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The Spirit of Flowers window

The south chancel window was commissioned by Ellen Lyon Baker, Park's long­serving "Lady of the Flowers," who had charge of floral arrangements on the church's altars for more than four decades. She lived to celebrate her hundredth birthday.

Because this window was intended for the new children's comer, Mrs. Baker took special care when suggesting its design. She specified that it must not depict a powerful angel, which she feared might overawe small children, but one wearing a kind and pleasant expression that would appeal to them. It was also her request to have the flowers in the foreground be white trilliums, a favorite of hers and of her husband, Henry, whose death had left her widowed many years before.

The designs for both chancel windows were sketched for Esser by Reubey Ferris [Reubey Statira Ferris], a minister's wife living in Wisconsin, whose family connection to Park went back to 1837. (She lived with the furniture pioneer William Haldane, who held office as deacon for a record-setting half century.) Her angel, like its musical counterpart across the way, has the requisite sweet, youthful face. Both are treated in a slightly less realistic and more stylized manner than Tiffany's angels. To go with the trilliums, Mrs. Ferris carried over the water lily motif from the Blake window to make a similar base for the picture.

Though not commanding the prestige that attaches to the Tiffany name and crafts­manship, this modest pair of windows is charmingly designed and skilfully executed. They provide a bright, enjoyable complement to the larger ensemble.

Contributed in 2004 by Ms Jacqueline Johnson, Church Historian

First (Park) Congregational Church, United Church of Christ

East Park Place and Library St. NE

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49502 “

Other church artwork by Reubey Ferris can be found in the Hancock Congregational Church in Hancock Wisconsin; a large mural " If I be lifted up" at the Milton Congregational Church, Milton 1934, Wisconsin-dedicated to William Peck Ferris and wife Betsy Ann Janes Ferris - Wisconsin Ferris family pioneers; another mural was at the First Congregational Church of Kenosha Wisconsin, painted in 1952.

Family and friends as well as private and public buildings have the privilege of displaying Reubey's artwork. In 2004, her son John T. Ferris made an inventory of Reubey's work of over 120 watercolor, oil paintings and pastel works, of landscapes, religious scenes, and everyday family life both exotic and humble.

The Ferris family wishes to thank the faithful members of the First (Park St.) Congregation Church for their careful and loving stewardship of these meaningful pieces of historical religious art. We hope they continue to give you joy and inspiration.

Sincerely, Mary Ferris Gray, granddaughter of the artist, Reubey Statira Ferris. June 2004" Sent to First Congregation Church historian, Jackie Johnson.

See Harlo Hakes Ferris for offspring.

( MARY LYDIA FERRIS born May 11, 1887 Grand Rapids MI and died October 3, 1974, Pearblossom, Los Angeles CA; buried Juniper Hills, Los Angeles; instructor at Chicago Art Institute; professional artist, lecturer; married Alfred H. Swan (Dr.); Director of Shanghai YMCA; founder of hospital and health spa in Palms CA; and born to them were:



( MARY LYDIA SWAN born June 1, 1913 Shanghai, Kiangsu, China and died November 12, 1995 Pearblossom, Los Angeles CA

( FLOYD BARTON FERRIS (Barton) born November 8, 1889 Grand Rapids MI; later farmer in PA

( GEORGE FREDERICK FERRIS (Fred) (Frederick F) born November 29, 1891 Grand Rapids MI; later farmer in PA

( JOHN TOMLINSON FERRIS born November 8, 1893 Grand Rapids MI and died 1975 Loudenville NY; Chicago Art Institute; architect and engineer for New York State; designed foot bridge on Brooklyn Bridge; married Charlotte {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( CHARLOTTE RUTH FERRIS (Ruth) married Don Merrill and born to them were:






( MINNIE B. FERRIS born 1859 NY and died March 20, 1920 Buffalo, Erie, NY; buried there Forest Lawn Cemetery as an honor along with her fellow members of the Women’s Board of Managers of the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo 1901; Minne was in charge of Publicity; Buffalo Evening News, August 27, 1901, from the Society Pages: “One of the handsomest of the season’s receptions given by the Women’s Board of Managers of the Pan-American Exposition was the one given yesterday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Nelson A Miles, wife of Gen. Miles, who is here with the Cadet Corps……..Mrs. Alfred G. Hauenstein was gowned in a buff colored taffeta striped with black and trimmed with fine black lace edgings. He hat was of Etruscan straw trimmed in black velvet and flowers”.; married Alfred G. Hauenstein (1848-), owner of lumber yard in Buffalo; and born to them were:


