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MINDWELL FERRIS (8RLL-4V) born c1703/1704/1710 probably Greenwich and died c1755 New Fairfield CT; married August 15, 1729 at Greenwich, as his 1st wife, Joseph Rundle Sr., born c1701/02 Horseneck (Greenwich) CT and died June 16, 1778 New Fairfield CT. [Mindwell’s father John, deeded some land to Joseph][Jim - wonder if this Rundle was any relation to the Rundle that married a Ferris lady in Knox County, Ill. in the 1800s?][The surname Rundle was variously spelled by each succeeding generation, i.e., Randall, Rundell, Rundall, etc - Rundle has been used throughout here]{Joseph’s second wife was Experience Peck; I do not know if the last 3 children show under Mindwell and Joseph are in fact from Mindwell or from Experience.} Born to them were:

( JOSEPH RUNDLE, JR born June 9, 1730 Greenwich CT and died c1799 probably in Freehold, Albany Co NY, where he resided; married name unk but born to them were:

( RUHAMAH RUNDLE born 1758 {baptized April 2, 1758) Greenwich and died date unk probably Webster NY; married a Mr. Harvey

( JOHN RUNDLE was baptized May 21, 1758 Greenwich [John was either a twin of Ruhamah or born before Ruhamah and baptized later.]

( EZRA RUNDLE born March 11, 1760 New Fairfield CT and died February 13, 1839 Penfield, Monroe, NY; married April 25, 1782 at New Fairfield, Elizabeth Knapp (1765-1842) [Ezra migrated to Freehold, Albany County NY in 1790; removed to (by) 1805 Boylestown, Ontario County NY which was changed to Penfield in 1806; in 1812/13, Penfield was changed to Smallwood and in 1814, it was divided into two parts and named Brighton and Pittsford.] (we have a problem with Ezra’s date of birth and his brother, Joseph’s - Ezra March 1760 and Joseph Aug 1760) and born to them were:

( FERRIS RUNDLE (RUNDEL) born January 27, 1783 New Fairfield CT and died January 24, 1854 West Bloomfield, Oakland, MI; married c1805 probably at Boylestown, Ontario, NY, Nancy {surname unk} but born to them were {both buried at Oakland Co. MI}{surname may be spelled Rundel, but will keep the same spelling for now}:

( WARREN RUNDLE born c1806 probably Boylestown NY and died July 23, 1865 Oakland Co MI; married c1827 at Crawford Co PA, Emily Cynthia Button (1807-1888) and born to them were:

( MYRON RUNDLE born April 30, 1826 and died November 4, 1868; married August 31, 1852 Polly Ann Martin

( CYNTHIA RUNDLE born December 14, 1828; married a Mr. Hosner

( LEVI C. RUNDLE born February 25, 1832 and died 1897; married Jane Howard

( CHESTER E. RUNDLE born April 11, 1834 and died December 30, 1880; married November 13, 1855 March C. Covert

( HALSEY J. RUNDLE born June 15, 1836 and died 1910; married July 14, 1859 Harriet Stanley

( LOUISA D. RUNDLE born October 12, 1838 and died June 21, 1866; married December 4, 1861 Benjamin F. Elwood

( JULIUS F. RUNDLE born January 26, 1844 and died November 1925; married Julia C. Adams

( EMMA RUNDLE born October 24, 1808 Boylestown NY and died c1885 Hamilton County IA, buried Lawn Hill Cemetery, Stanhope IA; married 1st February 25, 1825 at Conneautville, Crawford, PA, Joel W. Stuart (Stewart) born September 22, 1803 New York and died 1843 Kendall Co IL; Emma married 2d c1845 in Kendall Co IL, widower John Robinson who died September 1847; and born to Emma and Joel were:

( LUCINDA JANE STUART (STEWART) born January 26, 1826 Conneautville PA and died February 3, 1905 Williams, Hamilton, IA; married August 8, 1844 at Oswego, Kendall, IL, Robert J. Parker born February 14, 1822 Chagrin OH and died date unk Stanhope IA; and born to them were:

( RAY WELLMAN PARKER born May 22, 1847 Kendall Co IL and died January 18, 1931 Stanhope IA; married 1st March 25, 1868 at Toledo, Tama, IA, Lucy Jane Bailey born January 22, 1842 Camden OH and died December 26, 1895 Stanhope IA; married 2d March 14, 1901 at Kansas City KS Clara D. Kietrick; and born to Ray and Lucy were:

( MINNIE LUCY PARKER born May 31, 1871; married John Taylor Lund

( FRED C. PARKER born October 8, 1873; married Margaret Lawson - divorced 1914

( MARGARET J. PARKER born February 10, 1875 and died December 14, 1943; married March 1898 Albert M. Sorenson

( FRANK ROBERT PARKER born December 3, 1877; married 1st May Stemple; and 2d Molly Bly

( NED ALPHEUS PARKER born August 29, 1879 and died February 17, 1941; married December 22, 1898 Emma E. Knight

( HOLLIS C. PARKER born November 8, 1881 and died January 13, 1919?; married Mary {surname unk}

( HARRY E. PARKER born May 19, 1883 and died October 17, 1885

Born to Ray and his second wife, Clara was:

( WILLIAM DEAN PARKER born October 9, 1902 Stanhope IA and died December 15, 1969 Webster City IA; married June 3, 1923 in Boone Co IA, Gertrude Matilda Wilhelmena Gumtau born October 19, 1904 Dixon IL and born to them were:

( WILLIAM DEAN PARKER, JR., born October 12, 1924 and died January 29, 1925

( ROBERT EMERSON PARKER born April 20, 1927 Stanhope IA and died 1985 Moline IL; married 1st March 25, 1950 at New Haven CT, Enid Betty Krouse - divorced 1966; and married 2d March 18, 1967 at Evanston IL, Darlene Margaret Sitzman born June 18, 1941; and born to Robert and Enid were:

( WILLIAM PAUL PARKER born January 5, 1953 Brookings SD; married November 26, 1977 at Gwynedd PA, Judith Margaret Durgin born May 29, 1953 North Wales PA and born to them was:

( JONATHAN LOWELL PARKER born February 11, 1982 Philadelphia PA

( ROBERTA LYNN PARKER born July 8, 1954 and died August 24, 1958 Green Bay WI

( KATHRYN HAYDEN PARKER born May 10, 1961 Evanston IL - resided Sinter Springs FL

( MARTHA JANE PARKER died young Kendall Co IL

( INFANT PARKER died Kendall Co IL

( MARIAH ELIZABETH STUART (STEWART) born January 30, 1829 Spring Township, Crawford, PA and died date unk Cedar Rapids IA; married May 8, 1848 at Harbor Creek PA, Harvey B. Lawson born June 14, 1820 Crawford Co PA and died November 12, 1873 Toledo IA; both buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo IA; and born to them were:

( LUCIUS C. LAWSON born December 9, 1850 Conneautville, Crawford, PA and died November 18, 1925 Aurora MO; married April 19, 1873 at Omaha NE, Marian Julia Bauder; both buried at Pierce Chapel Cemetery, Clarke NE; and born to them were:

( LULU CLARA LAWSON born November 8, 1878

( HARVEY G. LAWSON born August 3, 1880

( CLARENCE E. LAWSON born January 18, 1882

( WILLIAM W. LAWSON born January 1, 1884

( LESTER C. LAWSON born August 24, 1885

( HARRISON W. LAWSON born February 7, 1888

( CHARLES J. LAWSON born in March 1852 Conneautville PA; married December 27, 1871 Frances Richardson and born to them was:

( HENRY C. LAWSON born July 1877 Iowa

( LILLIE M. LAWSON born c1853 Conneautville PA; married September 8, 1872 George W. Hartsell

( CAROLINE LAWSON born July 21, 1861 Conneautville PA and died October 18, 1937 Creighton MO; married December 15, 1881 at Toledo IA, David Henry Pressler born April 24, 1854 Antioch IN and died October 31, 1938 Holdrege NE; and born to them were:

( MATTIE ELLEN PRESSLER born July 6, 1883 Hiawatha, Brown, KS and died October 9, 1969 Denver CO; married 1st December 14, 1900 at Fullerton NE, Charles Monroe Shively born June 19, 1878 Clarks NE and died November 15, 1964 Denver CO - divorced 1934?; married 2d September 23, 1935 Charles Johnson; and 3d July 16, 1942 LeRoy Drake; and born to Mattie and Charles Shively were:

( NELLIE ESTHER SHIVELY born February 16, 1903 Clarks NE; married September 1, 1920 John Deal

