

  • Expedition lasted from 1804-1806 and explored from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean

Election of 1804

  • Jefferson was an extremely ______________ popular President - he lowered taxes, made the Louisiana Purchase, and allowed the Alien and Sedition Acts to expire

  • The Federalist Party was weakened and Jefferson easily won _________, winning all but 2 states

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s demise

  • Jefferson and Burr did not work well together during Jefferson’s first term, so Burr decided to seek the _________________________ of New York in 1804

  • ______________________________ (who was also from NY) opposed Burr for governor and succeeded in making sure that Burr was not even nominated

  • Summer 1804 – Burr challenged Hamilton to a ___________

  • July 11, 1804 – each fired a shot – Hamilton into the air, Burr into Hamilton’s chest

  • With one shot, the leader of the Federalists was ___________ and Burr’s political career was over – Burr was charged with ______________ and fled

Election of 1808

  • In Washington’s tradition, Jefferson did not run for ________________ in 1808

  • _______________________ is elected the 4th President of the United States in 1808

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