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SOLOMON FERRIS (AFN: 14F8-9S8) born March 16, 1796 Blue Ash, Hamilton, OH and died December 18, 1867, 71y, 9m, 2d; married July 9, 1818 in Hamilton Co, Mary Stites ( Solomon is described as one of the earliest and most successful settlers of Hamilton Co OH; both buried at the Sycamore Township Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH [photograph of cemetery]; and born to them were:

( DEBORAH FERRIS (1819-1881) married January 7, 1841 John L. Hosbrook [son of Daniel & Eunice (Bates) - Daniel was Hamilton Co OH Surveyor and member of State Legislature] born November 15, 1817 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH (5th born of 10); a brother of Lydia, Enoch’s wife above; early learned the principles of hard labor, at the same time receiving a liberal education at the common schools; afterwards improving himself by reading and teaching; age of 18 he began life as a carpenter, and remained at that occupation for about one year; then became a surveyor, and at the same time superintending his farm and taking contracts for building; elected Hamiliton Co Surveyor 1842 and held that office for 6 years and he was also county engineer for several terms; for many years connected officially with the School Board, and has always been actively interested in educational matters; a Democrat; a prominent member of the Methodist Church, having united with it when quite young; manner was quick and resolute; in private life, he was pleasant and affable, winning many friends; and born to them were:

( DANEIL S. HOSBROOK born 1844 near Madeira OH; studied at College Hill; married 1867 Viola M. Karr [dau of Harvey]; he served in the capacity of Hamilton Co surveyor and county engineer 1873-1879; employed as an engineer by the St. Bernard & Reading Corp

( J. ASAPH HOSBROOK born 1850 near Madeira OH; educated at Delaware OH; married 1871 Alice A. Fowler [dau of Leonard]; moved 1872 to Indianapolis, where he served as assistant county engineer for several years; 1878 he returned to Medeira, to accept a position as a special engineer for the county; also was the engineer for the village of Madisonville and was a member of Medeira board of education

( MARY HOSBROOK was an artist; won a medal at the Cincinnati School of Design; also the organist for the Methodist Episopal Church at Madeira

( ELIZABETH FERRIS died March 1, 1822 age 1y 1m and 13d; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( HEZEKIAH FERRIS (1822-1892) married Martha Black

( ISAIAH FERRIS (1825-1872) married Harriet Logan

( JOHN FERRIS (1827-1905) married Elizabeth Gregory

( BENJAMIN FERRIS (1829-1898) married Mary Esther Jones [dau of Jonathan C & Nancy (Cochran) Jones] born c1834 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH; 1860 census finds them in Ford Co IL; and born to them were:

( ALBANUS LEMUEL FERRIS born June 4, 1857 IL and died December 27, 1932 Paxton, Ford, IL; married 1st Kate Evans and 2d Flora Viola Fatout

( SKILMAN ALGER DOUGLAS FERRIS married Nellie Davies and born to them were:



( ALLEN FERRIS born Sept 1859 IL

( RACHEL FERRIS (1831-1915) married Skilman Alger; she is buried at the Sycamore Township Cemetery; and born to them were:

( MARY SOPHIA ALGER born June 6, 1867; unmarried

( CHARLES ALGER born January 4, 1869; married Eva Conklin

( JOHN WILLIAM FERRIS born 1834; married Sarah Gregory [related to Elizabeth?]

( ANDREW JACKSON FERRIS born 1838 Hamilton County OH; 6' 1" tall with a florid complexion, black eyes and hair; a farmer; enlisted [for which he received a bounty of $25.], at age 24y, Cincinnati, September 4, 1862 and served with Company A., 4th Ohio Volunteer Calvary Regiment, Civil War; promoted to Corporal, October 1, 1862 and joined his company, October 23d at Lebanon KY, in the field; promoted to Quarter Master Sergeant, January 1, 1863; killed-in-action near Lovejoy Station GA, August 20, 1864

( SOLOMON FERRIS, JR., born July 14, 1843 and died November 21, 1919; married September 1, 1864 Sarah Jane Karr born October 12, 1841 and died May 28, 1918; both buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH (headstone photos). Born to them were:

( ANDREW JACKSON FERRIS born August 16, 1865 and died 1936; married twice; 1st lady’s name unk [probably Essie born February 26, 1866 and died August 19, 1893; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH]; 2d marriage in 1896 Nettie Blair born June 12, 1865 and died 1940 [dau of William and Clarissa (Addison) Blair]; and born to Andrew and his first wife were:

( JAMES S. FERRIS [possibly - (1889-1920)] [photograph of tombstone]


Born to Andrew and Nettie were:

( EDYTHE FERRIS born January 1898; married Walter Blaney - no offspring

( CLARISSA FERRIS born October 29, 1899; married Earl Holwadel and born to them were:

( DOUGLAS HOLWADEL (1931-) married Eleanor Sampson

( KENT HOLWADEL (1932-) married Marlene Meyer

( JANE HOLWADEL (1938-) married Richard Heiser

( WILLIAM FERRIS born September 17, 1904; married lady’s name unk but born to them were:



( BENJAMIN RIKER FERRIS (1867-1936) married Alice Miller

( MARTHA FERRIS (1868-1875) buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( WARREN K. FERRIS (1869-1939) married Margaret Strohmenger; and born to them were:

( EARAL FERRIS died in his 20's

( MILES FERRIS married Edith Parrot

( EDNA FERRIS (1897-1987) married Howard Gardner

( LILLIAN FERRIS born 1899; married 1924 Allen Smethurst

( HAROLD FERRIS “Bud” (1902-) married Alice Gunderson

( MARGUERITE FERRIS (twin) (1903-) married 1st Ernest Davis and 2d Mr. Stover

( MARJORIE FERRIS (twin) (1903-) married Howard Van Pelt

( MARY LOUISE FERRIS died 1987; married Monroe Lumley


( PERRY S. FERRIS (1871-1932) died California; unmarried

( FRANK FENTON FERRIS, M.D. born December 22, 1872 Blue Ash OH and died 1972; WWI Vet served overseas August 22, 1918 to July 19, 1919 (Photo)

( STANLEY FERRIS born August 2, 1874 and died August 13, 1874; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( WILLIAM BEAN FERRIS born December 7, 1875 and died 1969; married February 21, 1901 Bertha Moran born February 9, 1884; and born to them were:


( DOROTHY LEE FERRIS, M.D., born 1905; a former member of the Blue Ash Presbyterian Church, served for 35y (1936-71) as a medical missionary to Frances Newton Hospital in Firozpur, India; when she arrived there were 50 beds and 20 nurses; when she left she had expanded the hospital to include 300 beds, 17 doctors and 160 students in the well-established School of Nursing.

( FRANK FENTON FERRIS II born 1907; a lawyer and the first Mayor of Blue Ash OH - “His vision and dedication to community planning helped make Blue Ash one of Hamilton County’s premier communities; served as mayor from 1955-57 and then from 1960-65. He also served on the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission from 1956-86”. The Frank F. Ferris Award is presented annually by the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission to a public or private business, group, municipality or township in Hamilton County for a project that demonstrates planning excellence and civic, economic, aesthetic or environmental significance. He married Caroline Elizabeth Taylor (1908-1993). Caroline attended the Cincinnati Art Academy and the Conservatory of Music; she was a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, 1929. She was a board member of the Blue Ash Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony women’s committee, Blue Ash Historical Society and the Cystic Fibrosis Society; an elder and choir member at Blue Ash Presbyterian Church; and a member of the YMCA Board. She was honored, in 1988, during Cincinnati’s Bicentennial celebration for her volunteer work. At age 58, she obtained her pilot’s licence and became a member of the International 99. Born to them were (birth order unknown):

( CAROLINE FERRIS married a Mr. Michaels - resided Sharonville 1993

( ANN FERRIS married a Mr. Staley - resided Atlanta GA 1993

( JANE FERRIS married a Mr. Weislogel -resided Worthington OH 1993

( FRANK FENTON FERRIS III resided Maineville 1993

( LADELL HUMBERT FERRIS (1909-1989) married Ruth Clark



( HOLTON KARR FERRIS (1914-) married Mary Grace Price

( PHILIP MARTIN FERRIS born July 21, 1916; married Bea Meacham

( PAUL CECIL FERRIS (1918-) married Rose Marie Roberts; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM DOUGLAS FERRIS born July 13, 1964 Georgetown OH; graduated from Georgetown High School 1982 with highest honors in Vo-Ag; an over-the-road trucker 1986-96; 1996 accepted a management position with Miller Transfer and Rigging Co, Cincinnati; 1999 became Cincinnati Machinery Terminal Manager, Ace Doran Hauling and Rigging Co; raises, trains, and sells coonhounds; also operates Poorboys’ Tractor Services; married 1st 1985 Tammy Kay Mormom; married 2d April 1994 Anniebelle Sipes Maness, of Dyes AR; married 3d June 2000 Dorothy May Fithen Lange, of Georgetown OH; Doug has provided this updated info – thanks Doug!; and born to Doug and Tammy was:

