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JOHN FERRIS (AFN: 8RLM-HW) (Colonel) born March 28, 1779 Duck Creek, Hamilton, OH and died December 27, 1840 [or December 24, 1841 at age 62 years?] near Cincinnati OH; John received from his father, a deed for 86 acres in 1802; The deed included a clause “not to sell while his parents live.” After serving in the War of 1812, he returned to live on and expand his farm, the old homestead; when he died he owned a triangular tract of 162 acres. He died without a will, leaving it to the Court of Common Pleas to partition his land among his seven children. Among his heirs was Maria (Ferris), the wife of Noah Wright. Her land was sold to Andrew Erkenbrecher in 1866, and in 1915 Erkenbrecher’s heirs sold the land to the Board of Education; this twenty-eight acre tract is the site of the Withrow High School; married 1st 1802 Elizabeth Waring Smith (AFN: 8RLN-7N) [dau of Henry & Mehetable Warren (Waring)] who died 1809 age 24y; married 2d October 8 (31), 1810 Ann Nancy Lee (1786-1843); and born to John and Elizabeth were:

( HEZEKIAH SMITH FERRIS born November 5, 1805 Columbia OH and was killed when thrown from a horse November 10, 1824; buried Duck Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; married July 11, 1824 Eliza Ann Hatch

( WILLIAM JONES FERRIS born January 5, 1806 Columbia OH and died July 1, 1879 Linwood OH; married December 15, 1828/9 Ann Eliza Brown and born to them was:

( FRANCIS B. (BROWN?) FERRIS born August 17, 1849 OH and died October 29, 1931 San Diego; buried Glen Abbey Cemetery, Bonita, San Diego, CA; moved to CA 1906; married Mary G. {maiden name unk}

( SARAH FERRIS born January 4, 1808 and died September 1809

Born to John and his second wife, Ann, were:

( MARY ANN FERRIS born June 15, 1811 Columbia OH and died September 14, 1896 Lawrenceburg IN; inherited ten acres of land from her father; the Gasmor House apartment building is one of the buildings on that site; married October 17, 1827 Jacob Marsh Patton born January 31, 1804 and died December 31, 1866; both buried Duck Creek Baptist Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; their home on Vista Way, Hyde Park, Cincinnati was still standing 1979, at least 150 years old and beautifully maintained; and born to them were:

( JOHN FERRIS PATTON, D.D., M.D., born April 1830/32 and died November 14, 1914; married 1st lady’s name unk; and 2d Adelia (Drake) McGill; no offspring; John was an ordained Baptist minister and Homeopathic physician; graduate of Denison College in Ohio and Hamilton College, NY; apparently John had some stepchildren from, possibly, the first marriage. Their name was Sloan. They are included here for information only:


( JEAN ELOISE SLOAN died August 22, 1987 age 82y; taught 4th grade in the Newtown OH School for 28.5 years, retiring 1970; 1967 she was a grand marshal of the city’s sesquicentennial parade; member of numerous historical and genealogical organizations; graduate of the University of Cincinnati and did civil defense work during WWII; married a Mr. Williamson and born to them were 3 daughters

( J. HENRY PATTON married Josie {maiden name unk}

( EMMA JANE PATTON born April 19, 1839 Lawrenceburg IN; married September 14, 1861 Francis James Biddle II who died October 15, 1882; and born to them was:

( FRANCIS MALLETTE BIDDLE born August 1, 1862 Cincinnati and died July 11, 1932; married December 30, 1885 Lillie Kreyenhagen (1865-1929) and born to them was:

( FRANCIS CHRISTIAN BIDDLE (Frank) born April 3, 1896 and died December 13, 1953; director of music for the Cincinnati Public Schools, 1936-52, referred to as Dr., apparently PhD.; married February 16, 1920 at Cincinnati, Mary Morse Griffith born October 15, 1896; and born to them were:

( MATHILDA MORSE BIDDLE born October 8, 1920; married April (May) 1, 1943 Robert William Hilton Jr (Photo) born October 31, 1916; obit The Cincinnati Enquirer, August 17, 2003: “etired lawyer and civic leader Robert W. Hilton Jr died Wednesday at his home in the Deupree Community, Oakley. The former Mount Lookout resident was 86. The son of a prominent research chemist and local community leader, he was born in 1917 in Cincinnati, attended the Lotspeich School and graduated from the former University School in 1934. Mr Hilton earned a bachelor’s degree from Washington and Lee University in Lexington VA in 1937 and an LLB from the Harvard Law School in 1941. He married Mathilda Biddle of Cincinnati in 1941. During WWII, Mr Hilton served 4 years in the US Army, first with the Air Corps Judge Advocate’s office at Keesler Field, Miss. He later became a member of an Army Signal Corps’ French-Chinese language unit in India, servicing air bases used by American pilots flying across the Himalayan Mountains into China. After the war, he became an associate and later a partner with Paxton and Seasongood law firm. After 32 years, he organized a new law firm with Booth Shepard in 1974. “In his quiet way, Bob Hilton, with his generous and engaging spirit, was the quintessential good citizen of Cincinnati,” said friend and fellow lawyer Bruce Petrie of Hyde Park. “He was active and effective in many groups and organizations working to advance the community, and he devoted endless hours and attention to that cause”. The nephew of Agnes Hilton, one of the founders of the Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati, Mr Hilton served in a number of positions with the Charter party, including campaign co-chairman, review committee chairman and candidate for City Council in 1955. He served on several boards, including the Murray and Agnes Seasongood Good Government Foundation, the Mercantile Library, and the Better Housing League. He is preceded in death by a daughter, Elizabeth Gast. Survivors include his wife of 62 years; a sister, Mary Danesi Wilson of Bronxville NY; a son, David of Eugene, Ore; a daughter, Melissa Tripathy of Pleasant Ridge; and five grandchildren”. Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH HILTON married a Mr Gast and preceded her father in death

( MELISSA HILTON married a Mr Tripathy


( ANN PATTON BIDDLE born July 6, 1926; married June 28, 1947 Albert Pierce Matthews born June 1, 1923

( MARY BLIGHT BIDDLE born September 30, 1938; married 1st Jonathan Allen Lawson - divorced; married 2d James Kirtley Lewis born February 14, 1926; and born to Mary and Jonathan were:

( JOHN ALLEN LAWSON, JR., born May 3, 1952

( ELIZABETH PAGE LAWSON born December 22, 1954

Born to Mary and her second husband, James, were:

( DIANA TERRILL LEWIS born April 15, 1960

( THOMAS KIRTLEY LEWIS born June 27, 1961

( MARY BIDDLE LEWIS born February 25, 1964

( FRANCES LOUISE BIDDLE born April 4, 1930; married February 11, 1956 Edwin M. Sullivan and born to them were:

( EDWIN STEVEN SULLIVAN born December 30, 1958

( WILLIAM TIMOTHY SULLIVAN born September 7, 1961

( FRANCES BIDDLE SULLIVAN born February 16, 1963

( DAVID BRENDEN SULLIVAN born November 26, 1968




( CATHERINE BASSETT FERRIS born July 11, 1813 Columbia OH and died August 17, 1862 Cincinnati (Lawrenceburg IN); buried Duck Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Columbia Township, Hamilton Co OH [Cemetery located on the corners of Duck Creek and Edwards Road, but has been abandoned and devastated; 1830 William Marsh sold for the sum of 6 cents lawful money to John Ferris, and others trustees of the Duck Creek Church, 26 2/3 acres for the cemetery.]; married February 19, 1835 Francis Kennedy Drake [son of Lewis and Elizabeth (Kennedy)] (1 of 11 kids) born November 30, 1813 and died 1895; a blacksmith and wagon maker (his name was not on a 1904 list of graves at Duck Creek; Catherine’s name was); and born to them were:

( EDWARD F. DRAKE born 1836 and died July 12, 1837 at 1y 7m 18d; buried at Duck Creek Baptist Church Cemetery; his name was on a list of graves in 1904, but this cemetery and church no longer exist.

( CHARLES WILLIAM DRAKE (1841-1921) married Isabel T. Niles (1843-1919) and born to them were:

( FRANCIS BURTON DRAKE (1869-1957) married Clara Cordes (1871-1920) and born to them were:

( MELVIN CORDES DRAKE born 1897 and died March 17, 1973; married Hazel Winston

( RUTH DRAKE married John O’Hare

( DONALD CHARLES DRAKE married Mildred Cline

( LEROY NILES DRAKE born September 2, 1872 and died April 11, 1916; married July 5, 1904 Florence Anderson

( LORNA DRAKE (1879-) married Geddes Melhope

( JOHN FERRIS (JR?) born June 21, 1815 Columbia and died 1888 near Cincinnati; inherited 24 acres of his father’s land 1840, which he sold 1849 for $5,500. The original home of John, Jr., was added onto and became known as ‘The Hermitage’, one of Hyde Park’s two great estates. In 1966, the Hermitage was sold to become the site of the Regency high-rise apartments. He married 1st May 6, 1838 Harriet S. Forman born December 31, 1816 and died September 5, 1849; and 2d Mary Minshall

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born June 28, 1817 Columbia and died 1895 Cincinnati. [Jim - speculation - this may be the Elizabeth Ferris, who married, September 2, 1841, at Trumbull County OH, Norris McCombs.? - Trumbull County is not that far from Columbia County OH!!!] [Chaplain Ferris has her as unmarried.]

