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thanks, Richard! Resides in Savona NY; and born to them were:

( RICHARD L. HILL VI born May 21, 1976 Corning NY

( EMILY BETH HILL born April 29, 1984 Urbana NY

( EVAN BARKLEY HILL born October 13, 1988 Urbana NY

( CHRISTOPHER JOHN HILL born February 22, 1958 Corning NY; and born to him were:

( JON LEE HILL born April 14, 1980 Goldsboro NC

( TODD CHRISTIAN HILL born March 23, 1990 Goldsboro NC

( THOMAS FLYNN HILL born April 27, 1959 Corning NY

( KATHERINE MARY HILL born October 25, 1961 Corning NY

( VINCENT GERARD HILL born September 25, 1963 Corning NY

( PAUL FRANK HILL born May 4, 1928 Corning NY

( ALICE MAY HILL born September 1, 1865 Corning NY

( WILLIAM FERRIS HILL born March 14, 1867 Corning NY and died 1940

( JOSEPH A. HILL born March 14, 1870 Corning NY and died c1931

( AMOS W.HILL born October 10, 1878 Corning NY and died there March 15, 1887

( HELEN MARTHA HILL born June 16, 1878 Corning NY and died April 8, 1968

( AMOS W.HILL born November 20, 1837 Wayne, Steuben, NY and died September 20, 1920 Tyrone, Schuyler, NY; married Mary Sunderlin born June 6, 1846 and died January 1, 1899 Tyrone NY; and born to them were:


( LELA HILL born c1873 and died 1930 Penn Yan, Yates, NY; married in Penn Yan, Nelson A Darmouth born 1866 and died October 24, 1944 Tyrone NY

( EMMA L HILL born June 13, 1877

( GEORGE HILL born December 6, 1839 Wayne, Steuben, NY and died December 5, 1907 Tyrone, Schuyler, NY; married Martha Crosby [dau of Selah Fay & Fanny (Wortman) Crosby] born March 7, 1841 and died October 26, 1893; and born to them were:

( GEORGIA I HILL born January 7, 1867 and died August 6, 1892; married a Mr Hungate

( H LAVERNE HILL born 1869 and died March 8, 1940 Tyrone NY; married Myrtle Ballard (1878-1956); offspring

( SARA F HILL born June 22, 1873 and died March 22, 1887 Wayne NY

( ABRAHAM HILL born October 13, 1798 and died December 23, 1883

( ENOCH HILL born August 4, 1800 and died July 28, 1867

( ASEPH KING HILL (Asaph) born September 22, 1802 Washington Co NY and died November 7, 1883 Scriba NY; married 1st Maria Briggs born March 29, 1807 Easton, Washington, NY and died March 21, 1871; married 2d Sarah E Clark born c1811 NY and died after 1880; and born to him and Maria were:

( GEORGE HILL born c1829 NY

( HANNAH E HILL born c1834 NY

( JOHN HENRY HILL born c1836 NY and died after 1880; married Lydia Margaret Roberts and born to them was:

( MARIA SOPHIA HILL married Franklin Crouch and born to them was:


( STEPHEN FRANCIS HILL born May 13, 1844 NY (or 1845) and died May 29, 1907 Volney NY (or May 2, 1907 Minetto NY); married Mary Elizabeth Lamb born October 13, 1850 NY (1852, c1855) and died after 1930; and born to them were:

( MINNIE ADELE HILL born January 7, 1871 Volney NY (or April 1873 NY) and died January 19, 1932 Minetto NY; married Walter Worden Perry born January 21, 1867 (or 1867 Fulton NY or April 10, 1867 Minetto NY or January 1871) and died December 29, 1947 Oswego NY; and born to them were:

( AMANDA PERRY born March 14, 1891 Minetto NY and died July 1929; married John Edmond Kennedy born 1890 Granby NY and died July 1969; and born to them were:

( MARGARET LOUISE KENNEDY married 1st Calvin Hall; married 2d James Herbert born November 3, 1914 and died February 6, 1979