( BARTON HAUENSTEIN married Helen {maiden name unk}


( MADELINE HAUENSTEIN died in childbirth; married a Mr. Pratt and born to them was:


( JOHN A. FERRIS born c1865 and died 1877 age 12y

( IRA FERRIS (Rev.) born July 6, 1804, Roxbury, (Grand Gorge) Delaware, NY and died March 12, 1869 (?) (Grand Gorge); married Mary H. Ostrander [dau of Rev. Daniel & Mary (Bowen) Ostrander] born 1803 Coventry RI and died c1883 Grand Gorge; Ira was a Methodist minister; in 1882 (?), resided New Hamburg NY; and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH FILER FERRIS born 1831 and died April 11, 1847 Waversing NY

( FRANCIS R. FERRIS married name unk; no offspring; resided Poughkeepsie 1898

( WILLIAM G. FERRIS born June 14, 1835 Huntington (or Hempstead), Long Island, NY and died November 24, 1906 New Hamburg, Poughkeepsie Township, Dutchess Co NY; buried Wapping Falls NY; married January 24, 1882 at Saugerties, Dutchess, NY, Elizabeth (Eliza Ann) Griffin [dau of Edward & Elizabeth (Frinington) Griffin] born New Hamburg NY and died there February 19, 1925; William was mustered into service as a Second Lieutenant with Company L, 6th New York Heavy Artillery (NYHA) at Carmel NY at the age of 26y November 20, 1862; contacted typhoid fever during 1863; October 23, 1863 promoted to First Lieutenant and assigned as Commander, Company A, 6th NYHA; on March 7, 1864 he requested a leave of absence of 15 days with the privilege of an extension of 5 days to visit Alton, Illinois, the reason given was that his Molding and Planing Mill had burned down and it was necessary for him to settle his affairs there and in other parts of the state or suffer severe financial losses; on March 19th, he sent a letter from Chicago IL, requesting an extension of ten days as it was impossible for him to settle his affairs in a less amount of time; in April, 1864, was placed on special duty as Aide de Camp to Colonel Kitchings near Brandy Station VA; in August 17, 1864, he was promoted to Captain and assigned as Commander, Company D, 6th NYHA; wounded in action {gunshot wound in the right thigh two inches below the hip joint, seriously injuring the bone and lodging in the muscles on the inner side of the leg}, October 19, 1864 at Cedar Creek VA and was in hospital or on sick leave until he was honorably discharged because of physical disability as per War Department Special Orders, No. 115, Paragraph 89, dated March 9, 1865; received an Invalid Veteran’s pension; shown as a Major in one source, but his military records do not confirm that. He resided in Sharon CT; at the time of his death he was the Postmaster of Hamburg NY; a Postmaster; Express Agent; and real estate agent; adopted his niece, Ella M. Ferris and also provided a home for his niece, Miss Bogardus. He left his wife and his daughter an estate of $75,000, which was considerable at that time; and born to them was:

( ELEANOR FERRIS (Ella?) born May 1, 1887; married a Mr. Hostrand and at the time of her mother’s death was living in Wappingers Falls, Dutchess, NY; after the death of her husband, Eleanor attempted to obtain a pension as the daughter of a veteran, but was advised that was not possible since she had passed the age of 16y

( MARCUS HENRY FERRIS died 1895 Poughkeepsie NY; enlisted 1861 and was wounded in hand; married a Miss Noch; no offspring

