This is the statement of general policy and hse arrangements for

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This is the statement of general policy and HSE arrangements for:

Health and Safety Policy for the ‘Friends of Jubilee Park’
Friends of Jubilee Park – Park Volunteer Group

Overall and final responsibility for health and safety is that of:

East Williamston Community & Hall Association

Day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice is delegated to:

Events Co-ordinator – TBA in Col.2 below

Statement of general policy

Responsibility of

(Name / Title)

Action / Arrangements

To prevent accidents and cases of task-related ill health and provide adequate control of health and safety risks to either FOJB members and their supervisors or members of the general public arising from volunteer activities in EW Jubilee Park

Chairman of Core Group, FOJP

Name: TBA

Prepare a detailed Risk Assessment of each category of work to be undertaken by volunteers and ensure that they are adequately instructed and supervised in the correct and safe way to carry out such work

To provide adequate training to ensure volunteers and their supervisors are competent to carry out their allocated tasks.

Chairman of Core Group, FOJP

Name: TBA

Arrange suitable accredited on or off-site training for those engaged in supervision of the work and check that all those supervising volunteer activities are themselves adequately briefed on the full health and safety risks attaching to the activity they shall supervise.

To engage and consult with volunteers on health and safety conditions and provide advice and supervision.

Chairman of Core Group, FOJP

Name: TBA

Carry out an appropriate on-site ‘tool-box’ briefing of volunteers immediately prior to the commencement of work and make sure each volunteer is in possession of a copy of the FJOP safety notes and Task Risk Assessment for his/her allocated task.

Encourage volunteers to contribute to the development of a ‘safety first’ culture in the Park.

To implement emergency procedures and evacuation in case of a significant incident.

Chairman of Core Group, FOJP

Name: TBA

Liaise with local emergency services’ control centres to assure they have adequate information to allow them to access the Park in case of call-out - Ensure at least one gate key holder is always available to facilitate entry.

To maintain safe and healthy working conditions, provide and maintain plant, equipment and machinery, and ensure safe storage / use of substances

Chairman of Core Group, FOJP

Name: TBA

Hold regular HSE reviews at meetings of Core Group to ensure FOJP Health and Safety Policy is maintained fit for purpose.

Carry out regular inspections of Park and FOJP plant and equipment (to be recorded)

To ensure that an adequate level of P&TPL insurance cover is maintained too indemnify the FOJP’s activities.

Chairman of Core Group, FOJP

Name: TBA

P&TPL Insurance is provided by EWCC

(details can be made available on request)

Health and safety law poster is displayed:

EW Community Hall


First-aid box and accident book are located:

(1) EW Community Hall

(2) In temporary tent in Park during work-days or events

1) Address: The Common, East Williamston, Tenby, Pembrokeshire

2) Post Code: SA70 8RU

3) Map Grid Reference (OS): SN 09617 05031

4) Mobile Phone Number: TBA

Signed: for FOJP/EWC&HA:


Subject to review, monitoring and revision by:


months or sooner if work activity changes

Risk Assessment - 07 February, 2015
Please note: This is a generic risk assessment designed to cover all or most of the commonly encountered risks attaching to park construction and maintenance by volunteer workers. It is not intended to be exhaustive and the event supervisor must address the issue of risks inherent in any other activities not contemplated herein. Specific Task Risk Assessments must be prepared for such activities and issued as an addendum hereto.

What are the hazards?

Who might be harmed and how?

What are you already doing?

Do you need to do anything else to manage this risk?

Action by whom?

Action by when?

Residual Risk

Risk to general public

Other Park users (including children and pets) could become at risk of any of the undernoted hazards through lack of adequate control of the work

Work areas shall be marked with warning signs, flutter tape etc. and shall be fully barrier protected against entry where appropriate

For certain activities a ‘safety observer’ shall be employed to stop public approaching dangerously close to hazard

Task Supervisor


Slips and trips

Volunteers may be injured if they trip over trailing vegetation or slip on wet or muddy ground or loose soil particularly on steep slopes and banks.

Paths are kept dressed and border areas mown short. Blackthorn and bramble etc. is regularly cut back. Volunteers are advised to wear suitable footwear for the conditions and job in hand.

