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( OLIVER GODFREY born September 3, 1838 Genesee Co NY and died August 2, 1905 Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI; farmer near Ceresco MI; married March 6, 1861 in Calhoun Co MI, Emily Miranda Newbre [dau of William & Catherine Amelia (Cranson) Newbre] born October 2, 1842 Sandstone, Jackson, MI and died November 13, 1897 Battle Creek; and born to them were:

( DORA AMELIA GODFREY born November 11, 1868 Emmett Township, Calhoun Co MI and died March 19, 1923 Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI; married February 18, 1891 in Calhoun Co MI, Willard C Phelps

( WILLIAM DAVID GODFREY born October 18, 1875 Emmett Township, Calhoun Co MI and died January 30, 1923 Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI; house painter 1910; married c1901 Bessie Stebleton [dau of Andrew J & Almina (Glick) Stebleton] born c1883 OH; and born to them were 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( RUTH GODFREY born c1902 Emmett, Calhoun, MI

( GEORGE D GODFREY born July 30, 1906 Emmett, Calhoun, MI and died September 1978 Ceresco, Calhoun, MI; 1930 switchboard operator electric power co; married Hazel E {maiden name unk}

( CORWIN D GODFREY born c1843 Genesee Co NY and died c1904 Calhoun Co MI; a farmer near Ceresco MI; married Emma Kincaid born c1844 MI; and born to them were:

( MABEL GODFREY born c1872 MI – residing in Denver CO, 1945; married Howard Hulbert

( DAVID GODFREY born c1879 MI

( JAMES H GODFREY born c1844 Genesee Co NY and died c1910 Calhoun Co MI; a farmer and mechanic; married c1880 Agnes Hedden born c1856 MI; and born to them were:

( VERN GODFREY (c1882-) married in 1945 but no kids

( RALPH GODFREY (c1888-) died young

( MATILDA GODFREY born October 22, 1848 NY and died February 25, 1924 Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI; married Edmund Vary born c1848 NY; and born to them was:

( CLARENCE VARY born c1873 MI

( MARY ISABEL GODFREY born c1860 MI and died June 4, 1922 Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI; married Edwin A Allen born c1855 CT; and born to them were 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( LUCY E ALLEN born c1878 MI

( JOHN KING GODFREY born June 10, 1815 Bloomingburg, Sullivan, NY and died September 8, 1884 Parma, Jackson, MI; buried there Campbell Cemetery, a few miles north of Parma; moved to MI 1844 and bought 320 acres of land in Parma and built a log cabin on this homestead; active in local politics being Treasurer of Parma for many years; married 1st December 6, 1839 in Genesee Co NY, Susan Randall [dau of Noah & Susan (Farley) Randall] born July 24, 1818 Stafford, Genesee, NY and died December 12, 1871 Parma; buried with John; interesting to note in the 1860 census John is identified as a farmer, but so is Susan as opposed to keeping house which was normal for wives then, i.e., in the 1870 & 1880 census; married 2d Charlotte Wiggins [dau of Stephen & Olive (Gillette) Wiggins] born c1829 Orange Co NY; and born to John and Susan were:

( WILLIAM H GODFREY born February 23, 1841 Genesee Co NY and died October 31, 1919 Parma, Jackson, MI; in 1844 moved with his father to MI; attended Albion College; 1862 enlisted in Company E, 20th Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry serving 4 years; later bought the homestead of his father; prominent in church affairs being for many years a trustee of the North Parma Methodist Church; married November 21, 1866 in Parma, Sarah A Anderson [dau of Lucius C & Abigail (Bailey) Anderson] born April 27, 1842 Kalamazoo MI and died May 17, 1914; both buried Campbell Cemetery, a few miles north of Parma; and born to them were:

( JENNIE GODFREY born c1868 Parma, Jackson, MI and died young

( LUCIUS H GODFREY born May 4, 1869 Parma, Jackson, MI and died there July 12, 1943; married c1901 Nellie May Clapp (1870-1946); both buried Chapel Cemetery, Sandstone, Jacksonk, MI (Photos)

( SUSAN A GODFREY born April 10, 1871 Parma, Jackson, MI – resided in Jackson MI 1945; married George Spencer Hawes

( HERBERT H GODFREY born February 18, 1873 Parma, Jackson, MI – resided in Grand Rapids MI 1945; married 1st Julia Rillie; 2d Elthea Wiard; 3d Camille

( CARRIE GODFREY born October 12, 1874 Parma, Jackson, MI – resided in Albion MI 1945; married Perry Robertson – no offspring

( MABEL GODFREY born March 11, 1881 Parma, Jackson, MI – resided in Detroit MI 1945; married George Harvey Blakeney

( JOHN KING GODFREY born February 1, 1883 Parma, Jackson, MI and died March 21, 1958; resided in Battle Creek MI 1945; married February 24, 1914 Edna June Wilder born April 8, 1888 and died February 12, 1937; and born to them was:

( JOHN ROBERT GODFREY born November 19, 1915 and died July 1, 1980; married a Miss Pratt and they had a child

( JASPER R GODFREY born October 3, 1842 Genesee Co NY and died April 14, 1905 Parma, Jackson, MI; like his brother, he accompanied his father to MI in 1844; enlisted in Company A, 1st Michigan Regiment of Engineers; after the war settled in Parma where he conducted a hardware business for many years and was postmaster under President Harrison; married 1st December 21, 1865 in Parma, Helen M Chapel [dau of Lorenzo Dow & Margaret (Clapp) Chapel] born July 13, 1846 Sandstone Township, Jackson Co MI and died September 19, 1873 MI; buried Chapel Cemetery, Sandstone Township, Jackson Co MI; married 2d October 23, 1875 in Beloit, Rock, WI name uncertain; and born to him and Helen were:

( JOHN D GODFREY (1867-1873) buried Chapel Cemetery, Sandstone, Jackson, MI

( EDITH C GODFREY born September 2, 1870 MI and died January 12, 1901 Jackson Co MI; married October 15, 1891 Harry Warner [son of Charles & Wilhelmina (Van Pelt) Warner] and born to them were:



( IRVING JULIUS GODFREY born October 15, 1871 MI and died March 20, 1928 Parma, Jackson, MI; married Jessie Marsh (1871-1910) [dau of Charles G & Malinda A (Reed) Marsh]; both buried Chapel Cemetery, Sandstown, Jackson, MI (Photos); and born to them were 4 kids, 3 of which were:




( MARGARET JANE GODFREY born September 20, 1844 Parma, Jackson, MI and died April 19, 1899; married Orlin Dean

( MELINDA CATHERINE GODFREY born July 17, 1847 MI and died February 11, 1918; married Lewis Gilmore Brown and born to them were:



( L KARL BROWN born February 21, 1884 Parma Township, Jackson Co MI

( EMMA GODFREY born October 16, 1852 and died October 19, 1889 Albion, Jackson, MI; married 1st Eli Hallock; 2d Frank Kahn; and born to her and Eli was:


( COLONEL FREMONT GODFREY (Colonel was his given name, not military rank) born 1856 and died November 17, 1937 Glendale, Los Angeles, CA; married February 2, 1881 in Calhoun Co MI, Harriet S Thompson (Hattie) born July 26, 1861 NY and died March 4, 1954 Los Angeles CA – no offspring

( KATHERINE GODFREY (Kate) born March 30, 1859 and died March 9, 1931 Chelsea, Washtenaw, MI; married Homer G Ives [son of Samuel & Marie Louise (Hedden) Ives] and born to them was:

( MILDRED LOUISE IVES born May 7, 1899 Unadilla, Livingston, MI and died October 9, 1981 Saline, Washtenaw, MI; married June 23, 1921 Edwar Ivor Gaunt born November 9, 1884 and died June 1, 1970 Chelsea, Washtenaw, MI

( CASSIUS GODFREY born March 30, 1859 and died May 14, 1862

( MARGARET JANE GODFREY born May 17, 1817 Orange Co NY and died December 10, 1884 Byron, Genesee, NY; married Oliver Perry Hulette and born to them were:

( ORLO PERRY HULETT born October 24, 1839 Batavia, Genesee, NY anddied April 16, 1920; farmer; married December 12, 1868 in Charlotte, Eaton, MI Mary Sophie Fox born c1841 and died January 18, 1914; and born to them were:

( CARRIE A HULETT born c1869 MI

( STELLA JULIA HULETT born June 7, 1871 Benton Township, Eaton Co MI and died April 5, 1948

( MORTIMER HULETT born August 14, 1842 Batavia, Genesee, NY; railroad conductor; married March 17, 1874 in Concord, Jackson, MI Elizabeth Harwood born c1845 England; and born to them were:




( JULIETTE HULETT born March 15, 1838 Batavia, Genesee, NY

( AMOS HOLMES GODFREY born March 5, 1819 Bloomingburg, Sullivan, NY and died October 23, 1901 Jackson Co MI; he purchased part of Section 36 in Parma Township and became a successful farmer; married February 28, 1845 in Elba, Genesee, NY Harriet S Hunn [dau of Ephraim & Amy (Porter) Hunn] born February 7, 1829 East Longmeadow MA and died August 15, 1881 Parma, Jackson, MI; both buried there Chapel Cemetery (photos); and born to them were:

( SEYMOUR HENRY GODFREY born February 14, 1846 Genesee Co NY and died February 5, 1930 Parma, Jackson, MI; farmer, hardware merchant, banker and postmaster; married March 20, 1873 in Parma, Ella V Gillette [dau of Orren O & Addie (Higgins) Gillette] born September 15, 1853 Springport, Jackson, MI and died January 19, 1926 Parma; both buried Chapel Cemetery, Sandstone, Jackson, MI (Photo) – no offspring

( WILLIAM HENRY GODFREY born June 5, 1848 Genesee Co NY and died May 19, 1915 Santa Cruz CA; spent most of his life as a farmer in Parma MI retiring to Santa Cruz; married October 10, 1871 in Parma, Alida Higgins Gillette [sister of Ella above] born April 22, 1850 Sandstone MI and died March 13, 1930 Santa Cruz CA; both buried Chapel Cemetery, Sandstone, Jackson, MI (Photo); and born to them were:

( MALLAH VICTORIA GODFREY born June 10, 1876 Parma, Jackson, MI – resided in Emporia KS 1945; married Herbert Galen Lull

( WORTHY G GODFREY born June 15, 1881 and died February 27, 1883 Parma MI; buried Chapel Cemetery with his parents (photo)

( MARK WORTHY GILLETTE GODFREY born August 8, 1886 Parma, Jackson, MI and died c1923 Stockton, San Joaquin, CA; married Elizabeth Guerton

( GEORGE PORTER GODFREY born January 6, 1821 Bloomingburg, Sullivan, NY and died 1905 in Elkhart, Elkhart, IN – at the home of his son; educated at Newburgh Academy and in 1845 emigrated to MI where he bought several parcels of land – lived first in Quakertown, then Springport before spending his declining year in Elkhart; farmer 1850-80; married March 7, 1843 in Batavia NY, Eunice Coy born June 27, 1824 Rochester, Monroe, NY and died March 1899 Springport, Jackson, MI; and born to them were:

( FRANCES JANE GODFREY born c1844 NY and died c1915; married Jacob Seadore Geiger and born to them were:

( EMERY E GEIGER born c1865 MO

( DORA B GEIGER born c1868 MO

( HARRY DEVILLO GEIGER, D.D.S., born September 16, 1870 Honeywell MO and died November 15, 1921 Jackson Co MI from complications due to malaria contacted during the War; buried there Springport Cemetery; award DDS 1893 from U. of Michigan; served in the Army in Cuba in the The Spanish-American War, 1897-1900; married after the War, Jessie Mae Nixon and born to them were 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( DOROTHY MARGUERITE GEIGER born July 21, 1905 and died August 10, 1951; married a Mr Resh and they had a child

( CHARLES H GODFREY born October 12, 1845 Jackson Co MI and died March 1919 Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI; as a young man served with Company A, 1st Michigan Regiment of Engineers; upon discharge he settled in Shelby Co MO, but later returned to Jackson Co and in 1872 bought a farm near Benton Harbor; in 1887 he started operataing a canning factory in Benton Harbor which developed into one of the largest industries of its kind in the state, known as the Michigan Fruit Canners Inc with branches in several MI cities. November 7, 2004: “Canning Business with 119 years in Benton Harbor to Close: The closing of a Dean Specialty Foods plant this year marks the end of a 119-years history of making canned food products in this city. The company has decided to get out of the diet and nutritional drink business, and the Benton Harbor plant was its only one making those products. Including some employees who already were laid off, 93 people will lose their jobs. ……. The Benton Harbor plant traces its origins back to 1885, when Charles H Godfrey started a cannery under the name of C. H. Godfrey’s Canning Works. In 1927, what was then Godfrey Packing Co merged with canning companies in South Haven and Fennville to form Michigan Fruit Canners, Inc. New owners of Michigan Fruit Canners came on board in 1962 and 1974. The company’s name was changed to Comstock Michigan Fruit in 1998 when Dean Foods, the parent company of Dean Speciality Foods, acquired the plant. . . . “ (Jim – another US plant closed by Union high costs!!!); married March 1866 Mary Wilkerson [dau of Amasa C & Anna (Jenks) Wilkerson] born c1844 West Kendall, Orleans, NY and died December 30, 1929 Benton Harbor MI; and born to them were:

( MATTIE N GODFREY born c1867 MI – resided in Benton Harbor MI 1945; married Albert Beaton

( MAY N GODFREY born September 2, 1871 Jackson MI; married Raymond Moore

( WILLARD A GODFREY born November 29, 1880 Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI – resided in Benton Harbor 1945; married Mildred Leonard [dau of Lawrence & Jennie (Shackley) Leonard]

( MINTA GODFREY born c1885 Benton Harbor MI – resided in Berrien Springs MI 1945; married Elbert L Bowman – no offspring

( HARRISON W GODFREY born March 3, 1847 Jackson Co MI and died May 1915 Elkhart, Elkhart, IN; served with Company H, 30th Michigan Volunteer Infantry; 1880 resided Benton MI; moved to Elkhart where he became Treasurer of the Munger Lumber Co; at one time was Commander of the Elkhart Post of the G.A.R.; married January 1, 1868 in Shelbina, Shelby, MO Jenette Monteith born c1846 Kalamazoo MI and died c1921 Elkhart IN; and born to them was:

( HATTIE GODFREY born February 6, 1873 Jackson, Jackson, MI and died December 25, 1931 Elkhart IN; married Frank Adams

( CLARK PORTER GODFREY born c1849 Jackson Co MI and died c180 Gratiot Co MI; farmer 1880 Arcada, Gratiot, MI; married October 29, 1872 in Parma, Amelia Housden [dau of Gifford & Hepsibah (Bullen) Housden] born January 6, 1854 England and died October 12, 1922 Albion, Calhoun, MI; and born to them was:

( EVA LOIS GODFREY born December 21, 1873 Parma, Jackson, MI – resided in Homer, Calhoun, MI 1945 and died 1969; married December 26, 1894 in Rice Creek, Calhoun Co, MI Leslie Joseph King born December 18, 1873 King’s Corner, Albion Township, MI and died January 12, 1966 Homer. Calhoun, MI; both buried there Fairview Cemetery (Photo); Justice of Peace Albion Township; and born to them was:

( CLARK HOWARD KING born October 28, 1895 King’s Corner, Albion Township, MI and died March 17, 1969 Coldwater MI; buried Fairview Cemetery, Homer MI; married 1st 1920-23, Elsie M Andrus born November 2, 1900; married 2d March 25, 1931, as her 3d husband, Ella May Hoover [dau of Jacob Edward & Eldora] born May 14, 1900 Tappen ND and died November 19, 1985 Albion MI; and he and Ella had 5 kids, 2 of which were:


( RALPH MERRITT KING apparently married 5 times

( FRANK B GODFREY born February 2, 1853 Jackson Co MI and died February 12, 1922 Kalamazoo MI; he and his 2 sons were in the lumber business; 1880 census he was a teamster and living in Elkhart IN, then apparently moved back to Jackson Co MI; married c1874 in Benton Harbor MI, Nellie Nelson [dau of Charles] born December 13, 1852 Benton Harbor MI and died January 9, 1929 Kalamazoo MI; and born to them were:

( EUNICE GODFREY born c1883 Jackson Co MI – resided in Detroit MI 1945; married L Sidney Abbott and born to them was:


( CLARK GODFREY born July 16, 1885 Jackson Co MI and died February 1972 Kalamazoo MI; married Lois Hazel Harker [dau of Paul C & Louise]

( EARLE GODFREY born January 18, 1891 Jackson Co MI and died September 1971 Kalamazoo MI; married Ruth Joris [dau of James & Ella] born October 16, 1892 St Joseph, Barrien, MI and died July 1984 Kalamazoo MI

( BYRON C GODFREY born December 11, 1854 Jackson Co MI; soon after marriage, he moved to Eaton Co MI and in 1892 to Elkhart IN, where he was President of the Godfrey Conveyor Co; farmer 1880 Brookfield MI; married 1st Jenette Hall (Nettie) born September 5, 1858 MI and died June 6, 1915 Elkhart IN; married 2d Carrie Scales born July 18, 1868; and born to him and Nettie were:

( EMMETT GODFREY born April 14, 1878 MI – resided in Albion MI 1945; Spanish-American War Vet; married Meda E Haight

( BERTHA GODFREY born June 7, 1880 – resided in Elkhart IN 1945; married Robert Wilmer Monger [son of William Henry & Margaret A (Vawter) Monger]

( JONATHAN FRANCIS GODFREY born October 4, 1881 Eaton Co MI and died July 5, 1922 Elkhart IN; buried Grace Lawn Cemetery; married Nettie V Henry and born to them were:



( GEORGE PORTER GODFREY born April 26, 1833 Eaton Co MI and died March 21, 1924 Monte Vista, Rio Grande, CO; married Ruth Roland [dau of Henry N & Margaret (Fellenbaum) Roland] and born to them were:




( SOPHIA GODFREY born April 18, 1885 Springport MI – resided in Poland OH 1945; married William L Countryman – no offspring

