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Years later Rev. Enoch’s daughter-in-law Mrs. Elizabeth (Douglas) Ferris

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Years later Rev. Enoch’s daughter-in-law Mrs. Elizabeth (Douglas) Ferris

wrote, “I became a resident of South Richland in 1824 when I united with that church by letter from Whitesboro. The church was small, consisting mostly of elderly people. I think I was the youngest member. Rev. Enoch Ferris, the father of my husband, E. M. Ferris, was the pastor. I never heard of them having a previous pastor. As he was a former missionary for that county, it seems natural to suppose that he was the one who assisted in forming the church….

“I can mention some of the early members, but can not tell whether they were the first, though I think they were. They were Rev. Enoch Ferris, his wife and daughter, Elizabeth; Deacon Bangs, Deacon Bump and their wives; John Homes, clerk; Mrs. (Roxy) Dewey and Mrs. Hiel Richards later.”

Being a pastor kept Rev. Enoch in poverty. His only land record in Oswego Co. happened in 1819. Enoch and his son, Silvester took a mortgage of $245 on the west half of small lot 3 in Parish. On 8 November 1820 Enoch and Silvester paid $264.67 principal plus interest to the holder of the mortgage, Simon Adams. The men failed to register this payment,

a common event. Silvester was requested by the court to do so on 18 July 1836 to clear title on the land for Joseph Bloomfield.

In 1825/26 a relative, Rev. Ebenezer Ferris died. He left his nephew Enoch $1500 which was sufficient to cover his needs until he died.

As Enoch became increasingly infirm he chose to continue preaching in the southern part of the state. In August 1830 he left Oswego Co. His last sermon was three weeks before his death on 6 October 1830. Author Harriet Scofield believed he owned land in Orange Co., NY which went to sons Ebenezer and Enoch M. before his death. Enoch and Rebecca were buried in the Willis Cemetery at Richland.

Enoch and Rebecca’s children were:

  1. Marilda b. 26 July 1781; m. (1) 9 November 1797 James E. Lockwood who d. 1812; (2) Stephen Congdon who d. ca.1829; d. 12 December 1859.

  2. Silvester/Sylvester b. 18 November 1784 Canaan, NY; m. 5 September 1807 Rhoda King who d. 1 August 1857; d. 10 August 1869 in Versailes, IN.

  3. Samantha b. 16 March 1788 Southeast, NY; m. 16 September 1808 Alanson Ingham; d. 1 June 1844 in Mexico.

  4. Elizabeth Wilcox/West b. 5 October 1792; d. 2 August 1864. Unmar.

  5. Ebenezer b. 1 December 1794; m. Susan Gardner; d. 26 November 1849 in Mexico. He was buried at Willis Cemetery, Richland.

  6. Rebecca b. 20 June 1799; m. 13 November 1828 at Greenwich, CT. Job Kelsey Belding; d. 3 April 1875 in Mexico. Both are buried in Willis Cemetery, Richland.

  7. Enoch Mead b. 16 May 1801; m. (1) 19 May 1833 Mary Ann Nye

who d. 25 April 1838; (2) 5 September 1839 Catherine Burgett who d. 17 April 1840; (3) 24 January 1842 Elizabeth Douglass; d. 4 October 1882.

  1. Nancy Melvina b. 21 May 1806; m. 1822 in Richland Joel Wilson Nye 1802-1870; d. 7 May 1885.

According to the probate file of Ebenezer Ferris dated 2 February

1850 his heirs were Susan Ferris, widow; brother Enoch M. Ferris; sister Elizabeth Ferris of Richland; sister Rebecca Belding, wife of Job K. Belding of Richland; sister Marilda Congdon of Scriba, NY; sister Nancy M. Nye, wife of Joel Wilson Nye of Stockbridge, Madison Co., NY; brother Silvester Ferris of Delaware Township, Riley Co., IN; the children of sister Samantha Ingham, deceased, viz. Ruth Sibley, wife of Comfort Sibley of Palermo, NY and Samuel Ingham of Oswego. Ebenezer’s wife and brother Enoch M. were executors.