At ‘tool-box talk’ volunteers should reminded to take extra care:

a) in or after period of recent wet weather or around streams and ponds (slip)

b) whilst working off path or in dense vegetation (trip)

Task Supervisor


Manual handling

Volunteers may suffer musculoskeletal injury through moving or lifting heavy/awkward objects incorrectly.

Mechanical lifting aids shall be used wherever possible and any unavoidable manual heavy/awkward lifting required shall be co-ordinated by the supervisor to ensure it is correctly performed

Volunteers need to be reminded at ‘tool-box talk’ to request assistance whenever doubtful of their capacity


Cuts and abrasions

Volunteers may come into contact with sharp objects such as broken glass, barbed wire, thorns etc.

Volunteers are encouraged to wear heavy thorn proof gloves (can be supplied by FOJP) and hedges and undergrowth is inspected before work commences to find and remove old wire fencing.




Animal faeces

Volunteers may come into contact with dog or fox faeces in undergrowth etc.

The FOJP polices the Park to prevent dog fouling.

Antiseptic hand cleaner is made available at the event tent.




Irritants - poisonous plants, bee / wasp stings

Volunteers may suffer nettle rash, bee or wasp stings etc. which could in very rare and extreme cases cause anaphylactic shock

The FOJP monitors for wasp nests in Park. F/A kit can treat minor rashes, stings etc.

Volunteers shall be encouraged to declare if they are allergic to any known plant / insect sting etc.

Task Supervisor



Volunteers exposed to pollen released by grass / plant clearance.

Advise of risk




Use of tools

Volunteers using sharp edge tools could be at risk of injuring self or others in close proximity by incorrect or careless use of tools such as slashers, bill-hooks and the like

All volunteers are to be instructed in the correct and safe use of all tools prior to issue and shall be closely supervised in their use at all times

Closely supervise the use of tools at all times

Task Supervisor


Use of ladders

Volunteers, nature conversation officers etc. who may require to install and access bird/bat boxes at height in trees within Park

Only CE tested ladders shall be used in strict accordance with the appropriate regulations for working at height.

Closely supervise the use of tools at all times

Task Supervisor



Volunteer, members of public who may come into contact with hot embers, smoke or sparks generated by burning of brash on bonfires

Bonfires shall be lit, tended at all times and finally extinguished only by experienced FOJP members. Fires shall only be set in locations where there is no danger of spread or damage to adjacent brush, trees or grassland. On leaving fire bed to die down it shall be cordoned off with a temporary sheep wire fence to prevent accidental access by children or pets.


Task Supervisor


Eye Injury – foreign bodies, flying debris, scratching

Volunteers could receive eye injury or contamination from flying debris or dust during mechanical and manual undergrowth clearance.

During clearance of brush by either mechanical or manual means all participants and anyone working in close proximity shall be required to wear appropriate eye protection.

Closely supervise the use of tools at all times

Task Supervisor


Work around plant and equipment

Volunteers, supervisors and members of public who might come into contact with operating items of mechanical plant such as mini-tractor and trailer.

All operators of such equipment shall be trained and certified in its safe operation.

Task supervisor shall instruct volunteers in safe working practice for working alongside such equipment.

Closely supervise the use of tools and equipment at all times


Use of Brush-cutters and Chain-saws

Operators of such equipment and any volunteers or members of the public who might be within proximity of operations.

Organising professional training and certification of volunteers in the maintenance and safe use of brush-cutters/trimmers and chain-saws for cross-cutting work. All volunteers authorised to use this equipment shall have satisfied the assessment criteria of the relevant LANTRA AWARDS course(s).

Strictly restrict the operation of such equipment to those who hold appropriate current LANTRA skills identity card(s). Ensure that LANTRA guidelines for operating such equipment are strictly adhered to, including the requirements for wearing of task specific CE marked PPE. Ensure that all other volunteers are aware of the necessity of maintaining the recommended exclusion zone around equipment operators at all times.

Task Supervisor


Additional TRA’s

Hazardous materials

The days task includes the collection of ‘dumped’ materials for safe and environmentally appropriate disposal – volunteers may be at risk from handling sharp objects or unknown contents of old and corroded containers.

Volunteers shall be advised of the risk on the day and advised not to handle any material about which they have any doubt. Suitable PPE shall be provided to all volunteers engaged in this activity – as minimum safety glasses and heavy duty gloves (rubber).

Supervise closely at all times

Task supervisor


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