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thanks. Bob! Bob’s personal memories of his father: “Dad was a soft-spoken, hard working Viriginian who moved u p to Pennsylanvia where Mom was from and Ohio to find better working conditions-as a millwright in the steel mills of Youngstown OH. He grew up in relatively poor economic family conditions in Virginia (he enjoyed the Waltons TV show of Virginia, but thought they were rich compared to his upbringing). His family-my aunts, uncles, and cousins; I didn’t know myi Nay grandparents-always seemed to have an extra closeness and togetherness among them. I always and still do enjoy visits with them and especially trips to Batesville VA. I remember Dad working all three shifts at the steel mills and the coke/coal smell that would come home on his clothes. He also worked a second job in an appliance store installing and repairing appliances. He enjoyed country music (especially his brother Bee singing and playing guitar); enjoyed our sports playing when he could watch; enjoyed his grandchildren; enjoyed his family; and enjoyed helping others. Everybody loved Jake.”

( JEAN FAYETTE WINSLOW born March 30, 1927 Benezette, Elk, PA; USMC 1949-50; married 1st November 12, 1955 in New Castle PA, John R. Wyatt Jr born August 17, 1922 and died February 19, 1976 Detroit MI; buried Section 8, Site 6840, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C., retired USMC Major served 1940-60; married 2d September 2, 1980 Birmingham MI, Jack McNulty

( MERTON HARTMAN WINSLOW born June 28, 1888 Winslow Hill, Benezette PA and died August 3, 1954, Bradford, McKean, PA; farmer, coal miner; married September 6, 1916 in Ridgeway, Elk County PA, Ada Emeline Johnson born September 4, 1895 Grant, Elk County PA and died December 8, 1972, St. Marys PA; both buried Winslow Hill Cemetery; Benezetta. Born to them were:

( THOMAS CORNELL WINSLOW born April, 1929 Benezette, Elk, PA; married 1st a Miss Yates and they had 2 kids; married 2d 1983 in St Marys, Elk, PA Shirley Cartwright

( GERALD WINSLOW born September 10, 1918 Benezette, Elk, PA and died March 1986 DuBois PA; married 1st in DuBois, Irene {maiden name unk}and they had 4 kids; married 2d Nell {maiden name unk}

( ELLA ELIZA WINSLOW born January 30, 1890 Winslow Farm, Benezetta PA and died July 24, 1981 Michigan; buried Catholic Cemetery, Pontiac MI; married 1st John Yates (a Chef) – divorced c1925; 2d Peter Compau. Born to Ella and John were:

( MARY YATES born c1911 PA and died 2002 Pontiac MI; married Warren Hess born August 25, 1908 and died April 26, 1990; and they had a child

( EVELYN YATES born December 2, 1912 PA and died April 20, 1997 Clearwater FL; married Walter Zampol born September 15, 1915 and died April 19, 1995 Clearwater FL

( KATHLEEN YATES (Kay) born November 6, 1916 Pontiac MI and died November 6, 1996 Pinellas FL; married Eugene Haire born August 14, 1914 and died February 1970; and they had 3 kids

( HELEN YATES born November 11, 1919 Pontiac MI; married 1937 in Pontiac MI, Ken Frank Benedict and they had 4 kids

( JAMES K JOHNSTON born 1858 PA; 1921 census has him in Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA; married Mary M {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( EMMA E JOHNSTON (c1899-)

( SUSAN C JOHNSTON (Susie) born 1858 probably Reynoldsville PA and died 1937 DuBois PA; buried Rehobeth Community Cemetery, Dubois (can’t ID); housekeeper 1880; married 1st Alonzo S Beard born 1851 NY and died 1886 DuBois PA; buried Rehobeth Cemetery; married 2d Adison Weaver; and born to her and Alonzo were:

( WARREN S BEARD born 1879 DuBois PA and died there 1938; married Erie George and born to them was:

( EDITH BEARD (1909-)



( DAVID C JOHNSTON born c1860 probably Reynoldsville PA; married 1886 in Clearfield Co PA, Elizabeth E Heldinger

