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( RACHEL ANN FERRIS married a Mr. Mitchell


( MARGARET DENTON FERRIS born September 27, 1811 Roxbury (Grand Gorge), Delaware, NY and died April 12, 1889 (Grand Gorge); married 1st 1829 Roger S. Borden who died at Grand Gorge NY; and 2d 1843 at Ferris Hill, Delaware, NY, Van Rensselaer Morrison born December 18, 1822 and died September 26, 1855 Deposit NY; 1849 Margaret’s father transferred land to her second husband - Lot #9 in northern division of Lot #19, Hardenburgh Patent. Mr. Morrison was a farmer, later a hotelkeeper and lastly a flour, feed and dry grocery dealer; he was also Sheriff of Broome Co NY; and born to Margaret and Roger were:

( SARAH BORDEN born July 3, 1830

( LAURA HELEN BORDEN born March 7, 1833; married John Maynard and they resided in Deposit NY and later, Hallstead PA

( JOSHUA FERRIS BORDEN born May 2, 1837; never liked his name for his comrades called him ‘Josh’ and he went by the name ‘Jack’ and finally took the name, Jackson B. Ferris. As his mother went back to live with her father after the death of her husband and Joshua was a posthumous child, he was always known by his surname of ‘Ferris’; enlisted for service in the Civil War and was killed at Gettysburg with the 141st Pennsylvania Regiment. [Jim - he is not listed in the ‘General Index to Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force of the United States, 1861-65".][The 141st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment had a long and glorious history of campaigns during the Civil War, but according to the Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, Regimental Histories, they were not involved in the Battle of Gettysburg.] [I do not know where Chaplain Ferris got this information - I will send for Joshua’s military records and see what I can find out.] A Wilbur Blakeslee Abel married June 26, 1926, Elinor Lane Ferris, dau of Jackson B. and Cora I (Edwards) Ferris – don’t know if this is the same Jackson B. Ferris – probably not because of the dates involved

Born to Margaret and her second husband, Van, were:

( FRANCES MORRISON born February 19, 1844; 1850 Roxbury census as 6y and at school; married September 3, 1866 Peter Andrew Hinkle of Stroudsburg PA

( LOUISE AROUBA MORRISON born May 17, 1847; 1850 Roxbury census as 4y and at school (didn’t know they had daycare back then also); married February 11, 1879 at E. Saginaw MI, Lyman James Brooks

( AMBROSE JORDEN MORRISON born December 18, 1848 and died Elmira NY; 1850 Roxbury census as 2y

( CHARLOTTE ANNE MORRISON born August 21, 1850; 1850 Roxbury census as 1y; married 1st Edmund Wheeler of Hancock NY; and 2d Charles Augustus Dolliver; and born to Charlotte and Edmund was:

( VAN RENSSALAER MORRISON WHEELER was a professional opera singer with DeKovan and Smith Company in New York City and London

( NANCY ELICIA MORRISON born August 26, 1851 and died January 18, 1854 Deposit NY

( ARUBA FERRIS “Ruby” born April 3, 1814 Roxbury (Grand Gorge), Delaware, NY and died July 30, 1841 (Grand Gorge); possibly married Alva Simonson or on January 19, 1834 at Grand Gorge; married James B. Simonson


( TIMOTHY FERRIS [there is confusion to the placement of this line – either here or in the (5) James line.] born November 3, 1722 (Horseneck) Greenwich CT and died 1791 (or before 1789); went to Crum Elbow where he was taxed from February 1755 to June 1756; apparently moved up to Albany Co NY by 1757 and enlisted April 23, 1758 in the New York Militia for the French-Indian Wars; was a veteran of the Seven Years War, which qualifies his descendants for the Society of Colonial Wars and the Descendants of Indian Wars; married c1747 Ruth Hubbard probably born c1725/30 Greenwich [daughter of Abraham and Ruth (Knapp) Hubbard]; after Timothy’s death, Ruth lived on in Hillsdale; and born to them were:

( BENJAMIN FERRIS born c1747 Greenwich CT and died c1845 age 100y Athens, Calhoun, MI; served in the Revolution; resided Sherburne and Smyrna NY 1797; moved to Athens MI 1832, where he resided with his grandson, Benjamin. He deeded property to his sons Israel B. and Benjamin P., in Chenango Co NY before he left for MI; married Abigail or Mary, {maiden name unk} {or Meribah Howland?}; and born to them were:

( JOHN FERRIS born April 17, 1764 and died before 1831; married Mary Merihew (Mereyhew) born c1780 and died 1832 Athens, Calhoun, MI; and born to them were:

( BENJAMIN F. FERRIS born 1808 NY and died October 11, 1874 Athens, Calhoun, MI; age 67y 5m 16d; cause of death - paralysis; had lands in Naples NY but 1831 he departed Naples with his wife, a child, sister-in-law and her husband, and Benjamin’s grandfather for Buffalo NY, by stage; they walked 30 miles to Dunkirk NY, where they embarked on the S.S. Superior for Detroit; arrived Athens MI on June 3, 1831 by an ox-wagon, they purchased in Detroit; married Sabra Stone [dau of Asahel and Rebecca (Guernsay) Stone] born 1810 Ontario Co NY and died October 31, 1892 Athens MI; both buried there North Sherwood Cemetery; and born to them were:

( ASAHEL S. FERRIS born June 4, 1830 Naples NY (?) and died December 21, 1900 Athens MI; married 1st October 26, 1852 Zilpha M. Simmons born December 4, 1832 and died January 21, 1853; married 2d July 27, 1864 Eliza Jane Simmons born August 1, 1829 Oneida Co NY and died February 2, 1897; all buried North Sherwood Cemetery, RR #60, Athens, Branch, MI (Tombstone photo); and born to him and Eliza was:

( JENNIFER FERRIS born 1867 Athens MI and died there February 20, 1938; married Charles Arthur Standiford [son of James A. & Sarah Cadwallader (Carter) Standiford] born November 8, 1866 Sherwood Township MI and died January 11, 1954 Athens MI; both buried North Sherwood Cemetery, Athen,s Branch, MI (Photo); and born to them was:

( FERRIS CHARLES STANDIFORD born May 28, 1893 Athens MI and died August 2, 1964 York Co VA; married in Battle Creek MI, Ethel Stafford Culp [dau of Samuel Comer & Mary Theresa (Stafford) Culp] born January 30, 1892 McComb OH and died in December 1974 Ann Arbor MI. Born to them were:

( FERRIS CHARLES STANDIFORD born September 17, 1922 Battle Creek MI; married October 5, 1957 in Niles MI, Barbara Kaser born August 17, 1925 and they had 2 kids

( DAVID STANDIFORD born October 30, 1924 Battle Creek MI and died October 27, 1971 Bay City MI; married Miss May and they had 4 kids

( JANE STANDIFORD born November 1, 1929 Battle Creek MI; married Adolph Frank Konicki (Benzik) [son of Joseph & Mary Josephine] born February 4, 1915 Dayton OH and died there May 30, 1965; and they had 3 kids

( BENNIE FERRIS – died January 10, 1865 age 7m – apparently a son of Asahel and Eliza Jane – buried North Sherwood Cemetery with his parents.

( BYRON FERRIS (Byron G. Ferris) born 1833 Athens MI and died June 24, year unk; buried North Sherwood Cemetery, Athens, Branch, MI; married November 26, 1855 in MI, Isabel G Rowell born c1836 and died August 12, 1860 age 24y 4m [Note: The State of Michigan has recorded the death of a Loraine Ferris - dau of Byron and Elleanor Ferris - she died July 31, 1874 age 5y 9m 12d at Athens MI. Byron may have remarried after Isabel’s death and this may have been a child from a second marriage - speculation.]

( ALBERT FERRIS born 1839 Athens MI and died January 27, 1871 Mendon (St. Joseph, Calhoun Co) MI; age 35y 1m 1d; cause of death - paralysis; buried North Sherwood Cemetery, Athens, Branch, MI (Photo); a machinist; married June 24, 1863 at Centerville MI, Addie Langdon

( NORTON C. FERRIS (Norton H. Ferris) born 1839/40 Dry Prairie, Calhoun, MI and died January 6, 1903 Kankakee IL; buried Sherwood Cemetery, Athens MI; moved to Kankakee 1871; married October 8, 1865 in MI, Frances E. Lemon born August 28, 1888 Athens MI and died September 21, 1919 Kankakee IL [Note: Michigan State has Norton listed as Norton H. Ferris and Norton L. Ferris]; and born to them were:

( BERTHA S. FERRIS died August 24, 1869 age 3y 5m 2d of scarlet fever, Athens, Calhoun, MI; buried North Sherwood Cemetery, Athens, Branch, MI