( CHARLES ERNST SHIVELY born January 17, 1906 Clarks NE and died March 28, 1908

( ETHEL A. SHIVELY born March 5, 1908 Clarks NE and died March 24, 1935; married May 15, 1926 Robert Everett

( KENNETH KLAR SHIVELY born November 19, 1909 Clarks NE; married June 12, 1935 Virginia Nielson

( LOLA MAY SHIVELY born March 2, 1913 Clarks NE; married Glen Jerome

( DAVID THOMAS SHIVELY born November 28, 1917 Clarks NE; married February 4, 1946 Charlette Rinquist

( DONALD EDWARD SHIVELY born August 12, 1922; married December 4, 1946 Myrtle May Spencer

( ROY FRANKLIN PRESSLER born October 14, 1884 Hiawatha KS and died there January 11, 1889

( EDYTHE MAE PRESSLER born April 2, 1886 Hiawatha KS and died December 7, 1973 Denver CO; married July 2, 1902 at Central City NE, Mathew Hanna and born to them were:

( ROBERT EARL HANNA born January 13, 1905 Central City NE; married 1st January 25, 1927 Alice Dasset; and 2d Purdie M. Shriver

( EVAN VERNER HANNA born October 14, 1910 Central City NE; married November 30, 1934 Catherine Walkley

( NELLIE PRUDENCE PRESSLER born October 31, 1888 Hiawatha KS and died February 3, 1979 Los Angeles CA; married November 16, 1905 at Los Angeles, Robert Edward Christy who died there July 1, 1972; she was buried (cremated) at Santa Monica CA and he was buried at Inglewood CA; and born to them were:

( RALPH EDWARD CHRISTY born May 13, 1907 Clarks NE; married January 15, 1934 Vivian Mae Wells

( RUTH LORAINE CHRISTY born July 16, 1908 Clarks NE and died June 28, 1981; married 1st October 15, 1928 at Central City NE, Dick Arnold; and married 2d March 15, 1940 Glen S. Wilson

( VERA LAVERN CHRISTY born January 28, 1911 Marquette NE; married 1st January 20, 1929 Jacques LaFayette; married 2d John J. Rowe; married 3d Robert Musselman

( MELVIN DALE CHRISTY born December 28, 1912 Fullerton NE and died April 1972; married Marie Rydvall

( ROBERT PAUL CHRISTY born December 19, 1914 Fullerton NE; married Lela McKeen

( THELMA ELAINE CHRISTY born June 10, 1917 Fullerton NE; married June 9, 1935 Donald A. Casrle

( WILLIAM CHARLES PRESSLER born November 18, 1889 Hiawatha KS and died July 13, 1981 Grand Island NE; married May 25, 1911 at Garnett KS, Goldie Druzilla Culbertson born September 11, 1891 Hale MO and died February 23, 1979 Grand Island NE; and born to them were:

( DAVID FRANCIS PRESSLER born June 26, 1911 Garnett KS and died October 31, 1911; buried Goodrich Cemetery, Garnett KS

( OPAL CAROLINE PRESSLER born August 2, 1912 Garnett KS and died November 14, 1990 Grand Island NE; buried Westlaw Memorial Cemetery; married August 10,1933 at Fullerton NE, Dorsey Willis Gay [son of Franklin T. & Hattie (Sowl) Gay] born August 16, 1911 Central City NE and died February 11, 1989 Grand Island NE; and born to them was:

( DAVID VERNER GAY born August 7, 1951 Grand Island NE; married 1st August 2, 1972 at Clarks NE, Sherlyn Joy Beck [dau of Harold & Viola (Tyler) Beck] born August 3, 1953 Clarks NE; married 2d May 3, 1975 at Grand Island, Terri Edwards [dau of Clifford & Delores (Wagoner) Edwards] born July 5, 1951 Grand Island

( RUBY CATHERINE PRESSLER born February 14, 1917 Fullerton NE; married December 22, 1944 at Cario NE, Arnold Lincoln Shultz [son of Peter & Suzanne (Vick) Shultz] born February 12, 1919 Cario NE; and born to them were:

( JAMES ARNOLD SHULTZ born December 23, 1946 Grand Island NE; married May 27, 1967 at Cario NE, Donna Jean Reinhart [dau of George & Alberta (Harders) Reinhart] born June 19, 1946 Grand Island; and born to them were:

( ROBERT JAMES SHULTZ born March 31, 1969 Grand Island NE

( RICK JASON SHULTZ born October 27, 1973 Grand Island

( RANDA RENEE SHULTZ born December 26, 1974 Grand Island

( CATHERINE ANN SHULTZ born January 10, 1950 Grand Island NE; married presumably as his 2d wife June 11, 1988 at Cario NE, Willie Edward Garrett, Jr., [son of William Edward & Catharine Lois (Arvidson) Garrett] born May 7, 1945 Freeport IL. Willie apparently brought a son with him from a former marriage: William Edward Garrett III born February 11, 1973, Great Lakes Naval Base IL

( JUDY LYNN SHULTZ born June 27, 1952 Grand Island NE; married March 6, 1973 at Cario NE, Dennis Charles Lindell [son of Albert A. & Hazel M. (Olson) Lindell] born December 28, 1949 Arcadia NE; and born to them were:

( BRIAN CHARLES LINDELL born August 27, 1973 St. Paul NE

( TIMOTHY CARL LINDELL born May 13, 1975 St. Paul NE

( SHERRY CATHERINE LINDELL born December 16, 1976 St. Paul NE and died June 30, 1981 Ft. Morgan CO; car wreck; buried Westland Lawn Cemetery, Grand Island

( PEGGY LOU SHULTZ born July 3, 1953 Grand Island NE; married 1st November 13, 1976 at Grand Island, James Harold Luebbe [son of Harold & Irene (Vieth) Luebbe] born September 10, 1944 Grand Island; married 2d Gene Louis Pesek [son of Louis & Helen (Klapal) Pesek] born April 17, 1947 Ord NE

( LUCILE MAXINE PRESSLER born January 22, 1919 Central City NE; married March 6, 1941 at Cario NE, Elwin Hathaway Ferris [son of Lee J. & Evaline A. (Hathaway)] of the ‘Cudbeth Fragment’] born August 7, 1917 Archer NE; reside Archer NE; and born to them were:

( BEVERLY JEAN FERRIS born November 27, 1941 Central City NE; married Thomas Thurber [son of Lester L. & Hazel M. (White) Thurber] born November 22, 1941 Lexington NE; resided Ames IA for a time and apparently St. Louis MO later; and born to them were

( GAIL KAYE THURBER born December 7, 1965 Ames IA; married October 8, 1988 at Lincoln NE, Paul Deadrick Rohlfing [son of Norman & Alma (Heuermann) Rohlfing] born November 28, 1963 Nebraska City NE

( ERIC THOMAS THURBER born January 7, 1970 St. Louis MO

( LEE THOMAS THURBER born November 15, 1971 St. Louis MO

( RONALD ELWIN FERRIS born October 4, 1945 Central City NE; married June 15, 1979 at Lincoln NE, Mary Elizabeth Sandin [dau of O. James & Kathryn] born May 30, 1954 Omaha NE

( DEA LEA FERRIS born April 16, 1954 Grand Island NE; married January 3, 1975 at Lincoln NE, Mark Douglas Nixon [son of Gerald G. & Jane A. (Mountain) Nixon] born March 1, 1954 Waco NE; and born to them was:

( JASHUA REMINGTON NIXON born February 9, 1983 Tulsa OK

( JAY DEL FERRIS born May 13, 1963 Central City NE; married July 6, 1985 at Aurora NE, Tammie Rae Houchin [son of Eernest Elwood & Germane Dorothy (Baseman) Houchin] born December 1, 1963 Albert Lea MN; and born to them were:

( JUSTIN WILLIS HOUCHIN born August 23, 1979 Aurora NE

( DYLAN J. HOUCHIN born June 14, 1987 Grand Island NE

( KELSEY RAE HOUCHIN born February 8, 1991 Grand Island NE

( ROY CHARLES PRESSLER born November 3, 1927 Central City NE; resided North Platte NE; married June 26, 1949 at Cairo NE, Phyllis Lorene Helzer [dau of Phillip P. & Eunice Irene (Snyder) Helzer] born there September 16, 1928; Roy provided updated information on this ‘twig’ of the Tree - thanks Roy!; and born to them were:

( ROBERT PHIL PRESSLER born February 12, 1953 Grand Island NE; married June 22, 1974 Lou Ann Blackmore [dau of Robert Bernard & Phyllis Lorraine (Watson) Blackmore] born November 25, 1953 Topeka KS; and born to them were:

( PHILLIP ROBERT PRESSLER born October 28, 1980 North Platte NE

( NATHAN ROY PRESSLER born February 1982 North Platte NE

( REX CHARLES PRESSLER born April 7, 1954 Grand Island; married 1st August 9, 1980 at Wayne NE, Lana Fae Peterson [dau of Paul Olaf & Bernice Mae (Hampton) Peterson] born July 15, 1955 Wayne NE; married 2d July 6, 1991 at Tempe AZ, Cynthia Marie Kliendorfer [dau of Harry Stanley & Carolyn Jane (Powell) Kliendorfer] born August 24, 1962 Tempe AZ; and born to Rex and Lana was:

( ANNA LEIGH PRESSLER born February 28, 1983 Lincoln NE

( DALE ROY PRESSLER born June 10, 1955 Grand Island; married January 6, 1979 at Jackson MS, Susan Diane Sharp [dau of Stanley Clement, Jr. & Edith Mae (Crawley) Sharp] born March 1, 1955 Nashville TN

( WILLIAM JOSEPH PRESSLER born February 9, 1931 Central City NE; married November 9, 1956 at Grand Island, Jean Westphal [dau of Melvin H. & Maxine C. (Wabel) Westphal] born Grand Island; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL WILLIAM PRESSLER born August 14, 1957 Inglewood CO; married September 19, 1987 at Denver CO, Brigid Ann Maria Capra [dau of Andrew Joseph & Janette Ann (Murphy) Capra] born September 2, 1962 Denver CO; and born to them was:

( HANNAH JEAN MARIE PRESSLER born November 20, 1990 Denver

( WILLIAM MELVIN PRESSLER born July 23, 1961 Denver CO; married 1st April 1980 Renee Anne Parcher [dau of Armand J. & Lolita T. (Scafidi) Parcher] born September 19, 1961 San Francisco CA; married 2d February 3, 1985 at Las Vegas, Susan Lucile Garramone [dau of Robert George & Gloria Mae (Ditolla) Garramone] born July 31, 1964 Denver CO; married 3d September 8, 1990 at Monument CO, Jill A. Kerridge [dau of Jack & Marsha (Fonger) Kerridge] born April 19, 1966 Kentwood MI; and born to William and Renee was:

( SHANDRA THERESA PRESSLER born October 1, 1980 Cheyenne WY

Born to William and his second wife, Susan, was:

( WILLIAM CODY PRESSLER born July 21, 1986 Denver CO

( JAMES EARL PRESSLER born April 3, 1891 Andrews, Huntington, IN and died date unk Clarks NE; married January 3, 1913 at Ottawa KS, Julia Mae McCrabb born December 12, 1898 Topeka KS; and born to them was:

( ROY DEAN PRESSLER born July 17, 1913 Fullerton NE; married January 17, 1945 at Topeka KS Marjorie Kerr; and born to them were:

( MARGARET ANN PRESSLER born November 26, 1945

( JAMES DEAN PRESSLER born June 15, 1948 (twin)

( JEAN LOUISE PRESSLER born June 15, 1948 (twin)

( WILLIAM R. PRESSLER born September 6, 1954

( DANIEL STEPHEN PRESSLER born January 13, 1956

( FANNIE M. PRESSLER born April 20, 1894 Andrews IN and died there March 16, 1895

( EMMA JANE LAWSON born April 17, 1864 Conneautville PA and died December 1929 Toledo IA; married June 29, 1882 at Toledo IA, Walter F. Winn (1862-1948) and born to them were [4 unnamed daughters not included]:

( WALTER F. WINN, JR., (1888-1888)

( HERBERT L. WINN (1889-1915)




( WILLIAM LAWSON born July 4, 1867 Toledo, Tama, IA and died April 2, 1936 Sterling CO; married September 26, 1887 at Toledo IA, Viola Marie Clough born December 1, 1869 Toledo, Tama, IA and died January 1, 1938 Guernsey WY; both buried Central City NE; and born to them were:

( ADA MAY LAWSON born January 14, 1889 and died July 4, 1968; married March 6, 1907 Robert F. Johnson

( BERTHA ELLEN LAWSON born September 5, 1890 Clarks, Merrick, NE and died March 24, 1962 Long Beach CA; buried there Forest Lawn; married 1st January 17, 1919 at Belle Fouche, Butte, SD Charles Leland Barnett [son of Hiram Lewis & Elizabeth (Yana) Barnett] born September 18, 1891 SD; 2d after 1950 in Los Angeles Co CA, Herman Henry Messner born May 17, 1885 Linn Co IA; and born to her and Charles were:

( RICHARD MAX BARNETT born November 15, 1919 Butte Co SD and died August 13, 2004 Keene, Kern, CA; cremated ashes returned home; married June 19, 1947 in Reno NV, Jacqueline N O’Rourke [dau of Bernard & Evelyn V (DeBrant) O’Rourke] born November 27, 1924 Santa Anita CA; and the had 2 kids

( LEONARD C BARNETT born June 25, 1922 Butte Co SD and died April 6, 1972 Los Angeles Co CA; committed suicide by gunshot; married Gloria Elaine Rust (Rusty) [dau of Lewis & Clara Anges (Holmes) Rust] born March 23, 1926 Burbank CA and died September 25, 1997 Santa Monica CA; buried Forest Lawn, Glendale CA; and they had 3 kids

( LOU C. LAWSON born June 5, 1893 Central City, Merrick, NE and died February 13, 1970 Belle Fourche SD; married December 14, 1915 at Deadwood SD, Nellie Howard [dau of Charles C & Lula (Parish) Howard] born August 21, 1897 Archer TX and died February 5, 1977 Belle Fourche SD; both buried Pine Slope Cemetery, Belle Fourche; and born to them were:

( HELEN MAXINE LAWSON born September 6, 1917 (probably Lawrence or Butte Co SD) (Belle Fouche, Butte, SD) and died March 16, 2005 Rapid City, Pennington, SD; married May 25, 1938 in Pennington Co SD, Oliver C. Herrett [son of James Heustis & Ida M (Milgaard) Herrett] born 1907 Butte Co SD and died 1968; both buried Pine Slope Cemetery, Belle Fourche; and they had a kid

( ELIZABETH IRENE LAWSON (Betty) born May 31, 1919 (probably Lawrence or Butte Co SD) (Belle Fourche, Butte, SD); married October 2, 1937 in Deadwood SD, Roy Edwin Dennison [son of Alfred & Harriet C (Rowven) Dennison] born January 2, 1915 SD and died November 8, 1992 Corpus Christi TX

( DOROTHY ELLEN LAWSON born February 28, 1922/23 (probably Lawrence or Butte Co SD) (Belle Fourche, Butte, SD) and died November 26, 1999 Belle Fourche SD; buried there Pine Slope Cemetery; married 1st November 18, 1939 George Norton Jr born 1912 and died May 4, 1950 Homestake Mine, Lawrence Co SD; buried Pine Slope Cemetery; and they had 2 kids; 2d April 18, 1953 Edward Cecil Henwood [son of William & Emma (Bingham) Henwood] born September 13, 1926 Lawrence Co SD and died June 22, 2001 Butte Co SD; and they had a child

( GLADYS LOUISE LAWSON born February 1, 1926 (probably Lawrence or Butte Co SD) (Belle Fourche, Butte, SD) and died August 7, 1987 Del Norte Co CA; married February 6, 1943 Donald T. Underwood

( MARIAN ALICE LAWSON born February 20, 1928 Elle Fouche, Butte, SD and died April 22, 1958 Scotts Bluff, Scotts Bluff, NE; she was shot and killed by her husband; buried Pine Slope Cemetery, Belle Fouche SD; married May 24, 1946 in Torrington, Elton Rex Gibb [son of Thomas Alexander & Eva M] born March 31, 1924 Northboro, Page, IA and died April 22, 1958 Scotts Bluff – he must have committed suicide after killing his wife; buried Gering’s West Lawn, Gering NE; and they had 3 kids

( IONA IRENE LAWSON born April 2, 1896 Central City, Merrick, NE and died November 15, 1992 Lakewood, Jefferson, CO; married December 23, 1914 in North Platte NE, James Wilson Diener born July 4, 1893 North Platte, Lincoln, NE and died June 25, 1991 Lakewood CO; both buried Hampden Memorial Garden, Denver CO; and they had 4 kids, 3 of which were:

( JAMES WILLIAM DIENER born March 17, 1920 North Platte NE; married October 23, 1941 (or October 23, 1944) Mary Louise Holt born June 8, 1923 and died March 16, 2002 Denver CO; and they had 3 kids