( NANCY JOHNSTON (Nannie) born 1861 Jefferson Co PA; married Bob Taylor born 1856 PA and born to them were:





( GEORGE MCCLELLAND JOHNSTON born c1866 Reynoldsville PA

( WILLIAM T JOHNSTON (Bill) born c1866 probably Reynoldsville PA; married Cora {maiden name unk}

( JOHN A JOHNSTON born c1867 probably Reynoldsville PA

( EVA ELIZA JOHNSTON born c1870 probably Reynoldsville PA; married 1893 in DuBois, J O Lenkerd

( JOSEPH S JOHNSTON born c1872 probably Reynoldsville PA; Editor of Driftwood Gazette

( CHARLES L JOHNSTON born c1874 probably Reynoldsville PA


( MARTHA JANE LONDON -1st born - born July 28, 1832

( TRUMAN BEAMAN LONDON Jr born March 10, 1836; a successful farmer of Winslow Township

( ISAAC H. LONDON born September 3, 1838; a “wide awake” and successful businessman of Reynoldsville, and a man greatly esteemed by all who knew him; married Mary Jane Henry born December 26, 1839 Sligo, Clarion, PA and died September 23, 1899 Jefferson Co PA; buried Prospect Cemetery, Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA

( MOSES SLAWSON LONDON born January 31, 1841

( MARY ANN LONDON born May 29, 1842

( ESTHER SLAWSON – 8th born – born November 21, 1817 Minisink, Orange, NY

( JANE SLAWSON – 2d born – born August 25, 1806 Minisink, Orange, NY

( NATHAN SLAWSON – 3d born – born April 14, 1808 Minisink, Orange, NY

( HUGH P. SLAWSON – 4th born – born July 28, 1810 Minisink, Orange, NY

( DAVID SLAWSON – 5th born – born August 27, 1811 Minisink, Orange, NY

( RUFUS SLAWSON – 6th born - born June 5, 1813 Minisink, Orange, NY and died February 14, 1874 Hazen, Warsaw, Jefferson, PA and buried Temple Cemetery, Jefferson Co; married c1838 in PA, Millicent Ann McDonald born March 21, 1820 Luzerne PA; and born to them were 9 kids, 8 of which were:

( MARY ELLEN SLAWSON born 1839 PA and died in Washington; married c1857 in PA, Joseph D Bower (son of Daniel & Susannah) and born to them were (9 dau 2 sons – incredible!):












( MARTHA CLARISSA SLAWSON born c1843 Arrory PA and died there April 1882; buried Temple Cemetery, Warsaw, Jefferson, PA; married James Bower (c1842-1923) – brother of Joseph above – and born to them were 7 kids, 6 of which were:






( MARY MARCY BOWER (Mary Martha Bower) (1880-1959) married Franklin H Slawson ( – see him for offspring

( REBECCA JANE SLAWSON born September 1845 Warsaw Township, Jefferson Co PA and died March 14, 1918 McCrann, Armstrong, PA; married January 1, 1861 in Prescottville PA, Thomas Thompson Crawford [son of James & Frances (Wilkins) Crawford] born October 5, 1834 Redbank Township, Armstrong Co PA and died May 7, 1904 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA; both buried Baptist Cemetery, Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA; and born to them were:

( FRANCES JANE ANN CRAWFORD born October 10, 1861 Jefferson Co PA; married Frank Hover born October 1857 OH; and born to them were:

( MAUDE HOVER born July 1878 PA

( EDWARD HOVER born October 1883 PA

( FRED HOVER born March 1886 PA

( THOMAS JOHN RUFUS CRAWFORD born February 14, 1864 Jefferson Co PA and died March 25, 1931 McCrann, Manor Township, Armstrong, PA; buried Ford City Cemetery, Ford City, Armstrong, PA (Photo); married c1883 in Page Co IA, Lucinda Horm born May 1866 PA; and born to them were:

( HARRY MCDONALD CRAWFORD born April 17, 1886 Ford City PA and died January 14, 1970, Whittier, Los Angeles, CA; buried there Rose Hills; married December 25, 1907 in Ford City, Daisy Rosetta Keller born November 13, 1886 Ford City PA; and born to them were:

( MABEL JEANETTE CRAWFORD born November 21, 1908 Armstrong PA and died February 23, 2000 Winona Lake, Kosciusko, IN; Africa Missionary, Librarian Grace Brethren Seminary; married July 23, 1943 in Whittier, Benjamin Arthur Hamilton [son of Benjamin Arthur & Grace Elrie (Thornburgh) Hamilton] born June 2, 1913 NY and died May 1986 Winona Lake IN

( GARNETTE LOUISE CRAWFORD born July 23, 1910 Armstrong PA and died September 15, 1998 Chico, Butte, CA; married Orlyn Lavern Culp born October 20, 1910 CA and died January 1, 1982 Chico CA; and they had 3 kids

( DAISY NAOMI CRAWFORD born April 11, 1912 Ford City PA and died November 16, 1983 Norwalk, Los Angeles CA; buried Rose Hills, Whittier; married 1st Bill Wolf and they had a child; married 2d February 14, 1931 William Henry Jones born December 23, 1906 Raton, New Mexico and they had 2 kids

( GLEN KEELER CRAWFORD born December 12, 1914; married June Khien and they had 2 kids

( ROGER A CRAWFORD born May 8, 1916 PA and died October 1, 1917; buried Elderton Cemetery, Elderton, Armstrong, PA

( ZELPHA LEONE CRAWFORD born August 23, 1918; married August 4, 1940 Howard W Comstock (Corny) born September 21, 1918 and they had 2 kids

( LILLIAN FERN CRAWFORD born October 7, 1920 Whittier CA and died August 21, 1975 LaHabra, Orange, CA; buried Rose Hills, Whittier; L.V. Nurse; married 1940 in Whittier CA, Robert Cecil Mulkins [son of Vesta Earl & Dorothy M (Fenn) Mulkins] born December 19, 1919 KS and died February 14, 1993 Atascadero CA; buried there – divorced 1954; WWII Vet; and born to them were 4 kids, 3 of which were:

( GARY EDWARD MULKINS born April 7, 1941 Whittier CA and died there January 9, 1975; buried there Rose Hills

( CECIL KENT MULKINS born May 21, 1945 Whittier CA and died August 29, 1981 Venice CA; married Tommy Sue Swaggert born April 1945 CA and died April 2, 1972 Marion Co OR; and born to them was:

( MELISSA JOY MULKINS born August 1968 Whittier CA and died April 2, 1972 Marion Co OR – same day as her mother

( MICHAEL LEONARD MULKINS born March 27, 1947 Whittier CA and died there April 29, 1947

( VALDA GRACE CRAWFORD born August 9, 1922 Whittier CA and died October 19, 1995 Las Vegas NV; married March 8, 1943 in Whittier, Roy Albert Fralick [son of Albert Cameron & Leone Maude (Fenn) Fralick] born March 21, 1922 Whittier and died November 26, 1994 Los Angeles CA; buried Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier; and they had 3 kids

( HARRIET ELAINE CRAWFORD born September 24, 1928 Whittier CA and died there April 1936

( GEORGE LESLIE CRAWFORD born February 1884 PA

( LAWRENCE CRAWFORD born April 1890 PA

( FRANKLIN CRAWFORD born January 1892

( RUSSELL CRAWFORD born October 1894 PA

( MAUD CRAWFORD born December 1897 PA


( GEORGE MCDONALD CRAWFORD born August 9, 1867 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA and died July 1, 1942 McKeesport, Allegheny, PA; buried Circle Hill Cemetery, Punxsutawney, Jefferson, PA; married Myrtle Mcaninch born September 1871 PA and died 1931; and born to them were 4 kids, 2 of which were:

( NELLE CRAWFORD born June 1895 PA

( ISABEL CRAWFORD born November 1897 PA

( MARY CATHERINE CRAWFORD buried March 1915 Scalp Level Cemetery, Cambria Co PA; married November 15, 1893 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA as his 1st wife, David Alexander Lewis [son of Edward Alexander & Mary (Morgan) Lewis] born November 6, 1872 Winslow Township, Jefferson, PA and died October 18, 1925 Kittanning, Armstrong, PA; buried there Kittanning Cemetery; miner 1915 Scalp Level; after Mary’s death, David married 1917 Rozella Henry; and born to Mary and David were:

( GEORGE MCDONALD LEWIS born August 13, 1894 Big Soldier Mine, Jefferson Co PA and died March 28, 1965 Kittanning, Armstrong, PA; buried Ford City Cemetery, Armstrong Co PA; married 1st March 7, 1913 Vida Matilda Jones; married 2d June 8, 1920 in Kittanning, Blanche Alleyne Reefer [dau of George Elmer & Ada Lousella (Rankin) Reefer] born February 29, 1904 South Bend Township, Armstrong Co PA and died November 28, 1979 Rayburn Township, Armstrong Co PA; buried with George; and born to him and Blanche were 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( ARVENA MAE LEWIS born October 23, 1920 Ford City, Armstrong, PA and died August 2, 1975 Franklin, Venango, PA; buried Ford City Cemetery, Armstrong Co PA

( GEORGE CLIFTON LEROY LEWIS born March 26, 1923 Rayburn Township, Armstrong Co PA and died December 17, 1996 Kittanning PA; buried Ford City Cemetery, Armstrong Co PA

( ANNE OLEITA LEWIS born July 26, 1896 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA and died March 1, 1955 Johnstown, Cambria, PA; buried there Benshoff Hill Cemetery; married July 22, 1915 in Ebensburg PA, Park Green born March 14, 1886 Tunstall, Wolstanton, Stafford, England – apparently left a wife and 2 kids in England – and died March 27, 1947 Windber, Somerset, PA from injuries to his head and back from a rock fall while digging for coal at the Dean Shaffer Mine near Walsall; buried Richland Cemetery, Richland Township, Cambria Co PA; and born to Anne and Park were 5 kids, 4 of which were:

( LAWRENCE EDGAR GREENE born September 3, 1916 Scalp Level, Cambria, PA and died December 28, 1984 Johnstown, Cambria, PA; WWII Army Vet; married January 11, 1940 in Johnstown, Evelyn Catherine Rice (twin) [dau of Ralph & Barbara Jo (Kohr) Rice] born May 29, 1916 Johnstown and died there May 17, 1984; both buried there Forest Lawn Cemetery; and they had 3 kids; member of St. Vincent DePaul Society where he was director of food bank; Knights of Columbus and Men’s Club of St. Columba’s Catholic Church; WWII Army Vet

( ANN MARIE GREENE (Anna) born August 18, 1918 Windber, Somerset, PA and died May 5, 1989 Geneva, Ashtabula, OH; married October 17, 1934 in Cumberland MD, Joseph John Hammers born August 2, 1908 Johnstown, Camrbia, PA and died August 31, 1972 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH; both buried Fairview Cemetery, Madison, Lake, OH; and they had 5 kids

( PETER LEWIS GREENE born September 8, 1920 Cadogen PA and died March 15, 1996 Johnstown PA; buried there St. Joseph’s Cemetery; WWII Vet, awarded Purple Heart; wholesale distributer; married a Miss Heptner

( CATHERINE ORVETTA GREENE born June 3, 1925 Windber, Somerset, PA

( VERNA LEONA LEWIS born May 12, 1898 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA and died October 24, 1985 Windber, Somerset, PA; buried Richland Cemetery, Richland Township, Cambria Co PA; married December 24, 1914 in Scalp Level PA, George McClelland Brown born May 15, 1882 Bedford, Somerset, PA and born to them were 8 kids, 7 of which were:

( RUTH MARIE BROWN born December 4, 1916

( WILLIAM MCCLELLAND BROWN born January 14, 1918

( IRENE MAY BROWN born December 9, 1918

( GEORGE LEWIS BROWN born May 8, 1920

( UNNAMED BOY BROWN born October 26, 1921

( RALPH BROWN (1926-)

( ELMER BROWN (1927-)

( ELMER LEROY LEWIS born May 24, 1901 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA and died January 12, 1970 Kittanning, Armstrong, PA; buried there Kittanning Cemetery; married Lida Bell Hedrick born November 13, 1891

( BERTHA MAY LEWIS born August 24, 1903 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA and died August 30, 1976 Spangler, Cambria, PA; married January 21, 1920 in Cumberland MD, Dorsey Dean Good born March 29, 1894 Barr Township, Cambria Co PA and died September 29, 1968; both buried McDowell Cemetery, Clymer, Indiana, PA; and they had 5 kids

( CLIFTON ALEXANDER LEWIS born December 13, 1905 Pleasant Valley, Jefferson, PA and died September 8, 1982 E Franklin Township, Armstrong Co PA; buried Lawn Haven Burial Estates, Worthington, Armstrong, PA

( THOMAS EDGAR LEWIS born February 9, 1908 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA and died May 27, 1945 Sligo, Clarion, PA; married August 23, 1934 in Niles OH, Viola Mary Myers born May 14, 1909 Brady’s Bend Township, Armstrong Co PA and died 1960; both buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Sugarcreek Township, Armstrong Co PA; and they had a child

( WILLIAM LEWIS born March 11, 1915 Scalp Level, Cambria, PA and died there March 16, 1915; buried there

( MARIA BELINDA SLAWSON born October 1851 PA and died in Warsaw Township, Jefferson Co PA; married Harry Morey born March 1849 PA; and born to them were:

( GERTRUDE M MOREY born January 1884 PA

( BENJAMIN H MOREY born April 1888 PA

( PERBINCE V MOREY born January 1891 PA

( OLIVE EUDORA SLAWSON born March 10, 1854 Warsaw Township, Jefferson Co PA and died April 1939 Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA; married Chester Shaw and born to them was:


( ALVINA ELIZABETH SLAWSON born October 15, 1857 Warsaw Township, Jefferson Co PA and died 1933; married Miles Coff

( EMILINE AMANDA SLAWSON born September 30, 1860 Warsaw Township, Jefferson Co PA and died June 1939 Brookway PA; married Ridget Preston

( HUGH PAUL SLAWSON born October 25, 1863 Warsaw Township, Jefferson Co PA and died January 8, 1940 Pamona CA; married January 20, 1887 in Brooksville PA, Lena Edith Reesman

( GABRIEL SLAWSON – 9th born - born April 14, 1820 Minisink, Orange, NY

( WILLIAM NELSON SLAWSON – 10th born - born March 7, 1822 Minisink, Orange, NY

( MOSES SLAWSON - not listed in all sources – 14th born - born December 24, 1830 Orange Co NY and died March 6, 1856 Indiana Co PA (June 15, 1919 Ridgeway, Jefferson, PA; buried there); married Mary Ann Alexander born April 4, 1839 Reynoldsville PA; and born to them were:

( HETTIE SLAWSON born February 9, 1854 and died January 27, 1917; married William Fox (1847-1923) and born to them was:

( NORA FOX born February 28, 1876 Warsaw PA and died November 10, 1965 Brookville PA; married Edgar Clarence Bushley [son of Ephraim & Esther (Goodar) Bushley] born April 26, 1873 Warsaw PA and died October 30, 1916 Brookville PA; and born to them was:

( RIAL BUSHLEY born November 22, 1898 Snyder Township PA and died January 14, 1970 Brookville PA; married Florence Perrin [dau of Charles Albin & Caroline Ellen (Snyder) Perrin] born July 31, 1899 Hazen PA and died November 26, 1956 Brookville PA; and born to them was:

( WILLIAM RIAL BUSHLEY born June 25, 1932 Hazen PA and died July 20, 1998 Kenosha WI; Veteran; married a Miss Preston and they had a kid

