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thanks, Joe. Born to them were:

( JULIE KATHLEEN MEYER born March 17, 1960; married August 27, 1983 John Kishler born July 9, 1955 - divorced 1997; and born to them was:

( TRISHA BETH (KISHLER) born March 6, 1977 and adopted by John in 1984

( JESSICA NICOLE KISHLER born March 30, 1984

( NICHOLAS JAMES MEYER born December 21, 1961; married 1st December 27, 1980 Denise Bebee - divorced; married 2d October 12, 1985 Mary Helen Coldiron born September 25, 1967 - divorced; married 3d October 21, 1989 Christine (Huffman) Ziegler born December 19, 1961 - divorced - Nicholas adopted Christine’s daughter from her previous marriage; Rachel Briann Meyer born November 1, 1988; married 4th April 25, 1998 Tamara Lynn (Tullis) Stewart born May 15, 1971; and born to Nicholas and Mary were:

( BRITTNEY LEE MEYER born April 21, 1986

Born to Nicholas and his third wife, Christine, was:

( NICHOLAS JAMES MEYER II born November 2, 1990

( LAURIE MARIE MEYER born January 22, 1963; married 1st October 28, 1989 Jeffrey Keckler - divorced; married 2d in 1992 Michael Amato born September 12, 1957 – divorced; and born to Lauri and Michael were:

( SARA MICHELE AMATO born April 22, 1993

( LUCAS MICHAEL AMATO born July 5, 1996

( ELIZABETH ELLEN MEYER born January 4, 1964; married July 2, 1983 Daniel Ray Noneman [son of Charles Norbert & Carl Rae (Heymann) Noneman] born January 13, 1962; and born to them were:

( DUSTIN ANDREW NONEMAN born November 22, 1983

( ERICA LYNN NONEMAN born September 7, 1988

( MICHAEL JAMES MEYER born February 10, 1941 Middletown, Butler, OH; married June 21, 1969 in New Bremen, Auglaize, OH, Drusilla Adeline Luedeke [dau of Arnold August & Norma Rose (Heinfield) Luedeke] born May 27, 1948 Celina, Mercer, OH; and born to them were:

( KRISTINA NORMA MEYER born February 20, 1971; married October 10, 1998 Jeffrey Lee Kuck [son of Darrell Lee & Mary E. (Hoelscher) Kuck] born December 7, 1966; and born to them was:

( JEREMY MICHAEL KUCK born September 23, 1999

( JENNIFER J. LUCILE MEYER born June 24, 1976 St. Marys, Auglaize, OH; married September 5, 1998 Michael Frederick Lance born March 30, 1976

( CARRIE ROSINA MEYER born April 28, 1981 St. Marys, Auglaize, OH

( THOMAS AUGUST MEYER born February 10, 1941 Middletown, Butler, OH; a member of the religious congregation of The Society of the Divine Savior

( DORIS ELINOR FINFROCK born August 16, 1916 Piqua, Miami, OH and died October 21, 1989 Dayton, Montgomery, OH; married January 18, 1941 in Piqua, John Starling Baker [son of Nicholas & Marie Antoinette (Moore) Baker] born February 21, 1914 Champaign Co OH and died August 17, 1989 Sidney, Shelby, OH; no offspring

( HENRIETTA HELEN FINFROCK born January 27, 1918 Piqua, Miami, OH; married December 21, 1940 in Georgetown KY, Murray Alexander Young [son of George K. & Mary Beatrice (Fox) Young] born May 26, 1906 Ft Recovery, Mercer, OH and died April 26, 1970 Hamilton, Butler, OH; and born to them were:

( GEORGE HENRY YOUNG born December 21, 1942 and died October 29, 1944

( MURRAY ALEXANDER YOUNG, Jr., born March 14, 1945; married April 2, 1966 Nelda Layne Harris [dau of Sam S. & F. Eunice (McCord) Harris] born June 14, 1942; and born to them was:

( KELLI ALEXANDRIA YOUNG born March 6, 1970; married October 22, 1988 Shelby Runnels and born to them was:


