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EDGAR DASSEIL FERRIS born July 21, 1821 and died October 20, 1875 CA

( EDWIN RUTHVAN FERRIS born August 22, 1822 Panton VT and died June 13, 1890; buried Vergennes VT; married 1st November 11, 1846 Elizabeth Stevenson; and 2d February 3, 1856 Lucy Ann Whipple; 1846 was of Nicholsville, St. Lawrence, NY

( EDRICK ADAMS FERRIS born December 2, 1824 Panton VT; married 1st March 20, 1852 Frances J. Burwell born January 2, 1837 Panton and died May 23, 1856 Parma MI; and 2d Sarah {maiden name unk}; 1870 census living in Leoni Township, Jackson, MI; and born to Edrick and Sarah was:

( CARRIE FERRIS born c1864 WI

( EDMUND WILLIAM FERRIS born April 13, 1826 Panton VT and died March 11, 1902 at the Soldier Home, Tagus ME; married September 4, 1847 at Chazy NY, Eliza Blaney [dau of Robert and Amy (Waterbury) Blaney] born October 23, 1827 and died March 14, 1902 Wilbraham MA; Edmund served as a Captain in the Civil War; moved to Wilbraham MA; and born to them were:

( HIRAM E. (EDMUND?) FERRIS born May 26, 1850 NY and died September 13, 1881 Wilbraham MA; unmarried

( JAMES B. (BLANEY?) FERRIS born July 26, 1855 and died April 2, 1923 Viticut MA; unmarried

( NELLIE E. FERRIS born December 27, 1862 Champlain NY; married 1st Frederick G. Martin (they lived in Mass.) who died October 24, 1916; married 2d Robert W. Spencer (they lived in Maine)

( EDWARD HIRAM FERRIS born April 3, 1828

( ELSON (EDSON) ELLIOTT FERRIS born May 13, 1830

( CYNTHIA RUTH FERRIS born June 18, 1832 Panton VT and died there October 26, 1899; married December 21, 1854 Richard Skinner Watson [son of Winslow Cassoul and Frances (Skinner) Watson] born April 21, 1829 Manchester VT. [The Hyde (William) Genealogy has Cynthia's name as Catherine and has her as the second wife of Winslow C. Watson, the father, rather than the son.] Born to them was:

( FRANCES CYNTHIA WATSON born September 15, 1855 Port Kent; married Roy Lewis and born to them were:




Born to Hiram and his third wife, Nancy, were:

( EDRED LAFAYETTE FERRIS born August 2, 1836 and died August 26, 1836

( EDDY FRANKLIN FERRIS (Photos) born May 2, 1838 Chazy, Clinton, NY and died October 22, 1908 Bozeman, Gallatin, MT. Eddy moved to Denver in 1859, but when the Civil War was declared, he returned to Fond du Lac WI and enlisted in the 14th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment. The 14th was organized at Fond du Lac, January 30, 1862 to serve three years. The 14th left WI for St. Louis MO, March 8, thence to Savannah TN; battles the 14th participated in were: Pittsburg Landing; Iuka; Corinth; Siege of Vicksburg; Tupelo; Atlanta; Jonesboro; Lovejoy’s Station; Nashville; Rivers’ Bridge; and Spanish Fort. Eddy was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, April 13, 1865. [Archive record pending] After the war, he returned to WI and married, January 22, 1874 (in Corinne UT) Margaret Schell Eastman [dau of Rev. George Burder Eastman] born September 4, 1848 Avon NY and died December 19, 1889 Bozeman MT; both buried Sunset Hills Cemetery, Bozeman. They moved to Salt Lake where he freighted on the Union Pacific as they built the railroad from Salt Lake to Butte MT. Eddy was a partner of Sebree, Ferris, and White; bankers and dealers in hardware and agricultural implements. Eddy’s business followed the construction route of the Utah and Northern Railroad. The business required frequent moves along the construction line. In 1880 the couple moved to Red Rock (present day Dillon) in hopes of settling down. However, both the climate and the environment for permanent settlement was not to their liking and the couple moved to Bozeman in 1882. Once in Bozeman, Eddy opened a store and built the Bon Ton Building. In the 1890’s Eddy’s brother, E. Myron Ferris moved into the area and eventually purchased the Matthews Hot Springs. Ferris built onto the property and for several years owned and operated the Ferris Hot Springs Hotel. On December 12, 1908 after his death, the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Commandery of the State of Wisconsin presented a tribute to Lieutenant Colonel Ferris, certficate as follows: “Companion Lieutenant Colonel Eddy Franklin Ferris died at Bozeman, Montana, October 22, 1908. He born in Chazy, New York May 2, 1838. Was admitted to membership – First Class, Original – in the Commandery of the State of Wisconsin, Military Order Loyal Legion of the United States, December 2, 1885 by virtue of his service, as an enlisted man and officer in the volunteer service of the United States during the Civil War, and which was as follows: Private and Sergeant Company K, 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, under first call for 75,000 three months’ men, from April 20, 1861 to date of muster out, August 21, 1861. Private and Quartermaster Sergeant October 1861 to April 1862; 1st Lieutenant Company A, April 18, 1862, Captain Company A, October 17, 1862 14th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; Major 14th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry December 13, 1864 and Lieutenant Colonel March 31, 1865 to date of must our of regiment October 9, 1865. During his service he participated in the battle of Falling Waters VA, while with the 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; and during his service in the 14th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry in the battles of Shiloh TN and Corinth MS, in both of which he was wounded; the Charges and the Siege of Vicksburg MS, and during his service in the 14th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry he participated in the Red River Expedition, the pursuit of Price from Little Rock AR through Missouri, the battle of Nashville TN December 1864 and siege and capture of Spanish Fork AL. After being mustered out he returned to Fond du Lac WI, where he engaged in business. He then went to Montana, where he engaged in mercantile and banking business. Became Register of the Land Office, a member of the Constitution Convention, and was by his comrades elected Commander of the Department of Montana, Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). The funeral took place at Bozeman, Montana, under the auspices of the GAR and Masonic Order, from the Episcopal Church. His record as a soldier and citizen was one to be proud of. He is survived by four daughters, three of whom are living at Bozeman, Montana, and one at Butte, Montana, to all of whom this Commandery, extends sincerest sympathy in this hour of bereavement.” Montana State University at Bozeman in the Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections has the Ferris Family Papers (1874-1926) including numerous letters written by “Maggie” to her mother. These are interesting letters, but too numerous to type here. Born to them were:

( ELEANOR EASTMAN FERRIS born January 12, 1875 Corrine UT and died July 24, 1943 Bozeman MT; married July 10, 1901 George Yager Patten born April 14, 1876 Virginia City MT and died February 27, 1951 Bozeman MT; and born to them were:

( MARGARET CHILTON PATTEN born January 30, 1903 Helena MT and died January 31, 1961 Washington, DC; unmarried

( MARY ARMSTRONG PATTEN (Photograph) born March 2, 1905 Bozeman MT; married June 8, 1940 Samuel William Fitzergerald Winter born May 15, 1898 County Limerick, Ireland and died February 3, 1952 Palo Alto CA; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM MICHAEL WINTER born December 17, 1941 Palo Alto CA

( PATRICIA FRANCES WINTER born August 25, 1948 Palo Alto CA

( ELEANOR PATTEN born August 23, 1913; married June 12, 1934 James Edmund Hall and born to them were:

( JAMES EDMUND HALL, JR., born December 12, 1936 Ogden UT; married 1st Patricia Girvan; and 2d Elizabeth Dennin

( SUSAN KAYELLEN HALL born July 19, 1940 Ogden UT

( ELEANOR KATHERINE HALL born November 19, 1947 Vancouver, BC

( KATHERINE CHILTON FERRIS (cemetery records have Katheryn) born May 1878 Corinne, Box Elder, UT and died July 31, 1959 Bozeman MT; married May 1898 Thomas Byron Story [son of Nelson & Ellen (Trent) Story] born 1876 and was buried May 24, 1954; both buried Sunset Hills Cemetery, Bozeman MT; he was President of the Bozeman Milling Co until 1919 when the plant merged with the Montana Flour Mills; Thomas’s mother is also buried at Sunset Hills Cemetery; and born to them were:

( KATHERINE STORY born March 21, 1899 Bozeman MT and died February 10, 1968 Tucson AZ; married 1st Walter Burr; and 2d Wilson Trueblood; and born to her and her husbands were:




( BYRON FERRIS STORY born September 30, 1900 Bozeman, Gallatin, MT and died February 12, 1953 Los Angeles CA; (not buried at Sunset Hills with rest of family) married Margaret McGovern and born to them were:




( MALCOLM CHILTON STORY born June 12, 1902 Bozeman, Gallatin, MT and was buried November 11, 1994; attended public schools until age 15 when he went to Culver Military Academy of Indiana; before his graduation on June 1921, both his brother, Byron Ferris Story and his cousin, Nelson Story III were also cadets in the academy; “After Culver, I went to Eastman Business College in Poughkeepsie NY in 1921. It took me 18 months to finish instead of the 12 months, but had I graduated on time, I wouldn’t have met my future wife, Rose Baily.” Upon graduation in June 1923, he returned to Bozeman via motorcycle while Rose Ashby Baily of Kentucky stayed behind in NY to finish her year at the business school; after a short 2 weeks in MT, he moved to Salinas CA to join the National Guard; his uncle, Walter Perry Story, who was regimental commander at the time, arranged for Private Story to be assigned to the Student Army Training Corps located in Monterey. Upon a recommendation from the SATC, Malcolm became a commissioned officer, and by the end of the summer, he had finished his military training and had moved to Los Angeles to work for his uncle a general superintendent and auditor of the Los Angeles Stock Exchange; he proposed and brought his young bride back with him to Los Angeles, where he had been working for a year at the Walter P Story Building built in 1907 by his grandfather; in 1933, he returned to Montana to run the Story Ranch near Emigrant, between Livingston and Gardner; married September 18, 1924 Rose Ashby Baily born May 30, 1899 Hanson KY and died May 3, 1979 Bozeman MT; both buried Sunset Hills Cemetery, Bozeman MT; he and Rose lived on the ranch for 25y until they moved to Bozeman after their son, Peter, took over the main operations o the ranch in 1958; he followed the old Story cattle trail from Texas to Montana in 1985; and born to them were:

( MARTHA PRISCILLA STORY married a Mr Drysdale – resided Bozeman MT

( PETER STORY born to him was:


( VIRGINIA STORY born October 10, 1906 Bozeman MT; married Cressap McCracken and born to them were:



( WINIFRED ELLEN STORY born April 11, 1911 Bozeman MT; married Jack C. Lovelace and born to them was:


( MARGARET MARIE FERRIS born March 1, 1882 and died December 4, 1915 Bozeman MT; buried there Sunset Hills Cemetery; married Walter E. Collins and born to them were:

( MARGARET LAVINIA COLLINS ‘Margo’ born July 27, 1909; married 1st Edward Rubey; and 2d Herman Hoth

( MARIAN EASTMAN COLLINS born September 18, 1913 and died November 30, 1963; married Roy Packer and they had 2 children

( WINIFRED MAY FERRIS born 1883 Bozeman MT and died 1949 Victoria, B.C.

( INFANT FERRIS born and died May 7, 1889; buried Sunset Hills Cemetery, Bozeman

( EDLEY BYRON FERRIS born March 4, 1840 and was killed in the Battle of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania VA, June 5, 1864 (Civil War); unmarried

( EDNOY CHILTON FERRIS born December 3, 1841 and died February 3, 1843

( EDRED POLKE FERRIS born March 19, 1844 and died August 26, 1847

( FRANCES ELLA FERRIS born September 25, 1846 Chazy NY and died December 17, 1935; married 1876 Garrison Cheeseman Murphy born December 19, 1834 and died April 8, 1915; resided Milwaukee WI; and born to them were:

( AVERY WOODWORTH MURPHY born November 30, 1870 and died October 13, 1881

( ALFRED GARRISON MURPHY born June 19, 1872 and died February 8, 1939; married Johanna Louise Lang born June 23, 1877 and died 1922; and born to them were:

( GENEVIEVE ETHEL MURPHY born March 20, 1907; married George Edward Hochstein born May 21, 1905

( FRANCES MATHILDA MURPHY born August 20, 1909 and died July 1929

( GARRISON ALFRED MURPHY born June 19, 1910; married Williamina McKinley born April 20, 1915 and born to them were:


( FRANCES FERRIS MURPHY born July 8, 1942; married Curtland Rowland born March 21, 1939 and born to them were:

( KERI LOUISE ROWLAND born June 27, 1972

( WENDY MCKINLEY ROWLAND born August 13, 1973

( DEAN ARTHUR MURPHY born October 5, 1949; married Janice Knobloch born February 4, 1948 and born to them was:

( ALISON LOUISE MURPHY born October 3, 1974

( VIRGINIA MAE MURPHY born June 29, 1913; married Donald Earl McPherson born August 13, 1910 and born to them were:

( DONALD ALFRED MCPHERSON born May 29, 1942; married 1st Linda {maiden name unk}; and 2d Nancy Lund; and born to Donald and Linda were:

( DONALD JOSEPH MCPHERSON born June 11, 1964 and died April 23, 1967

( SONYA MCPHERSON born March 3, 1968

( NANCY DIANE MCPHERSON born April 6, 1971

Born to Donald and his second wife, Nancy, were:

( EDEN MCPHERSON born January 13, 1973

( DAVID ENOCH MCPHERSON born November 16, 1975

( DAVID RALPH MCPHERSON born June 20, 1944 and died July 8, 1966

( LOUISE ELEANOR MURPHY born February 7, 1920

( EDWIN RUTHVAN FERRIS MURPHY born June 24, 1876 and died July 20, 1954; married 1st Marie {maiden name unk}; and 2d Helen Hilton

( GENEVIEVE GARRISON MURPHY born March 21, 1878 and died December 31, 1963

( EDVILLE GEORGE FERRIS born September 21, 1848 and died November 16, 1848

( ELIZABETH MARY FERRIS born August 26, 1849 Chazy NY; married November 20, 1884 at Fond-du-Lac WI, Charles Erwin Dickinson [son of Charles Frederick and Mary Ann (Delavan) Dickinson] who died 1894; resided Washington State; and born to them were:

( MARY VIRGINIA DICKINSON - she adopted Thomas and Carolyn

( RUTH FERRIS DICKINSON died April 20, 1926

( EDWY MYRON FERRIS (Photo) born August 31, 1851 Chazy NY and died October 3, 1941 Bozeman MT; married September 16, 1885 Frances Allison born July 16, 1859 Sioux City IA and died March 2, 1912 Bozeman MT; and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH ALLISON FERRIS ‘Buff’ born July 30, 1888; married October 26, 1910 Richard C. Purdum born November 24, 1879 and died October 15, 1955; resided Bozeman MT; and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH ALLISON PURDUM born August 6, 1911; married George W. Schilling born May 17, 1915 and born to them were:

( JOANN SCHILLING born June 15, 1947

( SALLY SUSAN SCHILLING born March 14, 1951

( JOHN PURDUM born November 22, 1913; married Margaret Williams born March 1, 1923 and born to them were:

( JEFFREY FERRIS PURDUM born November 22, 1950

( LINDA ALLISON PURDUM born June 22, 1953

( RICHARD CHILTON PURDUM born December 19, 1914 and died October 17, 1973; married December 27, 1951 Jane Joiner

( DOROTHY FERRIS born July 6, 1894; married Robert Ellerd and born to them were:

( ARTHUR ELLERD born July 10, 1916 and died February 12, 1971; married a Miss Roberts

( ROBERT ELLERD born January 26, 1918; married July 11, 1946 Julia Claire Hilgers born July 11, 1916 and born to them were:

( ROBERT ELLERD, JR., born August 21, 1947

( RICHARD C. ELLERD born May 23, 1949

( MICHAEL G. ELLERD born November 20, 1953

( EDBERT GEORGE (GEORGE EDWARD) FERRIS born August 1, 1853 Chazy NY and died March 3, 1918 Arco ID; married November 21, 1881 Jenny Cutler Freeman (or Jennie Louise Cutler) born in March 11, 1865 MI and died March 15, 1931 Arco ID; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR LESLIE FERRIS born October 28, 1882 Blackfoot, Butte, ID and died April 7, 1951 (Blackfoot) Arco, Butte, ID; buried there Hillcrest Cemetery; married 1st name unk; married 2d March 20, 1939 Myrna Ritchey; and born to him and his wives (?) were:

( GROVER LESLIE FERRIS resided Salt Lake City

( GEORGIA FERRIS married a Mr. Monarch; resided Bridgeport WA

( LOUIS FERRIS born August 1884; married a Miss Boyle – they resided Boise ID 1938

( NANCY ELIZABETH FERRIS (Libby) born September 1885; married October 13, 1929 Raymond Kuhn – 1938 resided Arco ID

( JENNIE FERRIS born April 1885; married J. E. Paul – 1938 resided Salmon ID

( EDNOUGH RICHARD FERRIS (somebody had a sense of humor!) born March 10, 1855; unmarried – his obit lists him as Richard E Ferris (Uncle Dick) died age 83y (c1938) at Arco in the home of his niece, Mrs Libby Kuhn; he was a charter member of the Arco Masonic Lodge; “one of Lost Rivers first pioneers” buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Arco, Butte, ID

( DIADAMIA MAY FERRIS born February 28, 1857 and died 1933; married Louis Nietman; no offspring; resided in Chicago

