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Thanks, Elinor.]; reside Wichita KS; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM MICHAEL JACKSON born April 22, 1945 Ventura CA; married August 20, 1970 at Riverside CA, Marie Aileen Hassin

( ROBERT DOUGLAS JACKSON born November 28, 1948 Wichita KS; married December 1977 at Carson NV, Laurie Nomi - divorced

( MYRTLE DELL MELICK born April 17, 1894 Butler Co KS and died March 1963 Portland OR; married Clyde Hollenbeck

( ALLAN HARRY MELICK born February 25, 1897 KS and died June 4, 1920 Wichita KS; WWI Vet; unmarried

( AARON VERN MELICK died August 14, 1899 Benton KS – apparently young

( GLADYS BESSIE MELICK born December 5, 1900 Benton KS and died there November 10, 1901

( CARROLL CANFIELD MELICK born September 21, 1905 Greenwich, Sedgwick, KS and died May 26, 1986 Springfield MO; married 1st Geneva Bell; and 2d widow Helen Lanford

( NELL ROSE MELICK born November 22, 1902 Greenwich KS and died December 4, 1967 St. Louis MO; married at St. Louis, James Hyndman?; and born to them was:

( JAMES HYNDMAN?, JR. (1935-)

( FAY MELICK born September 20, 1908 Benton KS and died c1946/47 San Pedro CA; married at San Pedro, a Mr. Monte

( EDITH MINNIE MELICK died March 15, 1985 Wichita KS

( KENT MERRY MELICK born December 30, 1913 KS and died June 1950 San Francisco CA; married in 1945 probably at San Pedro CA, Mildred (Midge) {maiden name unk}; and born to them were 3 children

( MARGARET VASHTI CANFIELD born 1849 Franklin Co IN and died Hazel Dell IL; married Robert Kelly [Jim - wonder if these Kellys' were related?]

( AVINDO BLUMENBACH CANFIELD born 1853 Franklin Co IN and died 1916 Fremont MI; buried Kokomo IN

( RHODA CANFIELD born October 11, 1807 NY

( JOAL CANFIELD born February 23, 1810 NY

( MARY CANFIELD born March 12, 1814 NY

( ELIJAH CANFIELD born April 18, 1817

( LUCY CANFIELD born February 2, 1820 Dearborn (Ripley) Co IN and died January 24, 1842 Manchester (Dearborn Co) IN; married October 14, 1835 at Versailles, Ripley, IN Walter L. P. Bagley [son of David and Sarah (Covey) Bagley] born May 7, 1814 Scopio Township, Cayuga Co NY and died August 8, 1861 in a fist fight with a drunken neighbor on the Court House steps in Golound IL; and born to them were:

( HENRY CROCKET BAGLEY born September 19, 1836 Manchester IN and died February 27, 1889; married January 7, 1860 Margaret Anderson

( PRUDENCE BAGLEY born August 18, 1838 Manchester IN and died 1888; married 1st August 15, 1856 John A. J. Graves; married 2d August 14, 1866 Fred Karber; and 3d September 27, 1883 John Stafford

( ELIZABETH BAGLEY “Eliza” born February 1, 1841 Manchester, Dearborn, IN and died August 17, 1902 Golconda, Pope, IL (on the Ohio River); moved with her family to IL as a child; married July 22, 1858 in Golconda, George Washington Anderson born January 3, 1836 Montgomery, Pulaski, VA and died December 20, 1888 Golconda IL; both buried Palestine Presbyterian Church Cemetery outside of Golconda; George moved to southern Illinois with his parents when he about 13y; 2 years after they were married George applied for land - 80 acres in Pope County IL; George enlisted August 12, 1862 for 3 years in I. M. Raum's Golconda Company A., of the 120th Illinois Infantry Regiment (Civil War); was described as five foot eleven inches tall, light complexioned, blue eyes and light hair; discharged with a certificate of disability April 14, 1863 at Memphis TN after being in the hospital at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis for a month; declared incapable of performing soldier duty because of Amanrosis, causing total blindness in the right eye; George never fully recovered from his war injuries and died of bronchitis; George and Eliza donated five acres of their land to build Pleasant Valley School, which enabled their children and grandchildren to go to a one-room school; and born to them were:

( ROSINA LAURA ANDERSON born April 11, 1860 on the family farm outside of Golconda IL and died June 20, 1949 Pope Co IL; married January 20, 1881, as his 2d wife, Columbus Wilson born August 31, 1845 Staffordsburg, Kenton, KY and died January 24, 1919 Eddyville IL; Columbus brought with him from his first marriage, 3 kids: William b. 1856; James b. 1858; and Lora M., who married Albert Harris. Born to Rosina and Columbus were:

( ARTHUR WILSON born 1882 and died in infancy

( MARGARET ELIZABETH WILSON born May 4, 1883 and died October 3, 1947 Dickson TN

( LETHA ANN WILSON born August 8, 1885; married C. W. Tilford Myers

( ORA MAJETTA WILSON born August 7, 1888; married Charles Veach; lived in Urbana IL

( PEARL AUGUSTA WILSON born June 26, 1891; married August 16, 1913 Andrew F. Phillips; lived Inkster MI

( SAYDA ARLENE WILSON born May 5, 1893; married William I. Dewees; lived in Normal IL

( ISAAC MCKINLEY WILSON born February 17, 1897 and died June 10, 1965; married Elma Irwin Hudgins

( BESSIE OLIVE WILSON born July 26, 1900 and died 1980; married December 24, 1923 Robert Welch

( VERA BEATRICE WILSON born November 4, 1903; married January 10, 1920 Robert Sherfield

( GEORGIA ANN ANDERSON born May 28, 1862 on the family farm outside of Golconda IL and died February 1943; buried at the Palestine Presbyterian Church Cemetery outside of Golconda; married February 26, 1881 Henry Clinton Lycan born July 25, 1856 and died April 7, 1926; they lived in Township 13, Range 6E with 174 acres; and born to them was:

( RUFUS OTTO LYCAN born December 11, 1881 Golconda IL and died Puducah KY; married November 25, 1901 Ella Bonnell

( WILLIAM CROCKET ANDERSON “Willie” born October 23, 1864 on the family farm outside of Golconda IL and died September 3, 1900; buried at the Palestine Presbyterian Church Cemetery outside of Golconda; lived in Missouri and traveled around with a threshing machine from farm to farm; since he usually carried a large sum of money with him, he carried a shotgun in his wagon. He was threshing near Golconda when the shotgun in his wagon accidentally discharged and killed him. His body was laid out with ice at his mother's home, but due to the extreme heat that September, he was buried before his wife and small children could get there from Missouri; married Mary E.{mnu}; and born to them were:





( MILLIE ARAMINTA ANDERSON born December 6, 1866 on the family farm outside of Golconda IL and died Springfield IL; married 1st February 18, 1894 William F. Wiseman; and 2d October 27, 1901 B. F. Davis; and 3d Calvin Bilderbeck of Springfield; and born to Millie and William was:

( BARBARA DELAPLAIN (adopted) lived Springfield IL

Born to Millie and her second husband, B. F., were:

( MILLIE DAVIS born September 19, 1902 Brownfield, Pope, IL


Born to Millie and her third husband, Calvin, was:

( ANDERSON BILDERBECK lived Springfield IL

( JOHN ADAM ANDERSON “Addie” born July 16, 1871 in the old farmhouse in Rock town outside of Golconda IL and died October 23, 1938 when he was hit by a car while walking on the road outside Stonefort IL; buried Golconda Town Cemetery; married November 6, 1892 at Golconda, Harriet ‘Hatie’ Towns [dau of James and Sarah (Yewell) Towns - their 13th child] born May 26, 1871 Lusk town, Pope Co IL and died April 1, 1920 Carrier Mills IL; buried with her husband. Hatie was a brunette with gray eyes and coal black hair. Being overweight, her brothers nicknamed her ‘Dump’, which she hated; but she remained ‘Dump’ to her brothers until she died. Addie and Hatie rented a little house in Lusk near Harriet's family, on top of a hill. She kept the house spotless and every spring she moved the furniture outside and cleaned and aired the house. Hatie planted and tended a huge garden to can food for the winter. She kept a cow, which she milked to make butter to sell, and they always seemed to have a little money from the butter and eggs. She raised hundreds of chickens for eating and selling. Every Saturday they would load the wagon and drive seven miles to Golconda where Hatie exchanged her butter and eggs for other food or a due bill in exchange. Addie was five feet nine inches tall, blue eyes and brown hair with a pleasant personality. He loved people and had many friends. He farmed and doctored sick cows and horses in the community. He enjoyed trading horses and had a fine reputation as a natural veterinarian, without license to practice. He raised just enough hay to feed their animals, usually keeping a cow and two horses. They kept the horses to pull the wagon when they went to town. After Addie's mother died, they decided to move to Stonefort IL where his sister, Rosnia Wilson, lived with her family. Soon after their daughter, Mabel, married, Addie and Hatie moved to Carrier Mills, where Addie set up a blacksmith shop in the barn behind their house. There was a worldwide epidemic of Spanish influenza in 1918-19 when 500,000 people died in the U. S. Hatie had gone to East St. Louis, in 1919, to nurse Mabel’s family through the epidemic. Then the following year, she contacted the flu and died. Born to them were:

( ELMER ANDERSON born April 11, 1895 Lusk, Pope, IL and died April 20, 1895

( MABEL CLAIR ANDERSON born January 27, 1894 Lusk, Pope, IL; was raised as an only child, since her brother, Elmer, had died in infancy. It was a lonely life, but she was happy, amusing herself outdoors and playing with another only child named Christa Kluge, who lived across the big field from her. Pleasant Valley School was down in the valley about a mile from Mabel's house and she walked down the hill over huge rocks and through dense trees, which they called the bluff. The school was one room with double seats, heated by a large stove in winter, with grades one through eight. An older Bonnel neighbor girl took a ‘fancy’ to Mabel and begged permission from the teacher to bring Mabel to school when she was only four years old. No one could keep her away from school after that and she always cried on the last day. Mabel was about 12 years old when her parents moved to Stonefort IL; she went through high school in Stonefort and graduated, 1910, as valedictorian in her class of seven. Mabel taught first and second grades in Big Muddy IL school for three years before she married March 22, 1914 at Stonefort IL, Floyd H. Nolen born November 29, 1890; lived on the Nolen farm until 1932 when they moved to Terra Haute IN; and born to them were:

( FLOYD WAYNE NOLEN born January 19, 1918 East St. Louis IL; married March 5, 1943 Patricia Strong and born to them were:

( ROBIN LEE NOLEN born December 25, 1947 Anderson IN; married 1st December 12, 1970 Heather Jenny - divorced 1972; married 2d August 23, 1973 Rhonda Small- divorced 1980; married 3d June 15, 1980 Irene Marshal

( PAMELA SUE NOLEN born August 23, 1954 Baltimore MD; married 1st October 19, 1974 Kenneth Frost - divorced 1976; married 2d May 30, 1981 Ratko Tomic

( JEAN LYNETTE NOLEN born March 31, 1923 Frankfort IL; married February 8, 1947 at Dallas TX, William John McCarthy born March 16, 1922 Appleton WI; and born to them were:

( CONSTANCE ANN MCCARTHY born January 13, 1949 Menomonie WI; married June 22, 1974 at Downers Grove IL, Alfred M. Letizio

( TIMOTHY JAMES MCCARTHY born December 24, 1950 Greenbay WI

( LEAH MARIE MCCARTHY born December 27, 1958 Normal IL

( DON WILSON NOLEN born April 9, 1925 Lake Worth FL; married June 22, 1947 Roberta L. Davis and born to them were:

( CHERYL LYNN NOLEN born December 1, 1948 Charleston WVA; married May 22, 1971 Michael Edward Godwin

( DAVID WILSON NOLEN born November 9, 1951 Richmond IN; married 1st September 11, 1970 at Orange TX, Linda K. McDonald; 2d July 14, 1979 at Evansville IN, Janet Ramsey

( RHODA IRENE ANDERSON born July 20, 1874 on the family farm near Golconda IL and died December 1896 in childbirth at Golconda IL; married March 1, 1891 Samuel Frederick Rexer

( HENRY ORSON ANDERSON born September 4, 1881 on the family farm near Golconda IL and died October 17, 1932 Sikeston MO. Henry originally had a threshing machine near Golconda, but moved to Missouri on a larger farm to raise his family. A train track ran across his farm in Sikeston and he had to cross it nearly every day to farm, but on the day he died, a train hit his car as he crossed the tracks. He married November 25, 1901 at Golconda, Carrie Pinetta Bonnel born January 14, 1884 and died February 1, 1957 Sikeston MO; and born to them were:

( ADRIAN ANDERSON born March 17, 1905 Golconda IL; living 1981 Sikeston MO; married January 6, 1934 Emogene Randolph Wright

( OPAL LOIS ANDERSON born October 11, 1906 Golconda IL; living 1981 Brooklyn NY; married June 29, 1926 Lloyd Wentzell born March 7, 1900 and died June 24, 1978 Brooklyn NY; they had one son who was a hemophiliac who lived to be almost 40 years of age before he died. He married and had two children in Brooklyn.

( BEATRICE ANDERSON “Bessie” born April 3, 1909; married Joe E. Lewis born April 9, 1929

( GLENN WARD ANDERSON born July 17, 1912; married 1st July 18, 1939 Mildred Jones; married 2d December 18, 1962 Emily Cox; resided Chattanooga TN

( VIOLETTA ANDERSON born December 16, 1914; married December 6, 1933 Ralph L. McGee

( GRAHAM CANFIELD born 1822 Ripley Co IN

( NANCY ELIZA CANFIELD born June 30, 1826 Ripley Co IN

( HIRAM ELISHA CANFIELD born May 23, 1783 Manchester VT and died April 13, 1849 Reading NY; married February 20, 1806 Rhoda Olds

( LUCY CANFIELD born July 10, 1785

( THADDEUS CANFIELD born December 4, 1787

( THADDEUS CANFIELD born April 22, 1744 Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT and died August 14, 1811 near Ticonderoga, Essex, NY; married Elizabeth {maiden name unk}

( CHLOE (CLOE) CANFIELD (BNNS-L6) born December 20, 1748 Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT and died after 1800 Ontario, Canada; married c1766 at Arlington/Manchester VT, Samuel Rose, Jr. (2869-B6) [son of Samuel & Sarah] born February 17, 1744/45 Amenia, Dutchess, NY and died 1789 St John, Quebec, Canada. Samuel was a United Empire Loyalist (or traitor, or maybe, an English Sympathizer, depending on your point of view) and fled to Canada. He was an Army storekeeper and spy for the British Army during the Revolution. All of the children after 1777 were born in a refugee camp, probably in Quebec. All of his property was lost to the rebels in the US. In the area that was then known as the New Hampshire Grants, but is now in Vermont, Samuel Rose, formerly of Amenia (Nine Partners) NY, built the first log house in 1764, in the southwestern corner of the Township of Bennington. In 1769, he also built the first framed house in the settlement. This was a very turbulent period as, at the time, the area was claimed by two Royal Provinces - New Hampshire and New York. The Governor of New York declared all New Hampshire grants null and void and began regranting of a reign of influential land-grabbers, which included some of the officials of the province. New Hampshire declined to defend the titles it had granted. In 1767, the Bennington settlers sent an envoy to London. The King ordered a stay of proceedings until he could determine the rights of the matter. New York ignored the decree. The first rumbling of the storm were heard in October of 1769, when officers from Albany attempted to survey new lines near Bennington. There followed various events - such as confiscation of lands - leading to the formation of the ‘Green Mountain Boys’ and the events leading to the American Revolution. A notable confiscation was that of the Rose Family in the southwestern part of town. Samuel had led the original group of settlers. Some of his sons turned Loyalist. According to local legend, Samuel had organized the Tory party just before the Bennington Campaign (August, 1777). This estate was confiscated in September 1777. The family left Bennington in 1778. Family was refugee camp in Quebec until they received a land grant of 200 acres at Edwardsburg on the St. Lawrence River. Born to them were:

( DAVID SAMUEL ROSE born October 20, 1768 Manchester, Bennington, VT and died either NY or Lanark, Ontario; lived mainly in NY and probably died there; married c1790 Rachel Jeffreys/Jeffries. He had seven children, including five daughters. Dobsons and Rosses (Missionaries, Ministers, and Teachers in Western Canada) were descendants. Among the offspring were:

( CATHERINE ROSE born January 20, 1805 and died Windham, Ontario, Canada; married in Ontario, George R. Adams [son of Ezra & Sarah (Rose) Adams] (see born March 22, 1801 Edwardsburg, Ontario and died 1834 Walpole, Haldimond, Ontario; and born to them were:


( LEMUEL ERASTUS ADAMS born March 1827 Simcoe, Ontario and died April 7, 1903 Thetford, Genesee, MI; buried Thetford Township Cemetery, Clio, Genesee, MI (Photos); married March 21, 1854 in Simcoe, Ontario, Laura Johnson [dau of David & Martha (Snyder) Johnson] born April 1827 NY and died May 2, 1904 Thetford MI; buried with Lemuel; and born to them were:

( HENRY ADAMS born 1846 Simcoe, Ontario

( GEORGE R ADAMS born January 12, 1852 Simcoe, Ontario and died February 9, 1925 Edgecomb, Snohomish, WA; married 1881 in Thetford MI, Amelia A. Johnson [dau of Theodore & Adeline (Mullen) Johnson] born August 21, 1860 Delta, Fulton, OH and died February 11, 1942 Arlington, Snohomish, WA; both buried there in Arlington Municipal Cemetery (Photos); and born to them were:

( WINNIE A. ADAMS born April 10, 1882 Thetford, Genesee, MI and died September 21, 1936 Arlington, Snohomish, WA; buried there Arlington Municipal Cemetery

( CARLYLE E. ADAMS born January 22, 1885 Thetford MI and died March 9, 1962 Edgecomb WA; buried Arlington Municipal Cemetery, Arlington WA

( HOWARD F. ADAMS born May 10, 1887 Thetford MI and died October 12, 1964 Everett WA; buried Arlington Municipal Cemetery, Arlington WA (Photo); WWI Vet

( EVELYN L. ADAMS born August 20, 1889 Arbella, Tuscola, MI and died December 27, 1913 Edgecomb WA; buried Harwood Cemetery, Arlington WA

( LINDA M. ADAMS born February 2, 1892 Arbella MI and died there October 2, 1892

( NETTIE F. ADAMS born May 1, 1893 Arbella MI and died there June 19, 1893

( FREDA B. ADAMS born June 14, 1895 Arbella MI and died June 17, 1914 Arlington, Snohomish, WA; married October 23, 1913 in Arlington, Walter McQuestion Bunten [son of William Henry & Sophia Elizabeth (Eichholz) Bunten] born November 16, 1892 Arlington WA and died there September 29, 1968; both buried there Arlington Municipal Cemetery; and born to them was:

( WALTER G. J. BUNTEN born June 16, 1914 Arlington WA and died July 13, 1946 Snohomish WA; buried Arlington Municipal Cemetery, Arlington WA; married a Miss Oakes and they had 2 kids