( WILLIAM ALLEN YOUNG born August 23, 1946 - unmarried

( DAVID JAMES YOUNG born November 10, 1950 - unmarried

( LISA MARIE YOUNG born July 4, 1952; married October 22, 1969 Ronald Lee Mondello [son of Charles & Helen Marie (Dill) Mondello] born September 12, 1950; and born to them were:

( ANTHONY LEE MONDELLO born May 17, 1970

( SEAN MICHAEL MONDELLO born January 25, 1974

( SIBYL IRENE FINFROCK born January 9, 1921 Piqua, Miami, OH and died April 5, 1922 Miami Co OH; married June 16, 1948 in Piqua, John Frederick Yeager [son of Philip & Nellie (DeHaven) Yeager] born October 28, 1925 Sidney, Shelby, OH; and born to them was:

( JOHN PHILIP YEAGER born April 13, 1950; married 1978 Wendy Peters – divorced; and born to them was:

( UKIAH MARIE YEAGER born May 14, 1978

( This twig has been deleted at the family’s request

( JENNIE LORETTA GEARHART ‘Etta’ born August 6, 1964 Miami Co OH and died there December 17, 1921; married September 19, 1888 in Miami Co, Charles Elmer DeWeese [son of Lewis Saban & Mahala (Webb) DeWeese] born January 1, 1865 Casstown, Lost Creek Township, Miami Co OH and died February 17, 1933 Piqua, Miami, OH. Born to them were:

( WILBUR GEARHART DEWEESE born August 23, 1889 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH and died there February 3, 1916 - no offspring

( FREDERIC LLOYD DEWEESE born July 16, 1898 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH and died January 15, 1986 Piqua, Miami, OH; married June 2, 1921 in Miami Co, Lulu Caroline Free [dau of Clinton Daniel & Maggie (Sayers) Free] born September 23, 1897 Lost Creek Township, Miami Co OH and died May 5, 1983 Piqua, Miami, OH. Born to them were:

( INFANT DEWEESE born January 7, 1925 and died the next day

( MARGARET JEANETTE DEWEESE born October 16, 1927 Miami Co OH; married August 6, 1948 in Miami Co OH, Howard Leroy Coffing born April 24, 1924 Miami Co OH and died there August 18, 1998; and born to them were:

( NANCY JOANNE COFFING born June 1, 1951; married September 6, 1975 Woodford Gregory Rowland born August 7, 1952 – divorced; and born to them were:

( JENNIFER ERIN ROWLAND born February 26, 1982

( ELIZABETH ANN ROWLAND born May 29, 1984

( LARRY DEAN COFFING born April 1, 1953; married March 19, 1980 Barbara Ann DeMange born July 6, 1955; and born to them were:

( JONATHAN RYAN COFFING born October 12, 1982


( DAVID LEROY COFFING born July 14, 1958; married 1st June 6, 1981 Robin Sue Carey born November 21, 1959 - divorced; married 2d June 18, 1999 at Bardstown KY, Carla Diane (Ferry) Vaughn [dau of E.B. & Edna]

( MAURICE DEWEESE born and died November 15, 1930

( MYRON DEWEESE born November 15, 1930 and died the next day

( PAUL LLOYD DEWEESE born April 30, 1933 Miami Co OH; married March 19, 1955 in Covington, Miami, OH, Mary Louise Mutzner [dau of Charles & Ruth (Bodenmiller) Mutzner] born 1933; and born to them were:

( ELLEN KAY DEWEESE born March 31, 1957; married May 17, 1987 John W. Knudsen, Jr [son of John W. & Katherine (Enz) Knudsen]

( DOUGLAS LLOYD DEWEESE born March 27, 1958; married June 17, 1978 Linda Suzann Keiser [dau of Robert B. & Beverly (Agenbroad) Keiser] and born to them were:

( KEVIN DOUGLAS DEWEESE born September 16, 1982


( DONALD DUANE DEWEESE born September 18, 1934 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH; married September 18, 1960 in Wayne Township, Ashtabula Co OH, Kay Eileen Littler [dau of Marion Ralph & Mildred Lena (Noxon) Littler] born October 3, 1937 Colebrook Township, Ashtabula Co OH; and brn to them were:

( KENNETH ALAN DEWEESE born March 26, 1962; married August 26, 1995 Marsha Ann Roeth [dau of Melvyn & Marilyn (Smith) Roeth] born June 29, 1968. Ken has provided corrected info on this twig – thanks, Ken!!! Born to them was:

( JUSTIN GRANT DEWEESE born April 7, 1999

( DONNA KAY DEWEESE born January 19, 1964; married September 28, 1991 Kenneth John Szymanski [son of Stanley S. & Jean (Dennett) Szymanski] born May 29, 1966; and born to them were:

( SKYLER JOSEPH SZYMANSKI born July 22, 1993

( NATHAN DONALD SZYMANSKI born December 2, 1996

( BENJAMIN JOHN SZYMANSKI born August 29, 1999

( BETHANY ANN DEWEESE born July 16, 1965; married December 7, 1991 Mark Wayne Metcalf [son of Roger & Kathleen (Robinson) Metcalf] born March 7, 1962; and born to them were:

( TYLER DALE METCALF born May 20, 1995

( SYDNEY MARIE METCALF born October 13, 1997

( JAMES WINANS born November 27, 1844 (Hamilton) Miami Co OH and died there December 24, 1844

( MARY C. WINANS born April 22, 1849 (Hamilton) Miami Co OH and died there November 26, 1855

( JASON WINANS born January 3, 1853 (Hamilton) Miami Co OH and died there November 5, 1879; unmarried

( BETSEY S. AYERS born 1814 Hamilton Co OH and died January 20, 1840 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH; unmarried

( RHODA AYERS born June 26, 1820 Hamilton Co OH and died November 3, 1827 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH

( BETSEY or ELIZABETH FERRIS born July (August) 28, 1788 and died September 10, 1834; buried Pioneer Cemetery, Columbia Township, Hamilton Co OH; married March 5, 1806, as his 2d wife, Hezekiah Stites [son of Benjamin & Rachel Walden Mills (Kitchell) Stites] born August 31, 1761 Scotch Plains NJ and died December 8, 1842, Bath Township, Franklin Co IN, age 81 years 3 months 25 days; from his stone marker, a pioneer of the West who landed in Columbia, Hamilton Co OH 1788. In previous times he ventured forth to subdue the forest and till the earth. Revolutionary Service – Sergeant in New Jersey Line; [Hezekiah’s first wife was Deborah FERRIS ( See her for their offspring.]. Born to Elizabeth and Hezekiah were:


( ATHAN F. STITES (Ethan) born October 17, 1810; buried Columbus Baptist Cemetery (Pioneer Cemetery, Columbia Township), Hamilton Co OH; married November 29, 1835 Mary/Catherine Hart who died August 31, 1877 at age 65y 3m 28d; buried with husband. Born to them was (and probably others):

( MARY C. STITES born September 9, 1836 and died January 11, 1863 at age 26y 4m 2d; buried at Columbus Baptist Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH (Pioneer)

( JOHN NEWTON STITES (1812-) - is this the John Newton Stites, of Springfield IN, who married, name unk, and had Martin Van Buren Stites born January 29, 1837



( GEORGE WASHINGTON STITES (1818-) married Abigail Cory Stites [dau of John Gano & Martha (Cory) Stites] born December 17, 1820 OH and died September 19, 1902 Spencer Co IN

( RHODA STITES (1820-)

( ELIZABETH STITES died March 11, 1822 at age 4m 10d; buried Columbus Baptist Cemetery ‘Pioneer’ in Hamilton Co OH [this Elizabeth is not listed by Chaplain Ferris]

( SUSAN STITES (Susanna) (1822-)

( PRISCILLA STITES died March 3, 1825 at age 11m 16d; buried Columbus Baptist Cemetery ‘Pioneer’ in Hamilton Co OH

( BETSEY STITES born 1827 and probably died young

( ELIZABETH STITES died March 18, 1838; buried at the Pioneer Cemetery.