( BERYL GODFREY born June 11, 1894 Elkhart IN and died there May 1979; married Peter Haeb

( VICTOR FREMONT GODFREY, D.D.S., born September 15, 1856 Jackson Co MI and died February 20, 1911 Alpena, Alpena, MI; farmer 1880 Parma MI; dentist moved to Alpena 1884; married 1st 1875 Alice Pitcher born c1856 MI and died c1887 Alpena MI; married 2d c1890 Lilly Bulock [dau of Charles & Matilda (Simpson) Bulock] born April 2, 1865 Alpena, Alpena, MI; and born to him and Alice were:

( ELMER CLARK GODFREY born August 21, 1878; married Eugenia Edgar

( CLARENCE MORTIMER GODFREY born September 25, 1882 South Haven, Van Buren, MI and died October 19, 1970 Los Angeles CA; married 1st Olive Webber [dau of Stephen & Emma (Barrett) Webber]; married 2d Marion Maud Gifford

Born to Victor and his 2d wife, Lilly, were:

( HARLOW VICTOR GODFREY born June 30, 1891 Alpena, Alpena, MI and died there February 1973; married Stella Stockwell

( WARREN SIMPSON GODFREY born January 4, 1895 Alpena, Alpena, MI and died April 1, 1948 San Joaquin, Fresno, CA

( ETHEL BERTIS GODFREY born March 3, 1903 Alpena, Alpena, MI and died November 30, 1993 Posen, Presque Isle, MI; married Victor Edward Sinden [son of Thomas & Anna (Coulson) Sinden] born March 18, 1887 and died June 1967 Alpena MI

( HARLOW DAVID GODFREY born 1856-66 MI and died young

( EMMETT B GODFREY born 1856-66 MI and died young

( LUCINDA GODFREY born September 16, 1824 Orange Co NY and died February 18, 1899 Sandstone, Jackson, MI; married December 3, 1848 Jacob Rhines born February 2, 1804 Shannon NY and died May 20, 1886; both buried Chapel Cemetery, Sandstone, Jackson, MI; farmer 1870-80; and born to them were:

( VEGA J RHINES born 1850 MI and died September 27, 1876; buried Chapel Cemetery, Sandstone, Jackson, MI

( EMMETT RHINES born January 11, 1852 MI and died November 1932; buried Chapel Cemetery, Jackson Co MI

( CHARLES GODFREY born May 21, 1828 Elba, Genesee, NY and died October 18, 1918 Marshall, Calhoun, MI; buried Campbell Cemetery a few miles north of Parma. Jackson Co MI; a farmer and pioneer stockraiser in southern Michigan for many years in Ceresco; married 1st March 1, 1853 in Spring Arbor MI Mary Bissell Lyman [dau of Alford & Matilda (McCrory) Lyman] born June 6, 1830 NY and died November 13, 1861 Jackson Co MI; buried with Charles; married 2d November 12, 1867 in Abscota MI, Jane Lyman (sister of Mary?); and born to him and Mary were:

( ARTHUR GODFREY born September 26, 1854 Jackson Co MI and died c1896 Battle Creek MI; farmer 1880; married March 1880 Cora Hulett born May 5, 1858 Jackson Co MI and born to them were:

( PHILO H GODFREY born August 6, 1882 Calhoun Co MI and died August 3, 1883

( KARL VICTOR GODFREY born March 26, 1887 Calhoun Co MI and died December 27, 1972 Lansing, Ingham, MI; purchasing agent for Reo Motors for many years; married June 1917 Hazel Goodwin [dau of Andrew N & Ella] born June 26, 1888 and died April 1986 MI; both buried there Deepdale Memorial Gardens; she was an elementary school teacher for 35 years; and they had 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( JEAN GODFREY married a Mr. Park and they had a child

( ALICE L GODFREY born January 27, 1856 Parma, Jackson, MI and died November 16, 1939 Marshall, Calhoun, MI; married June 20, 1877 in Calhoun Co MI, Ezra D Murdock born c1854 Marengo, Calhoun, MI; prominent stockraiser and farmer near Marshall MI; and born to them were:


( STELLA MURDOCK (c1879-) married a Mr Welles

( ALLAN L GODFREY born July 26, 1858 Jackson Co MI and died December 30, 1928 Marengo, Calhoun, MI; farmer 1910; married c1882 Alice Long born c1862 Marengo MI and died there October 14, 1937; and born to them was:

( MARY GODFREY born December 9, 1884 Marengo, Calhoun, MI – resided in Marshall MI 1945 unmarried

( ALFRED GODFREY born July 26, 1858 Jackson Co MI and died October 10, 1859

( MARY GODFREY born November 13, 1861 Jackson Co MI and died c1864

( HARRIET GODFREY born February 24, 1831 Genesee Co NY and died December 31, 1907 Calhoun Co MI; married November 20, 1852 in Jackson Co MI, Sylvester G (or C.) Ludlow who died March 1, 1871 age 39y 6m 5d; both buried Campbell Cemetery a few miles north of Parma, Jackson Co MI; farmer 1870; and born to them was:

( MARY B LUDLOW born c1864 MI

( ORLOW C GODFREY born August 19, 1832 Genesee Co NY and died February 6, 1911 Parma, Jackson, MI; farmer 1870-80; married 1st Caroline H Esmond; married 2d Cordelia Campbell; married 3d Lucy Westcott – no offspring

( DEWITT SLAWSON born March 7, 1794

( MARY SLAWSON born December 31, 1796 Salem, Westchester, NY; married Abraham Turner and born to them was:

( MARY JANE TURNER born July 26, 1822 Westchester or Orange Co NY and died August 7, 1901; remembered as an old lady c1900, who carried a small clay pipe which she smoked after meals; married 1st April 30, 1840 in Springbook PA, Reese Scull born September 24, 1814 Welsh Woods, Luzerne Co PA and died May 23, 1865 Spring Brook, Lackawanna, PA by falling off a bridge; married 2d a Mr. Murphy – divorced; and born to Mary and Reese were:

( DANIEL WARREN SCULL born January 30, 1841 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died 1865 in the Civil War

( DAVID PORTER SCULL born February 10, 1842 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died 1917; Civil War Vet 1861-65; married June 8, 1867 in Honesdale, Wayne, PA Jane Ursula Hamlin born May 7, 1846 Oregon PA; and born to them were:

( EDITH JANE SCULL born February 16, 1868 Spring Brook, Lackawanna, PA and died October 17, 1949; married 1st Thomas Grogan; married 2d Allan Schmale; and born to her and Thomas were:


( LINUS HAMLIN GROGAN married Anna Schaeffer

( PAUL BURTON GROGAN married Grace Burnside

( CHARLES REESE GROGAN married Margaret Schaeffer

Born to Edith and her 2d husband, were:

( DAVID EARL SCHMALE married Lillian Hooper who died May 19, 1960

( GEORGE ALLAN SCHMALE married Janet S Martin

( EMMA VIOLA SCULL born February 26, 1870 Spring Brook, Lackawanna, PA and died 1947; married Arthur Stevens and born to them were:

( MARGARET STEVENS (1901-) married John D Smith


( IDA ERMININE SCULL born February 8, 1872 Spring Brook, Lackawanna, PA; married 1st John Boussard (-1928); 2d a Mr Stout

( GRACE INEZ SCULL born December 11, 1873 Spring Brook, Lackawanna, PA and died June 13, 1896

( MARGARET ADELE SCULL born April 29, 1876 Spring Brook PA and died April 1960; married Thomas Elias (-1936) and born to them were:

( THOMAS CLYDE ELIAS born October 12, 1917 married Margaret Mead

( IDA IRENE ELIAS born May 7, 1920; married Joseph Kishel

( FREDA ABIGAIL SCULL (Agness Freda) born October 15, 1878 Spring Brook PA; married a Mr Turner and born to them was:


( CARRIE WINIEFRED SCULL born August 22, 1881 Covington, Tioga, PA; married William Durland (-1942) and born to them were:

( RUSSELL DURLANDA born September 16, 1908

( GRACE SCULL DURLAND born April 13, 1910; married Clyde Berger

( RUTH E DURLAND born January 1, 1915; married William Elias

( JANE HAMLIN DURLAND born October 14, 1916; married Thomas Silfies

( ELEANOR JEAN DURLAND born August 1, 1927; married Fred Ley

( DAVID BERTON SCULL (David Burton) born September 28, 1885 PA; married Emma Kizer born July 1884 and born to them were:

( ETHELYN J SCULL (twin) born April 7, 1914; married William Tampman and born to them were:

( BEVERLY TAMPMAN (1939-) married Gilbert Alexander


( EVELYN K SCULL (twin) born April 7, 1914; married William Frantz

( DAVID SAMUEL SCULL (1916-) married Ida Zurcher and born to them was:

( DAVID A SCULL born May 30, 1948


( ARTHUR GLEN SCULL (1919-) married Betty Schlittler and born to them was:


( MAUDE EFFIE SCULL born December 22, 1888 PA and died 1902

( MARY ETTA SCULL born February 28, 1844 Greenfield PA and died December 23, 1929 Mitchell SD; married Lewis Herbert Kreidler [son of John & Anna] born December 1836 Plainfield Township, Northampton, PA and died December 12, 1924 Mitchell SD; both buried there Graceland Cemetery; Civil War Vet, Private, served with Company C, 2d New Jersey Volunteer Cav, September 1864 – June 1865; moved to Mitchell area in 1882 with his family from Cedar Co IA where he had been a farmer; had land in Hyde and Jerauld Counties SD; and born to them were:

( HERBERT DAVID KREIDLER born April 30, 1866 PA and died August 14, 1936 Mitchell, Davison, SD; buried there Graceland Cemetery

( LEON WARREN KREIDLER born October 14, 1870 Luzerne Co PA and died June 7, 1953 N Hollywood CA; a well-known and influential factor in journalistic circles of South Dakota as proprietor of the Fulton Advocate, which he purchased in March 1913 and in 1915 was also Postmaster. He was a youth of 12y when his family came to South Dakota, attended the public schools in the acquirement of an education and subsequently assisted his father in the operation of the home farm until 20y. He then learned the printer’s trade at Highmore and later purchased an interest in the Herald at Wessington Springs. After a short time he sold his interest in the Herald and was subsequently employed on various papers throughout the state. For 8y he served as foreman in the office of the Educator and afterward became an officer of the Salvation Army in Minnesota and North Dakota. In March 1913, he purchased the plant of the Fulton Advocate and has since published the paper with growing success, so that is is now a popular, widely read and interesting sheet. Recently he has also assumed the duties of postmaster, to which position he was appointed January 21, 1915 by President Wilson and in which connection he made a most satisfactory and commendable record; member of board of education. He married July 12, 1899 Hilma Fidroeff [dau of Filatt] born December 10, 1879 and died July 1, 1966; and born to them were:

( ANNIE LEONA KREIDLER born August 1, 1900 and died August 28, 1968; married Thorbjorn William Hansen born October 7, 1896 and died January 18, 1975 and born to them were:

( LEON THORBJORN HANSEN born July 14, 1920; married Ruth Hegge

( HILMA VIOLET ESTHER HANSEN born December 12, 1925; married Howard Leroy Bradbury born October 9, 1924 and born to them were:

( VICKI ANNE BRADBURY married 1st James Michael Limbean; married 2d William Lincoln Van Camp – offspring from both marriages

( JAMES LEON BRADBURY married 1st JoAnne Iris Milner; 2d Cheryl


( TRYGVE ROALD HANSEN born May 12, 1928

( DANIEL HERBERT KREIDLER born May 2, 1903; married Bertha Bray (1910-)

( MARY JOSEPHINE KREIDLER born October 2, 1906; married William Earl Evans

( ANNIE JANE KREIDLER born December 21, 1874 Moscow PA and died 1952 SD; married 1st 1892 in Hyde Co SD (or Omaha NE), William Howard McGregor [son of William & Helen (Vanvolkenburg) McGregor] born May 3, 1872 Chicago IL and died July 2, 1936 in rural Sioux Co ND, apparently of a heart attack while trailing cattle to sell, in his brand-new Buick; both buried City Cemetery, McIntosh SD; married 2d 1943 in McIntosh SD, Fred C Casey; Anna was one of the real pioneers of the Corson Co SD and Sioux Co ND area. She and her husband came to Winona across from Fort Yates in the early days where he was a butcher. When Winona started to fade they moved out to ranches on the Cedar and Cannon Ball Rivers. She wrote down some of her memories in 1951 – this is a story she called “My Dakota Land”. The following is from the Grant County Leader of June 14, 1918: “Bill McGregor, old time friend of the writer from the environs of the Cedar, was here this week with his new velo, slightly indisposed, that necessitated two or three days a tht Chris Miller hospital for repairs. It is certainly a delight for the wayfarer to drop into the palatial and hospitable home of Mr. McGregor, where every modern device is instituted for comfort and convenience. It is certainly a revelation to the traveler over these broad expanses of prairie to drift onto his ranch, where its many fenced areas are teeming with livestock, substantial improvements on every hand. Mr. McGregor’s place is one of the cornerstones of the state and was built up from a humble beginning by thrift, economy, perseverance and good management.” Born to her and William were:

( LEWIS AUSTIN MCGREGOR born February 6, 1893 Highmore, Hyde, SD and died January 28, 1979; married Lena Kuhn

( HOWARD LEON MCGREGOR born March 30, 1895 Winona, Emmons, ND and died April 23, 1972; married Julia Kuhn

( EVA LILLIAN MCGREGOR born October 11, 1897 Old McGregor Ranch on Cedar River ND and died September 9, 1984

( EDITH IRENE MCGREGOR born January 20, 1901 Old McGregor Ranch on Cedar River ND and died October 6, 1979

( ELSIE MAUDE MCGREGOR born January 30, 1903 Old McGregor Ranch on Cedar River ND and died 1948

( GORDON EARL MCGREGOR born May 14, 1910 Old McGregor Ranch on Cedar River ND and died August 26, 1976; married September 17, 1932 Myrtle Bernice Halverson [dau of Ebert Henry & Carrie (Hanson) Halverson] born March 7, 1912 McIntosh SD and died February 11, 1989 Bismarck ND; both buried City Cemetery, McIntosh, Corson, SD; and born to them were 6 kids, 1 of which was:

( GERALD MERVIN MCGREGOR born July 16, 1933 and died February 8, 1980 Thornfield MO; married a Miss Jameson and they had 4 kids

( ARCHIE WARREN MCGREGOR born October 5, 1913 Old McGregor Ranch on Cedar River ND and died August 9, 1971 Staples, Todd, MN; buried there; his folks homesteaded in western North Dakota in 1896, and his mother spent 11 consecutive years on the ranch without getting into the nearest town, Mandan, 75 miles away. The McGregor family worked hard at their business, and it soon grew into a 5,220-acre cattle and horse ranch. His Dad didn’t hire any men – the kids did it all – and one day when Archie was only 8y, he was harnessing a team of work horses. One of the animals stepped on his bare foot and the extreme weight necessitated remove of one of Archie’s little toes. He worked with cattle, horses and sheep until he was 41y, then became sheriff of Sioux County ND for 4y before becoming New Salem’s police chief for a year. He served on a Linchol School district board for 6y and on the Cedar Soil Conservation District for 14y – Governor William Guy cited him for his conservation work. He and 4 of his kids once had a 5-piece band – Archie played the violin – they played for North Dakota basket socials and house parties – ‘that was the only entertainment in the area’, he said. Archie was Deadwood’s assistant police chief – he owned an 800-acre farm in North Dakota. He married October 24, 1931 in Seldfridge ND, Anne Marie Rowell [dau of Samuel LeRoy & Mary Margaret (Breiner) Rowell] born September 19, 1912 Shields ND and died February 3, 2000 Staples MN; and they had 10 kids – an “apparent” grandson: Archie Warren McGregor II, age 42 of Custer formerly of Broadus. Vistation will be on July 2, 2003 at the First Baptist Church in Broadus. Funeral services will be July 3, 2003 in the First Baptist Church; burial will be in the Valley View Cemetery, Broadus.

( ANNA JANE SCULL born February 26, 1847 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died June 6, 1931; married Lambert K Call and born to them were:




( ADELAIDE ESTELL CALL born October 22, 1874 and died 1954; married Frank W Laucamp born July 29, 1860 and died July 29, 1942

( GEORGIA CALL born December 6, 1882; married a Mr McCoy

( SARAH C SCULL born March 9, 1848 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died September 1941; married John Cary and born to them were:

( CHARLES F CARY born January 8, 1868 and died February 10, 1868

( BENJAMIN FRANK CARY born August 1, 1870 and died September 2, 1950; married Ella Buckley

( EMMA P CARY born August 25, 1873 and died May 27, 1891

( ISAAC AUSTIN CARY born December 7, 1875; married Emma Semmel

( JAMES L CARY born May 27, 1881 and died October 7, 1958; married Lydia Jane Cary

( CHARLES WARREN CARY born April 29, 1888; married Cecil Arletta Meyers

( JAMES HENRY SCULL born October 10, 1850 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died September 22, 1925; married Emma S Blackmar and born to them were:



( LOUIS ORLETIS SCULL (1876-1958) married Louise Renaud (-1950) and born to them were:

( BLANCHE MARIE SCULL (1904-) married Millard Sparks and born to them were:

( KATHERINE ALICE SPARKS (1933-) married Benny Wimer

( JAMES EDWARD SPARKS (1936-) married Dorris Riddle

( MAIDA CAROLYN SPARKS (1940-) married Ronnie D Dunwoody

( RENO JAMES SCULL (1906-) married Mildred Caylor and born to them were:



( MABLE L SCULL born March 10, 1908; married Harry C Savage born March 25, 1905 and born to them were:

( LOUISE SAVAGE married John Rudkin

( JANICE SAVAGE married James Bailey


( LOUIS ORLETIS SCULL II (1910-) married Martina Hanson and born to them were:

( NORMA JEAN SCULL married Adrian Versendaal and they had 6 kids

( KENNETH LEE SCULL married Darlene Lois Cook and they had 5 kids


( ROBERT G SCULL (1914-) married Velma McMains and born to them were:




( EDWARD WALLACE SCULL (1878-1932) married 1st Myrtle Cole (-1946); married 2d Maud Mark; and born to him and Myrtle was:


Born to Edward and his 2d wife, Maud, were:



( NELLIS GRACE SCULL born January 7, 1881; married Henry Gross (-1940)

( CARRIE E SCULL born November 7, 1852 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died April 27, 1888; married May 10, 1870 Isaac McQuaw and born to them was:

( ORRIN JAMES MCQUAW born October 17, 1871 Scranton PA and died August 15, 1958 Portland OR; married April 17, 1904 in Helena MT, Jennie May Gordon born July 7, 1888 Helena MT and died May 11, 1967 Portland; and born to them were:

( GEORGE GORDON MCQUAW born November 5, 1905 Cascade MT and died August 6, 1994 Portland OR

( AMOS JAY MCQUAW born December 12, 1906 and died February 14, 1922 Carver OR

( CARRIE ELLEN MCQUAW born April 25, 1908 Neihart MT and died November 26, 1986 Oak Harbor WA; apparently married Edward Ellsworth Lauzen and Frederick Irwin Mills

( ORRIN LEONARD MCQUAW born January 26, 1910 Neihart MT and died July 1, 1983 Seattle WA

( EDWARD EARL MCQUAW born March 22, 1912 Dover MT and died February 14, 2003 Portland OR

( MAYNARD TAPPLY MCQUAW born May 20, 1914 Portland, Multnomah, OR and died there October 28, 1980; buried there Lincoln Memorial Park (Photo); logger, heavy equipment mechanic – operator; 8th grade education

( JESSIE MAY MCQUAW born August 19, 1917 Battle Ground WA and died February 7, 2003

( WILLIAM JOHNSON MCQUAW born February 14, 1920 Carver OR and died April 6, 2000 Portland OR

( HARRY KENNETH MCQUAW born April 23, 1927 Battle Ground WA and died May 21, 2001 Portland OR

( SHERAN JEANNE MCQUAW born November 7, 1932 Portland OR and died May 25, 1989 CA

( MARGARET REBECCA SCULL born June 24, 1855 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died July 26, 1936; married Michael Leif Luts born August 7, 1859 and died May 24, 1914; and born to them were:

( LEWIS R LUTS born May 23, 1884 and died May 25, 1884

( ARTHUR LIONEL LUTS born July 10, 1885 and died November 25, 1934; married Delia Crimmins

( SUSAN PEARL LUTS born April 18, 1887; married Ezekiel C MacPeek

( MARY JANE LUTS born May 5, 1887; married John Chahbandour born November 15, 1890 and died May 7, 1958

( JOHN LIONEL LUTS born June 5, 1890; married Emma Murray

( FREDERICK DAVID LUTS born June 2, 1892; married Ellen Quin

( RAYMOND JAMES LUTS born October 24, 1895; married Elizabeth Quinn

( LEWIS REESE SCULL born February 6, 1857 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died 1876

( ARTHUR MELVIN SCULL born 1859 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died 1934

( JOHN HULL SCULL born July 3, 1861 Spring Brook Township, Lackawanna, PA and died 1933; married Laura Linsley and born to them were:

( ARTHUR SCULL (-1910)


( HARVEY CLINTON SCULL born December 22, 1892 and died 1959; married Leah Larue and born to them were:


( EDYTH SCULL married 1st Don Olmstead; 2d Alvin Parkin; and born to her and Don was:

( RONALD GLEN OLMSTEAD born February 19, 1939

( EDGAR SCULL married Marion Hammon and born to them were:




( SAMUEL SHERRED SCULL born July 16, 1863 Spring Brook PA – not quite 2y old when his father died – and died August 28, 1964 (101y); married 1st Sadie A Whitcomb born 1866 and died September 30, 1892; married 2d Adda J McClure born September 2, 1863 and died 1927; married 3d Florence Carhart; and born to him and Sadie were:


( REESE EDWIN SCULL born February 4, 1889; married Edna Marie Franks and born to them were:

( RUTH EDNA SCULL born July 15, 1913; married Paul H Stoudt and born to them were:


( LOIS CORRINE STOUDT married William Long

( GEORGE REESE STOUDT married Jacqueline Sue Liethner

( REESE WILLIAM SCULL born January 20, 1916; married Norma Roston and born to them were:



( MARIE EMMA SCULL born August 3, 1890; married O Edward Brainerd born September 4, 1885 and born to them were:

( EDWARD BATEMAN BRAINERD (1914-) married Ellen Knox

( BARBARA BATEMAN BRAINERD born June 6, 1917; married Frank Seymore Crane II

Born to Samuel and his 2d wife, Adda, were:



( FAITH MIRIAM SCULL born June 5, 1897; married Lorenzo Dow Wright born July 29, 1890 and born to them were:

( DANIEL DOW WRIGHT born October 25, 1928; married Marcella Marie Mielke born July 6, 1932

( JOSEPH DAVID WRIGHT born May 9, 1930; married Estelle Grace Schroeder born March 25, 1932

( PAUL JAMES WRIGHT born January 20, 1932; married Carol Jo Ann Gause born July 22, 1934

( JOHN WESLEY WRIGHT born June 22, 1939; married Faye Louise Reeder

( SAMUEL CAROL SCULL born November 26, 1899 and died July 1972

( JOSEPH SCULL born and died 1865 Spring Brook PA

( NANCY SLAWSON born August 28, 1798

( ELIZABETH SLAWSON born March 8, 1800

( PRUDENCE SLAWSON born March 13, 1802

( SAMUEL SLAWSON born September 6, 1803

( WILLIAM BELL SLAWSON, M. D., born March 1, 1805 Salem, Westchester, NY and died 1901 Burdett, Schuyler, NY; Fairfield Medical College grad; married March 24, 1825 in Burdett, Schuyler, NY Mary Milspaugh [dau of Peter & Mary (Barkley) Millspaugh] born April 23, 1803 North Salem, Westchester, NY and died October 1, 1871 Greenville, Montcalm, MI; buried Burdett NY; and born to them were (offspring vary with source – not in birth sequence - see note at the beginning of this chapter):

( NATHAN SLAWSON (Nathen on cemetery records) born March 11, 1827 (was 53y in 1880 census) and died July 20, 1892 DeSoto, Jefferson, MO; buried there DeSota City Cemetery; involved in tin and hardware store; married October 7, 1856 in Cambridge, Washington, NY Anzolette Cowden [dau of Augustus & Jane (Getty) Cowden] (Phebe A {maiden name unk}) and born to them were:

( AUGUSTUS FILLMORE SLAWSON born January 3, 1858 Fall River WI and died February 22, 1943 St Louis MO; buried DeSoto City Cemetery, Desoto, Jefferson, MO; there is a Jessie Jane Slawson (February 13, 1852 and died August 15, 1913) buried in the same plot as Augustus, presumably his wife

( JENNIE E SLAWSON born c1866 NY



( AGNES HALL SLAWSON (not listed in all sources) born September 26, 1839 Batavia, Genesee, NY and died February 26, 1905 Denver CO; married April 12, 1860 in St Louis MO, Henry Burwell Osborne born July 20, 1829 Southbury, New Haven, CT and died February 13, 1919 Miami FL; and born to them were:

( BURRITT OSBORNE born c1861 St Louis MO

( ELLA OSBORNE born c1863 Des Moines, Polk, IA

( SARAH AUGUSTA OSBORNE born December 20, 1867 Des Moines, Polk, IA and died August 10, 1956 Miami FL; buried there; married September 20, 1888 in Denver CO, John Verner Duggan born November 20, 1863 Prince Edward, Ontario and died April 2, 1961 Miami FL; buried there; and born to them were 6 kids, 4 of which were:

( ZETA ELEANOR DUGGAN born August 23, 1889 Denver CO and died there as infant

( VERNA AUGUSTA DUGGAN born April 17, 1892 Denver CO and died c1975 Carlsbad, San Diego, CA

( AGNES NORMA DUGGAN born December 16, 1895 Raton, Colfax, NM and died March 7, 1989 Miami FL

( DOROTHY IRMA DUGGAN born August 3, 1898 Denver CO and died September 3, 1968 Miami FL

( CHARLES OSBORNE born c1869 Des Moines IA and died Starbuck, Columbia, WA

( HARRY OSBORNE born c1871 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA

( COMFORT MILSPAUGH SLAWSON born December 22, 1825 NY

( SAMUEL SLAWSON born February 2, 1829 NY

( WALTER SLAWSON born May 10, 1833 NY

( MARY SLAWSON born February 11, 1835 NY

( ELIJAH SLAWSON born April 28, 1837 NY

( ESTHER SLAWSON born c1767 and married 1786 Michael (Micah) Vail [son Micah] born April 4, 1765 and died 1835; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL VAIL born 1787 Wallkill, Orange, NY and died March 28, 1864 Greenfield, Lackawanna, PA; married Elizabeth Orvis (1793-1874) [dau of Roger]; both buried Finch Cemetery, Spencers Corners, Lackawanna, PA; and born to them were:

( PHILINA MOON (don’t know where that comes from) born 1814 and died 1841 Greenfield Township, Lackawanna Co PA; married, as his 1st wife, Philo Lee [son John & Catherine (Rivenburg) Lee] born November 25, 1809 Dutchess Co NY and died January 11, 1893 Greenfield Township; and born to them were:

( GEORGE WHITFIELD LEE born April 20, 1833 Carbondale, Luzerne, PA and died March 10, 1922; married November 17, 1859 Tunkhannock PA Delia Antionette Roberts

( ANDRUS LEE (Bony) born September 17, 1834 Carbondale, Luzerne, PA and died March 14, 1926 PA; married Henrietta Gardner

( CHARLES HENRY LEE born May 24, 1836 and died August 25, 1936; married Amanda Gardner – sister?