( DANIEL OSTRANDER FERRIS born March 15, 1837 (1833?) New Rochelle (New Hamburg) NY and was stricken and died November 15, 1896 in his pulpit in the Summerfield Church, Bridgeport CT.; buried at Wakefield MA; married 1st April 21, 1858 at Stillwater NY, Frances E. Dakin (1833-1883) [dau of Hiram and Jane Ann (Thompson) Dakin]; 2d 1885 widow Eleanor N. (Gibson) Mott (1861-1887); and 3d 1888/89 at Martha's Vineyard MA, Ella C. (Perkins) Bragg born June 13, 1852 Wakefield MA and died 1943 Quaketown PA and is buried in a private graveyard behind her house in the woods at Gold Hill; widow of Rev. Lorenzo Bragg, who bought with her to this marriage, 2 daughters: Mary Pearle who was an international concert singer; and Fannie Greye, a mystery writer in the Roaring Twenties. Daniel was a Methodist minister of the East Conference; was a Chaplain of the 133d New York Infantry Regiment (2d Regiment Metropolitan Guard) in the Civil War, resigning May 9, 1863. The 133d was organized at New York City, September, 24, 1862 and left the state for Washington, D.C., October 8, 1862; performed duties in the defenses of Washington, D. C. until November, 1862, when it moved to New Orleans LA; participated in the occupation of Baton Rouge LA December 17, 1862 and remained on duty there, until March, 1863. He was a ‘forceful and interesting speaker’ and was ‘well known in Brooklyn and throughout Long Island’. It is said he preached the sermon at the dedication of Grant’s Tomb. He served the following churches on Long Island among others: Sag Harbor, Huntington, Hempstead, Amityville, North Amityville, Bay Shore and Northport and these in Brooklyn: DeKalb Avenue (1868-70), Washington Avenue (1878-79) and South Second Street (1885-87).

Brooklyn Eagle: The Rev. D. O. Ferris, of the South Second street M. E. Church, has in his procession a cane once owned by Francis Ashbury, the first bishop of Methodism in this country. The can was presented to Mr. Ferris’ grandfather, the Rev. Daniel Ostrander, by the bishop in 1812. It is of bamboo wood, with a deer’s horn handle. Mr. Ostrander was the first presiding elder in the Eastern States under Bishop Ashbury and the two pioneer Methodists were warm friends. Mr. Ferris has hanging in his study the likeness of his grandfather, who spent fifty-one years of his life in the ministry, and directly opposite the picture of his diploma. Directly below are the picture and diploma of his father, who occupied the pulpit for forty-seven years, and below this are his own picture and diploma, showing that he himself has already served for twenty-six years. Thus the three generations have preached the Gospel for over a century. Tradition has handed down to Mr. Ferris, through the family, much valuable knowledge concerning the early struggles of Methodism in America, beside many valuable relics. Mr. Ferris is at present the pastor of the oldest ecclesiastical Methodist organization in Brooklyn, which was organized in 1806. He will continue to serve them as an efficient pastor for the next three years.

Brooklyn Eagle, September 20, 1869: A large congregation assembled at the DeKalb avenue M.E. Church yesterday morning, when, pursuant to announcement, Rev. D.O. Ferris, the pastor, delivered a sermon entitled “The Foolishness of Preaching.” The discourse was delivered in an eloquent manner, and from the close attention of the listeners and many signs of approval evinced, must be deemed to have been entirely satisfactory to the auditory. After the usual preliminary religious exercises were gone through with, and reminding the members of the fact that Rev. Mathew Hale Smith would lecture for them on “Wit and Humor” on Tuesday evening next for the benefit of the Sabbath-school, Mr. Ferris proceded with his sermon, which was from Luke VIII, 18th verse. “Take heed, therefore, how ye year.” He said: “It is very necessary that all people should hear the Word of God preached; not only should they read the Bible at home, but they should attend regularly the house of God. It is not deemed sufficient for our children’s knowledge of the Bible and religion to put a text book in their hands and bid them study it; they must be sent to the Sabbath-school where they may hear the truths and beauties of religion from the lips of loving and competent teachers who will explain all and guide them in the way of the Lord. It is a great sin not to listen to the preached word; it is expected and required of us, as Christians, to take heed how we hear. What constitutes a preacher? Is it one who understands the dead languages, and can read the Scriptures in their original tongue? Is it an eloquent man? It is one who has the spirit and fear of God in his heart. Christ came into the world not only to perish but to preach also, that those who listened might be saved. To listen is better than to preach; to listen and take heed how ye heed. There are several classes of listeners: the first, the careless listener who goes to church because everybody else does. He goes, as he would to a lecture, to get the good points, and looks out for any witty saying which may fall from the lips of the preacher. Sometimes he considers the confortably upholstered seats none too good to take a nap in, and the speaker’s voice drones him peacefully to sleep. He goes not for the good he may acquire, and years pass by and find him still unbenefited. Then there is the captious listener, who goes only to find fault, who is never satisfied with anything; Brother A speaks too low, too loud, too fast, too slow, is stupid, uninteresting; why don’t he wake up? Then again he’s too boisterous. On Monday morning he will call and express himself as being not entirely satisfied with the sermon yesterday; it was not according to his views exactly, and if Brother A wouldn’t mind-and God help poor Brother A., he has to take it. There is no class of professional men who are so much critized as ministers. A lawyer may say what he likes in court and nobody thinks of disputing him and this is where the critical listener plays his part. The critical listener is still worse than the captious listener, because he hears only the words and not the sense of the preaching, and woe be unto the preacher who slips on his verbs, adjectives and adverbs; he can expect no mercy, for this listener feels the necessity of picking the slightest warp which projects in the cloth of the preacher’s making, and draws it out, thus leaving a hole, and all the good which might otherwise have resulted from the pastor’s efforts in lost in order that he may sustain his reputation as a critic. There are some people who, if an angel were to come down from Heaven and stand in the pulpit before them, would find fault with the set of his wings. Think you, would a condemned prisoner criticize the wording of the pardon which was sent him at the last moment?” In the course of his remarks, Mr. Ferris gave an able defense of the ministry, and drew his conclusions on the above in an able and effective manner. A collection was then taken up in aid of the Society for the Extension of the Gospel, a hymn and prayer followed, when the congregation was dismissed with the benediction.