( PHEBE FERRIS married William Terry

( RACHEL FERRIS born May 10, 1794 (1791) New Jersey and died May 30, 1844 Champaign Co OH; married April 16, 1818 William Riker [son of Frederick] born November 15, 1787 Lancaqster Co PA and died July 1, 1869 St Paris, Champaign, OH; they lived near present Norwood OH until 1830, when they moved north. Much of this information has come from David L Paal and his site on //, thanks, David!; and born to them were:

( SARAH CATHERINE RIKER born February 15, 1819 Hamilton Co OH and died July 13, 1885 (Adams) Champaign Co OH; married October 13, 1842 in Champaign Co, Allen Pence [son of Isaac and Sarah Catharine (Wiant) Pence] born January 29, 1820 Champaign Co OH and died there October 29, 1895; both buried Spring Grove Cemetery, St. Paris, Champaign, OH; and born to them were:

( MARY MELVIN PENCE born 1843 Champaign Co OH and died 1915 St Paris OH; married 1869 in Champaign Co, James Dasney Wiant, of Virginia; both buried at Mt. Moriah Methodist Cemetery, White Hall, Albemarle, VA (Photo); and born to them were [may have also been daughters]:




( BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PENCE born July 17, 1845 Champaign Co OH and died July 9, 1920 Jackson, Jackson, OH; married June 12, 867 Josephine R Hill born June 12, 1848 Conover, Miami, OH and died June 20, 1928 Champaign Co OH; both buried Spring Grove Cemetery, St. Paris OH; lived in Jackson Township, Champaign Co OH; and born to them were:

( GEORGIA PENCE born May 13, 1870 Jackson, Jackson, OH and died October 22, 1951 St Paris, Champaign, OH; married George Cox (1865-); and born to them was:

( AUDREY GEORGIA COX born November 24, 1892 Miami Co OH and killed January 10, 1960 in a train accident near Cleveland OH, where she was buried; accountant

( BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PENCE JR born and died November 30, 1872 Champaign Co OH

( BLANCE E PENCE born January 24, 1875 Champaign Co OH and died there October 1957; married 1927 Robert Stockton (1886-1964); both buried Spring Grove Cemetery, St. Paris OH

( GEORGE W. PENCE born January 1848 Champaign Co OH and died there January 26, 1935; married March 1, 1874 in Champaign Co, Minerva C Lung born December 1853 Champaign Co and died there August 13, 1934; lived in Jackson Township, Champaign Co; and born to them were:

( CORY LEE PENCE born July 1874 Champaign Co OH and died June 14, 1959 Springfield, Clark, OH; married January 7, 1896 in Champaign Co OH, Jane Irene Dove Ward born January 26, 1876 Champaign Co and died there May 20, 1935; and born to them were:

( GRACE LUCILLE PENCE, R. N., born November 13, 1896 Jackson, Jackson, OH and died June 6, 1967 Champaign Co OH; of Columbus OH

( HAROLD WARD PENCE born July 18, 1898 Champaign Co OH and died there August 3, 1973

( OTTIE N PENCE born May 1876 Champaign Co OH; married Ira E Hance (1875-); lived Englewood OH; and born to them was:


( JOHN WINFIELD SCOTT PENCE born March 1850 and died 1918 PA; married September 17, 1874 in Champaign Co Lilliam Margaret Grafton born 1853 Champaign Co; later lived in Charlottesville VA; in Maryland and in Dayton OH. Born to them were:

( ALLEN WOODS PENCE born 1876; lived in Detroit MI.


( EDWARD HARRISON PENCE born August 1879; lived in Chicago IL

( ELNORA CLAIR PENCE born December 23, 1852 Champaign Co OH and died there October 12, 1910; married May 24, 1882 in Champaign Co, as his 2d wife, Thomas Price Kite born November 1846 Champaign Co and died there September 23, 1911; and born to them was:


( ELIZABETH ATHENS PENCE born 1854; married in December 1876, James C. Martin; lived in Dayton OH; and born to them were:

( MARY MILDRED MARTIN married William F. Carter; lived in Charlottesville VA



( AMANDA RIKER PENCE born May 24, 1857 St Pais, Champaign, OH and died January 9, 1926 Columbus OH; married July 1, 1896 in St Paris, George Lear Smith born March 11, 1847 Doylestown PA and died August 20, 1916 Champaign Co; and born to them were:

( ALLEN SWAIN SMITH born May 1897 St Paris OH and died 1906

( CARROLL LEAR SMITH born 1900 St Paris OH and died May 7, 1963 Champaign Co OH; married in 1925 V. Louise Smith born 1900 and died March 16, 1978