( RHUEA ELIZABETH LEE born January 17, 1838 and died March 22, 1905; married Mr Wiesmore; James M Keesler

( EBENEZER LEE LEE born April 13, 1840 and died June 17, 1910; married Matilda Cox

( ESTHER JANE LEE born October 17, 1844 Greenfield Township PA and died January 22, 1916 Lackawanna Co PA; married William Casper Ogden

( PHILO LEE JR born February 20, 1846; married Catherine Horn

( ISADORA A LEE (1848-1911) married Samuel Dewitt Vail

( SAMUEL VAIL LEE (1850-1900)


( SLAWSON VAIL born March 23, 1816; married Emily Snider; and born to them were:







( PHILANDER VAIL born January 26, 1819 PA and died July 16, 1892 Scott Township, Luzerne Co PA; buried Scott Valley Cemetery, Montdale, Lackawanna, PA; farmer; married Mary Catherine Horn [dau of Phillip & Elizabeth (Daugherty) Horn] born 1826 NY and died July 11, 1886 PA; and born to them were:

( GEORGE O VAIL born 1843 PA



( ORRIN P VAIL (Oren) (1852-1904) buried Scott Valley, Cemetery, Montdale, Lackawanna, PA; married c1880 Susan Genevieve Silvius [dau opf Levi & Lovia (Gardner) Silvius] born May 25, 1860 Winton Boro PA; and born to them were:

( BURR DEFORREST VAIL born August 1880 Winton Boro PA and died c1946; c1905 Wesleyan U; 1909 teacher; 1930 principal in public schools, Yonkers NY; bought land outside of Yonkers and miked some cows and sold/delivered milk; married 1st Elizabeth Barrahan; 2d Clara Edith Baker [dau of Charles Everett & Clara Taylor (French) Baker] born June 19, 1880 South Boston MA and died February 1969; she was educated at Wellesley College majoring in languages– divorced c1925; and born to him and Clara were:

( JOHN VAIL (John S) born June 21, 1907 PA and died April 19, 1991; Wesleyan U; graduated Iowa State, animal husbandry; married Ruth {mnu} and they had 2 kids

( CHARLES OREN VAIL born December 12, 1909 Lakewood NJ and died April 7, 1988 Denver CO; graduated from Cornell 1934, degree in Civil Engineering; moved to Venezuela with Chicago Bridge and Iron, employed to clear the jungles and construct an oil camp; later worked most of his career with Creole Petroleum which was the foreign subsidiary of Standard Oil; married July 23, 1940 in Rawlins WY, Marjorie Anna Rendle [dau of Irvine John & Jessie (Denmark) Rendle] born July 23, 1911 Rawlins WY and died October 26, 2000 Denver CO; both buried there Hampden Memorial Gardens (Photo); she graduated from U of Wyoming and at one time taught all 8 grades; immigrated 1937 to teach school in Venezuela where she met Charlie; and they had 2 kids

( KATHERYN VAIL born May 1911; attended Bible College and Skidmore College; missionary to Belgian College; married Neil Vanderplaag and they had 5 kids

( BURR DEFORREST VAIL (Spyder) born September 13, 1913 Westchester Co NY and died April 18, 1994 Brevard Co FL; reunion photographer; married Sue Kilman (1915-) and they had 2 kids

( MILDRED E VAIL born March 1891 PA









( ESTHER VAIL born March 21, 1823; married Theron Secor born November 28, 1825

( PHEBE VAIL born June 24, 1827 and died 1858 PA; buried Finch Cemetery, Soencers Corners, Lackawanna, PA

( ANDREW JACKSON VAIL born January 19, 1829 and died 1858 PA; buried Finch Cemetery, Spencers Corners, Lackawanna, PA


( JOSHUA VAIL born August 21, 1833; married May 16, 1858 Mary Phillips; and born to them were:

( HERBERT JOSHUA VAIL born June 12, 1859 and died July 27, 1895

( STELLA MAY VAIL born April 23, 1869; married November 7, 1894 James Laurie [son of William & Annie (Joblin) Laurie]; and born to them were:

( EDNA ANNIE LAURIE born March 2, 1898

( BRUCE LAURIE born November 17, 1899

( ELIZABETH VAIL born June 10, 1836; married Mr Smyth

( WILMOT VAIL born 1790 Wallkill, Orange, NY; married Mary Johnson, resided Scott PA

( MOWBRAY VAIL born 1791 Wallkill NY; married Elizabeth Corwin

( PATIENCE VAIL born April 2, 1793 Wallkill NY; married 1st Levi Wetherby [son of Abraham & Joanna (Sawtell) Wetherby] born March 3, 1792; 2d March 4, 1832 Nathaniel Wetherby (brother of Levi); and born to her and Levi were:

( EURYDICE WETHERBY born March 10, 1814


( EDMOND SAWTELL WETHERBY born April 23, 1818

( LYMAN WETHERBY born May 6, 1820

( SUSANNA WETHERBY born November 1, 1823

( CHESTER BUTLER WETHERBY born January 27, 1825

( MELISSA CELESTIA WETHERBY born February 16, 1827


( HENRY B WETHERBY born December 6, 1831

Born to Patience and her 2d husband, Nathaniel, was:

( ALMONO S WETHERBY born December 31, 1833

( JOSHUA VAIL (1795-1818?) married Polly Brown [dau of James & Silence (Bates) Brown] born 1800 PA and died there 1821; buried Brown Cemetery, Montdale, Lackawanna, PA; and born to them was:

( MERRITT J VAIL (1820-1843) – that birth date is obviously wrong or his father’s date of death is wrong; cemetery records have same dates; buried Brown Cemetery, Montdale PA; married Susannah Wetherby and born to them was:

( MERRITT S VAIL (1843-)

( MARY VAIL born August 5, 1797; married March 31, 1816 Charles Berry [son of Joseph & Mary (Potter) Berry] born October 20, 1795; and born to them were:

( MOSES POTTER BERRY born March 3, 1817


( JOSHUA VAIL (1795-1818)

( DAVID SLAWSON born August 12, 1768 Danbury CT and died November 19, 1841 Greenville NY; married 1st Fanny McLain born October 28, 1779 and died July 13, 1810; and 2d Mercy Harding (Elliott) born September 27, 1776 and died January 6, 1819; and 3d Elsie Wiggins

( PRUDENCE SLAWSON born January 25, 1772 Danbury CT and died May 25, 1812 Greenville NY; married in 1791/92 Joshua Sayre (1771-1835); and born to them were:

( GABRIEL SAYER (1796-1859) married 1821 Sarah Terry (1800-1871) and born to them was (and probably others):

( AMANDA SAYER (1826-1910) married 1847 William Augusta Brooks (1821-1888) and born to them were:

( HARRY SAYER BROOKS born 1852; married 1879 Alice Fisher born 1858 and born to them was (and probably more):

( EDITH BROOKS (DAR #95048) born Elmira NY; married Charles Reed Sanderson


( AMANDA SAYER married John Holbert (1800-) and born to them was:

( JOSEPH E HOLBERT (1830-1905) married 1856 Kate Hanna (1837-); and born to them was:

( ELLA HOLBERT (1858-) married 1880 John Childs Sear (1856-); and born to them was:

( CAROLYN SHEAR born Waverly NY; married C Paul Tallmadge

( SAMUEL SLAWSON born c1775 Stockbridge MA and died October 23, 1865 Erin, Cheming, NY; married 1st Angelina Kinney and 2d Sarah Backhorn

( MOSES SLAWSON born September 3, 1780 Salem, Orange, NY and died November 29, 1848 Jefferson Co PA; buried there Butler Cemetery, Brookville, Jefferson, PA; married c1803 in Salem, Westchester, NY Mary Polly (Pauley) [dau of Hugh & Mary Polly] born February 22, 1787 Salem, Westchester, NY and died July 25, 1859 Potter Co PA; buried Ellisburg Cemetery, Potter PA (no cemetery by this name listed). Moses was a carpenter by trade; his youngest son Moses Jr., speaking of his father, 1918: “My father was a man of some ability in the acquiring of property, but lacked the faculty of taking care of it. He was swindled out of a farm in Luzerne County PA, for which he had taken Judgement Notes, having through slack of business methods failed to have them recorded, which resulted in a complete loss of the property as he never recovered one penny through the transaction. He was possessed of a considerable genius in the writing of verse, which he uttered of time in the exploiting of his friends and acquaintances, but it was of no profit to him.” Born to them were (not in birth sequence):