Marilda and James Lockwood, son of Jeremiah and Abigail (Smith) Lockwood had at least 5 children: Ambrose K., Marilla, Daniel H., Sylvan F., Alanson I., and possibly Sylvester(?). They lived in Scriba, NY. Stephen Congdon, Marilda’s second husband died before 20 Ooctober 1829 as an application for Letters of Administration was filed then with the Oswego Co. Surrogate Court. In the 1850 census Marilda lived with Sylvester Lockwood, his wife Angeline and five children.

Rev. Silvester Ferris and Rhoda King had 7 children. Rhoda died 1 August 1857. Daughters Samantha Ferris married GeorgeWood; Laura Betsey Ferris married Benjamin King; Lydia Louise Ferris married Asa Cook; Susannah Rebecca Ferris married Lyman F. Smith; Diantha McIvina Ferris married David Ellis; and Jane Melicent Ferris married William L.H. Given. Son Edwin Palmer Ferris wed Sibyl Foster Stevens.

Samantha and Alanson Ingham had two children: Ruth and Samuel. Alanson was the son of Joseph and Mehitabel (Brown) Ingham of Durham, CT. Ruth born 1809. She married Comfort Sibley, son of Abner, but by 1850 he was deceased. They lived in Palermo, NY. According to the 1850 census their children were Charlotte 21; Elvira 18; Lucretia 17; Charles 15; Samuel 13; James 10; and Jane 6. Also in the household was Abner 77. These Sibley youths were some of the grandchildren of Rev. Enoch.

Rebecca Ferris and Job K. Belding resided in Richland. They had four children but only two had heirs. Martha A. Belding married Hiram Norton and resided in Albion, NY. Elvira Van Dressen Belding married Charles Henry Davis and lived in Mexico, NY.

Joel Wilson Nye, born 29 January 1802 in Eaton, Madison Co., NY, son of Bonum Nye and Anna Recard of Plymouth, MA, married in 1834 Nancy Melvina Ferris in Oswego Co. They had two children: Sophia Payne Nye and Enoch Randolph Nye. Enoch R. born 17 May 1834 in Mexico. Sophia born 1836/37 in Attica, Wyoming Co., NY.

Although persons named Ferris remained in Oswego County, they were not descendants of Rev. Enoch. The last one bearing the family name was Enoch Mead Ferris. A house painter, he was financially more secure than his father. Nonetheless he took a mortgage on 9 February 1844 from Charles S. Webb on lot #122 in Richland. Enoch M. agreed to pay Webb $180 plus interest annually. This mortgage was cancelled 27 December 1844.

By his first wife, Mary Ann Nye he had a son, Enoch born 4 April 1838. This child died after 1850 for no more is recorded about him.

By 1850 Enoch M. lived in Mexico with his wife, Elizabeth, worshipping at the First Baptist Church of Mexico. Enoch M. often held church meetings in his home. He was a great friend of the Charles Herring Davis, Samuel C. J. Greene, Mrs. Abby Morton, Hiram Norton and their families. His great niece, May (Davis) Greene often wrote about him and his wife in her diary.

On September 2, 1882 his great niece put in her diary, “Pa [Charles H. Davis] called at Uncle Enoch’s this morning. Thinks he is pretty badly off. Will not live very long at the most.”

Through September the diary recorded various family members going to assist Uncle Enoch and Aunt Eliza. Enoch M. died 4 October 1882 in Mexico.

His niece recorded, “Uncle Enoch died Wednesday night about 10 o’clock. The funeral is today [October 6] at 2…. Papa Greene [Samuel C.J.] came over after us. Uncle H’s [Hiram Norton] people were all there, but Cora, Alice, Charlie & Clarence [Norton children]. Nora [Davis] did not go over to the burying ground. Pa [Charles H. Davis] carried Virgil Douglass and his daughter. Aunt Eliza [Ferris], Mother Greene [Lucena (Smith) Greene], Lula [Davis] rode with Lyme [Lyman Beecher Smith] and came back with Dear Theodore [Greene].” [The reference to the burying ground likely meant the Mexico Village Cemetery.]