( ESTHER SLAWSON born c1856 PA



( DANIEL B SLAWSON born c1863 PA

( ELIZA SLAWSON born c1868 PA

( FRANK SLAWSON (Franklin H Slawson) born January 5, 1875 Minisink NY and died September 25, 1906; buried Temple Cemetery, Hazen PA; married Mary Martha Bower (; and born to them were:

( DOROTHY MAE SLAWSON born June 12, 1900; married January/June 23, 1923 Harry Lloyd Calhoun born August 23, 1894 and died February 17, 1981; both buried Temple Cemetery, Hazen PA; and they had 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( DONALD S CALHOUN born August 4, 1926 and died October 27, 1973

( MARTHA MARIE SLAWSON (Photo) born March 21, 1903 Warsaw Township, Jefferson Co PA and died March 19, 1985 Punxsutawney Area Hospital; married February 18, 1922 in Warsaw NY, Paul Herbert Stahlman [son of Simon Peter & Anne Elizabeth (Moser) Stahlman] born September 15, 1897 Grange, Jefferson, PA and died April 23, 1985 Punxsutawney Area Hospital; both buried St. John’s Cemetery, Grange, Jefferson, PA (can’t ID); and they had 12 kids, 3 of which were:

( JOHN SHERMER STAHLMAN born June 13, 1925 Perry Township, Jefferson Co PA and died March 3, 2006 Punxsutawney PA; buried St John’s Cemetery, Grange PA; never married

( JAMES HENRY STAHLMAN born December 16, 1931 Perry Township, Jefferson Co PA and died January 21, 1972 Punxsutawney, Jefferfson, PA; married November 24, 1953 in Punxsutawney, Margaret Bernadette Lenoe [dau of Andrew & Anna Margaret (Stanko) Lenoe] born November 7, 1933 Brooklyn NY and died December 8, 1982 Pittsburgh PA; both buried Calvary Cemetery, Punxsutawney; and they had 4 kids – James’ son has a wonderful website with great information and wonderful photos – check it out

( THOMAS DEWEY STAHLMAN born January 18, 1945 Punxsutawney Area Hospital and died March 23, 1990 at home, Porter Township, Jefferson Co PA; buried St John’s Cemetery, Grange PA; married Miss Monosky and they had a child

( FRANCIS VADA SLAWSON born October 9, 1906 and died December 6, 1988; buried Temple Cemetery, Hazen PA; married Clarence Fiddler and they had 2 kids

( ALMA SLAWSON (1903-)

( DASSIE SLAWSON born November 1881 PA

( MARTHA SLAWSON – 1st born – born February 27, 1805 Minisink, Orange, NY

( REBECCA SLAWSON – 11th born – born May 9, 1824 Minisink, Orange, NY

( ELSIE ANN SLAWSON – 12th born – born March 14, 1826 Minisink, Orange, NY

( RHODA ANN SLAWSON – 13th born – born August 20, 1828 Minisink, Orange, NY

( MARY (POLLY) SLAWSON born c1782 Salem NY and died Sandusky, Erie, OH; married in 1812 Colonel William Andrew Christy

( ELIZABETH FERRIS birth date unk but she was baptized July 19, 1752

( SAMUEL FERRIS (Jr.) [this Samuel is also listed in the James line - confusion exists as to correct placement.] born August 11, 1754 Stamford CT and died December 3, 1842/3 Ovid, Seneca, NY; he did draw a pension; Samuel moved to Nine Partners NY before the War and enlisted from there 1777, serving over two and a half years; moved to Harpersfield after the war, thence to Ovid c1802; married August 8, 1783 Phebe Sherman [one source says dau of Peter and Mary] [another says she is the dau of Elisa and Phebe (Canfield) Sherman (], born 1759 and died February 24, 1840 Ovid NY age 81y 4m; both buried Interlaken Cemetery, Seneca Co NY; tombstone marked “A patriot of the Am. Rev.” (Photos); they were members of the Baptist Church, Covert NY; and born to them were:


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