( NICHOLE RENEE FERRIS born February 20, 1987; graduated Lebanon High School, Lebanon OH 2005; attending Tusculm College, Greenville TN on a soccer scholarship


( LOIS ANN FERRIS (1920-) married Frank Rose

( JOHN PERKINS FERRIS (1928-) married Patricia Morris

( MARY A. FERRIS (1877-1968)

( THOMAS C. FERRIS (1879-1956) moved to Montana

( BEULAH J. FERRIS (1881-1958) married Frank Armstrong of Madeira

( LOUISA C. FERRIS (1883-1926) married John Schneider, a farmer

( ERNEST FERRIS (1887-1964) moved to Lebanon OH

( INFANT CHILD based on stone at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH (tombstone photo)

( ENOCH FERRIS (Rev.) born May 10, 1762 Poundridge, Dutchess, NY and died October 6, 1830. When Enoch was two years old, his family moved back to Stanwich CT and later to Canaan, which was then Albany County but is now Columbia County NY. While in Canaan, Enoch joined the Baptist Church in the adjoining town of New Lebanon, and there he was married and his first two children were born. Between 1784-87, the family moved back to Dutchess County, to the town of Southeast, which was then included in Frederickstown. Here in 1787, Enoch was ordained as a Baptist minister. He preached at Salem and Phillipstown in Westchester Co until he was called to Nassau, Rensselaer County. He was sent in 1816, by the Baptist’s Missionary Society, to Oswego Co. NY and while living in Mexico and Richland he ministered a large part of the county. As the pioneers whom he served as pastor were very poor and the stipend paid by the Society very small for such a large circuit, he labored in great poverty much of the time. The First Baptist Church of Palermo in Oswego County NY was organized in 1817 with Elder Enoch Ferris as the pastor. He became the first pastor the Baptist Church of South Richland October 11, 1817 and officiated in that capacity during a number of years. In 1828, he was the pastor of the First Baptist Church at Richland, Oswego County NY. In 1826, Enoch inherited $1500.00 from his uncle, the Rev. Ebenezer Ferris, however, Enoch chose to continue his missionary labors in spite of increasing infirmities, making his last trip into the southern part of the county in August and preaching his last sermon about three weeks before his death in October. The little real estate he owned, he transferred to his sons Ebezener and Enoch M., shortly before his death. He married, November 2/9, 1780, Rebecca Reynolds born April 6, 1765 and died December 11, 1841.


By g-g-g-granddaughter Esther Rancier

The first official record of the Jeffery Ferris family has been found in the Colonial Records at Boston, MA 6 May 1635. By 1642 Jeffery and his wife Mary had a son James Ferris born 1642/43 in Stamford, CT. The Ferris family was one of the founders of Stamford.

Jeffery’s son Joseph, born 20 September 1635, became a founding settler of Greenwich, CT. He married Ruth Knapp, daughter of Nicholas and Elinor Knapp. Joseph’s oldest son was John born ca. 1658 in Greenwich. John married Abigail Hoyt/Haight 13 December 1695 in Norwalk, CT. John’s oldest son was another John, born 25 April 1696 at Greenwich. This John married Sarah Mead. Their oldest son was yet another John, born 7 November 1723 at Greenwich.

This 6th generation John Ferris married Hannah Mead, daughter of Elisha Mead. John and his wife were two of the earliest converts to the Baptist Church of Greenwich. The earlier family members worshipped at the Second Congregational Church at Greenwich where the family records still exist.

John6 moved from Greenwich into New York State first to Albany County which at that time encompassed a huge area. John probably lived for a time somewhere in what is now Rensselaer County. By 1762 John and Hannah were living in Pound Ridge, Westchester Co., NY. Enoch, the youngest child, born there 10 May 1762.