Elizabeth, his third wife, lived to 24 September 1902 into her 100th year. She was much beloved, the oldest member of the church when she died which seemed to mark a fitting end for Rev. Enoch’s personal mission in life.


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Born to them were:

( MARILDA FERRIS born July 26, 1781 Canaan, Albany, NY and died December 11/12, 1850/54/59; married 1st November 9, 1797 at Lebanon NY, Captain James K. Lockwood ( who died 1812; married 2d James Congdon and they resided at Scriba NY; see Mr. Lockwood for their offspring

( SILVESTER FERRIS (Rev.) (Sylvester) born November 18, 1784 Canaan, Columbia, NY and died August 10, 1869 Versailles, IN; ordained 1844 Baptist minister; wrote several letters, which provided background information for Ms. Scofield’s research on this branch of the Ferris family; married September 5, 1807 Rhoda King born 1789 NY and died August 1, 1857 [dau of Herman and Susanna King]. The family moved to Chillocothe OH 1835 and the following year, they moved to Hogan Hill, Dearborn Co IN and resided there until 1846 when they moved to Delaware Township, Ripley Co and located about 7 miles from the county seat; and born to them were:

( SAMANTHA FERRIS married George Wood

( LAURA BETSEY FERRIS married Benjamin Harvey (Benjamin King)

( LYDIA LOUISE FERRIS born c1812 NY; married February 17, 1839 in Dearborn Co IN, Asa C Cook [son of Hezekiah & Sarah (Whitney) Cook] born c1809 ME; shoemaker 1850; and born to them were:


( JOHN COOK born c1841 IN

( JANE COOK born c1843 IN – wonder if she died young

( SARAH JANE COOK born September 25, 1843 Dearborn Co IN and died September 23, 1916 LaHarpe, Allen, KS

( SYLVESTER COOK born c1846 IN

( SANFORD COOK born c1854 IL

( MELVINA L COOK born c1857 IL; married January 13, 1877 in LaSalle Co IL, John William Neer born c1852 MD; and born to them was:

( DAISY NEER born c1879 NE

( SUSANNAH REBECCA FERRIS born 1815 NY and died September 18, 1869 IL; married as his 2d wife, July 1, 1847 in Dearborn Co, Indiana, Lyman T. Smith born January 11, 1801 Vermont and died September 18, 1869 Illinois; buried at the Old Stonington Cemetery, Stonington in Christian Co IL; Mr. Smith’s first wife was Sarah Hinds and they had 7 children born in Indiana; his 3d wife was Lucinda Hume whom he married July 14, 1859; Lyman owned several parcels of land in Dearborn Co IN; about 1830 he erected and operated a sawmill on North Hogan Creek in Manchester Township. He and Susannah were early members of the Old School Baptist society, which was organized about 1848 in Manchester Township. Lymon was one of the early masters of the first schoolhouse in the area; and born to Susannah and Lyman were:

( HAMIT A. SMITH (1849-)

( HARVEY DOUGLAS SMITH born July 26, 1851 Dearborn Co IN and died October 14, 1920 of heart trouble at Madison, Greenwood, KS; buried there at the Blakely Cemetery; a farmer; married November 30, 1873 at Taylorville, Christian Co, IL Josephine Huffman born October 10, 1850 Wheeling WVA and died October 8, 1929 at the home of her daughter in Madison KS; buried with her husband; 1870 both Harvey and Josephine lived near Stonington IL; Harvey lived with James Schyler, a farmer and helped him on the farm; Josephine lived on a farm with the Peabodys, as a servant. They lived in Illinois until their children were in their early teens; then they moved to Edgerton KS, near Kansas City in the spring of 1881. Harvey worked in Kansas City; they moved to Matfield Green KS and later to a farm east of Madison KS. In 1895, Harvey was a farmer with a farm valued at $2,000; had 240 acres all under fence; farmed 80 acres while the other 160 acres was in pasture. Harvey was called ‘Mad Dog Smith’ because a dog had bitten part of his ear off. Josephine’s life was one of great endeavor and physical exertion. For years she, her husband and children lived on a piece of school land, 18 miles northwest of Madison in Chase County. This land was raw prairie and not the best for agricultural purposes, but it was a homestead, a cover from the torrid heat of mid-summer and a protection from the bleak, raw, wind-swept prairie of winter. She had all the attributes of her German ancestry, God-fearing, carrying the highest regard for honor and womanly virtue. Born to them were:

( ASA WILLIAM SMITH born January 6, 1875 Taylorville IL and died October 30, 1946 at his home in Wichita KS; buried at Matfield Green Cemetery, Matfield Green, Chase KS; married 1st Louise {maiden name unk} who presumably died prior to 1910, as in 1910, he married 2d Clara Belle Drury (Barrett)(Dilley) born November 17, 1872 Louisville KY and died 1963. She moved to the Matfield Green Community in 1889 and married, Dr. A. E. Barrett in 1896, who died in 1902; she married, second, Charles Dilley in 1906. Clara always had a longing to write poetry; she wrote for a trade paper for three years; wrote skits for weddings, births, flower gardens and various activities. Born to them were:

( HERBERT I. SMITH (1911-) was a car repair man; married Crystal Swift born in 1917 and born to them were:



( DARREL H. SMITH (1946-1991) born to Darrel and his unk wife was:


( CECIL E. SMITH (1915-) was a U. S. Army Vet; played the guitar at the Douglas Avenue Assembly of God in Wichita; married Junita Nelson and they had two daughters

( IDA MAE SMITH born September 28, 1876 Stonington, Christian, IL and died May 30, 1961 Emporia, Lyon, KS; buried at Blakely Cemetery, Madison KS; a Jehovah Witness and would go door-to-door selling books and records; married 1st February 6, 1896 at Madison KS, Rufus H. Ronk born in 1871 and died June 10, 1921 at the state hospital, Norman OK; married 2d Theodore ‘Dee’ Grooms (1866-1949). After Rufus and Ida were married, they lived northeast of Madison KS in a community called Lena Valley; in 1897 they moved to a farm three miles west of Cushing, Payne County OK where Rufus grew cotton on the farm; the oil boom came in the late 1900-1910 era and replaced the cotton fields. In 1908, Rufus moved his family back to Madison KS. He was committed to the Central State Griffin Memorial Hospital in Norman OK, September 6, 1913 as insane and discharged October 29, 1914. Rufus was re-committed to the hospital in Norman, October 19, 1917 and was a patient there until his death. Born to Ida and Rufus were:

( JOSEPH RONK (1896-)

( BERNICE ALOICE RONK (Photographs) born November 16, 1897 Shell Rock Township, Greenwood Co, Madison KS and died June 4, 1965; married March 24, 1915 at McPherson KS Virgil Robert Armstrong born March 8, 1899 five miles east of Matfield Green KS and died 1986; shortly after their wedding, they moved to a farm near Sioux City IA where they farmed for several years. By May 1919 they were living in Pisgah IA where they lived until 1925, when they next moved to the Madison area, where Virgil worked and lived in various leases. Virgil started working, part-time, as a roust-a-bout, and then in 1932 was hired by the Phillips Petroleum Company in the engineering department, from which he retired in 1957. Virgil had only completed the 4th grade, so the daily reports he had to make every morning were beyond him, even though he was a smart person; so he provided the numbers to Bernice who completed the daily reports for him. It was custom for everyone to gather at the Armstrong house for Sunday dinner. In 1942, Bernice and Virgil bought a farm near Lebo KS for their retirement years. It had an old house built in the 1800s and they spent many weekends remodeling the house. After Bernice’s death, Virgil couldn’t live on the farm they had shared for so many years, so he sold it and bought another five miles west of Emporia KS, where he lived for the rest of his life, except for the last 6-7 months he was in the nursing home. Virgil married Ruth Wiggins (Cannon) who had attended school with Bernice and had been friends with them for years. Born to Bernice and Virgil were:

( LAWRENCE RUFUS ARMSTRONG born December 21, 1915 Madison KS and died February 22, 1984 Center Hill FL; buried at Cheyenne WY; married 1st March 6, 1936 at Madison KS, Fern Finicle; married 2d November 5, 1947 Marie Antoinette ‘Anette’ Caron (Flood) born June 8, 1911 and died in Arizona; lived on a farm in Wellington CO; after he retired as a bus driver for the Greyhound Bus Company, they bought a place in Florida; they would spend the summers in Colorado and the winters in Florida

( OPAL ROSETTA ARMSTRONG born June 29, 1917 Wichita KS and died August 13, 1985 Cornelia GA; buried at the Maplewood Cemetery, Emporia, Sedgwick, KS; married 1st February 14, 1936 at Emporia KS, Ross Robinson born September 28, 1914 Hartford KS; married 2d December 1958 Paul Bailey; Paul worked for the FAA; they lived in Goodland KS, Lincoln NE and Des Moines, IA where Paul retired; Paul died July 5, 1983 Des Moines; buried with Opal. After Paul’s death, Opal moved to Cornelia to be near her son

( VIRGIE BERENICE ARMSTRONG born July 14, 1919 Pisgah, Harrison, IA and died January 30, 1921; buried at the Little Sioux Cemetery, Little Sioux IA

( DORIS BLANCE ARMSTRONG born March 12, 1921 Pisgah IA; by the time Doris was in the third grade, her family had moved to Madison KS; married 1st March 29, 1939 at Emporia KS, Curtis St. Clair Abbey born July 24, 1912 Stone County MO and died 1992; they lived with his parents until they bought a farm near Lebo KS in 1939; around 1945, they moved to an 80 acre hilly farm north of Birkett KS; in 1947, Curtis bought a farm two and a half miles west of Burlington KS, which was good bottom land for farming. Doris divorced Curtis in 1958 and she lived in Emporia until she married, in 1959, Ivan Thompson; after this marriage, they lived in Lebo and Doria attended beauty school in Topeka. After she completed the school, she opened a beauty salon in Waverly KS. On January 1, 1964, Ivan was killed in an auto accident and Doris had her ankles crushed; she was unable to work for over a year, so she sold her salon. She married Willis Baker and they lived in Emporia, Olpe and Hartford. Doris moved to Wichita, 1974. Born to Doris and Curtis was:

( BRENDA KATHLEEN ABBEY (Photograph) born June 1, 1940 Lebo, Keywest Township, Coffey Co KS; married July 10, 1959 in Emporia KS, Thomas Ray Robertson born August 25, 1940 Oxford, Sumner, KS (they presently reside in Wichita, Kansas); Tom is employed with Raytheon Aircraft; Brenda is an antique dealer and is involved in e-bay auction on the Internet. [Brenda is the source of much of this information on Susannah Ferris/Lyman Smith - Thanks, Brenda.] Born to them were:

( VICKY LYNN ROBERTSON (Photograph) born August 29, 1966, Wichita, Sedgwick, KS; married 1st August 24, 1985 at Wichita KS, Michael Shawn Cobal - divorced 1986; married 2d June 20, 1998 in Excelsior Springs MO, Steven Eugene Creason born October 16, 1956 Excelsior Springs; and born to Vicky and Michael was:

( CARISSA ROSE COBAL born January 26, 1986 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS and died there March 2, 1986

( MICHAEL RAY ROBERTSON (Photograph) born July 26, 1968 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS; married 1st September 8, 1995 in Aloran, Phillipines, Emilyn Serino Perocho born March 22, 1973 Banisilon, Phillipines - divorced 1997; married 2d February 14, 1998 in Wichita KS, Doris Alicia Guevara born January 8, 1974 Honduras - divorced 1999

( LISA KATHLEEN ROBERTSON (Photograph) born June 26, 1972 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS; married February 20, 1993 at Wichita, Ernest Charles Hall born January 3, 1970 Lackland AFB TX