( DONALD LEIGH DIENER born January 20, 1922 North Platte NE and died August 17, 1989 Denver CO

( HARRIET ANN DIENER born October 21, 1920 Sterling, Logan, CO; married December 23, 1945 Paul David Thompson (Ripper) [son of Robert Jennings & May M (Schofield) Thompson] born June 20, 1921 PA and died June 29, 1983 Denver; cremated Fairmont Crematory, Denver; reburied 1985 Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver; USAF Ret Lieutenant Colonel; and they had 3 kids

( MARIAN ALICE LAWSON born December 15, 1898 Central City, Merrick, NE and died November 18, 1942 Waukegan, Lake, IL; buried Central City Cemetery NE; married 1st May 15, 1920 in Denver CO, Jack Tranel/Tramel; 2d April 5, 1928 in Cleveland OH, as his 1st wife, Edward Beverly Cary [son of Samuel B & Mehland (Bagby) Cary] born March 19, 1898 Roanoke VA and died September 3, 1975 Floral City, Citrus, FL; buried Fair View Cemetery, Roanoke; WWI & WWII Vet;

( EDITH MARIE LAWSON born January 17, 1903 Merrick Co NE and died October 13, 1984 Gillette, Campbell, WY; married 1st November 26, 1903 in Merrick Co, Fred T Galusha [son of George Henry & Phoebe Jane (Earl) Galusha] born August 17, 1896 Fillmore Co NE (or McCool Junction, York, NE) and died July 11, 1940 Central City NE; Fred was hit in the chest with a branch from a tree while planting trees in a shelter belt north of Central City; he was taken to Dr. Hutchinson and they asked him what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to go home and on the way home, he leaned against the doctor and died, leaving a widow and 6 children; 2d June 19, 1943 in Aurora NE, Jesse Blaine Austin born October 6, 1903 Burwell, Garfield, NE and died April 10, 1971, Private, US Army; Jesse and Edith buried Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, Lincoln, NE (Photo); and born to her and Fred were:

( EUGENE REX GALUSHA born December 4, 1919 Central City, Merrick, NE and lost at sea aboard the ship USS Houston CA30, March 1, 1942 – “The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast” – see

( VIOLA MAXINE GALUSHA born October 10, 1921 Archer, Merrick, NE and died July 17, 1997 Lincoln, Lancaster, NE; buried Central Cemetery Cemetery, Central City NE; married 1st Lloyd Wesley Marshall; 2d December 9, 1945 Billy Leroy Leece [son of Clyde L & Edith (Leamons) Leece] born July 29, 1921 Clarks, Merrick, NE and died March 29, 2005 Central City; buried there; and born to her and Lloyd was:

( LELA MAXINE MARSHALL born November 23, 1941

Born to Viola and her 2d husband, Billy, were 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( RONNY LEE LEECE born February 7, 1950 Central City NE and died June 3, 1980; killed by a tornado; buried there Central City Cemetery

( WANDA JEAN GALUSHA born March 23, 1924 Archer, Merrick, NE and died August 18, 1998 Gothenburg, Dawson, NE; buried Central City Cemetery, Central City NE; married 1st Albert Dean Steuben [son of George & Pearl (Emick) Steuben] born May 19, 1922 CO and died January 1988 Payton, El Paso, CO; 2d a Mr Bierma; and born to her and Albert were 8 kids

( ROBERT DWAIN GALUSHA born May 26, 1927 Archer NE and died March 25, 1952 Central City, Merrick NE

( MARY JANE GALUSHA born July 29, 1929 Archer NE; married a Mr Conn; and a Mr Sherrieb

( RICHARD LOU GALUSHA born August 24, 1933 Merrick Co NE; married a Miss Miller and they had 3 kids

( LELA GRETCHEN LAWSON born September 11, 1905; married March 1, 1924 in Julesburg, Sedgewick, CO James Kennett Flynn [son of James & Sarah Ann (Manion) Flynn] born February 7, 1894 North Platte, Lincoln, NE and died October 11, 1965 North Platte, Lincoln, NE; buried there North Platte Cemetery; WWI Vet, 12th Engineers, Corporal, served in France, discharged May 16, 1919; switchman, Union Pacific Railroad; and they had 2 kids

( HATTIE LAWSON born May 6, 1870 Toledo, Tama, IA and died April/May 8, 1951 Iowa City, Johnson, IA; married October 17, 1889 in Toledo IA, Andrew G. Green (Andrew J Green) [son of John N & Eunice] born September 21, 1867 on farm northeast of Traer, Tama, IA and died May 7, 1960 St Paul MN; railroad laborer; farmer; and born to them were:


( GLENN BRONSON GREEN born September 23, 1890 IA; married Leah C {mnu} and born to them were:

( ALICE A GREEN born c1912 IA

( HARRIETT D GREEN born c1914 IA

( BURTON H GREEN born c1916 IA

( JACK E GREEN born c1920 IA


( RUTH I GREEN born c1923 IA

( ORAL C GREEN born May 1892 IA

( KENNETH GREEN born February 1894 IA; teamster, laborer in logging camp; married Martha M {mnu} born c1896 Sweden; and born to them were:

( KENNETH GREEN JR born c1914 IA

( CLARISSA C GREEN born c1916 IA

( PAUL GREEN born c1898 IA

( MARGARET GREEN born c1903 IA

( HARVEY GREEN born c1906 IA

( BENNETT GREEN born c1911 IA

( CARL GREEN (c1913-)

( ANDREW GREEN (c1916-)

( MARGARET W. LAWSON born November 7, 1873 Toledo IA; married 1st September 16, 1896 Fred C. Parker; and 2d a Mr. Feidler

( MARY STUART (STEWART) born May 7, 1832; married December 1853 Abraham Dissmore; and born to them was:


( CYRENUS STUART (STEWART) born July 22, 1834 and died October 26, 1875; married at Morrison IL, Laura O. Briggs and born to them were:



( MELISSA STUART (STEWART) born June 20, 1836

( FERRIS W. STUART (STEWART) born October 22, 1842

( JANE RUNDLE born 1813 Penfield NY; married April 27, 1839 Claudius Herrick Potter [son of Aaron Forbes & Lydia (Gilbert) Potter] born March 12, 1814 and born to them were:

( FORBES HOMER POTTER born March 13, 1842 IL and died March 27, 1873

( FERRIS RUNDLE POTTER born May 25, 1846 Woodstock IL; married November 20, 1871 Annie Louise Paige [dau of John Warren & Sophronia (Hines) Paige] born October 18, 1854 NH and died December 4, 1940 Danville IL; and born to them were:

( GEORGE BRACKENRIDGE POTTER born February 12, 1874 Galveston TX and died 1939 Danville IL; married 1st 1904 name unk; 2d c1918 Edna Bell born November 10, 1895 and died 1979; and born to him and Edna were:

( GEORGE BRACKENRIDGE POTTER II born March 4, 1920 Danville IL; married 1st 1943 Nancy Lamar; 2d 1957 Eileen Frances Goloborodoko [dau of Samuel & Helen (Williger) Goloborodoko] born November 10, 1933; and born to him and Nancy were:



Born to George and his 2d wife, Eileen, were:

( DEBORAH SUE POTTER married Francisco Villaseca

( LESA HELENE POTTER married John Boyle

( SANDRA LEE POTTER married Philip Martien

( MICHAEL ALLEN POTTER married Margaret Marten McCarthy

( DAVID CLARK POTTER married Rowena Montibag



( ROBERT CLARK POTTER born July 10, 1922 and died June 17, 1944, KIA, Normandy Invasion

( JOHN ANTHONY POTTER born January 29, 1926; married Allison {mnu}

( CLAUDE HERRICK POTTER born November 24, 1875 Leavenworth TX

( LYDIA GILBERT POTTER born July 25, 1879 St Louis MO

( FERRIS RUNDLE POTTER born December 10, 1884 St Louis MO

( ABBY D POTTER born March 29, 1895

( BETSEY RUNDLE married 1845 Harvey Lawson

( CARRIE RUNDLE died young

( CAROLINE RUNDLE married Alfred Lawson

( EZRA RUNDLE born c1832; married Anna E. Crawford

( RUHAMA RUNDLE born February 1, 1785 probably New Fairfield CT and probably died there April 1, 1785