About 1764 they returned to Stanwich Parish, Greenwich. By 1777 they returned to the Hudson River Valley at Canaan, NY which at that time was part of Albany County. Now Canaan is in Columbia County. Just down the Flat Brook Road in Canaan was New Lebanon, NY where Enoch joined the church. On 9 November 1780 he married Rebecca Reynolds there.

Rebecca was probably the daughter of Moses Reynolds who was on the Tax List of Canaan in 1779 living a couple of houses away from John Ferris and John Ferris, Jr. Moses, like the Ferrises, came from Stanwich Parish in Greenwich. He was baptized into the Baptist faith in 1770. By 6 November 1773 the Baptists had organized their church which included Moses Reynolds, Rebecca Reynolds, John Ferris and Hannah Ferris. It is believed that this same Moses lived in 1790 at Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY.

Between 1784 and 1787 Enoch and Rebecca removed to Dutchess Co. at Southeast which at that time was part of Fredericksontown. In 1787 Enoch was ordained a Baptist minister. He preached at Salem and Phillipstown in Westchester Co. until he was called to Nassau, Rensselear Co. before 1800. In 1800 he was listed as living at Stephentown, several doors away from Moses Reynolds.

Very little is known about the events of Enoch’s life while he was in Rensselaer Co., but some documents remain. On 18 August 1801 Enoch and Cabot Brown each leased part of the farm of James McWade and Jacob Crandall at Stephentown. Enoch was named executor of Marcus Dimond’s will which was written 4 May 1803 at Stephentown. Nicolas Husted had Enoch witness his will written 29 August 1814 at Nassau.

In 1816 Ferris was sent by the Baptist Missionary Society to Oswego Co., NY. He lived both in Mexico and Richland. He was a supply pastor at various new Baptist churches which were being established as the population grew. So tiny were the first congregations that they didn’t always hold services every Sunday. Enoch would alternate where he gave his sermons. Sometimes he shared the pulpit with another pastor. Church buildings were not yet erected, so many preachings took place in private homes. The worshippers probably preferred the homes as they were likely to be heated. It was not the custom to warm a formal church. Colonial Christians believed that one could not have fire in a house of worship. Oswego County had long, hard, cold winters because of the wind whipped snow off Lake Ontario. At some point stoves were installed in churches, but this occurred long after Enoch’s day.

On 7 October 1817 the Baptist Church of South Richland was organized. Enoch Ferris became the first pastor on 11 October 1817. He stayed a number of years, until about 1828. All these services took place in private homes.

In the same fall of 1817 Enoch and others ministered to a small band as the Baptist Church of Fulton. But the group failed to grow so the church became the First Baptist Church of Palermo since most of the congregants lived there. Again these sermons were in intimate settings of private residences.

After 1821 Enoch became the second pastor of the Colosse Baptist Church. In 1828 he was pastor at the First Baptist Church at Richland. He was one of the delegates who helped to found this church on 17 May 1828 in a meeting held at the courthouse in Pulaski, NY.

Very little is known of his theology beyond his beliefs in standard Baptist dogma which differ most markedly from other Protestant religious groups in their views on baptism. Baptists never baptize infants. In order to receive the sacrament of baptism, a person must voluntarily choose this rite. Normally only persons over 14 are baptized.

Enoch did also believe in temperance which today is strongly practiced by Baptists. In Enoch’s time temperance was not widely practiced. Early Americans consumed vast amounts of beer. Even children drank some. Public drunkenness was common. Churches rarely spoke from the pulpit on the subject so widely was drunken behavior accepted.

On 20 June 1829 110 members of Enoch’s flock, “Voted unanimously that this church do hereby resolved that each and every member refrain from the use of ardent spirits in any case except as medicine.”

Historian Crisfield Johnson called the Reverend “of unimpeachable character.” John Churchill, another Oswego County writer, noted, “Rev. Enoch Ferris, an old fashioned preacher of Richland.”

Because of the Rev. Enoch’s many years as pastor of the Baptist church at South Richland, he was well known to the Holmes family who pioneered the area. In the long memoir about this family published 1900-1902 by Rev. Jesse H. Jones there are these comments: “The church was founded in 1817 with five members, but the names can not be learned. Probably John Holmes was one. The church was gathered by the labors of Elder Enoch Ferris, then a missionary in the county. Elder Jesseniah Holmes joined that same year. Elder Ferris joined in 1819, and together they supplied the church.”

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