( VIRGINIA MABEL ARMSTRONG born February 26, 1923 Pisgah, Harrison, IA and died October 1970 Cheyenne WY as a result of a fall down a flight of stairs and spinal cord severage; ‘Ginny’ married Elwood Short and they lived near Burlington KS and then north to Hamilton KS in an oil field housing development; they divorced and Virginia moved to Pueblo CO around the mid-1950s; she married in the 1960s, Philip ‘Bill’ Foster and lived in Cheyenne WY, where they had enough land to keep their horses

( BERTHA DOREEN ARMSTRONG born September 29, 1924; her first two husbands were Dan Long and Harry Porter. When Bertha was dating Dan Long, her sister Ginny was married to Elwood Short. They would make jokes about the names Short and Long; that was the Long and Short of it. Bertha married, third, Mickey Milford VanNatta in Wichita KS; in the mid-1950s, she left Mickey and moved to California, where she married Joe Radic and they lived in Torrance. In 1993, Bertha came back to Emporia KS and lived with Marilyn for a year; then she moved to Oregon to live with her daughter there

( LOUISE JOANNA ARMSTRONG born December 1, 1926 Madison KS; after she graduated from high school, she went to work at Forbes Air Force Base, Topeka KS; she met there and married August 17, 1946 Donald Neal Ryan born December 29, 1924 Finlayson, Pine, MN; 1951 they were living near Burlington KS and returned to Minnesota by 1956; Don was a prison guard and also taught the prisoners cabinet and woodworking; after Don retired, they moved to Arizona

( LYRA LORRINE ARMSTRONG born March 25, 1928; married 1st John Swanson and they lived in the Madison and Emporia KS areas – divorced; married 2d Fred Nigles

( WILBERT NORMAN ARMSTRONG born July 26, 1930 Madison KS and died 1931 at the age of 9m, Emporia KS; accidently smothered under bed clothing

( MARY LOU ARMSTRONG (twin) born April 8, 1932 Emporia KS and died of whooping cough April 19, 1931 Madison KS; buried there at Blakely Cemetery

( MARILYN RUTH ARMSTRONG (twin) born April 8, 1932 Emporia KS; married March 3, 1947 in Madison KS, Lawrence Norman Ray born February 1, 1932 Madison KS; they bought a farm southwest of Emporia where they raised horses. Norman died of a heart attack March 23, 1980 in Emporia; buried at the Blakely Cemetery, Madison. Marilyn sold the farm to her son and bought a house in Emporia. Like many of her sisters, Marilyn was an artist and could draw and paint.

( ROBERT DON ARMSTRONG born May 11, 1933 near Madison KS; ‘Sonny’ played football in high school and graduated from Madison High School; married May 20, 1951 at Madison, Joy Colleen Carol born May 11, 1933 Missouri; Joy’s father was a minister of The Assembly of God Church and she did much work for the church and played the piano for services every Sunday. While her boys were small she gave piano lessons in her home. She retired from Kock Industries as a bookkeeper. After their marriage, Sonny worked for a packing plant south of Emporia KS. In 1954, he joined the Army and was in the Signal Corps; stationed in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and California. In 1956, Sonny joined the Kansas Highway Patrol Department and worked his way up through the ranks to a Captain. He was stationed in several towns and retired in May 1987 as a Captain and Commander of the Kansas Turnpike. He then worked for the Kansas Lottery until 1992. Joy died of Cancer, November 12, 1993 in Wichita; buried there, at the Resthaven Cemetery. Sonny married, second, July 1, 1994, in Wichita, Marrylee Reihm Duggins born February 18, 1941.

( DONNA RAE ARMSTRONG born October 29, 1935 Emporia KS; like the rest of her sisters, Donna attended a country school until she reach high school; married 1st April 17, 1952 at Madison, Max Kimberlin born January 25, 1926; Max worked with his father in the trucking business, hauling oil field supplies; Donna married 2d December 17, 1969 Verland O’Neal born February 17, 1934; they lived in Emporia, Amerius, Wellsville and Cottonwood Falls KS. Donna also inherited the artist talent and took drawing, painting and flower arranging lessons.

