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BENJAMIN PALMER FERRIS born November 9, 1785 and died January 14, 1861; buried Ferris Cemetery, Smyrna Hill, Chenango Co NY [we have a placement conflict here - this Benjamin P is also listed in the (5) James line.]; married Lydia Hunt [dau of Joseph and Sally Hunt]; and born to them were (may not be in birth sequence):

( CYRENA (SERENA) M. FERRIS (1821-) married April 19, 1857 as his 2d wife Gilbert Stanton born May 29, 1809; and born to them was:

( FRANKLIN BENJAMIN STANTON born February 10, 1858; married February 22, 1883 as her 2d husband Nettie Powers

( JOHN FERRIS “Myron” married December 27, 1853 Miranda M. Fiske

( JOSEPH FERRIS “Fox” died February 18, 1897 age 76y; was deaf and dumb; unmarried


( HARRIET FERRIS born July 16, 1827; married Franklin Glazier (c1819-)


( TIMOTHY FERRIS born July 1758 Greenwich and died April 1, 1838 Columbus NY; buried Smyrna NY [A couple of other sources claim he born 1749 and died age 80y]; served in the Revolution in Van Rensselaer's Regiment with William Jordan and Christian Loop; moved to Chenango Co NY before 1810; resided at Sherburne and near Norwich NY; married Mary Ferris (*) [Jim – can’t identify this lady] and possibly a 2d time, to Sarah {maiden name unk}; and born to them were:

( ABRAM HOWE FERRIS born 1786 and died 1810 OH; married Rebecca Spencer born 1794; {Jim - one source says he died unmarried, near Schenectady, but admits that may be wrong.} and born to them was:

( JOEL FERRIS born 1813 and was killed in action at Baker’s Creek, May 16, 1863; First Lieutenant, 46th Indiana Infantry Regiment; married lady’s name unk [a Joel Ferris married Elizabeth McAnnly May 20, 1841 in Carroll Co IN] but born to them was:

( ANETTE FERRIS married William Jordan

( JESSE FERRIS born July 26, 1788 and died May 5, 1864 Chenango Co NY age 76y 9m; buried Smyrna East Cemetery, NY; married at Phelps NY, Zeruiah Decker born 1798 Chenango Co and died there January 8, 1883 [Note: a book by Munson on the Early Settlers of the Western Part of Smyrna, has this Jesse as a son of Robert Ferris. Robert was one of four brothers, Joseph, Benjamin and John being the others, who were early settlers of Smyrna - obvious conflict, but will leave here for now, pending further research.]{ALSO LISTED IN THE (5) JAMES LINE.]; and born to them were:

( ABRAM D. (DECKER?) FERRIS born December 20, 1818 Farmington or Phelps NY and died May 29/30, 1896 Smyrna NY; buried Sherburne West Hill Cemetery, Smyrna, Chenango, NY (Photo) (Also listed in (5) James); an Abram D. Ferris is listed in the 1869-70 Smyrna Business Directory as a mason and farmer; was in Company F., 157th NYSV (Civil War); married December 18, 1844 in Smyrna, Lucy Ann Coleman born 1823 Exeter, Otsego, NY and died March 1903 Earlville NY; and born to them were:

( MORRELL E. FERRIS (1851-1922) married Mary A. Dunbar (1856-1914); and born to them were:

( CARRIE FERRIS married a Mr. Manfield

( GERTIE FERRIS married a Mr. Clark

( ABRAM D. FERRIS (1899-1978) married Helen Caroline Hohne (1901-c1996) – they had offspring, but source, Michelle Ferris, doesn’t want to release the names


( ANN MELVINA FERRIS (Ann Malvina) born February 20, 1820 Chenango Co NY and died October 29, 1893 Lansing MI; married February 29, 1844 in Smyrna NY, Aaron Lindsley Ferris (; see him for offspring

( NATHANIEL TALLMAN FERRIS born January 21/22, 1823 Columbus, Franklin, NY (or in Smyrna NY) and died December 16, 1887; married November 26 (or March 26), 1850 Polly Maria Cleveland [dau of Israel and Sally (Tuttle) Cleveland] born June 12, 1828 Smyrna NY and died April 14, 1903 (One source says Polly M. Ferris died April 13, 1903 at 75y.); there is a Nathaniel T. Ferris listed in the 1869-70 Smyrna Business Directed listed as carpenter and joiner, hop grower, dairyman and farmer; and born to them were:

( CLEVELAND NATHANIEL FERRIS born April 29, 1852 (1888?) Smyrna NY and died September 16, 1923 (1921?); married July 3, 1873 at Plymouth NY Mary Brown [dau of Solomon Brown] born August 31, 1855 and died March 10, 1926; and born to them were:

( FRANK NATHANIEL FERRIS born July 27, 1875 Smyrna NY; a fireman on Ontario and Western Railroad; in flood disaster at Woods Corner where he nearly lost his life

( WARREN BROWN FERRIS born October 30, 1877 Smyrna NY

( LAVERN MARIA FERRIS born March 26, 1854 and died February 10, 1856

( CORTLAND LLEWELLAN FERRIS born June 27, 1858 Smyrna NY; married July 28, 1881 Libbie Bartlett [dau of Patrick and Julia Bartlett] born December 29, 1853; 1892 he was in the Smyrna business listing as Lyon & Ferris, residing on Norwich Road. (From postcads on ebay: Excelsior Wagon Co, and Lyon & Ferris, Stoves & Ranges, Smyrna NY; also Excelsior Carriage Co., Lyon & Ferris, F&W Co. Furnances, Stewart & Diamond, Stoves & Ranges, Smyrna NY.); was on the 1894 assessment roll in Smyrna; and born to them was:

( HARRY NATHANIEL FERRIS born October 23, 1882; was in business with his father at Oriskany Falls NY; married June 21, 1904 Frances Cox Smith

( LELAND LOVETTE FERRIS (or Lavette) born May 16, 1865 Smyrna NY and died November 30, 1944; married September 12, 1894/5 at Smyrna, Jessie Lenora Calvert, of Otselic NY; and born to them were:

( LEO CALVERT FERRIS born May 14, 1898; married June 14, 1921 Velma Huntley

( NEIL CLEVELAND FERRIS born November 18, 1902

( RUTH LAVERNE FERRIS born April 18, 1904

( JESSE LAVETTE FERRIS born February 25, 1906

( CALEB G. FERRIS born July 18, 1824; was mustered into service at Elmira NY September 12, 1864, as a member of Company D, 184th New York State Volunteers (Infantry) and was apparently wounded in the Battle of Winchester at Cedar Creek, in Civil War, taken prisoner, and later died October 19, 1864 in either Libby Prison or Andersonville Prison. {One source has Caleb dying at Cedar Creek, but the oral family history has him dying in prison.}; married Caroline Sheldon (Tift?) and born to them were:

( LYDIA A. FERRIS born 1850 Onondaga Co NY

( FRANKLIN T. FERRIS born 1853 Chenango Co NY and died of diphtheria July 1862

( WILLIAM MONROE FERRIS (Photos) born March 15, 1858 Lebanon NY and died April 6, 1943 Waterville NY; married March 16, 1880 Emma J. Pudney born October 21, 1859 and died May 28, 1928; obituary: Following a short illness, William M. Ferris passed away in the home of his daughter in Waterville NY, Tuesday, April 6, 1943 aged 85 years. Mr. Ferris born in the town of Lebanon March 15, 1858, the son of Caleb and Caroline Ferris. When a small child he came with his parents to Smyrna where his father enlisted in the Civil War and later died in Libby prison. At the age of 9 years he went to the home of Russel Rachel Harrington on West Hill where he grew to manhood. On March 16, 1880 he married Emma J. Pudney of Sherburne who passed away in 1928. To them were born four children, Rachel F. Ollin, Lena F. Conley, Florence F. VanHousen, and Floyd W. Ferris. Lena passed away in 1925. Florence in 1926 and the mother in 1928. He later married Grace Morey, of Earlville who died 8 years ago. He was a member of the Sherburne Baptist Church for over 60 years and a regular attendant until a few years ago. Always a farmer he loved his home on West Hill where he lived most of his life caring for Mr. and Mrs. Harrington many years. A kind and loving father, husband and friend always ready to help when needed and a splendid example of manhood. He is survived by a daughter, Rachel F. Oliver of Waterville, a son Floyd W. Ferris, of Shelburne. 16 Grandchildren, Harriett Oliver Oxford; Walter Olive, Mrs. Clyde Head and Mrs. John Morris, Waterville; Mrs. Kenneth Clark, Mrs. David Soule and Mrs. James Welch, Earlville; Floyd W. Jr., Nell, Robert, William Richard, Emma Arlene and Marlo Lou Ferris of Shelburne and William C. VanHousen of Rochester and 8 great grandchildren. After a short service in the Oliver home he was brought to the Baptist church at Shelburne where the funeral was largely attended. Rev. C. V. Stocum officiated and he was laid beside his loved ones on West Hill by his grandsons, Neil and Robert Ferris, Walter Oliver and Clyde Head. Born to them were:

( RACHEL M. FERRIS (Photos) born March 29, 1882 and died 1957; married March 6, 1901 in Sherburne NY, Henry Elbert Oliver born April 9, 1892 Sherburne NY and died September 19, 1945 Stockwell NY; and born to them were:

( HARRIETT LENA OLIVER (Photo) born September 10, 1902 and died 1980

( WALTER BRADLEY OLIVER (Photo) born July 5, 1904 and died 1947

( MILDRED FERRIS OLIVER (Photo) born October 10, 1909 Sherburne NY and died April 15, 1993 N. Brookfield NY; married June 16, 1931 at Stockwell NY, Clyde C. Head born August 14, 1906 Madison Co NY and died January 4, 1984 Hamilton NY; from the autobiography of Mildred Oliver Head {courtesy of Kathleen Fort}: ‘I born in Sherburne, Chenango County, on October 10, 1909 to Henry Elbert Oliver and Rachel M. Ferris Oliver on a farm owned by George Royace and wife Lena. I had one sister, Harriet Lena Oliver (1902 1980), and one brother, Walter Bradly Oliver (1904 1947). My mother had her mother, Emma Pudney Ferris, and father, William Ferris. William Ferris' father was in the Civil War and died in Libby Prison...his name is Caleb Ferris and he is buried in Smyrna, NY. My mother had two sisters: Lena Ferris (1887 1925) who married Earl Conley... Earl lived to be 100 years old. Lena & Earl had two girls: Irena (died as a baby) and Dorthy Conley Clark. Florence Ferris (1895 1926) who married Roy VanHousen. Florence and Roy had one boy: Billy VanHousen. Earl and Roy each married again. My mother had one brother: Floyd Ferris who married Clara... their children: Floyd Jr., Arvilla, Bob, Niel, Doris, Wilma, Emma, Dick, Bill, Marla and Toots (died as baby). My father had two sisters: Jennie Oliver who married Ralph Cook... Jennie and Ralph had Helen Cook and Edwin Cook. Hatty Oliver who married Arthur Wood. My father had one brother: Davis Oliver... Davis had Ruth Sampson and Pauline Burt. When Grandma Oliver's husband died in 1884, she moved to Sherburne, NY, so to be with her family, the Smiths. John Smith was her father. She had her husband moved to Sherburne West Hill Cemetery... it cost $500. She bought a big lot with a big stone for her family. So that is why my mother, father, brother and sister are all down there. Also the others: Alta, Davis, Helen, Jennie, Ralph, Hatty, Arthur, Mary, Edwin and children. I born on a Sunday morning after a band concert... my father had to drive the horse back to Sherburne to get Dr. Gould. When I was two years old, we bought our first farm four miles north of Sherburne on Route 12. I think we had about four head of cows. We lived there eight years. While there Walter broke his leg while sliding. They had to take him to Dr. Sweet in Utica Hospital. Harriett and I pulled him off the couch, which his leg was nearly knit... so he had to go back to Utica into Faxton Hospital... Dr. Sweet had to break the leg again and wire it together. When Walter and my mother got back, I did not know them. After that, Walter walked with a limp. While living on the farm, Christmas and Thanksgiving was always at Grampa and Grandma Ferris'. We drove two horses on a big slay. One day I jumped out and ma fell out into the snow. While traveling to the Baptist Christmas Program, we saw a star fall to the ground and burn. It made a big hole in the ground. We had a slay full of people we had picked up on the way. When the girls (Harriett and Ruth) tried to get me to sleep by wheeling a big wicker carriage in the road, I would pretend I was asleep when they peeked in. I was eight years old before I started school because I had many epileptic fits... just as I would go to sleep or wake up I would pass out... two years of it. Then Dr. Gould removed my adenoids and tonsils. Many people said I had worms and they chocked me. Ma used turpentine under my nose then on my throat, and I would come to. In 1918 the armistice was signed. We kids were at school. Our teacher, Miss Kasey (who stayed at our house) Walter, Harriett and I got the horse and drove to Sherburn on the back road... there was pa, ma, Grandma in the Jewett. Sherburne had a big bon fire this being a big celebration. I was there and I remember it well. My father was a rough person... he would get mad at times. We would want to go to a church party, and he would hide the harness so we could not use the horse. Harriett used to have bad headaches and she said he threw a stick of wood and hit her in the head. But he was good to me. I could do anything. One day when I was about 11 and Walter was 16, my Uncle Roy VanHousen came to our school at Ferman Mills and took us in a car with mama... we were leaving home. We went to live with a cousin in Gilbertsville and went to school there. One year later we went to live with Grampa and Grandma Ferris. I went to school on Sherburne West Hill. Walter quit school and worked on many different farms. By this time Harriett had to quit school because her eyes were bad. She became a working cadet and worked on farms. When I was 13 my dad bought a chicken farm in Stockwell, and we all got back together. He hugged me real tight... he was so glad to see me. I went to school in Stockwell and Harriett went to Utica School of Commerce. Walter continued farm work. Harriett became a bacteriologist and worked in Oxford testing mild for Bordens. So when I got through the eighth grade, I went to Oxford to High School. At one time my mother worked in the Sherburne Mill. Someone had to drive her down with the horse and wagon (or cutter)... that was my job. I had to take her to the Mill and then go back and walk to school. When I got home from school it was back to the Mill. One day they hitched the black horse on, and I had a fit because I could not handle that one. Mama worked and paid for Harriett's schooling at Utica School of Commerce. At 18 years old I quit and went to work in the Sherburne Inn. While I worked in the Inn I lived with my Grandmother, Mary (Smith) Oliver. I remember she had a car... the Jewett... no one had a license but my dad, so I took lots of trips. One time we took a big tent but we had not place to set it up... so we came to a vacant barn, drove the car part way in and set the tent up. We were on our way to Orid, NY, to see a Smith cousin who had a son in the Navy Band in Washington, DC. They also had a Mulberry tree... boy, were they good... just like Blackberries! We also visited Watkins Glen and home again... One trip was to Delta Dam. At 17 years old I met Clyde Head at Young Peoples Baptist Church in North Brookfield. There was a big group of young people that met Sunday nights for Christian Endeavor. We took turns leading. We had a special book and learned a lot. It was very good. Clyde