This is a stupid king human micro ebook it is not for resale and

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This is a stupid king human micro ebook it is not for resale and

You use this information at your own risk! I accept no liability for

Any consequences as a result of you acting on this information. If

You need the advice of a professional, seek it out! I am just giving my

Anticdotes & experiences here so take it as such & don’t blame me if

You screw up. Get it? Good.
Hey Youtubers!
Just a mini ebook about how you might be able to make some quick cash with a great resource I have used many times in the past.
As many of you know, I was in the Halloween business for many years. I am now (mostly) retired but the Halloween business is still huge and there is plenty of money to be made in it for those that are smart.
I hope you read my other ebook about making money with Halloween goods. If you haven’t, go to my website and go to the download page and start reading it now!
Anyway, what I want to get you into here is one of my secret contacts for super discounted Halloween goods.

Usually you will expect to buy Halloween goods at half of retail price.

In other words, if an item (mask, costume, etc) sells for $50 in the store you can expect to buy it for $25 at wholesale.

Well, this resource sells Halloween goods for about half of the WHOLESALE price!!! Translation: expect to pay $12.50 (maybe less in some cases) for the same item that sells for $50 retail in stores.

That gives you a HUGE opportunity to make a profit. Now this isn’t all blue skies and there are some pitfalls so be careful and always test the waters before investing any amount of money that can hurt you.
The thing you need to know here is that this resource is the liquidator that sells all the older merchandise fro Rubies Costumes. Usually older Halloween stock is hard to sell and you can get stuck with it if you’re not careful.
However, there are some great items that will always sell well year after year. If you can find those items at half of wholesale, well then you just made BANK!
So, let me show you a few items and give you the idea…

This chip dip head prop sold well for me and I was buying it at full retail ($7.50) and selling it on eBay for about $15.00. Then I found them at HRC and my profit went through the roof!
This type of item sells well if you make a killer eBay ad with killer images & killer text. You need to understand marketing. Sell the fun of this thing and suggest several uses. Don’t just make an ad saying “Chip Dip Head new in box” and leave it at that. You have to SELLL IT!!!!!
Here’s what I would do…
Fantastic detailed chip dip head! Really wow them at your Halloween party this year. Imagine your guests faces when they get their chips & dip from your creepy, detailed skulls.

Use these in many different ways to add the perfect touch to your Halloween party this year. Get a set of these and place them on posts coming up your walkway. Fill them with water and dry ice and a creepy fog mist will cascade down the skulls! Great effect at a great discount price. Buy a set of 4 of them and get free shipping!!!! ADDED FREEBIE!!! I will send you a free PDF file on how to make the creepy skull fog heads along with several other fantastic props that will make your Halloween party the talk of the town.
This was just a quick example and if I had time I would refine this ad, but you get the idea. You need people to actually think about how this item will benefit them and make them visualize how cool it will be to use these.
Naturally I would take GREAT pictures of the prop being used in several different ways. This really sells the item! A pic of creepy fog boiling out over the skull and creeping down over a table set with creepy Halloween goodies would really make this sell.
Again, just a quick example off the top of my head. Here is another…

These masks are just $2.75! With the proper eBay ad and some great pictures I think they could make a few bucks. They come pre packed by the dozen so this is an item I would WHOLESALE on eBay.
Here is another way to sell this stuff and make some quick bucks. List bulk lots (with a small markup but sell quantity) in the wholesale section of eBay. Also list in the businesses for sale section of eBay.
Here is what I would do. I would make a listing in the businesses for sale category of eBay saying this…
Liquidation of Halloween Wholesaler Makes You Great Profits!!!! We are liquidating the inventory of a famous costume mfg. company and they have authorized us to sell these items at way below wholesale prices. Everything must go! This is your opportunity to buy now and make a killing this Halloween. Licensed Batman masks selling in stores for $12 (and up) in stores are yours for just $4 each by the dozen!!!….
Sure the markup is small but you’re trying to sell hundreds of lots of this stuff. You can also make “banana box lots” of mixed goods. That is, get some of this & some of that and put them in banana size box lots like a wholesale grab bag. Banana type box lot auctions seem to do pretty well

(at least they did in my day).

More examples of the goods…

Check this out. A collector series Mr. Spock mask that sells in stores for $60 retail and your cost is just $12.00!!! Is there money there for you? Maybe.
Collector masks can be huge money. it’s a totally different market than the casual mask buyer. Collectors have their own forums and they have no problem paying top dollar for rare or collectible masks. I would sell this as a collectible on eBay and on the mask collectors forum (see my previous ebook on this topic).

HAA! These fabric masks. I bought these and they sold pretty well for me. I sold several dozen of them at regular auction and then later I gave them away as a free bonus to buyers that bought more than $50 in goods. These things cost me just PENNIES and they made me BANK!!!!
Now, as always DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!!

I did this a long time ago and the marketplace was different. Things are tougher now but I am confident these things will still work for you if you use your head and cover all your bases.

So, here is the resource itself… they are

Halloween Resource Center Inc.

12 Creek Parkway

Boothwyn, PA 19061

Tel: (610) 494-9593

They don’t have a website and the way most of their clients are found via tradeshows. That’s where I found them. This is great news for you. Because they are hard to find, there aren’t tons of people using them. You will be one of the few.
You need to call them and ask for their current catalog on CD rom.
Good luck & remember to donate a few bucks to charity.

I like St. Judes hospital for kids. They really help out lots of kids in dire need.



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