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SHERWOOD FERRIS born October 9, 1841 Linwood, Hamilton, OH and died January 28, 1842; buried Duck Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( MARY FERRIS (AFN: 8RLM-GQ) born June 1, 1769 Stamford CT and died June 25, 1832 Oyster Bay, Nassau, Long Island NY. When Mary's father migrated to Ohio, she remained in Stamford with her Uncle Ebenezer and it was there she met her husband; was married by her Uncle Ebenezer April 22, 1792 at Stamford, Rev. Marmaduke Earle born March 21, 1769 New York City and died July 13, 1856 Oyster Bay NY; in accordance with the faith of his father, Marmaduke was presented in St. Paul's Episcopal Church for baptism; converted to the Dutch Reformed Church {his mother's church} 1785 and entered the Latin Grammar School and began the study of the classics. After a brief preparatory study of Latin and Greek, he was accepted at Kings College (Columbia), graduating 1790 and receiving his Master degree 1793. It was after this that he connected himself with the Baptist Church of Scotch Plains, from which he received a license to preach. He accepted a call from the Baptist Church of Stamford CT, June 7, 1791, to settle with them and provide assistance to the Rev. Ebenezer Ferris. Mr. Earle resided in Stamford for a period of ten years, not only serving as pastor, but also engaging in the work of teaching, for which he was peculiarly fitted. In 1801, the trustees of the Oyster Bay Academy invited Mr. Earle to take charge of this literary institution, which under construction. “I accepted the invitation and entered into a contract with them. Accordingly, in the month of April, the ensuing year, I removed my family to Oyster Bay, Long Island. I opened the Academy for the reception of pupils on the 12th day of April, 1802". At the same time, the Baptist Church in Oyster Bay invited Mr. Earle to become their pastor. He accepted that invitation, and on the 5th of April 1802, began to preach stately in the old meetinghouse. His work as an educator continued until 1843, at the age of seventy-four, he relinquished active labors in that line. His children were educated in the Academy, under their father's tuition, and some of them continued for many years his educational work, after he stepped out of the harness. He continued with his ministry till his death in 1856, a period of fifty-four years. Born to them were [LDS has Mary's spouse as Earle Marmaduke (AFN: 8RLM-ZB) - obviously they are wrong.]:

( ISAAC FERRIS EARLE born June 17, 1793 Stamford CT and died June 30, 1841; buried at Fern Bank, near Lawrenceburg IN; went west and settled in the vicinity of Cincinnati, where many of his Ferris relatives were living; married October 4, 1832 Abby Carpenter; she married second after Isaac's death, a Mr. Yates and was living Fern Bank 1900; she died 1906 age 92y; and born to Isaac and Abby were:

( MARMADUKE EARLE born c1833; shipped out as a sailor on the U.S. Sloop of War Albany; 1854 when he had been to sea over two years, he wrote his mother that he would be home in three months, but the vessel was lost at sea and Marmaduke perished

( PERCIS EARLE fell overboard from a flatboat on the Mississippi River, when she was about two years old and drowned

( ANN MONTANYE (DELAMONTANYE) EARLE born August 18, 1794 Stamford CT and died January 5, 1848 Oyster Bay; unmarried

( MORRIS EARLE born September 29, 1796 Stamford CT and died January 22, 1870 Penn Yan NY; a tailor and a deacon in the Baptist Church at Pen Yan; he lived an exemplary life, being held in the highest regard by the whole community; married December 22, 1828 Emeline Clark; no offspring

( HENRY EARLE born December 3, 1798 Stamford CT and died May 8, 1879 Oyster Bay where he resided; unmarried

( MARMADUKE SIDNEY EARLE, Rev., born November 21, 1800 Stamford CT and died April 22, 1872 Trenton NJ; licensed to preach October 19, 1828 by the Baptist Church of Oyster Bay and spent the latter part of his life at Trenton; married Delilah Dancer; no offspring

( JAMES FARLEY EARLE born October 4, 1802 Oyster Bay, Nassau, Long Island NY and died September 24, 1884 Red Bank NJ where he lived; Justice of the Peace at Red Bank and was known as Judge Earle; married December 20, 1839 Deborah Tilton; had 5 children and all died; line extinct; adopted one child, June 1, 1853 (for info only):

( AGNES ASTOR EARLE (MARTHA ASTOR) born December 25, 1850 New York

( MARY FERRIS EARLE born October 10, 1804 Oyster Bay, Nassau, Long Island NY and died May 9, 1805