( LINDA KAY ARMSTRONG born December 4, 1939 Emporia KS; her 1st husband was Raymond Ormsby and they lived in the Emporia area; married 2d Dick Loomis and they lived near Grainsville MO; Linda is a Nurse in a hospital in Missouri

( MINA BEATRICE RONK (1900-1987) married Richard Grooms born February 7, 1893 Elmo MO and died 1960 at the Winter Veterans Hospital in Topeka KS; Dick was a WWI veteran having served in the European Theater; he worked on the railroad; and born to them were:

( MARVIN GROOMS (1922-) served in the Air Force and was stationed in Montgomery AL in 1960

( WILMA GROOMS (1924-) married Allen Covington

( DELORES GROOMS (1928-) married Paul Lane

( ILA GROOMS (1931-) married Harold Lamoureux

( PRESTON RONK (1902-)

( RENA MAY RONK (1904-1905)

( HENRY EDWIN RONK (1906-1939) married Lyria Edna Hoopel. He worked for the Sauder Oil Company in Madison KS. Born to them were:






( ELSIE IRENE RONK born 1922 [her father was a patient in the mental hospital in Norman OK from 1917 until his death in 1921.] and died September 24, 1988 Texas; 1976 they moved to Emeral Bay TX and supposed returned to Dallas later because of Bill’s health; married June 19, 1937 Texas, William K. (C.) Wheelis and born to them was:

( PATRICIA WHEELIS ‘Pat ‘Tish’ born October 29, 1938 Texas; artist; 1986 lived in Dallas; married Curt Kochon and born to them were:

( CURT KOCHON born June 13, 1963; 1986 worked for E-Systems in Dallas and was unmarried

( CHRISTY KOCHON born June 22, 1967; 1986 she was a sophomore at Tulane U., at New Orleans

Born to Ida Mae Smith and her second husband, T.D. Grooms were:

( LULA MAY GROOMS (1915-) married Bert Miller (1917-1989); Bert worked for Phillips 66 and was transferred to Oklahoma where he walked the pipelines; and born to them were:

( DARLENE MILLER (1936-) married Carl Galloway

( PAM MILLER (1938-)

( TED MILLER (1947-)


( BEULAH FAY GROOMS (1915-1993) married Russel E. Fann (1911-1990); Russ graduated from Burlington High School, Burlington KS 1930; he would load hay for 25 cents a ton and maybe make $3-4. When he played at dances, he made $1.00-1.50 per dance; he and Bert Miller would play in bands and Lula and Beulah loved to dance. Russ sold cookware and many other items during the depression to make money; and born to them were:

( BONITA LYNNE FANN (1931-) married a Mr. Jackson and born to them was:


( LARRY FANN (1940-)

( EVA EMILY SMITH born August 3, 1878 Stonington IL and died March 21, 1956; buried at Blakely Cemetery, Madison KS; married June 8, 1898 at Eureka, Greenwood, KS Loton Lowell Culver (1874-1953); they lived on a farm west of Madison KS for most of their lives; and born to them were:

( HARVEY EDWIN CULVER (1899-1987) (died at Olathe KS) married 1st lady’s name unk who died 1926; married 2d Marie Fitch (1911-); Harvey retired as a superintendent for Robert K. Butcher Oil Company; he was a member of the United Methodist Church in Madison KS and a 25-year member of the Masonic Lodge there. He lived most of his life around Madison, moving to Olathe in 1981. Born to Harvey and his first wife was:


Born to Harvey and his second wife, Marie, were:

( MAURICE EDWIN CULVER (Rev.) (1931-) married Lois Henry (1931-); 1987 resided Roseland Park; and born to them were:


( STEPHEN MAURICE CULVER (1964?-) married 1984 Collette Bender (1962-) and born to them was:


( JOY ELAINE CULVER (1962-) married Dan Rochia (1960-)