( CARRIE ELIZA FERRIS born March 29, 1860 Chazy NY and died October 8, 1928 Vergennes VT; for some reason, Carrie was raised by a cousin, Mary Adams, who married Ira Foster; although not legally adopted, Carrie used the name Foster as a child; married June 19, 1883 Eugene G. Norton born May 1, 1859 Shelburne VT and died September 10, 1913 Vergennes VT; and born to them were:

( CATHERINE MAY NORTON born March 12, 1888 and died April 21, 1890

( RUTH DICKINSON NORTON born June 26, 1894 Vergennes VT and died November 2, 1951 Burlington VT; married January 1, 1921 Dugald Stewart [son of John H. and Lucia C. (Sutton) Stewart] born September 27, 1887 and died July 9, 1959 Middlebury VT; and born to them was:

( JOHN EUGENE STEWART born August 27, 1926 Port Washington NY

( JOHN NATHANIEL NORTON born March 6, 1900 and died 1966; married 1st 1936 Lucy Calhoun; and 2d Josephine Toffalette; and born to John and his wives (?) were:

( GALEN FERRIS NORTON married Joseph Hill; resided Houston TX; and born to them was:


( EUGENE GAGE NORTON resided Vergennes VT

( ARCHIBALD FERRIS (Captain) born before 1794; married 1st February 14, 1816 at Panton VT, Mary Wood [dau of Rev. Abel Wood] born c1799 and died January 31, 1826; married 2d May 24, 1827 at Ferrisburgh VT, widow Sophia McNeil. They had 4 children. [Jim - I assume his title of Captain came with the steamboat business, like his brother Hiram.]; and born to them (assumption) was:

( DAVID C FERRIS (Photo) born 1832 Plattsburg NY; moved with his parents, and a brother and sister, to Whitehall NY 1839; he was sent to a seminary at Granville, Washington, NY where he remained for 3y; thence he went on board the steamer Francis Saltus (the first opposition boat ever constructed on Lake Champlain) in the capacity of clerk, which position he held until 1849; then he secured the place of Chief Clerk in the Iron Works of Rosslow & Gould in Essex, Essex, NY where he remained until the spring of 1850, when he left on the Crescent City for Aspinwall, bound for California, arriving in San Francisco in July, he went at once to Sacramento, then the great mining center, took stage passage in Jim Burch’s stage line for Coloma and Sutter’s Mill, the place where gold was first discovered, and went to mining with a rocker, shaking out from $8 and upways a day. In the spring of 1851 he returned to Sacramento and remained there until 1852 in business, when he removed to San Francisco and engaged in the wholesale clothing line. In 1858 he started out for the Russian possessions on Frazer River and engaged in placer mining, remaining a comparatively short time and being among the few to return to San Francisco with a large amount of gold dust. This amount was subsequently expended in a heavy lawsuit, settling the Sutter title to Sacramento, which litigation was conducted by Milton S Latham and Thomas Sunderland and is recorded as the suit of Ferris vs Cover. Silver being discovered in Washoe, State of Nevada in 1859, Mr Ferris embarked in the development of the mines of the great Comstock lode (being the first to recommend the diamond drill, which discovered the great bonanza, and was owned and controlled by Colonel A. J. Severance, and by him perfected) and being very successful continued various mining operations in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and California. He introducted the giant powder in San Francisco and was the originator of the Safe Deposit block, the finest edifice in California. In 1864, he married Letitia Metcalf (in San Francisco), the daughter of Captain Ernest Metcalf, of the English Army. Mr. Ferris resided in Oakland with his mother; was one of the stockholders in the Silver Cliff Mining Co of Colorado.

( AMNA FERRIS born October 3, 1805 Panton VT and died December 3, 1882 Vergennes, Addison, VT; married December 3, 1826 Hiram Adams [son of Friend] born August 2/4, 1804 Panton VT and died August 2/16, 1884/82 Vergennes, Addison, VT; and born to them were:

( CORNELIA ADAMS born March 16, 1828 and died June 20, 1908

( ELLEN ADAMS born February 15, 1830 and died 1852; married Norbert Ellis (Eels?)

( EUGENIA ADAMS born February 27, 1832; married a Mr. Hall and born to them was:


( MARY E. ADAMS born September 16, 1833 Vergennes VT and died 1925; married Ira Foster; this is the family that raised Carrie Ferris

( GEORGE W. ADAMS born September 26, 1835 and died 1867

( ELIZABETH ADAMS born October 15, 1837 and died February 2, 1908

( GEORGIANNA ADAMS born July 18, 1840

( VICTORIA ADAMS born October 1841


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