This will not work with val avatar. I have provided alternate skin packs to allow custom colors into regular mh games. See the downloads section at

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This will be quite an involved readme, but it will be broken into sections. Skip ahead if you know what you want.
THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH VAL AVATAR. I have provided alternate skin packs to allow custom colors into regular MH games. See the downloads section at to get them. Also bots are not supported in this mod. If you use them it will cause MH2 to malfunction.
Some personal notes:

In case you have never used this controller you have to understand that in form and function it works much like UTJMH (which was the base for the code). However many issues concerning MH could only be addressed by slipping in a replaced MonsterHunt core that has lots of fixes inserted. It’s not a perfect mod, ideally I’d like to recode MH from the ground up but that would break the maps that exist. Instead I went this route, creating a new gametype that “piggybacks” on existing MH but makes as many of the necessary corrections as I could make without breaking things. It’s pretty thorough and you’ll find a nice selection of options to use. The server log still tosses occasional errors but I squelched as much as I could get. Some maps create access none error lines and there just isn’t anything I can do about it. As always I included source codes so feel free to improve/change/alter as you like. It’s really not that hard and I’d gladly help you out. In fact Nelsona is currently working on a “bot-friendly” release of MH2.

1. Setting up a server (quick start guide)

This mod is run as an actual gametype, *not* a monsterhunt mod. Loading the gametype will load the mod, they are not independent of each other. First add these lines into the unrealtournament.ini:





Add this section to the end of your UnrealTournament.ini and make your edits as you desire. The following is simply a copy of my adds, you are welcome to use none of them and replace with anything you like. It’s a good idea to add something about score limits and stats limits so players know. This is just like the normal ServerAdds mod, it’s just embedded into MH2 now. fDelay is how long between pop-in ads are displayed:
//Code start









sLines[0]=][ Welcome to MonsterHunt 2 ][

sLines[1]=][ Check here for important information ][

sLines[2]=][ Certain commands can be put into console ][

sLines[3]=][ MUTATE LIGHT -for a personal lamp ][

sLines[4]=][ MUTATE DARK -turns light off ][

sLines[5]=][ MUTATE HEALGUN -spawns a healing gun ][


sLines[7]=][ Team damage is disabled ][

sLines[8]=][ Personal stats will be saved ][

sLines[9]=][ Have a good time and play fair ][

sLines[10]=][ MUTATE OPEN -opens any door or mover ][

sLines[11]=][ MUTATE CLOSE -closes any door ][

sLines[12]=][ If you force doors, it could mess map up ][

sLines[13]=][ Need HEALTH? Hit your "F" key and do feign death ][

sLines[14]=][ A Liandri Corp server ][

sLines[15]=][ If you die you lose 10% of your score ][










//Code end

This mod requires NO other packages aside from the original MH (and the tiny music file I attached). All included mutators and toys are fully contained. Additional mods should be used with extreme care, I have not tested compatibility with very much. If you add mods, it is at your own risk. I do not openly support other mods to be used with MH2Gold. It is VERY server intensive and is subject to problems if other mods are added.

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