( SALLY MARIA SLAWSON born June 16, 1815 Minisink, Orange, NY and died June 23, 1842 (June 21, 1878) Winslow Township, Jefferson Co PA; married September 13, 1831 in Luzerne Co PA, Truman Beaman London [son of Isaac & Sarah (Callender) London] born October 11, 1808 Luzerne Co PA and died April 11, 1891 Winslow Township, Jefferson Co PA. Truman received a good education. Upon reaching manhood he engaged in lumbering for 7 years on the north branch of the Susquehanna. He sold the lumber at various points along the river, Harrisburg, Columbia, Marietta, Port Deposit. In November of 1837 he and his family along with Parliment Hutchins and his wife Esther who was Sally Maria's sister started for Jefferson Co. After 11 days travel through all kinds of weather they arrived in Brookville on the 18th day of the month having made the entire trip on a two-horse wagon. He was still involved in lumbering. In 1840 he moved to Perry Township on a farm, which he cleared and cultivated. In 1843 he settled in Bell Township. In 1848 he made a permanent home in Winslow Township. He was very active in the development of Jefferson Co. He served one term as auditor for the county. Per Coulter, he was the lumber and coal man of the tribe, having engaged in these businesses near Rathmel & having become quite wealthy therein. The London Mines of that section are still famous throughout the region. He lived retired for some time before his death, which occurred April 11, 1891 on his farm in Winslow Township. He and some members of his family are shown in the 1860 Jefferson Co., PA census. He is buried in Prospect Cemetery, Winslow Twp (Photo). The progenitors of T.B. London were English, and his grandparents on both the paternal and maternal side lived and died in Luzerne County, Pa. These were Edward London, a native of New Jersey, and Samuel Callender, born in Virginia. They won an honorable right to the soil of the Republic, for themselves and their posterity, by patriotic devotion to the spirit of 1776, during the long and trying carnage of the Revolution. His father, whose name was Isaac born in New Jersey, and his mother, whose maiden name was Sarah Callender a native of Conn; the former died in Luzerne Co 1843, and the latter Jefferson Co 1846. Truman Beaman London born in Luzerne Co (now Lackawanna) on the 11th day of October 1808, and was the second child of a family of nine. By self endeavors and in the public schools he received a very thorough education in the place of his nativity, where he grew up to manhood, and where he was engaged in the lumber trade until 1837. He manufactured lumber and marketed it at Harrisburg, Columbia, Marietta, Port Deposit, and other points on the Susquehanna River. On September 13, 1831, he was united in wedlock to Sally Mariah Slawson, which union was blessed with offspring, numbering six, divided equally as to sex. Their names, in consecutive order of birth, are Martha Jane, born July 28, 1832; Eliza Mariah, March 9, 1834; Truman Beaman, March 10, 1836; Isaac, September 3, 1838; Moses Slawson, January 31, 1841; Mary Ann, May 29, 1842. The first and the last two are deceased. Their mother died June 23, 1842. Of those living, Isaac is a wide awake and successful merchant of Reynoldsville, and a man greatly esteemed by all who know him; Truman B. is a successful farmer of Winslow Township; and Eliza M., who married Andrew Johnston, is a resident of DuBois, Clearfield County, and the wise mother of an interesting family. The subject of this biography emigrated from Luzerne County to Jefferson, locating in Brookville in 1837. Upon his advent there he found such representative citizens as Judge Heath, John Heath, the Dunham, Dr. Jenks, Barclay Jenks, Drs. Bishop and Darling, who were the physicians of the town, Samuel Truby, Jared Evans, Levi G. Clover, Thomas Hastings, John Dougherty, etc. Barclay Jenks was the most brilliant member of the bar, and Mr. London, in his enthusiastic reminiscences of him, says: "It took somebody better than a Philadelphia lawyer to equal our backwoods Blackstone." Dr. Jenks, his father, and also father of the present Solicitor-General of the United States, George A., was then one of the associate judges. Judge Evans was in the banking business, known at that time as a "shin-plaster office". He issued notes in various denominations up to a dollar, which were made current in the community, and when any one had accumulated these to the amount of five dollars or over, they were redeemable at the counter of the Judge, who gave large bills in exchange. Mr. London, who was in the mercantile business in a limited way, enjoyed the benefits of Evans's banking system. In 1840 Mr. London removed from Brookville, where he had been engaged in lumbering, to Perry Township, and there cleared a farm purchased of C.C. Gaskill; and in 1843 he settled in Bell Township in the midst of his lumber operations. Six years later he located permanently in Winslow Township, near the site of his present residence, on the farm now occupied by Fulton Henry. He contracted matrimony again in 1846, by leading to the altar of Hymen Mrs. Sarah (Wilkins) Rea, who succumbed to the inevitable in 1878. The record of T.B. London's life is that of an active and useful man - useful to himself, his family, his community, and his county. Aside from clearing and working many farms, his lumber operations, in which he was a pioneer on Sandy Lick Creek, gave employment to hundreds of men at a time when the less venture some and poorer classes needed just such an enterprising spirit to lead them. He opened up roads, often at his own expense, leading into remote districts, thus creating settlements and adding to the population and welfare of the county. In his later years his capital has erected a score of houses in Reynoldsville and Winslow Township, and was invested in a mercantile enterprise in the town mentioned for about eight years. His life has ever been identified with the best interests of the local public, vigilant at all times, and always ready to do good. He served one term as auditor of the county. To the church, too, he has been kind, giving generously to every creed that knocked on his heart, asking for help. His character and career may be summed up in this sentence: Honest, liberal, true, enterprising, companionable, intelligent, sagacious - and what more can be expected of a noble man!

Jefferson Co Pa. The Pioneers & People Vol III - J.H. Beers & Co pg 733

London, Truman B., Winslow, Rathmel P.O. is a retired lumberman and born in Luzerne county on October 11, 1808. He was a son of Isaac and Louisa Calender(sic) London, both of English descent. He followed the business of lumbering for seven years, on the north branch of the Susquehanna River,

in his native county, from which he removed in 1837, and settled in Brookville, Jefferson county, and was for many years engaged in the lumbering business there, and always doing successful business in that line. He has also, in connection with his lumbering business, been engaged in agricultural pursuits. He settled in Winslow Township. in 1848, and cleared and improved the farm, which he now owns and on which he now resides. He was for eight years associated with Dr. J.C. King in the mercantile business at Reynoldsville. He has interested himself in the improvement of Reynoldsville and Rathmel, of late years, having built quite a number of houses in each town. He was married twice. His first wife was Sally M. Slosson, of Luzerne Co. They had six children: Jartha J., Eliza M., Truman B., Jr., Isaac H., Moses L., and Mary A. His second wife was Sarah (Ray) Wilkins of Clarion Co - his first wife died on 23 Jan 1842, and his second wife on 2 May, 1878. Mr. London served as county auditor for one term. During his long business career he has always avoided having contentions in law, never having had a suit in any court of justice. He has always been a law-abiding citizen. Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH MARIAH LONDON (2d born) “Eliza Maria” born March 9, 1834 Luzerne Co PA and died June 8, 1914 DuBois, Clearfield Co PA; married c1860 in Jefferson County PA, Andrew Jackson Johnston [son of William B & Margaret (Keener) Johnston] born April 23, 1832 DuBois, Sandy Township, Clearfield Co PA and died June 16, 1905, probably in DuBois PA. Obit: “Mrs. Eliza M Johnston passed away while visiting at the home of her son. Eliza Johnston died Monday at 2:00 at the home of her son, Charles, of DuBois, cause of death was given as gallstones. She had been making her home for the past five years with her daughter, Mrs. Susan Weaver near Salem and went to DuBois on Thursday last to visit with her son. While she was there she was taken sick and her condition grew worse until death came Monday morning. The decease was 80y of age last March. She is survived by the following children: J. K. of Reynoldsville; Mrs. Susan Weaver of Salem; David, Trenton NJ; G. M., McKees Rocks; William, Youngstown OH; John of Buffalo; Mrs. J. O. Lenkerd of C&M Junction; Joseph of Driftwood; Charles of DuBois. One child is dead. The husband of the deceased, A. J. Johnston, died 10 years ago. The deceased had lived at that section since 1891 and was a woman quite widely known having many friends who will regret to hear of her death. The funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at the home of her son, Charles at DuBois. The services were conducted by Rev Henry Johnston of the Baptist Church. Interment was made at the Rumbarger Cemetery, DuBois, Clearfield, PA (Photo). Following close to the death of Mrs. Johnston came word of the death of one of her daughters, Mrs. Winslow, which occurred at the Loch Haven Hospital Tuesday. Mrs. Winslow had gone there four weeks ago to undergo an operation and had expected to return home this week. Details of her death have not been received but it is thought that the shock of hearing that her mother had died was in part responsible for the suddenness of her end. Her body was taken to the home at Benezette and burial will probably be made today.” Born to them were:

( MARY MARTHA JOHNSTON (Minnie) born September 4, 1856 (4 years before parents married?) (cemetery records agree with these dates), Bells Mills, Reynoldsville, Jefferson, PA and died June 9, 1914 Loch Haven, Clinton Co PA; buried Winslow Hill, Benezette, Elk, PA; married January 1, 1875 in Jefferson Co PA, William Keene Winslow [son of Charles Keene & Rebecca (Hicks) Winslow] born August 16/20, 1846 Winslow Farm, Benezette, Elk Co PA and died August 3, 1913 Philadelphia PA; buried Winslow Hill, Benezette PA. William bought the farm he born on in 1875. He helped his father convert the forest into farm land. He received his education in the common schools of Benezette. He stepped backward into a stairwell on the barn floor and fell to the basement. He was paralyzed and the doctor felt that his neck and spine were fractured. He was taken to the University Hospital in Philadelphia where he died. From the Renova Daily Record: Winslow was taken to the hospital on Saturday in a special train after he had fallen down stairs at home. The run between Driftwood and that city was made in record time, the train having been given the right of way. The special was met at Thirty Second and Market Streets by an ambulance from the hospital. An operation was performed immediately but proved of no avail. They were members of the Church of the Messiah. His wife Mary died within the year from cancer. She never knew that her husband had died because of her health. Obit: “Editor Joseph A Johnston of the Driftwood Gazette is mourning the recent death of both his mother and sister. The mother, Mrs. Eliza M Johnston, passed away Monday morning June 8th at DuBois age 80y 3m. His sister, Mrs. W. K. Winslow died in a Loch Haven Hospital following a fourth operation performed 4 weeks ago. She was age 57y and leaves a family of six children, four sons and 2 daughters all grown to manhood and womanhood, and we extend Brother Johnston our sincere sympathy in his sore bereavement.” Born to them were:

( EVA ESTELLE WINSLOW born October 16, 1875 Benezette, Elk, PA and died March 29, 1967 Pontiac MI; buried Parklawn Memorial Cemetery, Ridgeway PA; a dressmaker; married June 29, 1904 Harvey Edward Smith [son of Samuel & Martha (Krebs) Smith] born June 26, 1871 Cameron City PA and died April 13, 1926 Jamestown KY; a mercantile owner of Sinnemahoning – marriage was short-lived and they separated before the birth of their son Bruce – divorced 1911; and born to them were:

( MARY SMITH born and died 1904 Elk Co PA

( BRUCE WINSLOW SMITH (Windy) born October 7, 1906 Medix Run, Clearfield, PA and died January 9, 1997 Dubois, Clearfield, PA; married July 14, 1934 in Clearfield Co PA, Isabel Elaine Williams [dau of William & Sarah (Hayes) Williams] born August 4, 1912 Byrnedale, Elk, PA and died December 4, 1980 Ridgeway; both buried Parklawn Memorial Gardens, Ridgeway PA; and they had 4 kids

( LORENA M WINSLOW (Lorena H) born 1877 Benezette, Elk, PA and died there 1879; buried there Winslow Hill Cemetery

( BRUCE M WINSLOW born April 8, 1879 Benezette, Elk, PA and died there (Clearfield) March 5, 1954; farmer, coal miner; married Clesta J English born 1877 Benezette and died there 1943. Born to them were:

( KENELM WILLIAM WINSLOW born October 24, 1910 Elk Co PA and died January 5, 1993 Caledonia, Elk, PA; married Elizabeth Newell born September 21, 1911 PA and died November 24, 1994 Weedville, Elk, PA; both buried Winslow Hill Cemetery, Benezette; and they had 11 kids

( RONALD E WINSLOW born November 11, 1913 Elk Co PA and died May 17, 1993 Silver City NM; married Elizabeth Lupold who died November 1994 Silver City NM; and they had 4 kids

( VERNA WINSLOW born November 24, 1916 probably Elk Co PA

( CHARLES BENTON WINSLOW born 1881 Benezette, Elk, PA and died there 1884; buried there Winslow Hill Cemetery

( JAMES SYLVANUS WINSLOW (Si/Sy) born January 26, 1883 Benezette, Elk, PA and died there June 2, 1968; buried there Winslow Hill Cemetery; worked on railroad and for the Winslow Brothers Deep Mines; married 1st August 19, 1908 in Dents Run, Elk Co PA, Edna May Losey born in October 1884 Mason Hill, Gibson Township, Camereon Co PA and died February 16, 1929 Benezette PA; buried Winslow Hill Cemetery; married 2d after 1930 Jennie English born July 24, 1884 Benezett PA and died there March 1974. Born to Si and Edna were:

( VIVIAN F WINSLOW born May 15, 1911 Benezette PA; married c1932 in MD, Leroy F Dudley born February 5, 1906 PA and died December 1974 Benezette PA; both buried there Winslow Hill Cemetery; and they had 4 kids, 1 of which was:

( SHIRLEY ANN DUDLEY born November 9, 1946 DuBois PA and died November 17, 2002 Pittsburgh PA; buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Winslow Hill, Elk Co, PA; married a Mr. Kunes and they had 3 kids

( LOSEY JAMES WINSLOW born January 19, 1913 Benezette, Elk, PA and died there April 16, 1971; buried there Winslow Hill Cemetery; married May 14, 1932 in Hagerstown MD, Mildred Jessie Gray born March 18, 1915 Weedville, Elk, PA – divorced 1963; and they had 5 kids

( SHIRLEY WINSLOW born December 7, 1924 Benezette PA; married July 24, 1948 Jack Bloom born September 20, 1923 Clearfield PA and they had 2 kids

( WILLIAM ALONZO WINSLOW born February 28, 1887 Winslow Hill, Benezette, Elk, PA and died August 24, 1959 New Castle, Lawrence, PA; buried there Graceland Cemetery; married June 7, 1916 in Benezette, Elk, PA, Gladys Myrtle Burke [dau of Joseph & Nora (Ovell) Burke] born April 25, 1898 Spring Run, Elk, PA and died July 19, 1975 Santa Barbara CA. Grandpa (Bill) Winslow grew up in Winslow Hill and Benezette PA. With his brothers owned and worked the Winslow Brothers coal mine. In addition to a small farm and the coal mines, Bill and Gladys started a small town convenience store out of their house (the old Lafe Winslow home which was once a part roller skating rink) in Benezette; had the only phone that the whole town used; ran the gas filling station; and had the first running water in town. In the 40's they moved to New Castle PA and he worked as an electrician. William enjoyed tinkering around the house and making ice cream for family and friends. After her husband’s death, Gladys moved in 1963 with daughter Lois to Santa Barbara CA where her son Bill and family lived. She died within hours after Lois died in 1975 in Santa Barbara CA; buried Graceland Memorial Cemetery, New Castle, Pa. Gladys’ hobbies/ Enjoyments were crocheting; playing games (cards, Scrabble); traveling; being a grandmother. Occupation: Managing the family store; town nurse-midwife. Born to them were:

( KATHLEEN WINSLOW born and died in 1916 Detroit MI

( WILLIAM BURKE WINSLOW born September 1, 1917 Burke House, Weedville, Elk, PA; married 1st April 26, 1939 at St. Louis MO, Dorothy Loraine Johnson born July 27, 1919 Cambridge Springs, Crawford, PA and died January 23, 1976 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA; married 2d August 8, 1981 in Savannah GA, Jean Tyler. William served with the 306 Bomber Group in England, WWII – WWII pilot, 8th Air Force, retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force – received Distinguished Flying Cross. William and Dorothy had a child.

( LOIS LENORE WINSLOW born September 2, 1919 Winslow Hill, Benezette PA and died July 19, 1975 Santa Barbara CA; buried Graceland Memorial Cemetery, New Castle PA; waitress; married in 1936 Claude Brock Connors who died in 1975 – they divorced 1946; and born to them was:

( SUSAN ANN CONNORS born June 1, 1938 New Castle PA and died April 8, 1969 Beale Air Force Base CA; WAC 1957-59; married a Mr Lane and they had 2 kids

( DOROTHY JEANETTE WINSLOW born May 27, 1923 Winslow Hill, Benezette PA; USMC Vet 1942-45; married June 28, 1946 at New Castle PA, Socrates C. Roussos [son of Christ M & Johanna (Schukler) Roussos] born August 2, 1920 New Castle PA and they had 4 kids; he was a WWII Vet serving with the 5th AF, 90th Bomber Group, Pacific Theater; teacher/football coach

( MARY ALETHA WINSLOW born January 31, 1925 Winslow Hill, Benezette PA; married December 4, 1945 in New Castle PA, Robert Edward Nay (Jake) born September 15, 1921 Batesville, Albemarle, VA and died April 20, 1979 Youngstown, Mahoning OH; buried Graceland Memorial Cemetery, New Castle PA. Mary was a waitress and bank supervisor. She enjoyed bowling and softball. Robert was a WWII veteran, serving between November 9, 1942 and November 17, 1945 in Europe with the 774 Railway Grand Division –campaigns Italy-Naples/Foggio; Rome/Arno; Purple Heart 1944, Africa, Southern France; North Appennies. Born to them were 2 kids, 1 of which was:

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