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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FERRIS (AFN: 8RLN-ZG) 'Frank' born September 25, 1850 Linwood, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati OH and died May 21, 1897; buried Mt. Washington Cemetery (Photos); [His gravestone has his name as Franklin Benjamin Ferris] a farmer in Linwood; married June 4, 1872/73 Ella Richards (1852-1936) and born to them were:

( SAMUEL MARSH FERRIS born 1873/4 and died November 16, 1953 at age 80y; married c1903 Olive Griffin, of Newport KY, (-1932); and born to them were:

( JOYCE FERRIS married John Tiffany of Hyde Park NY; resided near NYC


( ELOISE FERRIS married Frank Bartell

( ALBERT EARL FERRIS (1881-) married three times: 1st Bella {maiden name unk}

(-c1922); 2d Mary Koelker (-c1940); and 3d an unnamed lady

( JOHN HOWARD FERRIS born August 2, 1853/54 Linwood OH and died there December 1929; as a small lad, without the knowledge of his parents, he entered into a contract to sell newspapers as train-boy, in order to raise funds for some ambitious project. That covert, but successful enterprise was in reality John's first step in his destined career of success; graduated with honors at Denison University OH 1876; for the next two years, he held the position of principal of Norwood Schools; graduated from the Cincinnati Law School 1879, and at once entered into partnership with Judge Cowan, one of his legal tutors. This partnership was dissolved about ten years later and he formed a second with Judge James B. Swing, which continued for two years, when John, having been elected probate judge for the county by the overwhelming plurality of 9,000 votes - more than 2,000 above every other candidate on the Republican ticket - relinquished his legal practice to assume the duties of his new office. He was reelected, 1893, by a majority of 15,000 votes. He was president of the Ohio State Association of Probate Judges; later, Judge, Superior Court, Hamilton Co OH; married September 25, 1883/84 Frances M. Arthur (Fannie), of Cincinnati, born August 1, 1863 and died October 18, 1943; and born to them were:

( AMY HELEN FERRIS born December 5, 1885 and died May 17, 1917; married December 1915 Lester Riley who was the Rector, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Newport KY; and born to them was:

( CHILD RILEY died at birth

( HOWARD J. FERRIS born August 29/31, 1887 and died April 16, 1937; graduate of Dension University OH; married September 1, 1913 Lauretta Hickey born November 8, 1889 Covington KY; resided at Yorktown VA; no offspring

( MARY JANE FERRIS (1857-1867)

( CLARA (CAROLINE) MELDRUM FERRIS born March 29, 1859 and died May 8, 1940 Cincinnati OH; married September 17, 1879/80 Charles G. Waters born July 4, 1854; involved in the mercantile business in Cincinnati; a lawyer; resided in Linwood; no offspring

( ELMER ELLSWORTH FERRIS ‘Pete” born August 6, 1861 Linwood OH and died there July 19/20, 1929; secretary and manager of the Linwood Lumber Company; served in the capacity of bookkeeper seven years in the factory owned by his father; member of the Masonic Lodge, a Sir Knight of Cincinnati Commandery No. 3, a member of the Mystic Shrine, a charter member of the Blue Lodge of Linwood No. 567 and a member of a College Secret Society; Sigma Chi; affiliated with the Republican Party and was treasurer of Linwood for several years; married November 24, 1885 Ella Higbee [dau of W. W. & Susan Higbee] born October 18, 1862 and died December 23, 1923; and born to them were:

( GRACE FERRIS born July 8, 1886 and died August 7, 1886

( DONALD FERRIS died in infancy

( LUCILLE FERRIS born July 28, 1892; graduate of Denison University; married January 10, 1918 Charles S. Schwarz (Lieutenant Colonel, USAR), of Cincinnati; and born to them were:

( NANCY SCHWARZ born February 28, 1924

( SUSANNE SCHWARZ born September 1927 and died February 1931

( CHARLES SCHWARZ born June 1930

( MILDRED ZORELDA FERRIS born August 18, 1898 Cincinnati OH and died November 5, 1972; buried Mt. Washington Cemetery, Anderson Township, Hamilton Co OH; married July 5, 1922 Harold Forrest Angus born April 23, 1896 and died February 14, 1983; and born to them were:

( JOHN FERRIS ANGUS born March 11, 1926; married in July 1950 Barbara Lyons born February 5, 1926 and born to them were:

( HAROLD EVANS ANGUS born September 20, 1952

( JOHN LYONS ANGUS born May 18, 1954

( CAROLYN MELDRUM ANGUS born September 17, 1927; married 1950 Glenn Carroll Bartco and born to them were:

( CYNTHIA JEAN BARTCO born September 23, 1953

( TIMOTHY GLENN BARTCO born May 18, 1955

( MARY JANE FERRIS born October 7, 1820 Linwood, Hamilton, OH and died February 25, 1871 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH; married February 21, 1838/39 Adam Lee Cosbey born January 8, 1816 Sycamore Township and died there December 30, 1899 [son of Samuel, Jr. & Elenor (Lee) Cosbey; grandson of Adam Lee who donated the land for the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery]; both buried (Mt. Carmel Baptist Cemetery) Sycamore Township Cemetery (tombstone photo). Adam was a Deacon and a Trustee of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church; a prominent Mason; stockholder and builder of the Cincinnati, Montgomery, Hopkinsville, Rochester and Clarksville Macadamized Turnpike Company, a toll road bought by the Hamilton County Commissioners in 1906 and made free. Adam’s aunt Elizabeth was wife of John Ferris ( Born to them were:

( ELLEN COSBEY born July 20, 1840 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH and died May 16, 1861; buried Sycamore Township Cemetery

( SAMUEL F. (FERRIS?) COSBEY born 1842 Sycamore Township; married, lady's name unk but born to them was:


( ISAAC FERRIS COSBEY born July 23, 1843 Sycamore Township and died December 1, 1862; buried Sycamore Township Cemetery (tombstone photo); Civil War; Private in Company A, 83d Regiment Ohio Infantry – Civil War records say the 83d Regt; his gravestone says 82d ?

( JOHN NAYLOR COSBEY born February 1846 Sycamore Township and died January 16, 1917; married October 23, 1883 Lena Mathis born September 1855 and died January 26, 1922

( WILLIAM FRANK COSBEY born October 26, 1850 Sycamore Township and died December 7, 1916; married December 23, 1873 Abbie E. McKee (1852-1923)

( ANNIE PHOEBE COSBEY born June 27, 1853 Sycamore Township and died January 3, 1925 Montgomery, Hamilton, OH; buried there Hopewell Cemetery; married November 18, 1875 James Milton Blair [son of William Hayes & Clarissa (Addison) Blair] born February 28, 1848 Montgomery OH and died there March 29, 1927; and born to them were:

( RUSSELL HAYES BLAIR born November 1876 Montgomery OH and died October 4, 1905; killed in explosion in Hamilton Co Courthouse; the road record clerk in the County Commissioner's office for four years; lawyer, Chase Law School 1905; scheduled to be married later in the month

( ALMA BELL BLAIR born May 17, 1878 Montgomery OH and died February 28, 1930 Cincinnati OH; buried Hopewell Cemetery, Montgomery; married April 20, 1904 Edwin Leslie Strawser born November 23, 1879 OH and died 1977 Cincinnati; and born to them were:

( GEORGE EDWIN STRAWSER (1905-1959) married June 2, 1945 Mary Jane Sloppy [Jim - another favorite surname!!]; and born to them was:

( EDWIN STRAWSER born March 17, 1949

( J. BLAIR STRAWSER born December 2, 1907 and died 1976; married December 21, 1933 Janet DeCamp Spear (1907-); and born to them were:

( TED STRAWSER born November 8, 1934; married August 23, 1975 Constance Campbell

( DONNA STRAWSER born June 7, 1936; married May 5, 1956 Lyle Shaw

( NEIL STRAWSER born October 26, 1942; married August 26, 1967 Linda Hatt

( GEORGE ALBERT BLAIR born January 4, 1884, Montgomery OH and died there

March 9, 1917; married April 21, 1916 Hazel Stephenson (1887-1977); and born to them was:

( HAZEL MAE BLAIR born May 20, 1917 and died 1956; married Thomas Henkel born April 9, 1918 – divorced; and born to them was:

( STEFFANI HENKEL born August 29, 1943; married a Mr. Van Camp and resided in Oregon with 2 daughters

( BESS ELIZABETH BLAIR born January 7, 1887 Montgomery OH and died July 20, 1940 Cincinnati OH; married April 14, 1910 Charles Brueggeman born February 11, 1884 Cincinnati and died there 1960; and born to them was:

( HARRY CHARLES BRUEGGEMAN born February 24, 1917; married June 1960 Esther Konrad; no offspring

( CLIFFORD JAMES BLAIR born 1890 and died c1968 Miamiville, Clermont, OH; married June 9, 1928 Mabel Holloway; no issue

( LUELLA BLAIR born October 16, 1892 Montgomery OH and died October 5, 1978 Cincinnati OH; buried Hopewell Cemetery, Montgomery, Hamilton, OH; married September 23, 1914 Albert Leroy Barber [son of William James & Joanna Gilmore (Hare) Barber] born October 26, 1887 Cincinnati and died there October 2, 1975; and born to them was:

( MARJORIE JUNE BARBER (Photo) born February 10, 1920 Cincinnati; married February 15, 1947 Paul Arthur Schuster, MD, born August 4, 1921 Cincinnati and died August 19, 1989 Indian Hill OH. [Jim - Marjorie is the compiler of the Isaac Ferris Genealogy from which much of the information for this ‘twig’ comes from - thanks Marjorie!] Born to them were:

( MARTHA ANNE SCHUSTER born August 1, 1951; married July 21, 1973 Roland Lee Schinbeckler [son of Robert & Esther of Columbia City IN] born March 13, 1950 IN; reside Warren NJ

( PAUL ARTHUR SCHUSTER, JR., born April 12, 1954; married June 12, 1981 Nancy Farrell born February 10, 1955; reside Chesterfield MO; and born to them were:

( TARA ANNE SCHUSTER born October 21, 1984 Greenwich CT

( KATHRYN FARRELL SCHUSTER born February 8, 1986 Greenwich CT

( MEGAN BARBER SCHUSTER born November 12, 1988 St. Louis MO

( STEPHEN BARBER SCHUSTER, M.D., born April 3, 1955; married April 16, 1983 Laura Lee Boesch, R.N., born March 25, 1958 France; reside Greensboro NC; and born to them were:

( JILLIAN BLAIR SCHUSTER born June 7, 1984 Greensboro NC

( STEPHEN REID SCHUSTER born November 6, 1986 Greensboro NC

( LEON BLAIR (twin) born and died 1895

( LEONA BLAIR (twin) born and died 1895

( MINNIE MARY COSBEY born 1857 Sycamore Township and died August 3, 1894 OH; married October 18, 1877 Alfred Freeman Agnew born September 26, 1848 and died May 24, 1935 Ontario CA

( ALMA BELL COSBEY born 1859 Sycamore Township and died January 22, 1929 CA; married 1st May 15,1878 George Kennedy; 2d 1898 Alfred Freeman Agnew - her brother-in-law; and born to Alma and George was:


Born to Alma and her second husband, Alfred, was:

( HELEN AGNEW born 1900 and died January 18, 1978; married Lloyd Reed

( JENNIE COSBEY born 1862 Sycamore Township and died September 25, 1887; married January 8, 1885 Charles Peckinpaugh