( REUBEN FERRIS born June 15, 1819 and died November 30, 1840

( EZRA H. FERRIS born April 18/21, 1821; buried Duck Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; married 1st November 13, 1849 Henriette Frances Colborn who died August 26, 1851; buried Duck Creek Baptist Church Cemetery; and 2d 1853 Matilda P. McCullough; and born to him and Matilda was:

( CHARLES HENRY FERRIS (1856-) – born to him was:

( LULU DELL FERRIS (1889-) married Earl Hensley

( ABRAM (ABRAHAM) FORESTER FERRIS born April 5, 1823 and died March 17, 1843

( MARIA LYON FERRIS born January 9, 1826 Cincinnati OH and died there January 26, 1916; buried Spring Grove Cemetery; married September 3, 1845 Noah Daggett Wright [son of Thomas and Sophia (Huntington) Wright] born February 22, 1823 Reading OH and died August 4, 1893 Covington KY; and born to them were:

( ANNA LEE WRIGHT born 1846 Cincinnati OH; married Nathan Young

( HELEN MARIA WRIGHT born 1848 Cincinnati OH; married Captain Charles Santmeyer of Baltimore

( SOPHIA WRIGHT born August 6, 1850 Cincinnati OH; unmarried

( MARY FRANCIS WRIGHT born November 3, 1852 Cincinnati; unmarried

( VIRGINIA IRENE WRIGHT married George Hutton and born to them were:

( HARRY SANTMEYER HUTTON married Eva Haynes; no offspring

( GEORGE JOHN HUTTON married Marguerite {maiden name unk}

( ELIZABETH WRIGHT born at Cincinnati; unmarried

( CATHERINE WRIGHT born at Cincinnati; unmarried

( GEORGE LEE WRIGHT born August 31, 1864 Cincinnati and died April 6, 1943 Springfield OH; buried Spring Grove Cemetery; married November 8, 1888 Nellie Rose born January 13, 1867 Mt. Carmel OH and died May 15, 1956 Cincinnati; and born to them was:

( ERMA CORRINE WRIGHT born August 11, 1889 Madisonville OH and died June 26, 1979; married 1st June 11, 1913 William Henry Tateman; and 2d October 7, 1955 Oliver Sheldon Larkby; and born to Erma and William were:

( JEANNE WRIGHT TATEMAN born August 19, 1914 Cincinnati; married June 11, 1938 Harry Kaufman Hines, M.D.; and born to them were:

( NANCY LEE HINES born June 26, 1940 Cincinnati; married S. Fred Starr and born to them were:

( ANNA EDMONDSON STARR born August 29, 1969 Princeton NJ

( ELIZABETH HINES STARR born December 4, 1972 Princeton NJ

( CAROL JEANNE HINES born August 25, 1942 Cincinnati; married December 28, 1964 Samuel Irving Knoll; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL HUNTINGTON KNOLL born July 24, 1967 New Haven CT and died 2 days later

( SAMUEL HUNTINGTON KNOLL II born July 13, 1968 Atlanta GA

( CHARLIE IRVING KNOLL born July 16, 1970 New Haven CT

( KATHRYN HINES KNOLL born in Korea - adopted

( SUSAN LOUISE HINES born September 13, 1947 Cincinnati; married November 24, 1968 Dale R. Siemer, D.D.S.; and born to them were:

( DALE TATEMAN SIEMER born May 10, 1973 Coronado CA

( MATTHEW HINES SIEMER born October 22, 1974 Cincinnati OH

( AMY ELIZABETH HINES born August 12, 1955 Cincinnati OH; married August 4, 1979 John W. Fischer II

( WILLIAM GEORGE TATEMAN born January 31, 1918 Xenia OH; married April 19, 1947 Alice Corrine Schauer – divorced; and born to them were:

( LUCILLE ANN TATEMAN born June 26, 1948 Cincinnati OH; married March 21, 1970 Thomas Robert Gerdes; and born to them were:

( LISA MARIE GERDES born February 4, 1971 Cincinnati OH

( DEBORAH ANN GERDES born May 29, 1973 Cincinnati OH

( BARBARA CLAIRE TATEMAN born October 24, 1949 Cincinnati OH; married March 18, 1972 Richard B. Kuertz; and born to them were:

( KEVIN SCOTT KUERTZ born October 9, 1975

( STEPHEN EDWIN KUERTZ born November 25, 1977 Cincinnati OH

( MARY LEE TATEMAN born September 9, 1953 Cincinnati OH; married November 10, 1973 David Lee Rechtin and born to them were:

( JACQUELINE LEE RECHTIN born November 18, 1975

( JOEFFREY LEE RECHTIN born May 1, 1978 Cincinnati OH

( JEANNE MARIE TATEMAN born August 14, 1955 Cincinnati OH; married February 18, 1978 James R. Howe

( ISABELLA URSULA WRIGHT born Cincinnati; married William Clark; no offspring

( FRANCIS DRAKE FERRIS born February 13, 1828/29 and died April 5, 1838

( THOMAS WADE FERRIS born March 21, 1830 and died August 5, 1833

( CHARLES MEADE FERRIS (1850-1902) (not listed in all sources – questionable placement here as his mother would have been 64 years old when he born!!!!) married 1881 Mary Estella Thomas and born to them was:

( EDITH FERRIS born 1882 Kansas City MO; married 1905 Ollie Howard Gore (1877-)

( EZRA FERRIS, Dr., born April 26, 1782/3 in the parish of Stanwich, Greenwich CT and died April 10/19, 1857 Lawrenceburg, Dearborn, IN; his family removed from Stanwich CT to Ohio 1789; the first five years he spent at Columbia were during the horrors of the Indian war. He saw the dejection of the spirits of the pioneers when Harmar's expedition failed and St. Clair was disastrously defeated, and participated in the rejoicing over Wayne's victory. Referring to the settlers, he says, “Many of them had been raised in opulence and had indulged in luxuries and enjoyed all the necessities of life, now removed far from their former homes, where nothing but the most common fare could be had and that often in stinted measure, were cast down though not forsaken. Add to the want of bread, the mortification an American mother (who had been at all times in the habit of clothing her children comfortably, and sometimes ornamenting them to please her fancy), must feel to see them clad in rags and dirt, for the want of materials to make new clothes of, or soap to wash them when dirty, and you will see enough to discourage and distress them”. Ezra had the benefit of such schools as could be supported at Columbia during the Indian War, and after the return of peace, obtained a good education. When a young man he studied in a good school in one of the Eastern States, and his education was quite a liberal one for the son of an early western emigrant. When quite a young man he was licensed as a Baptist preacher at the Duck Creek Baptist Church and was afterward ordained. He taught school at Lebanon OH, and studied medicine while teaching. Later moving to Lawrenceburg IN, he practiced medicine, preached to the destitute Baptist Churches of that area and established a drug store. He was active in the Baptist Church and in public affairs. As a member of the Dearborn County delegation, 1816, to the Constitutional Convention when Indiana became a state, he was chairman of the committee on elective franchise and elections. He was elected to the State Senate, from Dearborn County, 1816, a position he apparently held for several years, during which he was one of the censors for the licensing of physicians. At the request of the editor of the Independent Press, he wrote a series of letters for the newspaper, giving an account of the settlement of Cincinnati and Columbia and depicting the early days there. These letters were reprinted in the first volume of the Publications of the Indiana Historical Society, of which Dr. Ezra Ferris was one of the founders and a charter member. Before he became an old man he retired from the active practice of medicine but continued his drug store. He also continued to preach at Lawrenceburg and at Salem. “Dr. Ferris was a most useful man. He was modest and retiring, but highly respected by all. He was strongly attached to his own branch of the church and was a sincere and deeply pious man. In politics he was a Whig. He was a man of fixed principles and his friends always knew where to find him”. He married 1st December 5, 1804 Catherine Thornell and 2d November 6, 1847 Amanda Abbott; and born to Ezra and Catherine were:

( MARMADUKE EARL FERRIS, M.D., born December 26, 1805 and died September 1, 1850 Illinois; married 1st September 18, 1828 in Dearborn Co IN, Sarah Jane Hunter; married 2d July 6, 1834 in Perry MO as her 2d husband, Adeline W (Buckner) Shade [dau of Nicholas & Eleanor Magdalena (Sullivan) Buckner] (Adaline W Shade); and born to him and Adeline was:


( JABEZ SHERWOOD FERRIS born April 12, 1809 and died 1876 North Vernon IN; married Martha W. Ewing

( BELINDA FERRIS born December 17, 1810 and died October 27, 1814 Lawrenceburg IN