( MARY FERRIS EARLE born June 10, 1806 Oyster Bay NY and died there June 1874; unmarried; has been said she sacrificed her life to care for her father in his old age

( SARAH HAVILAND EARLE born December 24, 1807 Oyster Bay NY and died there January 26, 1882; has been said she sacrificed her life to care for her father in his old age

( SAMUEL HAVILAND EARLE, Rev., born July 17, 1809 Oyster Bay NY and died August 1, 1870 Wilmington DE where he resided; married 1st November 15, 1832 Phoebe Pearsall born August 26, 1808 and died August 20, 1852; and 2d Mrs. Sarah Temple Murphy; and born to Samuel and Phoebe were:

( JAMES SIDNEY EARLE born December 22, 1833 and died March 1900; married October 13, 1870 Emily Harrison

( MARY EARLE born February 21, 1836 and died January 2, 1901; married December 20, 1882 Charles Stephen Wightman, pastor the Baptist Church, Oyster Bay, starting 1868

( EDWIN MORRIS EARLE born April 27, 1838 and died May 12, 1872; married May 10, 1866 Julia Evelyn Dorlon

( CLEMENT GUYON EARLE born October 10, 1841 and died March 12, 1899; married January 4, 1869 Sophia Suarez

Born to Samuel and his second wife, Sarah, were:

( CHARLES CLIFTON EARLE, Rev., (1857-) married 1884 Ettie Y. Hellerman

( ANNIE EARLE (1859-1890) unmarried

( SARAH EARLE (1861-1882) unmarried

( MARGARET M. EARLE (1863-) resided in Wilmington DE; married 1st 1884 Walter R. Edwards who died January 10, 1905; married 2d Mr. Jackson

( SAMUEL MARMADUKE EARLE (1865-) married 1903 Sarah McClure who died December 31, 1907

( ALFRED EARLE, Rev., M.D., born July 10, 1813 at the family residence at South Street, Oyster Bay NY and died October 18, 1881 Philadelphia PA; educated at the Academy, of which his father was Principal, and taught school when a young man. As long as he lived he retained a fondness for the schoolroom, and at different periods of his life he joined the work of a pedagogue with his other professional employments. It was while teaching school at Babylon, Long Island, in his twenty-first year that he was converted. He immediately came home and applied for admission to the church. He was baptized on the 8th of December 1833, and on Christmas of the same year he began to preach, laboring for the conversion of souls in the vicinity of the village. These efforts were attended with such success that many were converted during the two years following, among them being his next older brother, Samuel, with his wife Phoebe. Thus began a ministry that terminated only with his life, and that was characterized by the same earnestness and zeal manifested in the first months of his religious life. He was licensed to preach on February 9, 1834 and for the next forty-eight years labored incessantly in the ministry, having his greatest success and finding his greatest pleasure in the work of evangelism, for which he was peculiarly fitted. Alfred was of a roving disposition and lived or preached in several places, to include Hopewell NJ, Salem County NJ, Wilmington DE. Bucks County PA; Steuben County NY, Rockland County NY, Camden NJ, Riceville PA, Cambridge OH, Lawrenceburg IN, Moore's Hill IN, Pierceville IN, Johnsonville PA and finally Philadelphia. It was while at the Southampton Baptist Church of Bucks County, that he received a diploma from the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, and began the practice of medicine, in connection with his ministerial labors. After a pastorate at Southampton of four and a half years, Dr. Earle terminated his connection with that church and removed to Philadelphia, where he opened a drug store. After he withdrew from the pastorate of the Southampton Church, thirty-three members seceded and in March 1849, formed the Davisville Baptist Church. Dr. Earle was engaged to supply the new organization, walking from Philadelphia to Davisville on Sunday mornings, a distance of about seventeen miles, and returning by stage during the week. Davisville became more like home than any other spot. He was tall and commanding in stature, with a strong countenance full of character and a flashing eye, with the voice of an orator, vibrant with passion, his platform presence was very impressive, and gave weight to what he said. He married March 29, 1835 at Oyster Bay, Priscilla McCoun (Lockwood) Hegans born April 3, 1817 Oyster Bay and died December 14, 1888 Philadelphia PA; both buried at Davisville Baptist Church Cemetery, Davisville, Bucks, PA (Photos); and born to them were [in addition to the below there were four others, unnamed]:

( FLANDRAU MARMADUKE EARLE born February 27, 1836 Stoutsburg, Somerset (Hopewell) NJ and died September 16, 1837 Baltimore MD; buried Davisville PA with his parents

( GERTRUDE VIRGINIA EARLE born November 20, 1837 at The Practical Institute, Baltimore MD and died May 24, 1919; married September 19, 1855 at Hatboro PA, Thomas Benjamin Montanye Addis of Huntington Valley PA; they were 3d cousins; their early-married life was spent at Huntington Valley, where Mr. Addis operated a flouring mill, but about 1863 they moved to Philadelphia, where they spent the major part of their lives. He was for many years agent for the Committee of One Hundred. Born to them were:

( FLORIDA THERESA ADDIS married S. Ervin Diehl and born to them was:


( ALONZO VREDENBURG ADDIS died age 33y; unmarried

( FRANCIS MARION ADDIS resided Glenside PA; unmarried

( EMMA B. ADDIS married John Moller and they resided Philadelphia PA

( ABRAHAM LINCOLN ADDIS died in childhood

( GERTRUDE VIRGINIA ADDIS married S. Ervin Diehl and they resided Glenside PA [Jim - is this the same guy?]; and born to them were:

( THOMAS ADDIS DIEHL resided Glenside PA

( EARLE DIEHL served eighteen months in France during WWI

( MYRTLE V DIEHL resided Glenside PA

( FLORA MAY DIEHL resided Providence RI

( S. ERVIN DIEHL, JR. resided Glenside PA


( FRANCIS MARION EARLE, Rev., born July 5, 1841 Beezeleys Neck, Lower Alloway Creek, Salem Co NJ and died November 16, 1916 Philadelphia PA. His boyhood, up to the age of sixteen, was spent in the vicinity of Davisville PA. In 1857 he went with his parents to Hornby NY and for a while attended a school at Elmira NY; he worked in his father's store in Piermont NY; at the outbreak of the Civil War he was living in Jersey City NJ, where he learned the trade of carpenter; 1862 when he became of age, he enlisted in Company B., 13th Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers; his Regiment left Newark for the seat of war on August 31, 1862 and seventeen days later were in the thick of the fight at Antietam; followed Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, where the Regiment saw hard fighting; after the last named engagement, Slocum's Corps, to which the 13th belonged, was transferred to the Army of the Cumberland, and Mr. Earle went with Sherman on his March to the Seal was in the War till its close; on being mustered out of service, he settled in Philadelphia, where he spent the remainder of his life. He was first associated with his brother-in-law, Mr. T. B. M. Addis, in the flour and feed business. Later he went in business for himself, first on Otis Street, then on Frankford Avenue. But during the latter part of his life, for more than thirty years, he was employed in the Philadelphia Post Office, mostly as a carrier. Mr. Earle was converted while in the Army, and at once became active in religious work. Connecting himself with the Mount Zion Baptist Church, on Frankford Avenue, he was made superintendent of the Sunday school, in which capacity he served for many years, both there, and afterwards, in the Messiah Baptist Church on Dauphin Street. He also engaged in street preaching and the work of organizing new Sunday Schools. Several of the Baptist churches in Philadelphia grew out of interests begun in this way, notably the Fiftieth, the Allegheny Avenue, the Fairhill, and the Wissinoming Avenue. Some of these look upon Mr. Earle was their founder or, at least, as largely instrumental in their coming into being. Mr. Earle also conducted the Waterloo Street Mission for several years, holding meetings every night for a very extended period. Yielding to the persuasion of his friends, Mr. Earle was ordained to the Christian ministry, but he never ceased his secular occupation. For seven years he served the Wissinoming Baptist Church as pastor, engaging daily in his work as letter carrier. On August 21, 1862, before his Regiment left for Washington, Mr. Earle married, at Jersey City NJ, Susannah Suarez born October 11, 1840, near Havana, Cuba. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM MOFFAT EARLE (Photo) born November 10, 1867 Philadelphia PA and died May 30, 1946 Omaha NE; a prominent major leaque baseball player in his era (The Little Globetrotter)

( ALFRED NEWTON EARLE married Alice L. Walter and resided in Philadelphia. Born to them were:


( EVA EARLE died young



( SIDNEY MORRIS EARLE married Lillian Huston Cockran and resided Germantown PA; and born to them were:





( MINNIE GRACE EARL married Stephen Foster and resided Philadelphia; and born to them were:





( MARION EARLE resided Philadelphia; unmarried


( MARMADUKE EARLE married Elizabeth Meister and resided Philadelphia PA

( ALONZO MORTIMER EARLE born December 8, 1843 Wilmington, New Castle, DE and died July 11, 1845 Davisville PA; buried there with his parents.