( IRMA BELL ADAMS born July 27, 1898 Arbella MI and died January 20, 1977 Arlington WA; married January 28, 1918 in Everett WA, Claude Harley Bovee [son of William Harlan & Elizabeth (Spencer) Bovee] born June 21, 1887 Stockton CA and died April 12, 1971 Everett WA; both buried Arlington Cemetery, Arlington WA; he was a WWI Vet; and born to them were 2 kids

( HENRY ELISHA ADAMS born 1828 Ontario and died 1845

( SARAH M. ADAMS born 1829 Ontario and died 1916; unmarried

( GEORGE M. ADAMS born November 26, 1832 Ontario and died 1912; married Nancy McDonald (1834-1913)

( JACOB ROSE born May 28, 1793

( HARRIET CHARLOTTE ROSE born 1804 Manchester, Bennington VT and died c1851 Richmond CW (?); married 1st a Mr. Carr; married 2d December 27, 1836 in Merrickville, Ontario, Hugh Ross born July 19, 1804 Williamstown, Ontario, Canada; born to Harriet and Mr. Carr were:

( RACHEL CARR born January 8, 1825 Ogdensburg NY; emigrated to Canada 1833; married c1858 Christmas Rivett

( ELIZA CARR born 1828 U.S.; married Daniel Eastman

Born to Harriet and her 2d husband, Hugh Ross, were:

( EMILY JANE ROSS born October 25, 1838 Montague; married John Eastman (c1835-) and born to them was:


( HARRIET AMELIA ROSS born March 27, 1840 Montaque and died November 4, 1912 Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada; married April 2, 1867 Molesworth, Grey, Ontario, John Wesley Dobson born May 15, 1845 Cornhill, New Brunswick and died August 10, 1932 Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada; and born to them were:

( LOIS DOBSON born March 15, 1868

( JOHN WALTER DOBSON born March 12, 1870

( WALTER DOBSON born September 14, 1871

( JOHN JACOB DOBSON born July 1, 1873

( HUGH WESLEY DOBSON born March 4, 1879 Molesworth, Huron, Ontario and died June 9, 1956; Hugh was Associate Secretary of Evangelism and Social Services for the Methodist, then the United Church, 1914-52; he had an enthusiasm for genealogy, and in his travels, searched for information; in fact it was Hugh’s research in the New York Public Library, which first identified the Ross family as descending from Thomas Taylor Ross, a common and understandable mistake, since only recently has the Ross family been traced back to Donald Ross. He married 1908 in Mount Pleasant, Ontario, Edythe Gertrude Thomas born April 14, 1884 and died April 23, 1969; and born to them were:

( HUGH MONTROSE DOBSON born May 10, 1909

( ARTHUR WESLEY DOBSON born July 1, 1911

( THOMAS ALBERT DOBSON, M.D., born January 2, 1915 Regina, Sask; inherited his father’s interest in genealogy; he was a surgeon of some skill who always worked in United Church Hospitals, Bella Coola, B.C.; Smoky Lake, Alberta; and Lamont, Alberta from which he retired in 1977; married October 22, 1942 in Edmonton, Alberta, Kathleen Greer born January 2, 1915 and died September 22, 1983 Clearbrook, B.C.

( GERTRUDE NORMA DOBSON born January 19, 1919

( MARION PAULINE DOBSON born April 19, 1922

( MARY ABIGAIL DOBSON born June 3, 1881

( EDITH MARIA DOBSON born March 14, 1884

( RICHARD ROSE ROSS born April 24, 1843 Richmond, Carleton County, Canada West and died December 4, 1904 Rossburn, Manitoba; lumber merchant; pillar in the local Methodist church, being, like his father, a local preacher and highly respected in the community; operated a store and post office; chairman of the local school board, reeve of the municipality, and police magistrate and justice of the peace; married March 2, 1862 in Molesworth, Wallace Township, Perth, Ontario, Margaret McKee [dau of William & Elizabeth (Hammond) McKee] born April 9, 1842 Donegal, Ireland and died October 2, 1903 Rossburn, Manitoba; both buried Rossburn Cemetery; and born to them were:

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