( WILLIAM THORNELL FERRIS born January 20, 1813 Lawrenceburg, Dearborn, IN and died there August 1, 1883; started in business for himself at Hartford before he was 21, but after three or four years, he returned to Lawrenceburgh, and for a number of years was engaged in the wholesale grocery business with John Wymond, the firm being Wymond & Ferris, which met with great success. He was next in business in Cincinnati, then for a time farmed, and for many years prior to his death, was connected with the revenue service. He passed a long life of usefulness and died leaving a name unsullied. He married 1st in Kentucky, Pamela Prentiss (Adaline); and 2d September 19, 1848 in Dearborn Co IN, Harriet Eliza Dunlevy [dau of George and Eliza (Buell) Dunlevy] born July 25, 1827 Marietta OH; and born to him and Pamela/Adaline were:



( JOHN FERRIS born April 5, 1815 Lawrenceburg IN and died there November 22, 1815

( MARTHA ANN FERRIS born September 26, 1816 Lawrenceburg IN and died there between 1887-94; unmarried

( JOHN FERRIS born December 15, 1818 Lawrenceburg IN and died there December 2, 1875; married October 12/22, 1840 in Dearborn Co IN, Frances Mary Ferris (

[A John Ferris, of Laurenceburg IN contributed 12 bureaus, nine stands, and nine complete bedsteads to the residents of Chicago, after the Chicago Fire - - speculation!] Born to them were:

( HENRY FARRAR FERRIS born July 23, 1841; married October 29, 1863 Pauline Jenkins and born to them was:

( JOSEPH JENKINS FERRIS born July 3, 1864

( JANE NARCISSA (NARCISS) FERRIS born November 19, 1842

( WILLIAM THORNELL FERRIS born July 30, 1845 and died August 3, 1871

( CHARLES EDWARD FERRIS born June 4, 1850 Dearborn Co IN and died December 28, 1887; grew up in Lawrenceburgh and received his education in the public schools there; 1869 he began clerking in the drug store, then the property of his father, passed down from his grandfather, and continued in that business; druggist

( PAMELA PRENTICE FERRIS born August 7, 1852

( FRANCES MARY FERRIS born September 28, 1855

( JOHN FRANKLIN FERRIS born January 27, 1858 and died July 28, 1888

( ELMER ELLSWORTH FERRIS born May 23, 1861 [Jim - I think it is more than a coincidence that a Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, commander of the 11th New York Fire Zouaves, was killed by a Confederate civilian in May 1861 after he removed a Confederate flag from a hotel in Alexandria VA, and this fella was named in May, 1861.]

( NORVAL FERRIS born June 8, 1820 and died May 6, 1831

( CAREY JOHNSON (JUDSON) FERRIS born October 19, 1826 and died September 15, 1844

( OMER FERRIS born March 9, 1828 and died November 10, 1832

( ANGELINE (ANGELINA) FERRIS born October 8/9, 1834 and died August 1, 1898; married November 3, 1859 John C. Ferris (; both buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; see him for offspring

( ABRAM FERRIS born August 20, 1786/87 Greenwich CT and died near Lawrenceburg IN October 5, 1857; a farmer, shoemaker and tanner in Cincinnati; Abram and his brother Ezra, moved from Ohio to Indiana 1850 residing in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn Co IN; member of Indiana state house of representatives, 1837-38 (which doesn't track with other dates); married 1st September 15, 1807 Rhoda Wheeler born March 15, 1789 Elizabethtown NJ and died March 7, 1845 Cincinnati OH; and 2d February 24, 1848 in Dearborn Co IN, Frances A. (H.) Fisher; and born to Abram and Rhoda were:

( JANE NARCISSA FERRIS born August 6, 1808 and died March 11, 1882 Columbus IN; married 1st October 29, 1829 Henry Moody Farrar born February 12, 1806 and died October 29, 1839; married 2d November 30, 1847 Jacob Williams Ewing (1818-1854); and born to Jane and Henry were:

( GEORGE SAMUEL FARRAR born August 12, 1830 and died November 4, 1892; married 1869 Elizabeth Goshorn

( CHARLES EDWARD FARRAR born March 4, 1833 and died June 23, 1834

( LOUISA CATHERINE FARRAR born November 24, 1834 and died March 4, 1868

( HENRY MOODY FARRAR born November 20, 1835 and died November 24, 1898

( ABRAM FRANKLIN FARRAR born October 19, 1838 and died January 5, 1891; married 1st February 15, 1864 Cornelia Cora Dumont who died August 13, 1866; married 2d August 7, 1870 Jennie Webb Lawrence born November 14, 1848


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