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thanks Debby!; and born to them were:

( STEVEN DARRYL COMER born February 15, 1976 Ukiah CA

( CASEY TRAVIS COMER born December 6, 1977 Ukiah CA; graduated with the Class of 1996, Laytonville High School, Laytonville CA

( ELIZABETH LORRAINE COMER born September 4, 1926 Tuolumne CA; married Loren Henry Duensing [son of Louis & Hazel (Walker) Duensing] and born to them were:

( ANNETTE DEE DUENSING born November 3, 1948 Chico CA; married David E. Lundin and born to them were:

( BRANDI ANN LUNDIN born June 10, 1974 Chico CA

( JULIA GENE LUNDIN born April 8, 1976 Chico CA

( LESLIE EILEEN DUENSING born December 3, 1951 Chico CA; married August 23, 1975 in Chico CA, Steven King and born to them was:

( RAINA KATHEREIN KING born March 22, 1979 Chico CA

( LYDIA MAY ANDERSON born March 27, 1907 Tuolumne CA and died April 14, 1991; buried Carter's Cemetery, Tuolumne CA; married May 5, 1924 in Sonora CA, Bert Bergstom [son of Louis & Ursila (Magnuson) Bergstom] who is buried with his wife; and born to them were:

( GERALD BERT BERGSTOM born June 20, 1926 Tuolumne CA; married November 28, 1947 at Sonora CA, Muriel Brockheimer

( BEVERELY JOAN BERGSTOM born March 14, 1929 Tuolumne CA; married 1st Harlan [surname unk]; 2d William Edward Lepape

( LAURA LEE BERGSTOM born August 7, 1930 Tuolumne CA; married at Sacramento CA, James Curtin Britton

( DAVID WILLIAM ANDERSON born May 20, 1908 Tuolumne CA

( PAUL JOSEPH ANDERSON born October 30, 1910 Tuolumne CA and died August 7, 1985 Tuolumne CA; buried there in Carter's Cemetery; birth and death dates are from Calif Death Records on-line; married Connie Jean {maiden name unk} – there is a Connie Jean (Schade) Anderson born July 23, 1908 TN and died May 21, 1946 Placer Co CA – don’t know if this is right lady

( KENNETH DANIEL ANDERSON born June 22, 1912 Tuolumne CA and died October 28, 1990 Chico CA

( CLINTON FERRIS ANDERSON born October 22, 1914 Tuolumne CA and died about April 1990 Sonora, Tuolumne, CA

( CARL RAYMOND ANDERSON born July 1, 1918 Sebastopol CA; married Pearl Gladys Wann [dau of Thomas & Dora (Armento) Wann]; and born to them were:

( CAROL DIANE ANDERSON born July 16, 1941 Jamestown CA; married 1st Ralph Benton; 2d Gerald Ray

( ARLENE MARY ANDERSON born July 13, 1943 Sonora CA; married Elmer Husted

( LORA LEE ANDERSON born June 21, 1945 Tuolumne CA; married Edward Hawthorne

( KEITHA JEANNE ANDERSON born and died July 7, 1947 Tuolumne CA

( MARTIN JAY ANDERSON (adopted) born January 31, 1956; married Pamela Mullins

( DONALD MATTHEW ANDERSON (adopted) born July 6, 1957 Klamath Falls OR

( GEORGE MALLORY ANDERSON born December 6, 1920; married March 4, 1945 Viola Branum [dau of Walter & George (Burnett) Branum] and born to them were:

( KATHERINE IRENE ANDERSON born December 13, 1944; married 1st October 9, 1961 Ronald Lake; 2d Eugene Fulton; and 3d Bill Robinett; and born to Katherine and Ronald was:

( RONALD JOHN LAKE born November 2, 1962

Born to Katherine and her second husband, Eugene, were:

( LADONNA SUE FULTON born April 1, 1964; married Stan Hulings and born to them were:

( HEATHER HULINGS born December 26, 1985

( CLIFFORD HULINGS born May 7, 1989

( COLTON PAPPS HULINGS born October 23, 1994

( KAREN KAY FULTON born August 21, 1965; married 1st Mr. Lebengood; 2d Mr. Robey; and born to Karen and Mr. Lebengood were:

( LANE THOMAS LEBENGOOD born October 22, 1984

( CARLEY KAY LEBENGOOD born June 25, 1988

Born to Karen and her second husband, Mr. Robey, were:

( AARON ROBEY born April 16, 1997

( DUSTON ROBEY born June 3, 1998

( PAUL JEAN FULTON born December 24, 1966; married Erick Cross and born to them was:

( SAMANTHA CROSS born January 30, 1997

( SANDRA LEA FULTON born June 6, 1975; married a Mr. Cartier and born to them were:

( BRANDON CARTIER born October 9, 1992

( ERIN CARTIER born November 13, 1996

( JAMIE LEE CARTIER born March 11, 1998

( RONALD GEORGE ANDERSON born January 3, 1946 and died January 3, 1947

( DONNA SUE ANDERSON born October 5, 1948; married August 18, 1968 Chris Morrell and born to them were:

( DON KENNETH MORRELL born March 21, 1969; married Sukunia {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( SCOTT MORRELL born February 19, 1992

( CHRISTIE MAE MORRELL born November 14, 1997

( TONJIA GEORGETTA MORRELL born August 2, 1974; married Harold Breidenback and born to them were:

( TYLER BREIDENBACK born February 10, 1993

( HIDIA BREIDENBACK born November 30, 1995

( GREG MALLARY MORRELL born September 27, 1976

( JAMES MALLORY ANDERSON born August 12, 1954; married Kim May and born to them were:

( JAMIE MARI ANDERSON born June 14, 1983

( ROBERT JAMES ANDERSON born August 16, 1984

( FREIDA CARMELITA ANDERSON born January 6, 1922 Sebastopol CA; married May 31, 1941 in Reno NV, Lloyd Harrison Shimer [son of George & Ivy (Austin) Shimer] and born to them were:

( GEORGE LLOYD SHIMER born April 15, 1944 Sonora CA; married October 26, 1966 in Reno NV, Fawn Robertson

( DAVID HAROLD SHIMER born May 26, 1946 Sonora CA; married November 20, 1977 at Reno NV, H. Yoka

( GORDON LEE SHIMER born February 2, 1951 Sonora CA; married June 1978 Della Simpson

( NORMAN ANDERSON born July 27, 1923

( EMERSON FERRIS (c1846-) enlisted with his brother into the Union Army June 12, 1865

( JOHN FERRIS (c1851-)

( EDGAR FERRIS (c1852-)


( GEORGE FERRIS (c1858-)

( LOUISA FERRIS (c1860-) married W.H. Myers




( MALINDA A. FERRIS - this assignment is questionable

( SOPHIA FERRIS born April 10, 1820 NY (MA?) and died December 4, 1887 at the home of her son-in-law, Frank Mace, in Winoski, Chittendon VT; buried Allen Cemetery, Ausable NY; married May 14, 1835 at Gill, NY/MA, Ebenezer Severance [son of Elijah & Charlotte (Starkweather) Severance] born June 5, 1813 Gill, Franklin, MA and died February 14, 1881 Peru, Clinton, NY; buried Allen Cemetery, Ausable NY; a blacksmith, farmer and butcher; and born to them were:

( BENTON ABNER SEVERANCE born March 14, 1835/36 Clinton Co NY and died August 18, 1897 Belgrade Township, Nicollet MN; buried Glenwood Cemetery, Mankato, Blue Earth, MN (Photo); farmer-blacksmith in Nicollet Co MN 1870-95; listed as a pioneer of Nicollet County; he learned the blacksmith and machinist trade; came to Belgrade MN 1857; 1859 went to Houghton Co MI and 3y later to Clinton Co NY where he stayed one year; after living about 18 months in WI and 2 more years in NY, he returned to Belgrade about 1867, traveling by boat over the Great Lakes, thence to Belle Plaine MN, by train, by riverboat to Mankato and by oxcart to his farm in Nicollet Co; was Justice of Peace for 12y prior to 1881; was also Belgrade Township Clerk; representative in the MN State Legislature 1895-97; married February 17, 1862 at Odell-town, St. Jean, Quebec, Canada, Julia Ann Hobson [dau of Thomas & Pearl (Peart) Hobson] born September 14, 1835/36 Isle La Motte, Grand Isle VT and died March 13, 1914 Nicollet MN; and born to them were:

( CHARLES ALBERT SEVERANCE born December 4, 1862 Oshkosh, Winnebgao, WI and died March 4, 1947 Nicollet MN; buried Glenwood Cemetery, Mankato, Blue Earth MN; married 1894 Mary A. Rist; and born to them were:

( CHARLES W. SEVERANCE born October 15, 1909

( WILLIAM JOHN SEVERANCE born June 16, 1895 and died 1946

( ANNIE ELIZA SEVERANCE born January 12, 1865, Ausable, Clinton, NY and died January 21, 1890 Nicollet MN; buried Glenwood Cemetery, Mankato, Blue Earth MN; a teacher and resided in Belgrade for 22 of her years

( DAVID JACKSON SEVERANCE born October 17, 1866 Clinton Co NY and died November 6, 1920 Crosby, Crow Wing, MN; buried there Lakewood Cemetery; his family moved to Belgrade MN when he was 6 months old. After his father's death, he operated the farm until he lost his right arm in a farming accident; 1908 he studied law in the Mankato office of C. L. Benedict; admitted to the MN Bar 1909 and began practice in Mankato; moved his practice to Crosby 1912 and later was joined by his daughter Ann in firm named “Severance and Severance”; municipal judge Crosby MN 1916-18; one of the founders of the Crosby Commercial Club and served as its President 1919; member of the Cuyuna Home Guard since its inception and served as color guard for the battalion; the district court at Brainerd suspended hearings on the day of his funeral out of respect for him; married May 2, 1891 at Mankato, Blue Earth, MN, Camelia Alice Rice [dau of Stephen & Susan Elizabeth Rice] born November 7, 1866 Tippecanoe IN and died April 21, 1921 Crosby MN; buried Lakewood Cemetery, Crosby; Camelia's father was thrown from a horse and killed before she born; her mother remarried a Stephen Locke; her mother died when Camelia was about 14; she then lived with her grandfather, Jacob Rice. Upon his death, she was taken by Aunt Rose Anna Rice Hayes and her husband, Lewis Hayes, a civil war vet, to IL, then to Fairmont MN. At age 20, Camelia was a librarian. Three years later she moved to Mankato and married; at Crosby, she was President of the Mother's Club (Woman's Club), 1919-20 and was in charge of their community charity work for a number of years. She was an ardent worker in community activities including the Red Cross and community Christmas trees. Born to them were:

( ANNIE ADA SEVERANCE “Ann” born February 7, 1892 Belgrade Township, Nicollet MN and died May 31, 1968 Castro Valley, Alameda CA; buried Oaklawn Cemetery, Jacksonville, Duval, FL; attended Mankato State Teachers College and studied law under her father; the 5th woman to pass the MN Bar examination March 21, 1916; February 19, 1923 she was admitted to practice before US Supreme Court; married September 21, 1921 at Duluth MN, Joseph Hartman [son of Loerin 'Lee' & Isabel 'Bella' (Marshall) Hartman] born April 10, 1886 Greenville, Washington, MS and died June 6, 1957 Jacksonville FL; buried there Oaklawn Cemetery; Joseph was in the Home Guard-Ironton Crosby MN 1917-18 during WWI; he registered for the draft September 12, 1918, but was exempt from service due to deafness; a graduate of Washington School of Accountancy with a BCS degree; graduated 2d in his class from George Washington University with a LLB and LLM where he earned the order of the Coif; also took postgraduate work in finance and economics at American University; a CPA specializing in tax matters; appointed to the FL State Board of Accountancy; own firm Joseph Hartman and Associates, Jacksonville FL; Member of the National Honor Legal Society and a Shriner; and born to them were:

( JOAN LESTER HARTMAN married Charles Stott Imig. [Joan has provided the information for this ‘twig’ of the Tree - thanks, Joan!]; resides Pismo Beach CA; and born to them were:

( SHARON LEE IMIG married Bernard A. Schmitt

( DAVID CHARLES IMIG married Karen Louise Grimm and born to them were:



( PETER JOSEPH IMIG married Evelyn Sempio Mercado

( HARRIET 'Harri' SHIRLEY HARTMAN married Edward Allen Huscher


( MAUDE CAMELIA ELIZABETH SEVERANCE born August 17, 1900 Belgrade Township, Nicollet MN and died in September, 1982 Los Altos, San Mateo CA; buried there; married December 17, 1919 at Crosby MN, Harry Leonard Hauck

( ALBERT B. SEVERANCE born January 2, 1839 NY and died November 21, 1864 Salisbury Prison NC; served in the 12th US Infantry and fought in 17 battles; was captured at the 2d Battle of Bull Run; married Marie E. {maiden name unk}; and born to them was:

( EFFIE L. SEVERANCE died August 10, 1863 age 1y 1m 2d; buried Clintonville Old Cemetery, Clintonville NY

( SARAH EUNICIA SEVERANCE born December 8, 1840 NY and died after 1881 Stockton CA

( HARRIET E. SEVERANCE born September 4, 1844 NY and died 1927; buried Allen Cemetery, Ausable NY; married William Mullen (1845-1926) who owned William Mullen, Fancy Groceries and Provisions, Saranac Lake NY; 1881 resided Peru NY

( ELISABETH E. SEVERANCE born February 4, 1852 and died August 14, 1856

( EMMA A. SEVERANCE born May 7, 1855 NY and died 1914; buried Allen Cemetery, Ausable NY; married George Parsons; 1881 resided Peru NY

( WILLIAM E. SEVERANCE born February 7, 1858 NY and died c1934/35 Keeseville, Clinton, NY; married February 18, 1880 Almina Mace; 1881 resided Peru NY; and born to them were:


( WALTER SEVERANCE lived Keeseville; married Nancy {maiden name unk] and born to them was:


( MARY D. SEVERANCE born December 12, 1861 NY and died after 1881; married Frank H. Mace

( WILLIAM W. FERRIS born c1827 NY; farmer and farm laborer

( LOUISA W. FERRIS born c1829 NY; buried Harkness Cemetery, Ausable, Clinton, NY

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born c1828/29 NY

( MILTON FERRIS born c1835 Peru NY

( ADDISON J. FERRIS born c1832 NY

( JOHN FERRIS married Catherine {maiden name unk}; resided Peru NY 1830



( DANIEL FERRIS born 1794 Plattsburg NY and died 1881 Franklin Co NY; married Hannah Emery [dau of Nathaniel and Lydia Emery of West Peru NY] born c1810 and died April 12, 1876 Canaan VT; and born to them were:

( EMERY FERRIS married Adelia M {maiden name unk}

( ALVAH FERRIS born Brandon, Franklin, NY and died 1901 Malone NY; married Almeda King and born to them were:

( CLARENCE SEYMOUR FERRIS born June 20, 1865 Malone NY; a lawyer and judge, Potsdam NY; married 1895 Olive Oakley Holt of West Potsdam NY [dau of Henry & Sybil (Rich) Holt]; is this the Olive Ferris (1866-1913), wife of Clarence buried Village of Ilion Cemetery, Town of German Flatts, Herkimer Co NY; and born to them was:

( DANIEL HOLT FERRIS born March 3, 1901

( FRANK E. FERRIS born August 4, 1867; married Mae Beebe who died c1936

( EDITH L. FERRIS was a teacher, Madrid NY




( SEYMOUR FERRIS died in infancy


( NATHANIEL FERRIS died in infancy


( SARAH FERRIS was baptized April 22, 1770 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Saratoga at Schuylerville NY

( ALICE FERRIS was baptized October 16, 1772 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Saratoga at Schuylerville NY

( NANCY FERRIS was baptized September 6, 1774 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Saratoga at Schuylerville NY, where she married 1st May 18, 1791, Daniel (David) Wilson; and 2d Robert Andrus Odell born January 11, 1777 – apparently this Nancy died prior to c1799 when Robert married Nancy Ferris (

( JOHN HORATIO FERRIS was baptized November 19, 1776 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Saratoga at Schuylerville NY; married Emelia Louisa Sailby

( ISAAC FERRIS baptized October 3, 1778 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Saratoga at Schuylerville NY; married Sarah {maiden name unk}; moved to Jay NY and ran a sawmill with two sons; 1806 moved to Saranca Hollow NY

( HESTER FERRIS was baptized October 27, 1781 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Saratoga at Schuylerville NY

( MARY FERRIS was baptized September 1, 1783 at the same church as her siblings.

( JACOB FERRIS, Jr., born c1792 and died August 2, 1864 Burke, Franklin, NY; married March 20, 1821 at S. Hero VT, Caroline Martin [dau of Isaac] born 1803 and died April 17, 1871 Schuyler Falls NY. Jacob served in the War of 1812. Born to them were:

( MARTIN FERRIS born January 5, 1822 South Hero VT and died January 4, 1897 Schuyler Falls NY; married 1st Lura Elizabeth Cook born 1822 Milton VT and died 1860; and 2d November 27, 1861 at Johnson VT, Louise Maria Cook born 1836 Russel, England and died 1893; and born to Martin and Lura were:


( ALICE L. FERRIS (1849-1877)

Born to Martin and his second wife, Louise, were:

( LOUISA MARIA FERRIS born October 12, 1862 and died January 29, 1937



( CLARA AMELIA FERRIS born December 13, 1867 and died December 16, 1943

( LUCY ANN FERRIS born July 2, 1869 and died July 26, 1953

( GEORGE IRVIN FERRIS born September 18, 1871 Schuyler Falls NY and died December 15, 1936 Burlington VT; married Caroline L. Atkinson born March 2, 1879 St. Remi, Quebec and died February 27, 1945 Burlington VT; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR ATKINSON FERRIS born January 10, 1904 and died January 1, 1962

( ROY IRWIN (IRVIN) FERRIS born June 30, 1907

( CLARENCE BURTON FERRIS born January 17, 1909

( BEATRICE ELIZABETH FERRIS born December 24, 1916; married Daniel N. Maineri and in the mid-1970s resided Burlington VT; Beatrice contributed much information to Chaplain Ferris’ Volume 2

( LEROY LEVI FERRIS (1873-1894)

( ELLEN MARY FERRIS born October 24, 1875 and died March 7, 1952

( EDWIN G. FERRIS of Schuyler Falls, Clinton, NY; later 1864 of Austinburg, Ashtabula, OH; married Elizabeth {maiden name unk}

( ANN ELIZA FERRIS of Burke, Franklin, NY 1864-65; married a Mr. Sprague

( WILLIAM FERRIS born 1840 NY; was of Burke 1864-65 and of Duana 1871

( CAROLINE AMELIA FERRIS born 1847 NY; was of Burke 1865; died before April 20, 1871 leaving an infant son; married a Mr. Graham

( MARIA FERRIS born September 9, 1794 Plattsburg NY and died September 21, 1868 (1892); married November 26, 1845 as his 3d wife Judge Charles Hatch born September 20, 1768 and died February 19, 1856