( CHARLOTTE MARION PENCE (Lottie) born November 1858 Champaign Co OH and died there August 14, 1935; married October 25, 1882 at Champaign Co OH, Wilson Marion Baker born February 27, 1846 and died May 26, 1924 Champaign Co; both buried Spring Grove Cemetery, St. Paris OH; and born to them was:

( WENDELL H. BAKER born July 1883 Champaign Co OH and died December 30, 1966 Bellefontaine OH; buried Oakdale Cemetery, Urbana OH; married 1st October 26, 1916 in Urbana OH, Bessie Virginia Swimley (1887-)-divorced; and married 2d Marie Decker; and born to Wendell and Besse was:

( VIRGINIA SWIMLEY BAKER died c1981; married John Saxbe

Born to Wendell and his second wife, Marie, were:

( ELAINE BAKER born April 19, 1922; married August 26, 1944 Robert F. Kern born June 2, 1923; in 1983, they lived in Urbana OH; and born to them were:

( GREGORY ALLAN KERN born November 9, 1950; married January 7, 1975 Wendy Sue Koch born August 10, 1951; and born to them was:

( BRENDAN ROBERT KERN born December 14, 1981

( THEODORE ROBERT KERN born May 6, 1958; married September 11, 1982 Wendy Lee Cherry

( ROBERTA ELAINE KERN born April 25, 1960; married December 31, 1982 Robert Andrew Arnold born February 2, 1961

( ALLAN BAKER born December 27, 1923 and died September 15, 1945; married Eileen Scott; and born to them was:

( ALLAN DOUGLAS BAKER born October 11, 1945; married June 10, 1967 Sharon Storts born August 13, 1944; and born to them were:

( DOUGLAS BAKER born April 29, 1968

( DEBORAH BAKER born November 27, 1969

( JOSEPH BAKER born December 26, 1976

( JANICE BAKER born September 9, 1978

( KEITH BAKER born November 30, 1981

( CATHERINE RIKER born February 5, 1821 OH and died September 20, 1900 Champaign Co OH; married April 30, 1840 Peter Groves

( ELIZABETH RIKER born September 10, 1822 Champaign Co OH and died there January 8, 1854; married October 20, 1842 William Daniel Pence born September 21, 1816 Champaign Co OH and died there January 10, 1900; and born to them were:

( AMY RIKER PENCE (Photographs) born August 7, 1843 two miles east of Millerstown, Champaign, OH and died there December 9, 1917 on the farm where she lived for more than 50 years; buried at the Rosedale Cemetery, Adams Township, Champaign Co, with her husband. Amy was a devoted member of the Carysville Christian Church, which she joined in 1876. Amy married June 9, 1864 in Champaign Co, Lewis C. (L. C.) Clem born December 16, 1838 Champaign Co and January 14, 1922 Lima, Allen, OH. L. C. taught school for fifteen years in Johnson and Adams Townships; he was also the Township Treasurer for Adams Township, 1877-97; he owned 20 acres in Johnson Township, along Licklider Road and State Route 235; 140 acres in Adams Township. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM ELSWORTH CLEM (Photograph) born March 12, 1865 Champaign Co OH and died there December 18, 1920; buried at Rosedale Cemetery; an active member of the Carysville Christian Church; married December 31, 1887 in Champaign Co, Emma Elenora Bodey born June 1867 Champaign Co and died there March 31, 1903; buried with her husband; resided Rosewood OH; and born to them were:

( GROVER ELWOOD CLEM born April 15, 1888 Champaign Co OH and died June 1, 1968 Rocky Ford, Otero, CO, where he had made his home since 1914; buried there Hillcrest Cemetery; a Veteran of WWI, member of First Christian Church and Knights of Pythias; married 1st Edith Marie [maiden name unk] born September 15, 1897 and died June 24, 1962 Rocky Ford; married 2d Edna Scott

( ERMA JANETTA CLEM born March 7, 1890 Champaign Co OH and died June 22, 1933 Ohio; married August 18, 1911 in Champaign Co, Charles Jackson born August 18, 1884 Ohio and died February 24, 1942 Shelby Co OH; both buried Cedar Point Cemetery, Pasco, Shelby, OH; and born to them were:

( BUELAH PAULINE JACKSON born June 3, 1912

( CHARLES JACKSON, JR., born June 5, 1917

( HAZEL GRACE CLEM born November 14, 1892 Spring Hills, Champaign, OH and died there June 1, 1978; married November 15 in Champaign Co, Alba Runkle who died July 19, 1948 Columbus OH, at the age of 59y; both buried at Rosedale Cemetery; and born to them were:


( EMERSON RUNKLE married Gladys {maiden name unk}; resided in Thackery

( MELVIN RUNKLE born January 27, 1917 Champaign Co OH and died April 1978 Ohio; resided near Conover; married Myrtle Neeld and born to them were:

( MILDRED RUNKLE married Charles Cook

( MARILYN RUNKLE married Okey Lawson

( MARGARET RUNKLE married Donald Leiss

( MOLLY RUNKLE married Curtis Gibson





( EMMA RUNKLE married Henry Meeker; resided in St. Paris; and born to them were:


( CHARLOTTE MEEKER married a Mr. Long

( SHIRLEY MEEKER married a Mr. Hild

( LINDA MEEKER married a Mr. Piper

( EDITH RUNKLE born January 10, 1911 Athens Co OH and died May 1977 Ohio; buried Oakdale Cemetery, Urbana OH; married Norman Morris; resided near Urbana; and born to them were:

( CAROLYN MORRIS married Thomas Circle

( NANCY MORRIS married a Mr. Levering


( MARY GRACE RUNKLE married Harrison Howard; resided in Springfield


( ICY MAE CLEM born February 16, 1895 Rosewood, Champaign, OH and died July 13, 1970 Fostoria OH; buried at the Riverview Cemetery; resided in Port Clinton OH for 44y; married April 21, 1915 in Champaign Co, Clifford Stephenson; and born to them was:

( MAX STEPHENSON graduated from Port Clinton High School; served in the US Navy for 2 ½y; a member of the Rotary; married Helen K. Polley and they had 3 kids

( SUSIE PAULINE CLEM born January 21, 1898 Champaign Co OH and died June 1, 1972 at the Urbana Care Center, Bellefontaine; buried at Highland Memory Gardens; married 1st January 22, 1916 in Champaign Co, Harry Vane Williams (Photograph), a farmer, born December 12, 1891 Champaign Co and died March 3, 1986 Urbana OH – divorced; married 2d November 19, 1957 Frederick Paul Kauffman born December 7, 1898 Ohio and died June 9, 1970 Bellefontaine OH. Harry was employed for many years with the Troyer Lynn Funeral Home in West Liberty OH and was later self-employed as a carpenter and cabinetmaker; a lifetime member of Bellefontaine Eagles Lodge 2166. Susie married 2d Frederick Paul Kauffman born December 7, 1898 in Ohio and died June 9, 1970 Bellefontaine OH; a carpenter and WWII Veteran; member of the Masonic Madriver Lodge # 161 of West Liberty; and born to Susie and Harry were:

( CARL CLEM WILLIAMS (Photograph) born November 3, 1916 Urbana, Champaign, OH and died April 24, 1997 San Antonio TX; buried there in the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (Photos). Carl graduated from West Liberty High School 1935; a meat cutter in Lakeview until he was drafted into the Army June 25, 1941; served during WWII with the 90th Infantry Division as First Sergeant of Company C, 358th Infantry Regiment; he also participated in the Normandy invasion, landing at Utah Beach on June 8, 1944; served in five major battle campaigns including the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star with Oak Life Cluster for heroic action, Army Commendation Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and the Combat Infantry Badge; discharged from the Army October 1945 and went back to meat cutting in Springfield. However, he reenlisted in the Army, December 1948 and served until August 1968 when he retired with the rank of Command Sergeant Major. Carl then served in Civil Service for the Department of Defense, 1968-1977. Upon retiring from Civil Service in 1977, he and Maxine moved from Topeka KS to San Antonio TX; married 1st Fay Anderson and 2d Hannelore Dzuik and 3d Mary Maxine Moore; and born to Carl and Hannelore were:

( LINDA JEAN WILLIAMS born September 21, 1953; an executive with SPRINT in Kansas City; resides Prairie Village KS; married Larry McGurn and born to them was:


( PATRICIA ANN WILLIAMS born November 21, 1958; a CPA in Kansas; resides Salina KS; married Kevin Steele and born to them were:



( CLIFFORD MARSHALL WILLIAMS (‘Kick’) (‘Ike’) (Photograph) born January 13, 1919 Champaign Co OH and died August 9, 1991 West Liberty OH; buried at Fairview Cemetery; a carpenter; a WWII Veteran. On October 23, 1945, from Munich, Germany, ‘Kick’ wrote his parents: “Dear Folks, Received your letter of October 6th, very glad to hear from you and to hear that Carl has finally made it home. Maybe it won’t be too long before all of us boys will be back again. George should be home most anytime now, but I don’t think I will make it before sometime in December. I don’t know about Stubby, I wonder how he stands for points. I guess he will be getting out before long though. The days and weeks are long for me now, since I have nothing to do except sit around and wait to come home. If I wanted to work I could make a good rating now, but I told them I hadn’t worked since the day the war was over and I didn’t expect to start now. So I don’t do anything. Ask Carl if he wasn’t stationed here somewhere near Munich? I’m sure he was here in S. Germany. Ask him if he was ever to the Dachau concentration camp. I am stationed about a mile down the road from there. You have probably read and heard a lot about the camp. And maybe its hard to believe, but after you once see how they murdered all the people and still see some of the bodies they are digging up, there’s not much question about it. There was supposed to have been 3000 prisoners killed by medical experiments and 5000 Jews died from hanging, gas, and firing squads. I expect Carl has told you about it. Have you been having squirrel to eat? It will soon be time for rabbits and bird too. I hope I can make it home in time to do a little hunting, but don’t believe I will. We have hunting trips down here, mostly for deer, there’s lots of them over here, but their only about 1/3 as big as those in the States. I haven’t been on any of the trips yet. Well heres hoping that you are all well. And that I can see you by Xmas at least. Bye Bye Love to All, Kick.” Clifford married October 12, 1939 at Greenup KY, Joan McClain born August 1, 1923 Champaign Co OH. In 1955, Clifford operated a sand pit on his farm near Russells Point in Logans County OH and in the process of quarry operations, uncovered 80-90 skeletons of Indians. The site was visited by archaeologists from the Ohio Historical Society and the Indiana Historical Society and a group of students from Ohio State University. The following was prepared by Clifford’s children [they all put their heads together, but Nancy wrote it] and was read at his funeral by Nancy: “Special Memories of Dad, August 13, 1991: We have many memories of Dad. We went through hard times and good times, but it’s the good times we choose to remember and share. He had a lot of different names, Ike, Ikey, Kick, Cliff, Uncle Ike, Dad, Grandpa, PaPa, PaPa Ike - most people called him Ike. We called him Dad. Life was difficult for him. He was hard to know - to really know. He was an artisan - a talented finish carpenter. He expressed himself in his work. Many homes in Logan and Champaign counties are more beautiful because of his creative ability with wood. When he was no longer able to work he continued to create items of wood for his family. We will always have the beautiful nativity mangers, the shelves, the banks, the picture frames, the doll cradle, the stools. He was disappointed when his hands grew too numb to continue his work. His favorite times were family gatherings. We will always remember that no one could fix the Christmas ham or even slice it, but Dad; that he had the final say on the Christmas tree and had to put the lights on, and it amazed us that a man who couldn’t cook could make such jummy peanut brittle at Christmas. He enjoyed nature and taught us about clouds and bugs, turtles and trees, and gardening. Glads were his favorite flower. He was a strong swimmer and we remember the swim rides on his back way out to the stump, to what we thought was the middle of Indian Lake. We remember watching him chop a hole in the pond ice before we could venture out on it and then build a fire to keep us warm. He came closest to being himself when he was with his grandchildren and entertained them with his tall tales about two snakes that swallowed each other and how he used to tie cats together by their tails and hang them over the clothes line. He had a sense of humor and a quick wit and was merciless in using it on us. He didn’t like to lose. Anyone who ever played a game of euchre, pinochle or canasta with him knows he didn’t like to lose. In fact, he would keep a game going, trying every possible way to win and usually did win against the odds. Even when he lost, he made you think he had won. True to character, he didn’t like losing this summer’s battle with health. He fought hard and with Mom’s help kept going, trying every possible way to win as he had done so often before. He did win, because this time winning meant coming home to Mom and us, his chair, and the breeze on the front porch”. Born to Clifford and Joan were:

( BARBARA SUE WILLIAMS (Photograph) born February 17, 1940 Bellafontaine OH; taught pre-school for many years in Fort Wayne; married James Garold Mast born September 21, 1930 Logan County OH; Jim graduated from Ohio State U with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and works for Magnavox, Fort Wayne; and born to them were:

( MARCIA ANN MAST born July 8, 1960 Fort Wayne IN; graduated magna cum laude from Indiana University where she received a B. S. Degree in Nursing; on the staff of the intensive care unit at Parkview Memorial Hospital, Fort Wayne; married August 14, 1982 Matthew Lynn Day born in Fort Wayne; Matthew is a graduate of Indiana U; an industrial photographer for Magnavox; reside Fort Wayne; and born to them were:

( MELANIE ELISABETH DAY born April 22, 1989 Fort Wayne IN

( MICHAEL ANTHONY DAY born February 22, 1992 Fort Wayne IN

( LAURA LYNN MAST born July 23, 1963 Ypsilanti MI; a graduate of Harding High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Purdue U, where she majored in horticulture business management; was employed at Kare-Free Florist, Sycamore IL; married June 1, 1985 Philip Laine Devillez born Evansville IN; Philip is a graduate of Reitz High School, Evansville and has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Purdue U; he worked for Lifaco Company, Kirkland IL; reside in Pine Village IN; and born to them were:

( JASON KEITH DEVILLEZ born December 30, 1987 DeKalb IL

( ANNA EILEEN DEVILLEZ born May 9, 1990 DeKalb IL

( NATHAN PHILIP DEVILLEZ born September 6, 1994 West Lafayette IN

( JENNIFER SUE MAST born July 15, 1965 Fort Wayne IN; graduated from Purdue with a B.S. in Medical Technology; married June 4, 1988 in Fort Wayne, Scott Goeglein born there; Scott has a B. S. in Chemistry and they live in South Bend IN; and born to them were:

( ZACHARY JAMES GOEGLEIN born September 28, 1991 South Bend IN

( DEREK SCOTT GOEGLEIN born January 29, 1994 South Bend IN

( NANCY JEAN WILLIAMS (Photograph) born July 1, 1942 Bellefontaine OH; graduated with a B. S., Nursing, from Ohio State U and a Masters from the U of Dayton; Superintendent of Ohio Hi-Point Joint Vocational School District; married David Paul Knight born February 23, 1943 Logan Co OH; David graduated from Ohio State with a B.S. in Business; is an executive with NAVISTAR in Springfield OH; reside outside of DeGraff OH and also raise beef cattle; and born to them were:

( BRIAN PAUL KNIGHT born April 8, 1969 Springfield OH; a member of the National Honor Society in High School; attended Columbus Technical School, Columbus OH; married Stephanie Barber born February 1, 1971 Ohio

( KEVIN PAUL KNIGHT born November 3, 1971 Springfield OH; a hurdler on the Riverside High School track team, Bellefontaine; graduated from Ohio State U with a B. S., Agriculture

( KELLY JEAN KNIGHT born January 19, 1975 Springfield OH; was highlighted as the Senior of the Month, Riverside High School, November 1992; was judged the winner of the Quincy VFW Auxiliary’s Voice of Democracy speech contest; attended Ohio State University

( KAREN JANE WILLIAMS (Photograph) born March 20, 1949 Bellefontaine OH; graduated from Bluffton with a B.A. in English and from Wright State U with a Masters in Education; teaches at Benjamin Logan Junior High School; married Ross ‘Jud’ Warren Nelson, Jr., born December 21, 1945 Bellefontaine; a Viet Nam Veteran and self-employed as a builder, specializing in Timber Frame Homes; and born to them were:

( JONELL LEE NELSON born June 2, 1985 Bellefontaine

( ROSS CHRISTOPHER NELSON born August 7, 1987 Bellefontaine

( CLINTON MAX WILLIAMS (Photograph) born June 8, 1951 Bellefontaine OH; the provider of this ‘twig’ of information on Rachel and William Riker -

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