( MARGARET ANN CULVER (1933-) married 1953 Donald Tannahill (1931-) - divorced; resided Olathe 1987; and born to them were:


( KATHLEEN MARIE TANNAHILL (1956-) married Kirk Alan Johnson (1957-); and born to them were:



( CYNTHIA JEAN TANNAHILL (1959-) married Bradney Mawhiney (1958-) and born to them were:





( JANET KAY CULVER (1947-) married William Allen Wikle (1947-); resided Shawnee KS 1987; and born to them were:



( CLARENCE EVERETT CULVER (1901-1983) ‘Cotton’ married Erma Wescott (1902-1981); lived most of his life in Madison KS; a formerly employee of Cities Service Oil Company; retired in the early 1960's and moved to Emporia 1968; and born to them was:

( HAROLD LEON CULVER (1931-) resided Chanute KS 1981; married Majorie Sauder and born to them were:

( RICKY DEAN CULVER (1953-) married Twila Ball (1956-) and born to them were:


( JULIE CULVER (1981-)


( TERRY CULVER (1956-) married Raymond Leo Davis (1954-) and born to them were:

( ANGELA DAVIS (1981-)

( AARON DAVIS (1984-)

( HOWARD DOUGLAS CULVER (1904-1968) married Hazel Sanders (1911-) and born to them were:

( RONALD DEAN CULVER (1941-) married Lenna {maiden name unk} (1940-) and born to them were:

( BRADLEY CULVER (1966-) married Kelli McGee (1966-)

( BRENTLEY CULVER (1966-) married Danielle Bernard (1965-)

( DONALD CULVER (1943-) married Glenda (1945-) and born to them were:

( KARA LU CULVER (1966-)


( HORANCE WILLIAM CULVER (1904-1971) ‘Fuz’ married Anna May Coffman (1910-); lived in the Madison KS area until 1942, when he was transferred to Lueders TX; he worked for the T. K. Simmons Oil Company; and born to them were:

( ROBERT CULVER (1938-) married Johnna {maiden name unk} (1940-) and born to them were:



( ROSE MARIE CULVER (1939-) married Richard Bennett (1939-) and born to them were:

( BRENTON LEWIS BENNETT (1963-) married Jennifer Thurman



( WILLIAM CULVER (1945-) married 1967 Stephany Dow and born to them were:



( MABEL IRENE CULVER (1907-) married Chester Nichol (1911-1982) and born to them were:

( CHESTER E. NICHOL (1935-) married Nancy Simms (1935-) and born to them were:

( ROBERTA SUE NICHOL (1957-) married Ricky Joe Lutjen (1957-) and born to them were:




( ROBIN LYNN NICHOL (1957-) married Randal Dean Shaffer (1958-) and born to them were:



( CAROLYN ELLEN NICHOL (1964-) married Jon Mark Fullerton (1960-) and born to them was:


( DAVID LEE NICHOL (1940-) married Betty Farmer (1943-) and born to them were:


( KEVIN SCOTT NICHOL (1966-) married Jennifer (1968-) and born to them was:


( DIANE DEE NICHOL (1940-) married Vernon Odell Hall (1937-) and born to them were:



( LARRY DALE NICHOL (1943-) married Cathy Bailey (1947-) and born to them was:

( LAURA NICHOL (1977-)

( ROLLA MELVIN CULVER born March 13, 1910; married February 13, 1954 Doris Garrett born September 23, 1907

( FLOYD DWIGHT CULVER born 1919 and died November 21, 1994; married 1944 Mildred Opal Gull; 1943 he was in the Army and stationed in the Medical Detachment at Camp Ellis IL; a field supervisor for Phillips Petroleum Company; and born to them were:

( ALAN DALE CULVER (1945-) resided Klamath Falls OR 1994

( KEITH LYNN CULVER (1947-) resided Houston TX 1994

( PAUL EDWIN CULVER (1949-) married Sheila Ruth Sipple (1947-); resided Arvada CO 1994

( RITA SUE CULVER married David Christian Young (1962-); resided Loveland CO 1994

( LAURA SMITH (1854-)


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