( PETER FERRIS born 1757 probably Nine Partners, Dutchess, NY and died June 11, 1833 {probably by Peter’s first wife}; married October 21, 1784 (September 26, 1784 Saratoga NY) Elizabeth Brewer (Brower); served in Captain Robert Walker’s Company, Colonel Lamb’s Regiment of Artillery; was a Matross in Company of Levies, which originated in Connecticut and was assigned to New York for three years

( JOHN A. FERRIS born c1758 (1762-64) probably in Nine Partners, Dutchess, NY and died March 3, 1853 Plattsburg NY {probably by Peter’s first wife}; enlisted in the Dutchess Co Militia; from Oswego, Beekman Patent 1764; applied for his pension April 14, 1819 at Clinton Co NY when age 55 a resident of Plattsburg NY; May 12, 1829 he stated that he was 67y of age; 1829 he owned 5 acres of land in Plattsburg; placed on the pension rolls January 20, 1830; married 1st Mary/Polly DeWitt; and 2d November 5, 1836 at Plattsburg, widow Freelove Addison born c1781 and died February 8, 1856; and born to John and Mary were;

( PETER FERRIS married 1819 Chloe M. Phelps and born to them was:

( MARIA CHLOE FERRIS married Nathan Loomis Webb and born to them was:

( MARY FERRIS WEBB born Erie Co NY; married James E. Allard

( JOHN A. FERRIS, JR., born 1788 NY; married October 24, 1812 at Pittstown NY widow Patience (Cole) Nichols; and born to them was:

( PETER FERRIS born c1819 Westport NY and died May 27, 1896; married Elizabeth Lewis Ferris (*) born c1825 NY; 1852, ‘55, ‘55-59, a Peter Ferris was Poormaster of Westport NY - assume it was this one

( SQUIRE FERRIS born July 11, 1767 (probably by Peter's second wife) and died March 17, 1849; married 1st August 1785 Diadamia Callendar [dau of David and Mehitable Callendar] born January 24, 1764; and 2d January 14, 1844 Louisa Hall (1770-); moved from the old home in Panton VT to Chazy NY 1813 and thence Vergennes 1842; served as a sailor and a scout on Lake Champlain. They were early members of the Baptist Church, Bessboro NY. See information above relative to Squire. Born to Squire and Diadamia were:

( HIRAM FERRIS (Captain) born May 25, 1792 Panton VT and died December 25, 1876 Fondu Lac WI where he was buried (or Adams Cemetery, Panton VT); settled in Chazy, Clinton, NY between 1825-30 and resided there until 1874, when he moved to WI. Little is known of Hiram's early years, except that he seems from youth to have been connected with the navigation on Lake Champlain. He was the first pilot of the old steamer, ‘Vermont’ [the second steamboat in the world and first steamboat on Lake Champlain], which transported freight and passengers between White Hall and St. Johns, a week’s trip; a navigator and captain, employed by the Steamboat Transportation Company of Lake Champlain, for 50 years; had the ship, ‘Emperor’ built for Hiram and Archibald Ferris, 1810. When he was forced to retire because of the inability to no longer being able to withstand the hardship of captaining ships, the Corporation gave him nothing - no retirement. Throughout his life, he had a deep interest in Masonry and the Democratic Party. He married 1st January 2, 1812 Ruth Sherman [may have been dau of Captain Sherman of steamboat fame] born November 5, 1792 and died December 7, 1817 - no offspring; 2d September 3, 1820, Cynthia (Adams) Payne {brought a daughter, Malvina or Melvira with her to the marriage} [dau of Friend and Elizabeth (Stagg) Adams] born December 7, 1802 and died July 30, 1832, probably from childbirth; and 3d March 5, 1834 Nancy Chilton born March 20, 1815 and died May 11, 1884; {Jim - Captain Ferris may have spent 50 years on Lake Champlain, but it is obvious he spent time at home, also! 20 kids, though one sources says 22 - note that all of the boys’ name begin with an E. - the 20th child born, when Hiram was 67!}; and born to Hiram and Cynthia were:


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