This is an Invitation To all English 43 Scholars Who are willing to learn

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This is an Invitation

To all English 43 Scholars

Who are willing to learn

By any means necessary”

That writing is powerful


Malcolm X said that “without education, you’re not going anywhere in this world.”

But get this. This is the same guy who dropped out of school just after junior high. He got involved in hustling, in prostitution, and in drug dealing. He became a cocaine addict and a burglar. At just 19, he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. It was while he was in prison that his whole life changed.

What happened is that Malcolm became a letter writer. And what he realized is that he couldn’t express what he wanted to convey in the letters that he wrote. He was frustrated by this. He says that “in the street I had been the most articulate hustler out there … But now, trying to write simple English, I not only wasn’t articulate, I wasn’t even functional.”

So he got a dictionary and he began to copy every entry. It took him a day to do the first page. He would copy it all out and then read back what he had written. He began to remember the words and what they meant. He was fascinated with the knowledge that he was gaining. And over a period of time he finished copying out the whole dictionary. He started to read anything he could get his hands on. He read and read and read. Reading and writing changed his life, and he changed the world.

What are you willing to do to educate yourself?

The English 43 Promise

Malcolm X changed the world through his speaking and his writing. English 43 promises to give you the opportunity to empower yourself, like Malcolm X did, through reading and writing. This course promises that you can become a powerful writer. You will see that writing is a way of learning—that we write to figure things out, and that we write because we have something we need to say. This course offers extensive practice in thinking and talking about reading and writing and how we can connect this to our lives.

English 43 is a review of standard writing skills, with special emphasis on the paragraph and grammar.  During the semester we will review parts of speech, punctuation, and other grammatical areas with the ultimate goal of creating strong, well developed, paragraphs.   


Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

1. Read pre-college and basic college level texts for the purposes of writing and class discussion.

2. Practice and apply appropriate strategies from the writing process including pre-writing, composing, revising, and editing techniques.

3. Plan and write sentences, paragraphs, and basic compositions (for a total of 2,500-3,000 graded words) that are clear, unified, and purposeful on personal and non-personal or abstract topics.

4. Produce in-class paragraphs and basic compositions that demonstrate organizing, composing, revising and editing skills.

5. Practice and apply appropriate mechanical and grammatical structures in the production and editing of sentences, paragraphs, and basic compositions.

6. Apply critical thinking in reading, writing, and class discussion.

7. Employ study skills and habits necessary for further academic success.

Ways to Fulfill the English 43 Promise

Like Malcolm X, you must take responsibility for your own learning.
This course will take you on a journey through the learning process…

Unit 1: Self Exploration: Storytelling, Voice, Detail, Making Connections, Learning Styles, Left Brain, Right Brain, Multiple Intelligences, Collage, your very own Blog, Malcolm X, Helen Keller, Journaling, Grammar, Vocabulary Development, Critical Reading and Writing Strategies and Exercises
Unit 2: The Argument

Rhetoric, Socrates, Aristotle, Writing that Takes a Stand, Hip-Hop Culture, Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine, Sicko, Gus Van Sant’s Elephant, Hip-Hop, Grammar in context, Blogging, and Drafting the Argumentative Essay

Your growth as a Scholar will be assessed using a point system. You cannot grow academically if you do not practice. The points, written comments and conferences with me will serve as feedback on your growth. You will also be asked to evaluate yourself.
Empower yourself through the learning process:
Showing Up- just being here gets you points. The catch is that you have to be here on time when the writing warm-up begins.

4 points each class

Organization- you must keep a 3 ring binder with 3 dividers: Learning Log, Writing Assignments, Handouts

50 points, due at the end of the semester, random binder checks

Grammar Exercises

Up to 100 points total

Various Writing Exercises

Up to 100 points

Blog Posts

20 points each

Argumentative Essay- 3 drafts

100 points total

Your final grade is a reflection of the points you earn. You can divide your points by the total possible points to get your grade. You will be required to keep track of your points in your learning log.

Grade Equivalents: of total points

A= 90-100%

B= 80-89%

C= 70-79%

D= 60-69%

F= 0-59%
All assignments must be submitted on time. No emailed assignments accepted.

The Details & Guidelines

English 43/spring 2009

English Review: 7:30-8:55 AM

Instructor: Kelley McClary



(username: CSID number, password: 8 digit birthdate)

Office Hours: By Appointment

Textbook: College English Skills, John Langan
Let’s learn from Malcolm X’s life…

This classroom is welcoming to all. Diversity will be celebrated and discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated. This classroom will respect diversity based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. Please refrain from disruptive behavior and talking when others are speaking.

Plagiarism: Students are expected to be honest and ethical at all times in their pursuit of academic goals. Students who are found in violation of district Procedure 3100.3, Honest Academic Conduct, will receive an “F” grade on the assignment in question and may be referred for disciplinary action in accordance with Procedure 3100.2, Student Disciplinary Procedures. Students with disabilities, whether physical, learning, or psychological, who believe that they may need accommodations in this class, are encouraged to contact Disabled Students Programs & Services as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely manner. Their phone number is 795-6658 and they are located in Building 3000-Student Services, Room 3009, adjacent to Parking lot 3C. Late Work Policy: Do all homework and turn it on time.  No late assignments will be accepted unless you have contacted the instructor prior to class (on the due date) and received permission to turn it in late.  If a late assignment has been permitted, it must be turned in no later than the start of the next scheduled class meeting.  Late assignments will receive a lower grade.  Collected in-class assignments may not be made up.  

Your writing inspires others

Every time you write

Something valuable will occur

I look forward to working with you!

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