( LUTHER RUNDLE (RUNDEL) born July 24, 1786 probably Freehold NY and died June 20, 1845 Crawford Co PA; married March 20, 1808 Elizabeth Newcomb (Betsey) who died April 16, 1839 Crawford Co; and born to them were [it is known that there were at least 12 children born to this couple, but no records have been found of the last four, so only the known 8 are listed below] (Jim - I will maintain the Rundle spelling):

( LOUISA RUNDLE born December 21, 1808; married a Mr. Stebbins

( HORACE RUNDLE (RUNDEL) born November 27, 1810 Wilbraham, Hampden, MA and died date unk Crawford Co PA; married c1828/29 at Wilbraham MA, Rachael Louisa Stebbins born there November 11, 1809 and died date unk Crawford Co PA; and born to them were:

( LOVINA RUNDEL born c1830 probably MA

( URSULA RUNDEL born June 17, 1839 and died October 18, 1910; married August 19, 1856 Alex H Carrier; and born to them were:

( EVA L CARRIER born September 10, 1857

( HENRY F CARRIER born September 26, 1859 and died June 27, 1880

( LOREN LEWIS RUNDEL born October 27, 1836 Crawford Co PA and probably died there May 14, 1916; married June 15, 1856 in Crawford Co, Eliza T. Ross; and born to them were:

( FREELAND H. RUNDEL born July 24, 1859 and died May 16, 1931

( BURT E RUNDEL born November 11/16, 1863 and died March 5, 1940; married 1st April 1889 Inez Fields; 2d 1893 Jennie Cutchall; and born to him and Inez was:

( FRED RUNDEL born December 23, 1890; married Emma Eckart

Born to Burt and his 2d wife, Jennie, were 7 kids, 3 of which were:

( GUARD RUNDEL born March 4, 1894; married Grace Smith and born to them were:



( KAY EARNEST RUNDEL born May 23, 1895; married Alberteen Linquest

( ALBERT RUNDEL married a Miss Briggs and they had a child

( AMBROSE S RUNDEL born February 6, 1867 and died April 4, 1952; married Charlotte Yeager and they had 2 kids

( WILLIAM R. RUNDEL born January 1870; married 1893 Mertie Anderson; and born to them were:

( RUTH RUNDEL born February 5, 1895; married Clyde Morse and they had a child

( ROY RUNDEL born April 4, 1897; married a Miss Pool and they had 2 kids

( DONALD C. RUNDEL born June 12, 1877 and died February 5, 1940

( ERNEST J. RUNDEL born September 21, 1879 and died April 19, 1967; married November 22, 1905 Ethel M Kibbe; and they had 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( GUY LOREN RUNDEL born October 30, 1907 and died November 25, 1992; married a Miss Snell and they had a child

( LEWIS L RUNDEL born January 7, 1882 and died January 17, 1970; married June 27, 1906 Myrtle Byham and they had 2 kids

( BETSEY RUNDEL born c1838 Crawford Co PA

( WILLIAM RUNDLE born September 15, 1815

( CASE RUNDLE (RUNDEL) (RUNDELL) born January 11, 1814-17 probably Ontario Co NY and died November 3, 1896 Douglas, Columbia, WI; married June 12, 1845 at St. Charles IL Clarissa Amy Waldo [dau of Eber & Olive (Sprague) Waldo] born April 24, 1827 Willoughby OH and died April 8, 1882 Douglas WI; and born to them were:

( MALVINA WALDO RUNDELL born March 4, 1846 Frankville IL; married September 21, 1864 David Charles Brown

( LUTHER RUNDELL born April 3, 1847 Frankville, Kendall, IL; married June 11, 1869 at Big Springs WI, Sarah Parker born 1849 Cattaraugus Co NY; and born to them were:

( SYLVESTER RUNDLE born May 6, 1870

( GUY ALFRED RUNDLE born August 6, 1882

( EFFA MAY RUNDLE born June 5, 1885

( EBER RUNDELL born November 5, 1848 Frankville, Kendall, IL; married August 1, 1891 Sarah A. Gessner

( HIRAM RUNDELL born May 5, 1850 Frankville, Kendall, IL; married September 24, 1875 at Kendall Co IL, Eleanor Jane Barnes (1856-1907) - divorced before 1880; and born to them was an only child:

( LAURA ETTA RUNDELL born c1876 Kendall Co IL and died April 23, 1891 Tama Co IL of measles

( JOSEPHINE RUNDELL born August 5, 1853 Douglas, Columbia, WI and died October 5, 1868

( ASEL RUNDELL born September 10, 1855 Douglas, Columbia, WI and died August 3, 1885; married Martha Waldo

( ORLANDO RUNDELL born June 1, 1857 Douglas WI; married Alice Amelia Whiteford

( ESTELLA OLIVE RUNDELL born September 11, 1862 Douglas WI; married George McKenna

( BEDA RUNDLE (RUNDELL) born November 11/22, 1822 and died February 21, 1898; married November 25, 1841 Ebenezer Field (1813-1895); both buried Rundell Cemetery, Conneautville, Crawford, PA; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM R FIELD born August 14, 1843 and died December 16, 1919; buried Rundell Cemetery, Conneautville PA

( EDWIN H FIELD (1848-1915) buried Rundell Cemetery, Conneautville PA

( MINERVA RUNDLE born March 19, 1825 and died 1900; married Judson Witheral(l)

( MARILLA RUNDLE (RUNDEL) born March 19, 1827 PA and died 1900; married August 1844 Edwin Lewis Sperry [son of Lewis & Polly (Wooding) Sperry] born June 1, 1820 Spring Township, Crawford Co PA and died June 8, 1896; farmer; and born to them were:

( LOUISA SPERRY born 1847 PA

( STACY SPERRY born 1848 PA

( L SPERRY born 1852 PA

( SOLON W SPERRY born 1853 PA


( AMIRA B SPERRY born 1862 IA

( DELLA C SPERRY born 1865 IA and died c1899; married November 13, 1883 in Tama IA, as his 1st wife, Thomas Mortimer Reese [son of Uriah & Clara] born August 1861 IL and died Wallace, Shoshone, ID; foreman at the Sunshine Silver Mine; and born to them were:

( LEE OREN REESE born December 9, 1884 Toledo, Tama, IA and died June 6, 1969 Spokane WA; worked for the Great Northern Railroad, as a fireman and eventually engineer; Shriner; married November 29, 1906 in Wallace ID, Elizabeth Catherine Shaw [dau of Frederick Walter & Emma Catarina (Wrede) Shaw] born June 4, 1883 Colfax, Clinton, IN and died September 27, 1965 Spokane; Eastern Star member; and born to them were:

( ETHEL JEANETTE REESE (Eloise Hanford) born March 9, 1908 Colfax, Whitman, WA and died November 23, 1986 Visalia, Tulare, CA; buried Memorial Park, Chatsworth CA; married about December 31, 1926 in Spokane, Robert Meredith MacDonald [son of Angus Raymond & Rowena Frances Meredith (Fowler) MacDonald] born August 1, 1905 Columbus, Franklin, OH and died October 27, 1981 Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA; grew up in Alaska, met Ethel in a bookstore in Spokane; and born to them were:

( JACQUELINE LEE MACDONALD born December 4, 1927; married Kenneth Dean Ellis; and born to them were:

( ROBIN ANN ELLIS married Robert Wilzbach and born to them were:




( GAIL ROWENA MACDONALD born June 22, 1929 Spokane WA; married February 20, 1952 in Glendale CA, Clarence Lee Barlow [son of Herschel Elias & Rene (Arends) Barlow] born March 17, 1929 Sac City, Sac, IA; and they had 3 kids

( ELOISE ELIZABETH REESE born February 13, 1919 Spokane WA; taught school at Mt Vernon WA; married December 21, 1946 John Cavanaugh Hanford Jr; and they had a child

( SELINA PEARL REESE born July 1887 IA; married in Portland OR, Bob Rae and born to them were:


( DELLA RAE was a drummer and singer; died from a fall downstairs in Portland OR age 81y; married name unk

( CLARA REESE born July 1889 IA and murdered by a jealous would-be suitor in Colfax WA in her early 20s as she got off a train; she had a crippled baby probably named Pearl who died at about 12y; Clara lived in Alaska with her husband and left him to move to Colfax; buried in Wallace ID

( MINNIE P SPERRY born c1870 IA

( ELIZABETH RUNDLE born September 4, 1834; married 1st John Sloan; 2d Reuben Joselyn; and 3d a Mr. Helliker (?)