( FREDERIC MONTANYE EARLE born October 29, 1845 Davisville, Bucks, PA and died January 18, 1854; buried Davisville with his parents

( ANNA DE LA MONTANYE EARLE born December 29, 1850 near Johnsville, Bucks Co PA; married 1st March 17, 1869 William Wall and they resided Omaha NE; and born to them were:

( HARRY WALL died young

( ALBERT L. WALL married Mazzie Spotts and resided St. Louis MO

( MARY ELIZABETH WALL married James Cleveland and resided Freeport IL

( EDWARD WALL died in California.

( KATE MADDEN WALL married Roy S. Mogle and resided Freeport IL

( ISAAC NEWTON EARLE, Rev., born March 1, 1853 Johnsville, Bucks, PA and was obviously still living in 1923, when he published his book; was converted 1868 and united with the Ninth Street Baptist Church, Cincinnati OH; received preparation for college at Moore's Hill College IN, and Denison University, Granville OH; entered the freshman class of the latter institution 1871; took courses at the University of Rochester NY and Tulane University, New Orleans LA; began preaching at the age of seventeen; was ordained to the ministry at Hawley PA September 16, 1874; held charges at Hawley and Damascus PA, Wyoming NY, Detroit City MN, Philadelphia PA, Reading PA, Chadd's Ford PA, Imlaystown NJ, Nicetown PA, Lewistown PA, Ansonville PA, Barnesboro PA, Brookville PA, Lansford PA, and Picture Rocks PA. He was the author of a series of biblical charts, which had a wide circulation. For a number of years he traveled extensively, lecturing on the charts and holding Bible institutes. He was a teacher in the Pennsylvania Bible Institute and also in Temple University, Philadelphia; 1913-16 he was a teacher of modern languages and Greek in Leland University, New Orleans, at the same time filling the pulpit of the Valence Street Baptist Church of that city; July 31, 1921, the 51st anniversary of his entrance into the ministry, he closed his work in the pastorate, using the same text he began with, John 11:28. He retired to his home in Lewisburg PA. Isaac was the author of the book The Earle Family History 1923, the source of most of this information; married October 16, 1876 Clara Adelia Babcock of Hawley PA; and born to them were:

*****not available

( ALFRED SHERWOOD EARLE born April 2, 1856 Hatboro, Montgomery, PA; married 1st Jessie H. Schoch of Stroudsburg PA; and 2d 1879 Lena Gleason; and born to Alfred and Jessie were:


( ELLA M. EARLE married Harry M. Fritz

Born to Alfred and his second wife, Lena, was:


( CAROLINE OPHELIA EARLE born December 3, 1860 Jersey City NJ and died February 27, 1934 Philadelphia PA; she was a Baptist and a homemaker; married October 16, 1878 at Philadelphia, Richard Newton Wallace born October 16, 1850 Philadelphia and died there January 24, 1925; both buried there Northwood Cemetery; Richard was an Episcopalian and an Electrical Engineer; lived at 2233 Van Pelt Street, Philadelphia; and born to them were [in addition there were three more unidentified children]:

( STACY POTTS WALLACE born October 25, 1879 Philadelphia PA; a commercial traveler and lived at 2146 Sedgely Ave., Philadelphia; married April 6, 1905 Anna Mae Stratton

( CARRIE EARLE WALLACE born December 6, 1890 Philadelphia PA; married November 12, 1913 Otto Herrmann; and born to them was:

( GLADYS HERRMANN born December 1, 1914 Philadelphia; married a Mr. Eberwine

( ESTHER WALLACE born September 25, 1893 Philadelphia PA; married July 12, 1925 at Philadelphia, John Kulp born c1880 Philadelphia; a bakery salesman; and born to them were:

( EDNA LYSLE KULP born date unk Philadelphia PA

( ADELAIDE KULP born December 8, 1913 Philadelphia PA

( RUTH ELEANOR KULP born January 15, 1915 Philadelphia PA

( RICHARD NEWTON KULP born March 15, 1919 and died April 11, 1919

( EARLE WALLACE KULP born October 30, 1920 Philadelphia PA

( JOHN WESLEY KULP born October 25, 1923; a minister

( GEORGE ELWOOD KULP born May 3, 1927 Philadelphia PA

( DRUCILLA KULP born March 3, 1929 Philadelphia PA

( EDNA LYSLE WALLACE born December 23, 1894 Philadelphia PA and died there March 14, 1895