( ISAAC FERRIS, Jr., born October 30, 1823 Linwood OH and died April 1888; married October 8, 1848/49 Sarah Ann Buxton [dau of David & Joanna (Conklin) Buxton] born October 24, 1826

( WILLIAM M. FERRIS (William Marsh Ferris) born October 5, 1829 Linwood (Cincinnati) OH and died October 17, 1914 Cincinnati; buried Mt. Washington Cemetery, Hamilton, OH; member of his brother’s firm, S. M. Ferris Manufacturing Company in Linwood, but resided in Mt. Lookout; married 1st December 31, 1850 Nancy Thompson [dau of William F. & Mary (Armstrong) Thompson] born July 11, 1828 Newton, Hamilton, OH and died Cincinnati of childbirth, presumably circa July 7, 1858; and 2d December 27, 1865 Jerusha Amelia Sargent born October 28, 1841 and died 1924. William was a member of the Baptist Church - resided in an elegant house in Mt. Lookout and was ‘in easy circum­stances’; The Cincinnati Commerical Tribune, October 18, 1914: “William Marsh Frris, aged 85, oldest native born voter of Hamilton County and a man who saw the first steam locomotive enter Cincinnati, died suddenly yesterday afternoon at his residence, 3414 Shady Pines, Hyde Park. Mr Ferris was the son of Isaac Ferris and the grandson of Ebenezer Ferris, who first preached in the original Duck Creek Baptist Church, the oldest institution of its kind west of the Alleghanies. Mr. Ferris’ father also was a preacher of the Duck Creek Church. Mr. Ferris was born in the old homestead, 2990 Lindwood Road, October 5, 1829. During his youth the entire business district of Cincinnati was below Pearl Street. When in his early twenties Mr. Ferris sarted in partnership with his brother John and began the Ferris Hame Manufacturing Company, which for years operated in Linwood, and later changed its name to the J.A. DeArmond Manufacturing Company. Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Mr. Ferris took an active interest in the Duck Creek Baptist Church, now the Baptist Church on Erie Avenue, Hyde Park. After serving for more than a half century as a deacon in that institution, Mr. Ferris was made a permanent deacon. This honor was bestowed on him some ten years ago, shortly after he retired from active business. An honor of which Mr. Ferris felt proud was the fact that in all his years he never voted any place but Precinct C of the First Ward. His father, too, always voted in that same precinct. Last Friday, Mr. Ferris walked by himself to the voting place and registered. That night he was taken suddenly ill. Dr. Dixon of Hyde Park was summoned and ordered the aged man to bed. His decline was very rapid, and at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon he succumbed. Acute indigestion is given as the cause of his death. He served as a home guard for 100 days during the war of 1861-1865. Less than two weeks ago at the birthday reception in his honor, Mr. Ferris recalled reminiscences of early days and repeated the tales hold him by his grandfather. Four children, ten grandchildren and give great-grandchildren survive him. The children aer Mrs. Anna B Green, Dr. E. S. Ferris of Columbus, Ohio, F. W. Ferris of Cincinnati and Mrs. Dell Sober of Hot Springs, New Mexico.”; and born to him and Nancy were:

( ANNIE BELLE FERRIS born October 13, 1854 Hamilton Co OH and died there September 19, 1944; married August 30, 1876 Gamaliel Green [son of John Nelson & Amanda Melvina (Shotwell) Green] born November 25, 1847 KY and died December 17, 1934 Rossmoyne OH; buried Mt. Washington Cemetery, Cincinnati; in the real estate and insurance business; and born to them were:

( WILLARD FERRIS GREEN born August 3, 1878 and died February 3, 1907 AZ; ranch hand; married July 3, 1901 Julia Alice Neighbours; and born to them were:

( FRANCES MARION GREEN born July 14, 1902; married Helen Barr Jones born April 15, 1904 KY and died June 10, 1971 St. Petersbury FL; buried there; beautician; lived in FL 31 years; 19 grandchildren; and born to them were:

( WILLARD LAWRENCE GREEN born January 7, 1931 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH and died October 12, 1985 Brooksville FL; buried Grace Memorial Gardens, Hudson, Pasco, FL (photo)

( EDITH C. GREEN married Mr. Babcock

( JACKIE GREEN married Mr. Moran

( BERTHA MARIE GREEN born May 26, 1906 Cincinnati OH and died July 15, 1986 Sarasota FL; married May 28, 1928 James Klee born February 24, 1901 and died July 1981 Sarasota FL; both buried buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH (Photos); he was a chemist with Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati; and they had 2 kids

( GRACE EDNA GREEN born April 18, 1883 and died September 19, 1952; married October 1, 1902 Albert Frederick Hoysted Molloy Jr [son of Albert Frederick Hoysted & Cora T. Williams (Hickman) Molloy] born June 16, 1881 Warren Co OH and died August 13, 1939 Columbia Township, Jackson Co MI; buried Mt. Washington Cemetery, Cincinnati; operated the Gamaliel Green Insurance Agency on Hyde Park Square, Cincinnati and died while on a visit to MI; and born to them was:

( ALBERT FREDERICK HOYSTED MOLLOY III born June 6, 1905 Cincinnati OH and died there May 11, 1941; buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati; married January 24, 1930 in Cincinnati, Lida Opal Hollis born April 12, 1903 Liberty Township, Ross, OH and died October 20, 1999 St. Petersburg FL; (Albert was Lida’s 1st of 3 husbands) and they had 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( PATRICIA ANN MOLLOY born January 2, 1931 Cincinnati OH and died January 28, 19** Greenwood, Johnson, IN; buried there Greenwood Cemetery; married Mr. Hebauf and they had 2 kids

( ERNEST CLIFTON FERRIS born July 7, 1858 and died May 17, 1865; killed by a falling wheel at the Hames Factory in Cincinnati

Born to William and his 2d wife, Jerusha, were:

( FREDERICK WORRALL FERRIS born September 12, 1879 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH and died there January 18, 1939; married September 26, 1901 Harriett Belle Riddle [dau of Andrew & Louisa] born August 1, 1874 Lockland OH; and born to them were:




( DELL MARIE FERRIS born May 19, 1873 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH; married October 31, 1895 William Henry Sorber [son of Jacob & Leanda (Baer) Sorber] born January 19, 1871 Hamilton Co OH and died September 22, 1919; and born to them was:

( FLORENCE MARIE SORBER born February 18, 1897

( EDGAR SARGENT FERRIS, M.D.. born April 6, 1866 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH and died July 6, 19138 Columbus OH; married September 1, 1887 Anna Marie DeRuyter/DeRuitter [dau of Whiet & Charlotte (Thorpe) Deruyter] born July 11, 1868 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; and born to them were:

( MARIE EDNA FERRIS born October 7, 1888 and died December 6, 1969 Columbus OH; married 1st C Schultz; 2d Mr Williams

( CHARLOTTE AMELIA FERRIS born July 11, 1890 and died January 4, 1990; married Paul J Filling

( ROGER DERUYTER FERRIS born March 8, 1892 and died July 7, 1967 St Petersburg FL

( WAYVIS WILLIAM FERRIS born February 20, 1895 Deercreek IL and died June 3, 1971 Clearwater FL; married Louise Luellan McCann Kesler

( JOHN MARSH FERRIS born January 13, 1832 Linwood OH and died October 18, 1902; buried Mt. Washington Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; a member of his brother’s firm, S. M. Ferris Manufacturing Company, in Linwood, although he had a beautiful residence in Mt. Lookout; married January 29, 1865 Louisa Sargent [dau of Rev James T & Margaret C. (Taylor) Sargent] born January 1, 1845 Bethel OH and died April 25, 1917 Cincinnati OH [In the History of Hamilton County OH, it is recorded that John was married to a Miss Thompson, sister to his brother’s wife – maybe this is confused with Louisa being a sister of Jerusha Sargent.]; a member of the Baptist Church; and born to them were:

( EVA MARIE FERRIS born April 1, 1866 Cincinnati OH and died August 5, 1869

( CAREY SARGENT FERRIS, M.D., born July 14, 1868 Cincinnati OH and died September 13, 1945 Hines IL; married and died without offspring

( JOHN EVERETT FERRIS born April 3, 1871 Cincinnati OH and died August 14, 1872

( EMMA BELLE FERRIS born October 17, 1873 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH and died March 18, 1914; buried Mt. Washington Cemetery; married March 1, 1894 Julius George Penn [son of John & Charlotte (Ashburn) Penn] born April 3, 1861 New Richmond OH and died September 20, 1917; and born to them were:

( JULIUS FERRIS PENN born November 3, 1894 Cincinnati OH; married March 25, 1916 Alice Amelia Eagan born March 6, 1898; offspring

( JOHN HOBART PENN born July 1, 1896 Cincinnati OH; married September 9, 1922 Grace H Homer born August 30, 1903 Cincinnati

( ANNE MADELINE PENN born May 4, 1901 Cinncinnati OH; married December 31, 1923 Arthur LaFayette Warren born March 14, 1895 Pacific Grove CA; offspring

( HAROLD AARON FERRIS born June 21, 1877 Cincinnati OH and died April 14, 1949 Atlanta GA; married January 12, 1904 Aouda May Stackhouse born January 12, 1881 St Louis MO; settled in Atlanta GA; and b orn to them were:

( GWENDOLYN AOUDA FERRIS born January 8, 1906 Memphis TN

( HAROLD AARON FERRIS Jr born September 7, 1916 Atlanta GA; married July 30, 1940 Helen Evanoff born February 14, 1921 Bogalousa LA; offspring – is this Dr. Harold A Ferris Jr?

( EVERETT JOHN FERRIS born February 3, 1881 Cincinnati OH; married October 6, 1915 Minnie Murrell born October 6, 1885; settled in Yazoo MS; and born to them were:

( JAMES MURRELL FERRIS born July 20, 1916 Clarksdale MS; married July 6, 1940 Nettie Perrin born May 29, 1918 Yazoo City MS; offspring

( EVERETT JOHN FERRIS Jr born February 18, 1918 Clarksdale MS

( MARY LOUISE FERRIS born October 17, 1922 Greenville MS; married July 29, 1950 William Martin Hoffman born March 26, 1919 Columbus OH

( LOUISE MARGARET FERRIS born April 3, 1883 Cincinnati OH and died November 1968; married November 20, 1904 Charles Edward Hall born May 14, 1866; and born to them were:

( GENE FERRIS HALL born September 28, 1905 Cincinnati OH and died December 7, 1951; married December 15, 1941 Mary Ethel Giles born July 31, 1913

( BRYON CARLYLE HALL born May 3, 1907 Cincinnati OH; married December 29, 1936 Mary Alice Butcher born April 4, 1918; offspring

( HAROLD SHUBERT HALL born July 22, 1912 Cincinnati OH; married September 10, 1938 Dorothy Doris Snell born August 16, 1919; offspring

( ELOISE BROWING HALL born November 12, 1919 Newton OH; married May 11, 1940 Seward Clifford Scull born October 28, 1918 South Bend IN; offspring

( HANNAH MARIA FERRIS born September 18, 1834 Linwood OH and died January 1, 1844; buried Duck Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH (Hannah Mariah Ferris)

( PHEBE A. FERRIS born March 4, 1840 Linwood OH; married 1860 Alexander P. Close [There was a Phebe Ferris, of Mt. Lookout OH, whose will was filed April 8, 1882, in Hamilton Co OH; the executor was William Ferris (her brother?). Beneficiaries named in her will were: May Close, John M. Ferris, Annie Green, William Ferris, Phebe Close, and Dell Marie Ferris -- feel pretty confident this is the same lady.] Born to them was:



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