Brooklyn Eagle, November 18, 1896: Bay Shore, L.I. – The Rev. Dr. Daniel O Ferris, father of Mrs. Dr. Hulse of this place, dropped dead in his pulpit in the Summerfield M. E. Church at Bridgeport, Conn, Sunday night. He had not been well for some time and his death was due to heart disease. Dr. Ferris was one of the best known preachers in the Methodist denomination and was formerly pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church here. He entered the New York conference in 1858 and was stationed at Morrisania. In 1859 he went to New Hamburg, in 1860 to Putnam Valley. In 1862-2-3 he was a chaplain in the United States Army. At the end of his service he returned and joined the New York East conference, being sent in 1864 to Sag Harbor, L.I. and in 1865 to Huntington and in 1866-7 to Hempstead. In 1868-9-70 he was pastor of the DeKalb avenue M.E. church in this city and in 1871-2-3 was stationed at Waterbury, Conn. In 1874-5-6 he was at Bridgeport at the First church; in 1877 at Beekman Hill church in New York; 1878-9 at Washington street church, this city; 1880, Bristol, Conn; 1881, Amityville and North Amityville; 1882-3-4, Bay Shore; 1885-6-7, South Second street church, this city; 1888, Cornell Memorial church, New York City; 1889-90, Sea Cliff; 1891, Northport. In 1892, Dr Ferris went to the Summerfield church in Bridgeport, in the pulpit of which he died. Dr Ferris’ daughter is the wife of Dr. Hulse of Bay Shore.

Born to Daniel and presumably, Frances were:

( ALMIRA LOUISE FERRIS born February 16, 1861 (of New Hamburg NY); married September 21, 1885 Dr. W. A. Hulse, a physician in Bay Shore, L.I.; and born to them were:

( HILDA LOUISE HULSE born December 24, 1888


( HENRY CLAY FERRIS born December 3, 1870 Brooklyn NY and died November 10, 1937 Garden City, Nassau, NY; one of the first orthodontists; honorary Vice President of the First International Orthodontists Congress in Paris, France 1914; graduated 1906 from Edward H. Angle Post-Grad School of Orthodontia and he practiced that branch of dentistry exclusively’ attended Bordentown NJ Military School; graduated, 1892 NYU Dental School; member of the village planning committee and a founder of the village of Garden City (not according to Wikipedia); member of the Board of Vestry of the Cathedral of Incarnation, Garden City; member of NY Academy of Science; Delta Tau Delta fraternity; Union League Club; NY Commandery of the Loyal Legion of Honour; and past president of the NY Society of Orthodontists; 1901 Commodore of Point o’Woods Yacht Club; married Anna Jacoby and born to them were:

( A DAUGHTER FERRIS married M. Stanley Brown

( A DAUGHTER FERRIS married Phillip De Angelis


( A DAUGHTER FERRIS married to a M. D.; resided Bay Shore NY

Brooklyn Eagle, February 11, 1901: On Saturday, February 3, 1901, Berthram William Ferris, son of Dr. H. Clay Ferris, 108 Bergen St. – presume this is a son of Henry Clay Ferris, not listed above.