( BETSEY RUNDLE born May 3, 1789 probably New Fairfield and died May 22, 1874; married William Ross

( TRUMAN RUNDLE born January 27, 1792 probably Freehold NY

( PARMELIA RUNDLE born August 8, 1794 probably Freehold and died February 11, 1814

( MYRON RUNDLE (RUNDEL) born February 2, 1797 probably Freehold NY (Penfield NY) and died January 10, 1832 Penfield NY; buried there Oakwood Cemetery; married c1820 at Penfield, Cynthia Kellogg born c1800 Ontario Co NY; and born to them were:

( CAROLINE RUNDLE born c1822 Penfield NY; married September 1843 Miner Crippen

( LUCY P. RUNDLE born May 5, 1824 Penfield NY and died November 25, 1867; married 1850 Alanson Higbie

( TRUMAN RUNDLE born c1826 Penfield; married 1850 Jane Crippen – sister to Miner?

( ELIZABETH RUNDLE born April 23, 1828 Rochester, Monroe, NY; married April 1851 in NY, Ira O. Austin [son of Jonathan N & Peace (Lake) Austin] born c1820 Wilna, Jefferson, NY

( RUHAMA RUNDLE (II) born March 15, 1799 probably Freehold and died December 1867; married Abijah Ross

( CALVIN RUNDLE (Rundel) born December 21, 1801 (Green Co NY) possible Penfield (Boylestown) NY and died May 11, 1868 Penfield; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Penfield; a farmer; married 1831 probably at Penfield, Emeline Cook born NY c1812; and born to them were:

( PARMELIA RUNDLE (Rundel) (Pamelia) born c1831 Monroe Co NY

( MYRON RUNDLE (Rundel) born c1833 Monroe Co NY

( MARCY RUNDLE (Rundel) (Jane) born c1835 Monroe Co NY

( EMILY RUNDLE (Rundel) (Emely) (Emily L) born May 1836 Monroe Co NY and died December 20, 1909 CO; married, as his 2d wife, Ebenezer Byron Smith (Eben) born December 1831 PA and died 1906 CO; both buried Fairmount Cemetery, Denver CO; he was a founding stockholder and director of the First National Bank of Denver, involved in mining, banking and railroading; his house, the Smith-Elisha House in Aspen is on the National Register;

Eben Smith was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, the son of William and Mary (Nelson) Smith, descendants of English and Scotch immigrants who emigrated to Erie County, Pennsylvania, in the latter part of the 1600s. He was educated in public and private schools in Waterford, Pennsylvania. In 1852, Smith traveled to California, taking passage on a steamship and crossing the Isthmus of Panama before traveling up the west coast to San Francisco. He arrived in December, and spent two years engaged in placer mining in Sierra County. Shortly after his arrival in California, Smith married Caroline Jordan. The couple had two sons, Lemuel (born in 1857) and Samuel (born in 1858). Earning a small amount of money, Smith built a hotel at French Corral in Nevada County. He sold his interest in the hotel and returned to mining. He worked in Placer County, and was subsequently hired to oversee construction of a mill near present-day Bakersfield. Smith became half-owner of the mill, which grew to become the largest milling plant in California at the time. In 1856, Smith and R.A. McClellan pur­chased the entire Gold Ledge property. Smith continued working the mine and operating the mill until May 1859. He sold his share to McClellan and the family returned east. The fall of 1859 proved to be a turning point in the life of Eben Smith. While visiting his brother, Dr. S.D. Smith (a prominent physician in St. Joseph, Missouri), he met Jerome B. Chaffee. The two men met a party of miners returning from the Colorado gold rush. The men told glowing accounts of rich gold-laden quartz veins in the region. Smith became determined to have milling machinery constructed, disassembled and hauled overland to Pikes Peak. Although Chaffee had no experience in mining or milling, he agreed to co-finance and partner with Smith in the venture. Chaffee left for Colorado in February 1860, settling in Gilpin County. Smith in Denver on May 26. Setting up business in Lake Gulch, the Smith & Chaffee mill began working lead ore. Smith was the only man in Colo­rado at the time who had experience in milling quartz to extract gold. Smith soon hired himself out to various mines, and in­augurated measures for working and developing promising gold lodes in Gilpin County. In 1863, Smith and Chaffee sold their mill. They purchased and developed the Bobtail Mine near Black Hawk; the Gregory Mine in Teller County; and other mines. They held the properties for about a year before selling to a Rhode Island mining consortium (retaining a small interest). For many years, the Bobtail remained one of the greatest gold producers in Colorado. Late in 1863, Smith's third child, Nellie, was born. However, the move to Colorado proved to be a strain on the Smith marriage. Eben and Caroline Smith divorced in 1864. Caroline retained custody of the children and settled in Iowa. When Chaffee established the First National Bank of Denver in 1865, Smith was a co-investor in the bank and named president. In 1866, Smith was elected to the Colorado state legislature from Gilpin county. He served one term. That same year, he married Emily Rundel of Rochester, New York. Smith continued mining in Gilpin and Teller counties. Chaffee and Smith organized a group investors in 1867, purchased a mine and formed the Georgetown Silver Smelting Company. Smith invested in a large number of mines, building his wealth. Eben and Emily Smith's first child, Kate May, was born in 1867. But the child died at age thirteen months. In 1876, he moved from Denver to Boulder, Colorado. Eben and Emily's second child, Cora Isabel, was born in 1870, followed by son Frank in 1871. (Smith's son, Lemuel, joined his father out West in 1880.) Chaffee purchased the Caribou Mine in 1876. Once the most famous mine in Colorado, it had been sold to Dutch investors in 1873. But with the mine apparently played out and the Dutch unable to invest enough capital to discover new veins in the mine, Chaffee purchased the property with David Moffat and others. Smith was installed as manager and superintendent of the mine, positions he held until April 23, 1879. On June 25, 1880, the Caribou was consolidated with several other mines. Chaffee, Smith and others formed the Cari­bou Consolidated Mining Company; Smith was the companies superintendent and general manager until 1881. The Caribou claim quickly began producing large quantities of silver again, and Smith made another fortune. In 1878, Smith used his mining profits to partner with Horace Tabor, Chaffee and Moffat in the buying and developing the Little Pittsburg Mine in Leadville. The Little Pittsburg produced vast quantities of silver and started the silver boom in Leadville. Smith was placed in charge of the mine. Additional stock in the mine was sold. But the ore suddenly petered out, and the stock price collapsed. Investors later learned that Chaffee, Moffat and the other initial owners had sold out early, reaping large profits. Accusations that the initial investors had received insider information about the mine's status were never proved. Despite Moffat's warnings, Smith did not sell his stock in the Little Pittsburg Mine. He lost virtually his entire fortune. In 1882, Moffat and Chaffee secured a controlling interest in the Tam O'Shanter group of mines in Pitkin County, which Smith operated and managed for a year. The group of mines did not turn out favorably, so Smith then went to Red Cliff, Colorado, and mined there for a few months. He returned to Leadville and took charge of Moffat's and Chaffee's interests in the Maid of Erin, Henrietta and Louisville mines. He operated those mines for 10 years, rebuilding his fortune and eventually purchasing a financial interest in all of them. 1891 saw the first of hundreds of gold and silver strikes in the Cripple Creek region of Colorado. Smith quickly became invested in a number of mining operations there, including the Anaconda Mine and the Victor Gold Mining Company (later, after numerous mine consolidations, reincorporated as the Battle Mountain Consolidated Gold Mining Company). In 1892, the owners of the Portland Mine bought out Smith's interest in Battle Mountain as part of their successful attempt to consolidate gold mining on Battle Mountain. Smith used the money to buy an interest later that year in the Ibex Mining Company, the owner of the famous Little Jonny Mine in Leadville. (Among the owners of Ibex Mining was James Joseph Brown, husband of 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown.) In 1893, Smith moved back to Denver. As growth continued in the Cripple Creek area, Smith, Moffat and two other investors began building the Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad (F&CC) in 1893. Moffat, president of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, saw the chance to expand his business as well as skim profits off the lucrative Cripple Creek mining operations. The owners decided to build a railroad from Florence to Cripple Creek to ship ore to the mills in Florence. The Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad was incorporated on April 17, 1893. Smith was an officer in the company. The railroad the Free Road (a private road which had been recently constructed from Florence through Victor to Cripple Creek), and construction began on January 1, 1894. The first ore train rolled on over the 'Gold Belt Line' (as the railroad was nicknamed) on May 27, 1894; the first passenger train began service on July 1, 1894. (Operation of the railroad ceased when the company liquidated itself in January 1913. The track was torn up in 1914.) Smith was one of three mine owners to precipitate the Cripple Creek miners' strike of 1894. The mine owners, who employed about a third of the miners in the area, extended the work-day to 10 hours while refusing to increase pay. The workers, represented by the Western Federation of Miners, struck. Although some smaller mining companies capitulated immediately, the remaining owners (including Smith) raised a paramilitary force under the legal protection of the local sheriff. After a tense and somewhat violent standoff, the governor sent in the state militia to protect the miners. Smith and the other mine owners agreed to return to the eight-hour day. It was a major victory for the union. After the Cripple Creek strike, Eben Smith slowly began to pull his investments out mines. Returning to his interest in milling, he built a cyanide process mill near Florence in 1895. It was the largest cyanide process gold mill of its kind in the world at the time. Smith continued to extend the F&CC railroad, and built an electric power plant at Goldfield. But Smith sold most of his investments, including interest in his many mines, throughout the 1890s. He re-invested some of the money in mines in Utah, Arizona and Oregon. In 1896, Smith formed the Mine and Smelter Supply Company with his son, Frank, and brothers John S. and Robert J. Cary. Smith had been concerned that ore deposits in the Cripple Creek area were running out, and Smith cast about for a way to keep the towns of the region alive. He realized that much of the slag in the area had been poor milled, and still contained a large amount of gold and silver ore. The Mine and Smelter Supply Company was founded in order to improve ore recovery rates and save the towns. With Eben Smith as president, the company established branches in Denver, Salt Lake City, El Paso, Texas, and Mexico City. It quickly became the world's largest supplier of ore recovery equipment. In 1904, Joseph Seep bought out Eben Smith's portion of the Mine and Smelter Supply Company. By 1905, he had purchased the remaining shares of Frank Smith and the Cary brothers as well. In October 1901, Eben Smith returned to California and turned to retirement living in Los Angeles. He split his time between this home and a summer residence in Palmer Lake, Colorado. But Smith could not keep from dabbling in business ventures. He made large, ill-advised investments in the Los Angeles Art Organ Company and the Pacific Wireless Company. Mismanagement at both companies forced Smith to take over operation of the companies in order to save his investments. Smith died of peritonitis in 1906 before he could finish reorganizing the companies. However, he lived long enough to save the Los Angeles Art Organ company—which was able to complete construction of the Wanamaker Organ, the largest pipe organ in the world. Smith's wealth was estimated between $3 million and $10 million at his death.