had been going with Alberta Pierson for two years... Alberta and I used to ride horse back together a lot... she and I enjoyed coming over to see Clyde... Cart and I went along in the back set to have a way to go. We went to Young People’s at night, movies, baseball games and lots of places. At Bert’s graduation from North Brookville Union School held at the North Brookville Community Center she would not go home with Clyde... she told him her dress would get dirty in his truck and that Clayton Helmer had asked her to go home with him... Clyde actually had his grandfather's big car... not the truck... SO he asked me to ride home with him. I was ready and mom said yes! Well, Bert lost him and I got him! We had a nice ride home... we went together from then on... Bert eventually married Clayton. Then we were all happy. Bert and Clayton (Ruth Avery's brother) lived in Hamilton and had one girl, Janette. Clyde and I had many nice Sundays together. One Sunday in 1926 as I was driving the horse home from church Clyde stopped and asked me to go to the Utica Airport with him in the Mercury. I gave ma the lines and went with him... we had our first airplane ride in a Curtis Robin... nice! My parents were pretty scared. I was baptised in North Brookfield Baptist Church at 18 years old in 1926 or 1927. My father and I came into the water at the same time. Rev. York was pastor. In 1927 and 1928 I attended Morrisville College for homemaking (dress making & millinery, some cooking and manual training). In 1928 there were 108 graduates in my class. For two years I was 4H leader of the girls. Clyde and I went many places with his mother. Sometimes we took my mother also and always Junior, Clyde's little brother. We visited Risely's in Rochester and on to Niagara Falls. We visited the North Woods with Hatty and John Sweet and Neva... We went into the Catskills. We went together for five years until one of Clyde's cousins got married (Helen Cook and Harlan Hibbard 6/26/30)... Clyde did not want to be the first one to marry. On June 16, 1931, Clyde and I were married at my home in Stockwell at high noon. Harriett and Carlton stood up with us. Those present were: Mr. & Mrs. Henry Oliver Walter & Harriett Oliver, Mrs. Neva Head, Carlton and Junior Head, Mr. & Mrs. William Ferris, Pauline Scott, Rev. & Mrs. George Vinson and daughter Edna (officiant), Song: When Your Hair Turns to Silver. After the wedding dinner, Clyde's father, Linn Head, brought the Dodge over with the windows down and Cart took out the keys... we sat there until it was all trimmed up... old shoes and all. Then we drove south and they followed us to North Norwich and left. We drove on to Oxford where we changed clothes and took the stuff off the car. But the man knew Harriett and put the old shoes back on. We stayed in PA the first night... it was cold. We asked for ice cream for supper and they had none till July 4th. We went on to Philadelphia to a ball game... Connie Mack was manager. Then we went on to Maryland... ferried across the Delaware River and stayed in Delaware. Then we went on up to Atlantic City and walked on the boardwalk by the ocean. Then we went on to New York and stayed near Albany... then back to Bridgewater... Clyde's dad met us in the road. There was a ball game. We had a good life. I always went to the milk station to Hubbardsville. We were married five years when June came in 1936 at my mother's in Stockwell. Clyde was trustee of the school district. Miss Louise Mory was our first teacher to board with us. She would go to the barn and walk home with Clyde and make me mad. She finally married Ed Reed (Radziski)... he was a graduate of Colgate. One of his first jobs was in Sears in Albany. They told him to change his name in business... no one could say it or spell it. Cart, Carol, Clyde and I had a good time in Albany. In 1939 my mother rented a house in Norwich and took in borders. She had twelve men who worked on the road. She gave them two meals at the house and put up their lunches in a pail. My daughter, June, was three at the time. Another time she took in people who were sick or old or pregnant... June born over there... Dr. Battles came and stayed all night. Another time she worked in the old ladies home in (Pratt Nution) Sherburne and also in Waterville Home for homeless ladies. When Clyde and I were first married, Clyde and Cart had just taken over renting the farm. Clyde and I lived at the tenant house for eight years and moved to the corner to take care of Grandma Adalaid Head. One of the boy’s first jobs was to buy a tractor... It was an Oliver Ro Crop with Skeleton wheels and it did a lot of work. We still had horses and Clyde did a lot with a horse team. Bess, Babe, Bert & Buster... Clyde's $1,000 Team he called them. I think it was Babe that had a little cart... what fun to teach him to work. We went to church, but the children were all different. Grandma Head was babysitter then (in those days they were just Grandma not babysitters) She kept June quiet by whispering in her ear about animals. D. played with money from his hand to your hand. But R. was an squealer... I spent time in the car with him. We were interested in church... later the children sang in the choir as did Clyde and I. Clyde was Deacon for many years until Carol decided someone else needed the job. That was a bad hurt for Clyde... he did not take the interest any more... O! Yes... we still went to church. I was a Sunday School teacher. But I gave it up as I liked to go to Sunday p.m. baseball games where Clyde played second base. In my life at North Brookfield Baptist Church, I played the organ, taught Sunday School class, Bible School, sang in the choir and still do in 1991.We also had a band: Clyde    Trombone, Cart    Trumpet, Me    Alto Horn, Carol    Piano, Ruth Baliy    Claranet, Bud Ramsdell    Trumpet, Jake Ramsdell    Trombone. We had a teacher for a year or more. The boys played in Hubbardsville and Deansboro... and of course we all played at the Community Hall. We also put on plays    one was 'Deaon Dubs of Sargum Center'. We put that one on N. Brookfield Chadwicks. Clyde did not take part, but he took me to practice. When we put on the four-act play, I was the cut up. We always did Christmas plays at church. Now the children are so busy at school now or else no one has time to get them ready. It takes a long time and takes away from the Bible teaching. You need to start a Christmas program and play in October. I think it is good... you are still learning of Christ in his day. I guess old thing pass away and new things come up. Born to them were 3 children, one of which was:

( JUNE LORETTA HEAD born May 7, 1936 and died January 22, 2000 Jacksonville FL; married June 14, 1958 at North Brookfield NY, Jack Bernard Fort born January 19, 1933 Winston-Salem NY and died December 18, 1985 Jacksonville FL; and born to them was at least one son.

( LENA FERRIS (1887-1925) married Earl Conley; and born to them were:

( IRENA CONLEY died as a baby

( DOROTHY CONLEY married a Mr. Clark

( FLORENCE FERRIS (1895-1926) married Roy VanHousen and born to them was:


( FLOYD W. FERRIS married Clara B. {maiden name unk}; and born to them were {the below does not quite agree with Mildred’s autobiography above):







( HATTIE FERRIS born 1856 and died of diphtheria July 1862

( MARY M. FERRIS born January 24, 1826 and died April 9, 1899; buried in Wilcox Cemetery on Earlyville-Smyrna Road, NY; married Robert Hazard Wilcox born November 12, 1829 and died March 19, 1890;and born to them were:

( ZERUIAH HAZARD WILCOX born May 2, 1853 and died November 8, 1884; buried Wilcox Cemetery; married 1876 Cornelia E. Potter born February 14, 1851 and died July 10, 1909

( DORCAS WILCOX married Dwight L. Sweet (1851-1911) and born to them were:

( CLINTON R. SWEET (1874-1893)

( ROY SWEET (1890-1891)

( ROBERT SAMUEL WILCOX (1855-1921) married Ella Calkins (1857-1916).

( JESSE MONROE WILCOX (1856-1928) married 1st Clara Holley (1857-1900); and 2d Sarah M. Towner (1869-1930)


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