Born to Daniel and his second wife, Eleanor, was:

( ELLA MAY FERRIS born May 1, 1887; adopted by her Uncle William

Born to Daniel and his third wife, Ella was:

( DANIEL OSTRANDER FERRIS, JR., born December 19, 1892 New Hamburg NY and died 1966; living with his mother in Bridgeport CT 1898; until he was almost 15, Daniel, his mother and 2 sisters lived in Leipzig, German where Pearle was studying vocal music. He went to a German school and was witness to the last of the grandeur of the Hapsburg empire under Franz-Joseph. Returned to the US and went to Wesleyan College (now University) at Middletown CT on a full clergyman scholarship – majored in chemistry and German. He entered the Army in 1916/17 and spent the War in the mountains of West Virginia making mustard gas. He was not too happy with the assignment, but with a degree in chemistry, it seemed the natural place for him. Daniel worked with Thomas Watson (a college classmate) on the formation of IBM and worked there until about 1937. He married 1st October 2, 1920 Dorothy Cross Dodge (1898-1958) [dau of Harry George & Clara (Langdon) Dodge]; 2d 1959 Violet Milligan, an old family friend; and born to Daniel and Dorothy were:

( DANIEL OSTRANDER FERRIS (1921-1988) – is this Daniel O Ferris born October 17, 1921 and died June 1, 1988; buried Section 20, Site 217A Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside CA, WWII Vet, PFC, US Army - married unk and born to them was:


( BARBARA ELISABETH FERRIS born February 5, 1931 Peoria IL; her family moved to New Jersey, South Bend IN, Cleveland OH, Seattle WA and back to New Jersey and then to Colorado, all before she got out of high school. She attended Colorado State (Ft Collins) for one year, where she met her husband to be; married September 16, 1950 Robert Gerald DeVries born October 19, 1925; forty years after her year at Colorado State, she finished another year and got an AA degree. Bob was raised in Chicago and graduated from high school 1943 and went into the Navy (Pacific) and spent 3 years on ships; attended Colorado State on the GI Bill majoring in agriculture; that led into Corrections, which he worked in various positions and ended up as a probation officer in Steamboat; Bob has been a ham radio operator for over 40 years and loves fishing and reading; they both love to travel and as the result of having 20 exchange students and teachers in their home, have plenty of places to travel to, especially in Europe. Barbara has provided the up to date information for this ‘twig’ - thanks, Barbara! They reside in Steamboat Springs CO; and born to them were:

( STEVEN ROBERT DEVRIES born April 26, 1952; part owner of a factory that makes glass sinks; is a fine glass artist and makes fine chocolate

( BRUCE ALAN DEVRIES born February 23, 1954; Principle of a Christian school in Nashville TN where his wife also teaches; use to raise border collies and enjoys hunting and fishing, but mostly just tries to keep up with 2 teenage daughters; married 1981 Darla Long (1959-); and born to them were:

( JESSICA DAWN DEVRIES born July 21, 1984

( JAMIE MARIE DEVRIES born August 30, 1986

( SCOTT ANDREW DEVRIES (1957-) married 1991 Karen Kay McKee (1961-); a middle school teacher and technology coordinator for the whole school; Karen teaches vocal music; they have 2 very large and friendly Labrador retrievers; enjoy traveling in the US, working in the yard, and going to Las Vegas

( ALMIRA LOUISE FERRIS (1840-c1888) married a Mr. Bogardus; and born to them was:

( A DAUGHTER BOGARDUS who later made her home with her Uncle William, above

( MARY BOWEN FERRIS died March 27, 1844 New Windsor, Ulster, NY; age 4m 5d

( MORGAN L. FERRIS born October 27, 1806 Roxbury, (Grand Gorge) Delaware, NY; married Catherine Wycoff and born to them were:


( MARION FERRIS married Mr/Miss Short

( CLEMENCE FERRIS married a Mr. Simpson and born to them was:

( KATE SIMPSON married a Mr. Alger and they resided Birmingham MI

( MARGARET FERRIS married a Mr. Walton and born to them was:

( EFFAH WALTON married a Mr. Watson



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