( KATHLEEN VIRGINIA KENNEDY born February 11, 1918 and died 1988; married William Edward Laurin

( MARTHA ADELE KENNEDY married Paul Dowling

( HARRIET LOUISE PERRY born October 9, 1893 Minetto, Oswego, NY and died October 26, 1971 New Haven CT; graduate of Oswego State Normal School, Oswego; taught in the Greenwich school system for 25y; nurse; married Harold William Setley born May 9, 1896 Easton PA and died November 11, 1960 Coral Gables FL; and born to them were:

( HAROLD WILLIAM SETLEY Jr born February 16, 1917 Greenwich CT and died March 4, 1986 Ft Lauderdale FL; married Charlotte Kathryn Gray born January 3, 1918 Stamford CT and died September 16, 1988 Plantation FL - - info provide by David & Judith (Setley) Wright – thanks folks!!!

( MARY JANE SETLEY born December 11, 1923 Minetto NY and died August 21, 1992 Stamford CT; married Bernard Aaron Murphy

( ELLA MAY HILL born May 19, 1872 NY and died May 24, 1927; married William S Dumas; and born to them were:

( LEON ROSSLYN DUMAS born June 10, 1892?; married Nina Harding

( FRANK EDWIN DUMAS born August 3, 1897

( ROBERT ARNOLD DUMAS born December 13, 1900; married Gertrude Danio

( CHARLES FRANCIS DUMAS born July 13, 1906; married Viola Haresign

( HAZEL ELIZABETH DUMAS married Joseph Anesko

( FRANK HILL born February 7, 1874 and died after 1909; married Lois Richards; and born to them were:

( KIRKLAND FRANCIS HILL born September 7, 1904?

( LYNN LEROY HILL born April 1, 1909

( THERESA M HILL born November 26, 1875 NY and died after 1942; married Charles Davis Bothwell born c1871 NY and died after 1930; and born to them were:

( LESTER J BOTHWELL born July 21, 1909 and died July 30, 1909

( JAMES ALTHOUSE born c1917 NY and died after 1930

( ASA KING HILL born February 9, 1880 NY and died after 1907; married Matilda Jane Perry

( THEODA M HILL born c1848 NY

( HENRIETTA HILL born c1838 NY

( MARTHA HILL born c1841 NY

( HARRIETT A HILL born c1843 NY

( JOHN FERRIS HILL born September 5, 1804 and died November 27, 1861 Lewis Corners, Oswego, NY; married Hannah {maiden name unk} born January 16, 1807 and died March 5, 1862 Lewis Corners; resided in Roxbury, Delaware, NY for a while; and born to them were (all 3 kids buried Dimmick Cemetery, Middletown NY):

( JOHN B HILL died June 6, 1847

( ZALMON HILL born October 17, 1833 and died January 21, 1855 Roxbury NY

( ANGELINE HILL born 1839 and died September 14, 1840 Roxbury NY

( EPPENETUS HILL born November 24, 1806 NY and died February 9, 1882; married Lois {maiden name unk}; and born to them were:

( GERMAN HILL born c1838 NY

( MARY A HILL born c1844 NY

( ALANSON HILL born November 21, 1808

( ORRIN HILL born March 12, 1811

( MYRON HILL born March 4, 1814

( HANNAH ELIZA HILL born April 13, 1817

( AMY HILL born May 16, 1769

( ELIZABETH HILL born April 24, 1771

( ANNIE HILL born July 10, 1779 Carmel, Putnam, NY

( SAMUEL HILL born October 2, 1781

( JOHN FERRIS, JR. born c1757 and died September 23, 1800 at age 43y; originally buried on the Ferris Family Farm in Sycamore Township; moved to Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH 1931; DAR marker for Rev. War Veteran. [He is referred to as Senior on cemetery records.] This John must have been the John Ferris, Jr., (?) in the Albany Co militia in the Revolution, as his father was the only other known John Ferris in that county at that time; also served in the Indian warfare in Ohio, where he was on the payroll of Captain Richard Greaton’s Company, First Sub-Legion of the United States Army, for a little over two months in 1793. John’s cousin Ezra stated that John was a Lieutenant of the first military company organized in that area and served under General Anthony Wayne in his campaign, which ended in 1795. John and his wife are said to have moved directly to Columbia, although they may have landed on the Kentucky shore first until cabins were built in the new settlement at the mouth of the Little Miami River in 1789. They were charter members of the Baptist Church at Columbia in 1790, but were dismissed in 1792, probably to the church at Duck Creek. Family tradition has him leaving Albany, NY and sailing down the Hudson to join the party migrating to Ohio. John and his wife were buried in the cemetery on the original Ferris farm in Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, OH, but about 1931 their remains were removed to the Mount Carmel Cemetery in the same township. John married Betsy (Elizabeth) Denton [dau of Solomon and Lydia (Husted) Denton.] who died March 2, 1814 at age 55y; buried at Sycamore Township Cemetery. Born to them were:

( SARAH FERRIS born c1777 probably in Albany Co NY and died January 15, 1815, age 37y; married 1796 Nicolas Johnston, a native of Dumfries, Scotland, born 1764 and died December 24, 1821; both buried Carpenters Run Pioneer Cemetery, Plainville, Hamilton, OH; photo of tombstone; and born to them was (and probably others):

( WILLIAM JOHNSTON (1809-1869) married 1830 Margaret Fenton Karr (1810-1899) and born to them were:

( SARAH JOHNSTON born February 20, 1833 Hamilton Co OH and died September 9, 1893 Branch Hill, Clermont, OH; married February 12, 1854 Samuel N. Price [son of Peter Smith Price] born May 18, 1821 Sharonville, Hamilton, OH and died April 29, 1887 Branch Hill, Clermont, OH; both buried Evergreen Cemetery, Miamiville, Clermont, OH; he is listed as a carpenter in the 1860 and 1870 census; and born to them were:

( MARGARET PRICE (Maggie) born December 1857 IL and died in/after 1930 where she is listed as living as a lodger in Miami Township, Clermont Co, OH

( EMMA A PRICE born November 1859

( IRWIN NATHANIEL SHEPARD PRICE (N.S.) (Noah) born 1861 OH and died before 1930; buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery OH there are several Mt Pleasant Cemeteries in OH, but there is one in Clermont Co, right one?); married c1883 Anna J Wendt [dau of Heinrich & Louisa (Weichert) Wendt] born June 6, 1854 Campbell Co KY and died January 11, 1937 Clermont Co OH; buried there Evergreen Cemetery; and born to them were:

( IRWIN PRICE born April 1884 OH; married Florence Madden born 1884 IN; and born to them were:

( FANNIE MAY PRICE born c1902 Cincinnati OH

( CLARENCE NEVEL PRICE born July 17, 1885 KY and died February 10, 1938 Clermont Co OH; buried there Evergreen Cemetery; photographer; also worked as a clerk in the railroad ticket office; married 1st 1908 Henrietta Smith (Noni) (Etta) [dau of Eugene & Henrietta (Nehring) Smith] born December 1, 1890 Toledo OH and died November 12, 1956 Pasadena CA; buried Forest Lawn Memorial Hill Cemetery, Burbank CA – divorced; she was Court Reporter for the Superior Court in Tiffin OH 1928-44; also Court Reporter for the Juvenile Court in Los Angeles; married 2d 1915 Anna{maiden name unk} (1898-); and born to him and Henrietta were:

( HELEN LOUISE PRICE (Photo) born May 5, 1909 Madisonville OH and died August 27, 1994 Fort Lauderdale FL; buried Fairmont Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, OH (Photo); married 1st January 8, 1929 in Philadelphia PA, Frank John Gentile (Frank DuMont- stage name) [son of Gaitano & Jennieve (Mozzacchio) Gentile] born December 7,. 1903 Philadelphia and died April 22, 1975 Atlantic City NJ; buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Mays Landing NJ – both in vaudeville as part of the Martha Kaye Review - divorced 1935 and took back her maiden name; married 2d December 31, 1943 Oren A Heyman born August 9, 1900 and died May 1984 Tiffin OH; buried with Helen; and born to her and Frank was:

( JOHN FRANKLYN PRICE (John Franklyn Gentile) (Photo) born February 29, 1932 Tiffin OH; after graduating from Tiffin Columbian High School OH, he moved to Glendale CA to live with his grandmother; attended Occidental College in Los Angeles where he received a B.A. in Geology; drafted into the Army 1954 and served in Germany; upon his discharge from the Army he did post-graduate work in geology; 1959-63 work private industry in California; 1963-1995 federal civil service with the Library of Congress; married July 11, 1959 in Hollywood CA, Marjorie Mae Kaup [dau of Alphonse & Alma (Meister) Kaup] born February 19, 1939 West Point NE; John has provided the info for this twig AND has read the entire Ferris Tree, seeking and finding errors – thanks John; and born to them were:

( KERI LISA PRICE (1960-) graduated from Bowie Senior High School, Bowie MD; B.A. in history from Frostburg State College, Frostburg MD; worked at the Library of Congress and received Master’s Degree in Library Science, U of Maryland

( TAMI ALISON PRICE born July 14, 1962 Hawthorne CA; B.A. in Education from Salisbury State College, Salisbury MD; worked at the Library of Congress before becoming a Prince George County MD Police Officer; married August 6, 1988 in Bowie MD, Robert Liberati Jr born December 30, 1961; he is a Captain with the Prince George Co Police, Assistant Commander at the District I, Hyattsville Station; and they had 2 kids

( SCOTT CAMERON PRICE (1964-) (Photo) graduated from Bowie Senior High School, Bowie MD; received a B.A. in Business from Bowie State College, Bowie MD; Army Vet; married October 21, 2006 at Nags Head SC, Trisha Brady

Born to Helen and her 2d husband, Oren, was:

( J-ANNA SUE HEYMAN born April 21, 1945 Tiffin OH; married 1st Walter Lawrence; 2d Jimmy Hoffman – no offspring

( DOROTHY PRICE born May 22, 1911 Madisonville OH and died April 10, 1993 Central Point OR; married 1st Edward Butler; 2d 1949 in Glendale CA, Frank Van Horn (1910-1985); and Dorothy and Frank adopted 2 boys – Dorothy and Frank are both buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Burbank CA

( ROY L PRICE born June 1888 KY; married c1907 Florence {maiden name unk}; apparently they divorced or Florence died, as Roy had remarried in 1920, May {maiden name unk}; and born to him and Florence was:

( UNK PRICE (1908-) died young

( ALICE L PRICE born July 24, 1892 OH and died February 1985 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH; married 1914 Jacob J Bernhardt born November 19, 1886 and died May 1978 Cincinnati; and born to them were:

( CHESTER BERNHARDT born July 18, 1918 and died April 6, 1999 Maysville KY


( IRA EDGAR PRICE (Rev) born June 4, 1863 Clermont Co OH and died there April 19, 1924; married c1889 Luella Stemler [dau of Charles] born November 1863 Newport, Campbell, KY and died after September 1900; and born to them were:


( JOSEPHINE PRICE (Josie) born July 28, 1891 and died February 4, 1978 Berkeley CA; married c1918 Harvey Lewis Morton (c1897-); and born to them were:

( HARVEY LEWIS MORTON JR (c1920-) married a Miss Edland

( WILLIAM MORTON (c1924-) married Mary Burnham (c1925-)

( ALVION JOHNSTON PRICE born August 12, 1893 and died September 9, 1970; married Janet Parson

( LLEWELLAH STEMLER PRICE born October 22, 1895 OH and died May 29, 1979 Marin Co CA (resided Novato, Marin Co); married September 22, 1916 Maynard Robert Buckles born April 28, 1883 IN and died August 26, 1978 CA (not listed in California Death Records); and born to them were:

( ROBERT E BUCKLES born c1917 IN

( BETTY JOSEPHINE BUCKLES born January 12, 1921 NM; married 1st July 12, 1942 Thorp Byrd Walker born May 9, 1919 and died June 41, 196*; married 2d 1969 Herman L. Coplen born July 16, 1915. In 1977, Betty resided in Novato CA. Born to Betty and Thorp was:

( SUSAN CLAIR WALKER married James H. Edwards, Jr


( EVALINE PRICE (Eva) born April 1872; married c1908 John C Troyanek born 1881 Germany; and born to them was:

( DOROTHY TROYANEK born after 1910

( DAVID L. JOHNSTON born in May 1836 and died June 28, 1836; married Juliana T. Edwards

( AUGUSTUS JOHNSTON born in 1841 and died August 26, 1841

( NANCY JOHNSTON born in 1846 and died September 17, 1847

( PHEBE JOHNSTON born in 1847 and died June 7, 1849


( JOHN FERRIS born December 5, 1781 Albany Co NY and died September 30, 1855/35?; buried at the Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH [see note and photographs at end of this chapter relative to this cemetery]; married 1st c1803 Elizabeth Thompson born March 11, 1785 NJ and died 1824; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery; married 2d February 1, 1825 Margaret Emmons who died 1826 probably from childbirth complications; buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery; married 3d 1827 Elizabeth Cosbey [dau of Samuel, Sr. & Margaret] (1803-1856) (tombstone photo). Born to John and his 1st wife Elizabeth, were:

( ENOCH FERRIS born March 22, 1804 and died April 9, 1842; married December 2, 1830 Lydia Hosbrook (Hasbrook) [dau of Daniel & Eunice (Torbet) Hasbrook] born June 9, 1809 and died May 20, 1845/47; both buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; and born to them were:

( MARY JANE FERRIS born November 19, 1832 and died February 17, 1866; unmarried

( DANIEL FERRIS born December 29, 1834 and died March 6, 1874; married October 3, 1862 Irene Johnston born January 1, 1846; and born to them were:

( BENTON FERRIS born November 3, 1863 and died October 6, 1867

( LYDIA FERRIS born August 31, 1867 and died June 4, 1890

( IRA FERRIS born May 9, 1869 and died January 25, 1914

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born December 20, 1836 and died March 22, 1898; married December 6, 1859 Moses K. Fatout born November 28, 1836

( JOHN ENOCH FERRIS born June 20, 1839 and died September 5, 1873; unmarried

( EUNICE FERRIS born June 6, 1842 and died December 5, 1899; married November 3, 1870 Simpson Alexander Frazier (1846-1918); Simpson was educated at Butler University; a lawyer and public official, Centralia IL. Born to them were:

( EDITH FRAZIER born July 31, 1871 Centralia IL; married March 8, 1899 Charles Edward Hudson born October 23, 1866 Pine Bluff AR and died November 29, 1926; Charles was a 1887 graduate of the US Naval Academy; and born to them were:


( GENEVIEVE EUNICE HUDSON born July 9, 1906; graduated Mt. Holyoke College 1928

( CHARLES EDWARD HUDSON, JR., born April 19, 1908; graduate of A&M College 1930

( ALLEGRA FRAZIER born September 16, 1874; Radcliffe, A.B., 1905; Columbia, A.M., 1919; U of London, England; Professor of English at U of Arizona

( GENEVIEVE FRAZIER (1877-1967) married June 19, 1896, William Schuyler Perrine (1862-1940) [son of George Hanson Perrine]. He was educated at the old U of Chicago and Boston U.; president of Illinois State Horticulture Society; member of advisory board for the U of Illinois. Born to them were:

( SCHUYLER ALDEN PERRINE born August 16, 1897; married Vera Irene Joy

( DAVID BATES PERRINE born October 22, 1899; married Fanny French

( GEORGE HOSBROOK PERRINE (George Hanson) born April 23, 1905 Centralia IL; U of Illinois, A.M., 1928; Ph.D., 1935; taught French and German at Columbia and U of Illinois; radio lecturer; resided at Centralia IL and Clinton NY; married 1st August 10, 1927 Mary Carolyn Hale born November 14, 1906 Bloomfield IL; and 2d in 1942 Rosemary Lawler (1906-); and born to them was:

( BEATRICE PERRINE born June 24, 1929 Champaign IL

( CAROLYN MAYNARD PERRINE (1911-1996) married Thanksgiving Day 1935 in Centralia IL, Vadime Vadime Netchvolodoff (1910-1998). He born in Imperial Russia and immigrated to the US in 1917, after the collapse of Imperial Russia, with his father Vadime Platon Netchvolodoff (who died February 13, 1972 at 87y in St. Louis) and his mother, Blanche who was actually a member of French aristocracy. The Netchvolodoff family was part of the Russian aristocracy. Vadime went to Cornell (Class of ’32) (Phi Kappa Tau) (ME) where he met Carolyn. He was the Vice President of Valley Steel Products Division, Valley Industries, and consulting engineer. Born to them were:

( ALEXANDER VADIME NETCHVOLODOFF (Photo) born September 7, 1936 St Louis MO; married January 28, 1961 in St Louis, Carol Beulah Shilkett. He is Senior Vice President of Public Policy, Cox Enterprises; chief administrator in the Office of Missouri Attorney General 1968-1976; chief of staff to Sen. Danforth (MO) 1976-91; Member of Board of Trustees of The Media Institute; Board Member of the College of Preachers; former senior Warden of St. Alban’s, Washington, D.C. There are numerous ‘Net hits regarding his testimonies before congressional committees. Carol is an expert bridge player. Born to them were:

( NICHOLAS ALEXANDER NETCHVOLODOFF born October 16, 1961 St Louis MO; married May 3, 1997 in Washington, D.C., Catherine Ellen Livingston; he has an A.B. in Mathematical Economics from Brown and a Masters in Professional Accounting from the U. of Hartford; Vice President and Product Manager of Research, Precursor Group. Nick has provided this updated info on this interesting “twig” of the Ferris Treethanks Nick! He has also provided the following interesting information regarding the naming of children: “Russian children traditionally have middle names that refer to their fathers. A father’s first name becomes the child’s middle name. My grandfather’s name was Vadime Vadime (my great-grandfather was Vadime Platon, hence the double Vadime Vadime.) My father’s name is Alexander Vadime. My name is Nicholas Alexander. My son is Peter Nicholas. My authentic Russian name would be Nicolas Alexandrovich. It translates Nicholas, son of Alexander. My son would be Peter Nicolaiovich had we kept to strict tradition. It may seem somewhat exotic but is also common in Western Europe where Johnsons, Petersons, and Carlsons are products of the same concept. Russian girls middle names have slightly different endings. A daughter of Alexander is Alexandrovna.” Born to them were:

( PETER NICHOLAS NETCHVOLODOFF born July 13, 1999 Washington, D.C ( LUCY SARAH NETCHVOLODOFF born September 9, 2002 Washington, D.C

( CAROLINE ALEXANDRA NETCHVOLODOFF born April 23, 1963 St. Louis MO; married February 2, 1991 William Dudley McCall; and born to them were:

( NICHOLAS COOPER MCCALL born January 15, 1993 New York City

( PETER NETCHVOLODOFF MCCALL (twin) born June 24, 1994 New York City

( ALEXANDER ADAMS MCCALL (twin) born June 24, 1994 New York City

( HENRY DAVID MCCALL born August 17, 1999 Atlanta GA

( CATHERINE VADIME NETCHVOLODOFF, M.D., (Photo) born February 2, 1946 St. Louis MO; a gastroenterologist in Little Rock AR; numerous references on the ‘Net to her medical papers


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