( RICHARD NEWTON WALLACE II born October 7, 1896 Philadelphia PA and died there April 13, 1942; buried there Northwood Cemetery; a salesman for the Kirman Soap Company and a Baptist; married April 23, 1919 at Philadelphia, Edna Julia Allen and born to them were:

( RICHARD NEWTON WALLACE III born October 18, 1922 Philadelphia PA and died there at Fox Chase June 1990; buried there Northwood Cemetery; a USDA meat inspector; Roman Catholic, then Protestant; married c1945 at Philadelphia, Irma Townsend born c1924/27 Philadelphia; anad born to them was:

( DWAYNE WALLACE born Philadelphia; married Lincoln Bitting and born to them was:


( SHERRY WALLACE born Philadelphia PA

( LEONARD ALLEN WALLACE I born November 3, 1928 Philadelphia PA; employed by the Fine Paper Mill; Roman Catholic, then Protestant; married 1st Mary Rose Upton born December 2, 1932 Philadelphia PA; waitress and Roman Catholic; married 2d July 24, 1954 at Carlton MN, Joyce Godbout born c1935/36 there; a homemaker and tends the farm; and born to Leonard and Mary was:

( LORETTA ANN WALLACE born August 14, 1952 Germantown Hospital, Philadelphia; a graphic designer and commercial artist; Roman Catholic; married 1st October 7, 1967 at Millbourne PA, Dennis James Barnes born March 11, 1951 Philadelphia - divorced 1971; married 2d August 22, 1981 Francis Howard Parker - divorced 1984; presently resides Philadelphia PA. [Thanks to Loretta for the information on the Earle branch of the Tree.]; and born to Loretta and Dennis was:

( LORIE ANN BARNES born December 21, 1967 Northeast Hospital, Philadelphia PA; a sales clerk and homemaker; Roman Catholic; married July 23, 1984 at Nashville TN, Christopher Long born August 20, 1963 Philadelphia PA; a roofing sales estimator; Roman Catholic; and born to them were:

( SAMANTHA ANN LONG born March 26, 1992 Las Vegas NV

( SARAH ANN LONG born July 20, 1993 Las Vegas NV

Born to Leonard and his second wife, Joyce, were:

( DEBRA WALLACE born December 15, 1954 Carlton MN; married 1st Daryl Parks who died 1980 Carlton MN; and 2d Richard Reber; and born to Debra and Daryl were:

( SHANE PARKS born c1974 Carlton MN

( SETH PARKS born c1977 Carlton MN

( SHAMMAH PARKS born c1978 Carlton MN

( LEONARD WALLACE II born March 1956 Carlton MN; married Lanajo Lafevber/LaFever and born to them, in Carlton MN, were:




( LORIE WALLACE born September 1957 Carlton MN; married Frank Bilich and born to them were:



( TONI LYNN WALLACE born March 1, 1961 Carlton MN; works at a paper mill; Roman Catholic, then Protestant; married July 4, 1981 at Carlton, Michael John Sheff born March 22, 1963 and born to them were:

( LEAH SHEFF born July 1986 Duluth MN

( SAUL SHEFF born September 1, 1987 Duluth MN

( LEVI SHEFF born January 29, 1989 Duluth MN

( RICHARD WALLACE born February 1965 Carlton MN; married 1st Sheryl Hoffman; and 2d Tina Sue Ledbetter; and born to Richard and Sheryl was:

( RICHARD WALLACE II born c1991 Minnesota

( SEAN WALLACE born September 1969 Carlton MN; a salesman; married 1993 Teresa Cardinale

( RUTH WALLACE born July 20, 1898 Philadelphia PA and died there March 1945; a Nurse and an entry clerk for the electric company; married February 9, 1918 at Philadelphia, Frank Meuer (Muir) born date unk but baptized May 15, 1927; he died May 1963 Philadelphia; both buried there Northwood Cemetery; and born to them was:

( DORIS CAROLYNE MEUER (MUIR) born July 15, 1920 Philadelphia PA

( ELLWOOD WEST WALLACE born August 20, 1899 Philadelphia PA and died there March 11, 1900


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