( BENJAMIN BURR FERRIS born October 8, 1870 Athens MI and died October 8, 1940 Kankakee IL; married August 8, 1899 Inez Helen Holt born March 28, 1876 Kankakee and died there February 26, 1961; and born to them was:

( WHITNEY FERRIS born February 8, 1902 Kankakee IL and died there August 22, 1975; married June 21, 1927 Helen Jane Edison born July 10, 1904 Martinton IL; and born to them were:

( NANCY JANE FERRIS born December 16, 1929 Kankakee IL; married June 21, 1952 Paul Leslie Morrison, Jr., and born to them were:




( DAVID WHITNEY FERRIS born February 23, 1932 Kankakee IL; married November 14, 1959 Katherine Ann White [dau of Sanford Brownell and Katherine (Troup) White] born October 19, 1939; and born to them were:

( KATHERINE NANCY FERRIS born June 23, 1960 Kankakee IL

( BENJAMIN BURR FERRIS born July 5, 1961 Kankakee IL

( SUSANNA JANE FERRIS born November 1, 1966

( WILLIAM G. FERRIS born June 23, 1875 Kankakee IL and died in infancy

( ELLEN FERRIS (Ella) born 1848 Athens MI and died age 2y 11m 11d; buried North Sherwood Cemetery, Athens MI (Photo)

( JOSEPH K. FERRIS born c1801 Windsor MA and died December 16, 1827; married Lydia D. Luther [dau of Nathaniel and Lucy (Southworth) Luther] born November 27, 1805 Windsor MA and died November 23, 1891 Columbus, Chenango, NY

( JOHN CLARKE FERRIS “Clark” born April 14, 1810 NY and died July 18, 1873 Leonidas, St. Joseph, MI; age 63y 3m 11d; cause of death - liver complaint; married Mary Ann (Anna) Watkins born July 4, 1812 and died March 18, 1885 [Note: Michigan State says when John died he was a widower.?]; a farmer; and born to them were:

( ORRIS S. FERRIS born April 14, 1832 NY and died April/May 7, 1894; married 1st October 5, 1859 Maria A. Wilcox (1838-); married 2d November 22/24, 1878 in Leonidas MI, (Sophronia) Fronia (Purchase) Kitchen [dau of Pracklett Blake & Lucy (Poster) Purchase] born 1854 Allegancy Co NY and died May 31, 1922 MI. Orris served in Company K., 16th Infantry, 1861-62, Civil War. [? Jim - there was an Orrin (Surgeon) who served in the 15th and 123d Ohio Infantry Regiments - same guy?] – there was an Orris S Ferris who was involved in dry goods and a grocer in Leonidas, St. Joseph, MI in the 1880 census

( CAROLINE T. FERRIS born 1824 MI and died Sacramento CA; married a Mr. Shellhouse – related to his sister-in-law below?

( LOVINA P. FERRIS (LEVINA) born 1836 MI and died 1927; married October 17, 1858 Branch Co MI, Stephen Schutt born 1833 NY and died July 31, 1917; and born to them was:

( CLARK SHUTT (-1907)

( JOHN M. FERRIS born 1838 MI; married Mety {maiden name unk}

( ISAAC W. FERRIS (twin) born 1840 MI and died 1925 MI; married Caroline Shellhouse (-1925); and born to them was:

( EVA FERRIS born December 17, 1869 Leonidas MI

( EMMA FERRIS (twin) born 1840 MI and died 1908; married William Watkins

( GEORGE CLARK FERRIS born April 27, 1844 MI and died September 1927 Leonidas MI; married April 19, 1868 Calesta S. Carver born March 15, 1844 NY and died October 2, 1917; and born to them was:

( ORRIS G. FERRIS born November 23, 1888 and died December 11, 1970; married Lulu M. Riddle born May 21, 1893

( MARY A. FERRIS born 1846; married, July 4, 1866 at Colon, St. Joseph, MI William H. Watkins [son of Orin M. & Emoly (West) Watkins] born 1837 Leonidas, St. Joseph, MI and died there June 1, 1908; and born to them were:

( EDWIN O. WATKINS born December 10, 1868

( VINE C. WATKINS (1873-)

( ESTELLA M. WATKINS born July 18, 1879 Leonides, St. Joseph, MI and died at Battle Creek MI; married George A. Nichols and born to them were:





( MAX ELLIOTT NICHOLS born May 21, 1899 Leonides, St. Joseph, MI and died November 18, 1964 Tucson AZ; married Katherine Elizabeth McPherson born November 16, 1898 Natrona PA and died March 1973/74 Tucson AZ; and born to them were:

( ALBERT EUGENE NICHOLS born December 10, 1921 Three Rivers, St. Joseph, MI and died December 3, 1979 Tucson AZ; married August 23, 1957 at Tuscon, Joan Sidebottom

( WILLIAM GEORGE NICHOLS born May 8, 1924 Norwich CT and died June 15, 1986 Imperial Beach, San Diego, CA; married May 12, 1945 at Allegan MI, Marilyn Florence Clark born June 29, 1924; and born to them were:






( DONALD MAX NICHOLS born March 1926

( JAMES EDWARD NICHOLS born April 29, 1928 Tonawanda NY


( EDWIN M. FERRIS born 1854 MI and died October 27, 1927 Leonidas MI; married 1st Emogene Sheldon born 1855 and died November 28, 1925; and 2d Emma (Flick) Mosgrove who died 1934; and born to Edwin and presumably Emogene was:

( CLARK FERRIS married lady’s name unk but born to them were:

( IRENE FERRIS married a Mr. Carmoney

( IMOGENE FERRIS married a Mr. Basilus. [wonder if this Imogene is spelled correctly, if she was named for her grandmother?]


( VALERIE FERRIS married Damon Blodgett - resided in Sherwood Branch MI

( DIADEMA FERRIS born c1815 and died January 22, 1893 age 77y 11m 22d; buried Pioneer Cemetery, Nottawa Township, St. Joseph Co MI (Photo); married 1834 James Powers

( MARY FERRIS married Peter M. Gray

( GEORGE FERRIS married Eliza Ansley

( MARIA FERRIS born 1847; married February 16, 1866 at Mendon MI, James Hazzard (1844-)

( RUTH FERRIS born July 5, 1770

( ISRAEL BRUNDAGE FERRIS born March 9, 1772 and died July 5, 1836; buried Ferris Cemetery on Smyrna Hill, Chenango Co NY; always referred to as ‘Brundage’; married 1st June 23, 1797 Amy Bentley who died September 25, 1804; and 2d February 3, 1805 widow Thankful Wood born August 31, 1773 and died September 15, 1855; and born to Brundage and Amy were:

( JOHN S. FERRIS born September 17, 1798 and died July 8, 1807

( JANE FERRIS born April 3, 1800

( AMY FERRIS born July 22, 1802

( ABIGAIL FERRIS born January 25, 1805; [Jim - there seems to be a problem with this date of birth - Amy died September 1804 and Brundage second marriage was February 1805 - somewhere, a date or two are wrong!]

Born to Brundage and his second wife, Thankful [what a name!] was:

( ISRAEL BRUNDAGE FERRIS, JR., born December 13, 1805 Chenango Co NY and died August 27, 1880; married 1st Sally St. John; and 2d Elizabeth Mead born c1807 and died January 25, 1871; like his father he was called ‘Brundage’; resided in Madison Co NY 1855; an Israel B. Ferris is listed in the 1869-70 Smyrna Business Directory as a flour dealer and farmer; and born to them was:

( HARRIET FERRIS born July 16, 1827

( ABIGAIL FERRIS born April 24, 1774

( PHOEBE FERRIS born August 12, 1777 and died February 14, 1858 Ballston Spa NY; married January 10, 1799 in Dutchess Co NY, Robert Benedict [son of Robin & Sarah (Ketchum) Benedict] born July 14, 1770 Danbury, Fairfield, CT and died March 9, 1862 Ballston Spa, Saratoga, NY; both buried there Ballston Spa Village Cemetery (Photo); resided at Charlton and Ballston Spa NY [Jim - most records indicate the spelling of ‘Fari’ for Phoebe and apparently her marriage license says she was a daughter of James Faris of Dutchess County NY - so, this assignment may be in error, but for now, she will stay here pending further research - Thanks to Fred Knapp for this info.] Born to Phoebe and Robert were:

( ALMIRA BENEDICT born November 27, 1779 and died May 16, 1817

( MIRANDA BENEDICT born May 30, 1801 and died September 23, 1817

( CZAR HAMILTON BENEDICT born December 1, 1802; married 1st September 3, 1826 Mary Ann Forester born October 19, 1809 and died February 3, 1836; buried Ballston Spa Village Cemetery; married 2d April 29, 1843 widow Martha (Denton) Sweet born March 6, 1811; last know residence was at Ballston Spa NY, and died October 2, 1890; also buried Ballston Spa Village Cemetery; and born to them were:

( ROBERT FORESTER BENEDICT born November 15, 1829 and died October 18, 1857; buried Ballston Spa Village Cemetery

( CHARLES EDWIN BENEDICT born January 10, 1832; never married

( MARY ANN BENEDICT born June 21, 1834 and died April 21, 1836; buried Ballston Spa Village Cemetery

Born to Czar and his 2d wife, Martha, was:

( SARAH ANN BENEDICT (Sarah Elizabeth) born September 2, 1844 Ballston NY; her DAR # 31670 – her great grandfather, Robin Benedict, Rev War Vet; married John E Walker;

( WILLIAM FARIS BENEDICT (William Ferris Benedict) born October 23, 1804; the records of St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Charlton, Saratoga, NY state that the first baptism in the church was William Ferris Benedict, June 7, 1805; married October 17, 1827 Olive Peck; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM F. BENEDICT, (JR.?) died age 25y; unmarried

( ELIZABETH BENEDICT never married


( JANE BENEDICT married John Frame of Schenectady NY

( SARAH BENEDICT married John Reese

( CAROLINE BENEDICT died unmarried


( JAMES ALVAH BENEDICT born August 12, 1806 and died January 3, 1833 Schenectady NY; married August 12, 1830 Sarah Melissa Millard and born to them was:

( EDWARD BENEDICT born January 3, 1832; married October 18, 1855 a Miss Whitman [dau of William] of Saratoga Springs NY (1836-); and born to them were:

( WALTER B. BENEDICT born January 12, 1857

( CORA J. BENEDICT born October 13, 1862

( MARY BENEDICT born August 23, 1809

( ANDREW BENEDICT born March 20, 1811; married March 21, 1862 Sybil A. Bishop (1821-); resided Schenectady NY; and born to them were:


( GEORGE WASHINGTON BENEDICT (1845-) died Omaha NE; a Civil War Veteran; married Jane {maiden name unk}; and born to them was:

( ADELBERT A. BENEDICT who operated a typewriter establishment in New York City where he resided; married name unk but born to them was:



( JOHN A. BENEDICT (1854-)

( JOHN BENEDICT born December 2, 1813 and died 1879 Sarasota Springs NY; a coal and lumber merchant in Saratoga Springs; married 1st April 25, 1839 Emeline Sheldon born July 13, 1813 and died October 11, 1847; married 2d Ruby Ensign; and 3d widow Helen E. Walker for whom the Benedict Memorial Hospital, Boston Spa, Saratoga County NY was named; and born to John and Emeline were:

( JOHN HENRY BENEDICT born August 28, 1840 Schenectady NY and died October 21, 1919; a graduate of Union College; a lawyer; married October 28, 1863 Sarah Eliza Hyde [dau of Henry P. & Nancy (Hendrick) Hyde] born February 29, 1840 and died August 15, 1915; Sarah was a graduate of Temple Grove, now Skidmore College of Saratoga; concert pianist; and born to them were:

( JENNIE BENNETT BENEDICT born July 24, 1866 and died April 19, 1933; married 1st 1884 Jay Sergent (-1890); married 2d 1910 Charles Bigelow Zimmer (1865-1926); and born to Jennie and Jay were:

( EDITH SERGENT died age 7y

( WILLIAM SERGENT died age 6m

( JEROME BENEDICT born August 11, 1873 Saratoga NY and died October 6, 1946; married June 27, 1899 Martha Louise King [dau of John Benedict & Betsey Ann (Allen) King] born July 20, 1878 Porters Corners NY and died April 11, 1927; Jerome was an architect, shoe merchant and a realtor. They lived a large part of their adult life in Poughkeepsie NY; both buried Saratoga NY; and born to them were:

( JOHN KING BENEDICT (Rev.) born May 14, 1900 Troy NY and died November 9, 1960 New York City; buried Poughkeepsie NY; apparently never married

( ANNE LOUISE BENEDICT born July 13, 1903 Middletown NY and living 1969; married Dr. Herman John Christensen [son of John Peter & Johanna Sorensen (Kalloehave) Christensen - Danish immigrants]; he was a M. D., and she was an artist; and born to them was:

( ANN LOUISE CHRISTENSEN born February 5, 1934 Poughkeepsie NY; married Paul Joseph Denney, Sr., [son of Raymond L. & Laura (Kelley) Denny] born April 18, 1933 Poughkeepsie; Ann was a musician and Paul was a steelworker; and born to them were:

( LOUANN MARCIA DENNEY born June 8, 1955 Pottsdam NY

( PAUL JOSEPH DENNEY, JR., born August 12, 1957 Pittsburgh PA

( ELAINE ELIZABETH DENNEY born January 17, 1960 Pittsburgh PA

( MARY LEONA BENEDICT born September 8, 1904 Middletown NY; married 1st 1931 Stephen Logan Jennings of Atlanta GA; married 2d William Frederick Wheaton {her widowed brother-in-law}; they resided Poughkeepsie NY

( RUTH GRACE BENEDICT born January 6, 1907 Poughkeepsie NY and died February 13, 1945; married 1st 1924 Harry Mosely Sanders, Sr. (1904-); married 2d Harold Conklin (1906-1955); and born to Ruth and Harry was:

( HARRY MOSELY SANDERS, JR., born October 15, 1930 Poughkeepsie NY; married Janie {maiden name unk}; and born to them was:

( CAROL ANNE SANDERS born November 17, 1953 Hollywood CA

( MIRIAM EILEEN BENEDICT born December 31, 1909 Poughkeepsie NY and died 1949; married William Frederick Wheaton born July 8, 1904; William was a builder-contractor, Hyde Park NY; and born to them were:

( PAUL WILLIAM WHEATON born February 19, 1927; married Delilah Canfield born February 1927; and born to them were:

( CHRISTINE MIRIAM WHEATON born August 3, 1950 Poughkeepsie NY

( SHERRI LYNN WHEATON born July 7, 1953

( ROBERT JEROME WHEATON born April 25, 1930; married Lorraine Graziano born February 1933; and born to them was:

( WAYNE ROBERT WHEATON born October 27, 1952 Poughkeepsie NY

( SCOTT WILLIAM WHEATON born January 19, 1956 Poughkeepsie NY

( PAUL KING BENEDICT (Dr.) born July 5, 1912 Poughkeepsie NY and was living 1969 Briardcliff Manor NY; married 1st July 5, 1939 at Poughkeepsie, Marcia Grossman born March 13, 1913; married 2d April 14, 1955 Marilyn Taylor born October 13, 1922; Paul was a psychiatrist; and born to Paul and Marcia were:

( SUSAN KING BENEDICT born October 2, 1943

( NANCY KING BENEDICT born July 8, 1945

( ANNE KING BENEDICT born August 31, 1948

Born to Paul and his second wife, Marilyn were:

( WADE KING BENEDICT born September 1, 1958

( TIFFANY TAYLOR BENEDICT born August 17, 1960

( MARK HYDE BENEDICT born May 1, 1914 Poughkeepsie NY and was living 1969 Huntington L. I.; married 1st 1938 Retta Sander (1916-) of Manchester NH; married 2d 1962 Alice Johnson born September 12, 1913 and died 1963 Huntington, L. I.; and born to Mark and Retta was:

( NELSON JEROME BENEDICT born October 21, 1940; 1969 resided Boston MA

( PHILIP ALLEN BENEDICT born September 11, 1915 Poughkeepsie NY and was living there 1969; a WWII Veteran, Army Air Corps; married December 22, 1942 Lillian Blaney born 1916 Boston MA; and born to them were:

( PAMELA HYDE BENEDICT born July 12, 1949 Poughkeepsie NY

( JAY HYDE BENEDICT born March 31, 1953 Poughkeepsie NY

( ELMA A. BENEDICT born June 22, 1843 and died 1861

( PHEBE ANN BENEDICT born June 12, 1845 and died September 30, 1846

( SARAH ANN BENEDICT born December 22, 1815 and died April 12, 1828

( DAVID BENEDICT born November 24, 1818 and died July 21, 1820

( ROBERT HENRY BENEDICT born October 16, 1820; a hardware merchant; married June 16, 1843 Harriet Sophia Hand [dau of Joseph] born December 8, 1821; and born to them were:

( CHARLES HENRY BENEDICT born July 20, 1844; enlisted August 31, 1862 for three years with Company C., 77th New York Infantry Regiment, Civil War; resided Troy NY

( MARY ELLEN BENEDICT born February 8, 1846; married in February 1866 Frank C. Phillips

( FRANCIS JAMES BENEDICT born January 5, 1849 and died July 22, 1853

( ARTHUR WESLEY BENEDICT born February 14, 1853 and died July 10, 1854

( GEORGE EDWARD BENEDICT born July 20, 1855 and died October 13, 1857

( SAMUEL HAND born September 9, 1860


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