and born to them were:



( BRYAN RUNDLE (Rundel) (Byron) born c1839 Monroe Co NY

( JABEZ RUNDLE (Rundel) (Giles ‘Jabes’) born c1841 Monroe Co NY

( JEROME RUNDLE (Rundel) born April 29, 1843 Monroe Co NY and died November 8, 1921 NY; married Lydia Field born June 17, 1846 and died November 1906; both buried Oakwood Cemetery, Penfield NY; and born to them were:

( ADA V RUNDEL (1872-)

( WILLIAM F RUNDEL (1879-1929) buried Oakwood Cemetery, Penfield NY

( BEDA E RUNDEL (1883-1982) buried Oakwood Cemetery, Penfield NY

( GEORGE RUNDLE (Rundel) born September 9, 1845 Penfield, Monroe, NY and died February 5, 1913 Rochester, Monroe, NY; married December 16, 1869 in Wheatfield, Niagara, NY, Frances J Ellis [dau of Joseph F & Julia (Beebe) Ellis] born March 5, 1851 Lockport, Niagara, NY and died January 14, 1933 Kenmore, Erie, NY; both buried Pendelton, Niagara, NY; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR ELLIS RUNDEL born January 5, 1871 Wheatfield, Niagara, NY; married Emma Wheeler

( GRACE RUNDEL born January 19, 1875 Wheatfield NY

( HARRY FOWLER RUNDEL born May 30, 1878 Penfield NY and died May 30, 1963 Holt, Ingham, MI; married June 8, 1898 in North Nonawanda NY, Lillian May Bullard [dau of George & Addi H (Morrow) Bullard] born June 13, 1875 Brooklyn NY and died September 18, 1927; buried North Tonawanda NY; and born to them were:

( IRWIN ELLIS RUNDEL born April 7, 1899 Pendleton NY and died July 2, 1941 Detroit MI; buried Williamston MI; married in Milwaukee WI, name unk - divorced

( ARTHUR CURTIS RUNDEL born April 21, 1901 and died 1978; married February 12, 1922 Lucille Charrier born April 30, 1900

( HAROLD FOWLER RUNDEL born October 28, 1902 and died 1980; and married a Miss Sheldon

( JOSEPH CALVIN RUNDEL born January 11, 1882 Wheatfield NY; married 1903 Maude House; and born to them was:


( RAY RUNDEL born January 3, 1886 Wheatfield NY

( SARAH RUNDLE (Rundel) born c1847 Monroe Co NY

( FRANK RUNDLE (Rundel) born c1849 Monroe Co NY

( EMMA RUNDLE born January 15, 1804 Boylestown and died there young

( MINERVA RUNDLE born September 12, 1806 Monroe Co NY; married Chester Clark

( FERRIS RUNDLE born July 31, 1762 Newfield CT; resided Boylestown (Penfield), Monroe, NY 1820; then Ontario Co NY; later moving to Cusswego Township, Crawford Co PA 1822, owning 100 acres of land and 2 oxen and 2 cows

( WILLIAM RUNDLE born c1764 probably New Fairfield CT and died August 14, 1833 probably Oneida Co NY; married at Greenwich, Mary last name unk [there is some doubt that William belongs here as a son of this Joseph Rundle, Jr., but he will stay here for now]; and born to William and Mary was [there were probably others, but none identified as of now]:

( MINDWELL RUNDLE born September 24, 1782 probably Greenwich CT and died January 18, 1877 Sheridan, Chautaugua, NY; married 1st Isaac Thompson (-1816); married 2d 1817 John Morse at Sheridan NY (1784-1858) who was a farmer; and born to Mindwell and John were:

( LORINDA MORSE (1818-1855) married 1st Joshua Whitaker; and 2d Hartwell Shelley

( RUSSEL MORSE born May 10, 1820 and died February 14, 1901 probably Sheridan NY; married 1st Mary Jane Herrick; and 2d November 27, 1859 Paulina Nevins

( JULIUS C. MORSE born August 7, 1822 and died May 23, 1894; married Electa Maranda Convis

( ELIZA MARIA MORSE born November 14, 1826 and died March 2, 1893; married 1st Nathaniel Bumpus; and 2d November 1866 Henry Dygert; and 3d April 1889 Lucius Palmer

( MARY RUNDLE born December 23, 1767/68 Greenwich and died May 26, 1812 Spring Township, Crawford, PA (?); married January 25, 1785 Elijah Smith (1762-); and born to them were:

( RUHAMAH SMITH born December 11, 1786

( ELECTRA (or ELECTA) SMITH born July 28, 1789

( ELI SMITH born May 2, 1793

( ALLEN SMITH born September 5, 1796

( WETHA SMITH born September 17, 1798

( EPHRAIM SMITH born December 25, 1800

( NELSON SMITH born June 13, 1801 (June 13, 1790 Durham, Greene, NY) and died November 16, 1868 Crawford Co; buried Smith Cemetery, Smith Corners, Crawford, PA; Methodist minister, homeopathic doctor; married January 11, 1811 in Durham, Polly West [dau of Elijah & mary (Salisbury) West] born February 18, 1792 Trumbull NY and died November 17, 1871 Crawford Co; and born to them was:

( NELSON SMITH JR born August 29, 1815; married 1st October 18, 1838 Matilda Fisher born October 23, 1817 and died January 27, 1868; 2d February 7, 1869 name unk; and born to him and Matilda was:

( MARY M SMITH born 1843 Hayfield, Crawford, PA and died May 13, 1866 Pithole City, Venango, PA; married March 31, 1863, as his 1st wife, James Nelson Bolard [son of David & Elizabeth (Nelson) Bolard] born February 12, 1839 McGuffintown, Crawford, PA and died July 7, 1919 Denver CO

( ALMAN SMITH born December 9, 1803

( ALPHENIA SMITH born June 2, 1806

( MARIAM SMITH born July 30, 1808

( JOSEPH RUNDLE born August 10, 1760 New Fairfield CT and died after January 31, 1855 probably Medina OH; a Revolutionary War Veteran; pension file #R.8582 - enlisted November 6, 1776; 1854 was living Menomonee WI and gave testimony on January 31, 1855 at Medina OH; may have been married more than once, but it is known he married, Wealthy last name unk; and born to them was [may have been others]:

( RUHAMA RUNDLE married Azor Smith

( ISAAC RUNDLE born c1771; resided in Cussewago Township, Crawford Co PA, where in 1822 he was assessed taxes on a total of 223 acres of land, 2 oxen and 3 cows; married name unk, but born to them were:




( UNNAMED DAUGHTER RUNDLE married Captain Jacob Hull

( DAVID RUNDLE born May 23, 1773 probably New Fairfield CT and died June 19, 1853 Spring Township, Crawford Co PA; married August 23, 1796 at Catskill NY, Sabra Mygatt (1771-1853) {both buried at Rundel Cemetery, Spring Township PA - note spelling of surname - whether correct or a literacy problem is unknown - Post Office at one time was named the 'Rundel Post Office', located at Rundel PA, named for David and his brother, Luther Rundel} [David moved to Cussawego, now Meadville, Crawford County PA in 1818] and born to them were:

( HARRIET RUNDLE born February 17, 1798 NY and died date unk Crawford Co PA; married Platt Rogers and born to them was (maybe an only child):


( AUSTIN RUNDLE born February 5, 1800 Poundridge, Westchester, NY and died March 28, 1892 Crawford Co PA; married July 15, 1824 probably at Crawford Co, Susannah Curtis (1806-1864) {both buried at Rundel Cemetery, Crawford Co NY}; and born to them were {all born in Crawford Co NY}:



( MARIAH RUNDLE born March 25, 1831 and died June 11, 1840

( EDGAR RUNDLE born August 14, 1855; married August 26, 1855 Frances Holcomb




( CAROLINE RUNDLE born June 21, 1802

( LEWIS RUNDLE born May 17, 1806 Poundridge NY and died October 3, 1878 Crawford Co PA; married c1827 probably at Crawford Co PA, Martha Curtis (1809-1864); and born to them were [and may have been more]:

( BENJAMIN RUNDLE born March 28, 1833 and died December 19, 1876



( ANN RUNDLE, called ‘Lizzie’


( WILLIAM RUNDLE born October 13, 1809 NY and died c1866/67

( TRUMAN F. (FERRIS?) RUNDLE born August 12, 1812 NY and died March 29, 1880 Hayfield, Crawford, PA; married 1st 1830 probably at Crawford Co Eliza Ann Curtis; and married 2d Matilda Bagley (1825-1896) {Truman and both wives were buried at the Rundel Cemetery, Spring Township PA} and born to them were:





( MINDWELL RUNDLE born February 6, 1731; married July 8, 1756 John Hitchcock

( ELIZABETH RUNDLE born October 4, 1733 possibly Greenwich and died Fairfield Co CT; married c1760s probably at New Fairfield CT, Jedediah Wheeler (1729-); and born to them were:

( ABIGAIL WHEELER born 1767 probably Newfield CT; married Paul Wellman

( LUTHER WHEELER born 1768 probably Newfield CT; married Lucy Rundle

( ELI WHEELER (1770-) married Grizzel Osborn

( RHODA WHEELER born December 25, 1771 New Fairfield CT and died December 19, 1857; married December 25, 1792 Eleaser/Eleazer Osborn Jr born January 21, 1770 Fairfield CT; and born to them was:

( RHODA W OSBORN born February 8, 1804 Fairfield, Fairfield, CT and died February 24, 1885; buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Median OH; married 1827 William P Post born September 8, 1805 Otsego NY and died March 9, 1890 Wood OH; and born to them were:

( AUGUSTA A POST born March 6, 1828 Otsego NY and died August 1, 1886 Medina OH; married October 1, 1846 in Hauseville OH, James Newens born March 9, 1822 Buckingamshire, England and died August 30, 1892 Medina OH; and born to them were:

( RHODA JANE NEWENS born March 1847

( BURT NEWENS born January 1849

( ROSALIE M NEWENS born January 1851

( ELLEN NEWENS born January 1853

( GEORGE NEWENS born January 1855

( THOMAS NEWENS born January 1857

( LYNN NEWENS born January 1863

( ADRIAN NEWENS born September 1871

( MARTHA JEANNETTE POST born October 23, 1830 Otsego NY and died March 8, 1887 Medina Co OH; married April 3, 1853 in Medina Co, John Henry Ford born September 15, 1830 Wayne OH and died December 31, 1899 Medina OH; and born to them were:

( RHODA FORD (Rena) born March 31, 1854

( WILLIAM A FORD (Will) born October 22, 1855

( FRANCIS A FORD (Frank) born June 28, 1857

( CAROLINE FORD born January 1859

( CHARLES A FORD born May 21, 1861

( MARY BELLE FORD born March11, 1863

( GEORGE E FORD born October 3, 1865

( ELEAZER FORD born January 1866

( EFFIE G FORD born September 24, 1867

( JOSEPHINE FORD born September 15, 1869

( ANNA L FORD born October 21, 1871

( MARY A POST born April 27, 1833 NY and died April 4, 1922 Medina Co OH; married July 17, 1851 in Medina Co, Alexander Coretsca born July 14, 1823 Canada/NY and died June 8, 1896 Medina Co OH; and born to them were:

( FRANCES CORETSCA born January 1852

( MARTHA CORETSCA (Meltha) born January 1857

( LAVINNA A CORETSCA born January 1859

( WINNIE CORETSCA born January 1864

( PRUDENCE A CORETSCA born January 1869

( LAVERN D CORETSCA born January 1875

( RHODA ABIGAIL POST born February 14, 1835

( ABRAHAM ELEAZER POST born May 10, 1838 Otsego NY and died July 23, 1922 Toledo OH; married August 23, 1873 in Medina Co, Mary Ann Fahy (Fay) born May 20, 1852 Medina OH and died October 26, 1920 Toledo OH; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM MICHAEL POST born October 30, 1874 Medina Co OH and died May 13, 1960 Toledo OH; married November 3, 1897 in Wood OH, Zerald Adams born August 20, 1877 PA and died December 5, 1949 Toledo; and they had 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( EDWIN ADAMS POST born July 30, 1900 Perry Township, Wood, OH and died November 8, 1990 Ottawa OH; married and had offspring

( DUANE W POST born January 28, 1903 Toledo OH and died there May 16, 1954; married November 25, 1929 in Toledo, Ruth Anna Fall born July 17, 1908 Toledo and died there May 10, 1989; and they had 5 kids

( ZELOTUS GERNELL POST born June 24, 1877 Fostoria OH and died March 8, 1945 West Millgrove OH; married June 22, 1904 at Wood OH, Emma Doretta Fink born December 25, 1884 Oil City PA and died October 6, 1975 Findlay OH; and they had 4 kids, 2 of which were:

( HARRY GERNELL POST born September 7, 1907 and died Fostoria OH; married 4 times; had offspring with 3d wife

( PAULINE ELLA POST born April 17, 1912 Rising Sun OH and died June 15, 1995 Fostoria OH; married April 11, 1927 in Toledo, Donald Gray Cline born September 28, 1906 Fostoria and died there October 11, 1990; and they had 3 kids

( ELLA MAY POST born January 12, 1884 Perry Township, Wood OH and died July 13, 1973 Ft Lauderdale FL; married June 29, 1911 in Toledo, Louis Henry Burr born August 15, 1884 Winnipeg, Manitoba and died February 14, 1966 Ft Lauderdale; and they had 3 kids

( MYRTILLA R POST born April 27, 1840 Otsego NY and died June 26, 1903 Woods OH; married 1st William Patterson; married 2d January 1, 1867 Christopher H Lance; and born to her and William were:

( JOSEPHINE PATTERSON bron March 8, 1860

( ANDREW PATTERSON born April 1, 1863

( CAROLINE M POST born July 6, 1843 Medina OH and died March 11, 1927 Clyde OH; married 1882 Joseph H Fish born October 8, 1831 Independence NY and died November 1899 Clyde OH

( JOSEPHINE N B POST born May 13, 1848 Medina Co OH and died March 20, 1929 Laporte City IA; married November 7, 1868 in Medina Co OH, William Grant Goodwin born August 4, 1830 and died October 23, 1898 Laporte City IA; and born to them were:

( ETHELYN GOODWIN born May 14, 1870

( HENRY CLAY GOODWIN born January 1, 1872

( MINNIE BLANCHE GOODWIN born January 15, 1874

( WILLIAM TELL GOODWIN born October 19, 1876

( HALLIE FRANCIS GOODWIN born January 15, 1878


( LEO MAY GOODWIN born January 29, 1885

( MABEL VINNIE GOODWIN born February 28, 1887

( ABIGAIL RUNDLE born May 23, 1735



( RHODA RUNDLE born January 9, 1742 and died August 29, 1807; ******* Eugenia Gannon sending information



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