This is an electronic packet of information to use to write your Research Paper

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This is an electronic packet of information to use to write your Research Paper. Think of this packet like it is a cafeteria – you will select those items from it that you want to use in your Research Paper and leave all of the other items alone. (Remember, on the AP Language Exam you will be given 7 different pieces of information and a topic to write on. You will need to use information from 3 of the 7 pieces in your paper AND in your paper document (say which exact source was used for each piece you paraphrase or quote) each quote or paraphrase.

From this packet you are to select the BEST pieces of particulars to provide perfect proof that your Claim (thesis) is correct. Your quotes, your block quotes and your paraphrases will all come from the material in this packet. Nothing will be documented in your paper that is not in this packet. The packet contains a variety of information. Some of which you will not be able to use because it will not support your claim. Remember to select the best proof. REMEMBER, THIS PAPER IS TO BE YOUR WRITING AND YOUR IDEAS, SUPPORTED BY TEXTUAL SPECIFICS FROM THESE SOURCES.
You may not be able to write a Works Cited page on which every entry lists every piece of information MLA standards want for every source. Are you asking yourself why won’t you know all the information to write a complete entry? Only the information given at the top of the first page of each piece of information (some information may take more than one page) can be used. Remember, using MLA rules – if a piece of information is not provided, ignore it and move to the next piece of information.
If you have a question, ask in class….e-mail me… stop in before school or after school. Remember that famous saying by Jim Rohn: Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments." Don’t put off working on this paper.
You have been working with rhetorical techniques; here is where you demonstrate that you can write using rhetorical techniques. After your paper is written, go back through it and elevate the language – include some techniques that demonstrate your writing is mature, concise and demonstrates your outstanding skills. Use…. similes….. metaphors….. rhetorical questions… logos, ethos, pathos, ……..?????????

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