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thanks Debbie!] Debbie is Conductress in the Order of Eastern Star, Brownsburg IN Chapter #266 and also Bethel Guardian Treasurer for Jobs Daughters Bethel # 107, Brownsburg; Dan is Secretary of Brownsburg Masonic Lodge #241 and also Marshall in the Order of Eastern Star; currently reside Brownsburg IN; and born to them were:

( JOSHUA ISAAC VOILS born January 23, 1981 Indianapolis IN

( BRANDON MICHAEL VOILS (twins) born February 2, 1983 Indianapolis IN

( NICHOLAS ALEXANDER VOILS (twins) born February 2, 1983 Indianapolis

( JEREMY RYAN VOILS born October 18, 1985 Indianapolis IN

( DONNA JO HAMMEL born May 29, 1962 Danville, Hendricks, IN; married 1st August 9, 1980 at Brownsburg IN, Darren Wayne Overfelt born November 12, 1962 Vincennes IN; married Darren, again, March 27, 1992; Donna and Darren are active in the Order of Eastern Star, Brownsburg Chapter #266 and Darren is a member of the Brownsburg Masonic Lodge #241; and born to them was:

( JASON DOUGLAS OVERFELT born June 10, 1985 Colorado Springs CO

( LISA MARIE HAMMEL born December 12, 1964 Danville IN; born to Lisa were:

( AMANDA MARIE HAMMEL born April 21, 1987 Indianapolis IN

( SAMANTHA JANE HAMMEL born April 2, 1990 Indianapolis IN

( RICHARD SCOTT HAMMEL born October 19, 1921 Indianapolis and died there October 23, 1921; buried Memorial Park Cemetery

( GOLDIE MAE HAMMEL born April 23, 1924

( VIRGINIA FRANCES HAMMEL born May 5, 1927; married 1st June 16, 1945 in Beech Grove IN, Ernest LaValle Lawson born April 23, 1929; married 2d April 23, 1949, the same guy

( CLAUDE RAYMOND HAMMEL born December 24, 1901 and died February 23, 1902; buried Springdale Cemetery, Madison IN

( OSCAR HENRY HAMMEL born September 22, 1860 Jefferson Co IN and died there June 9, 1922; buried Springdale Cemetery, Madison IN; married April 1889 at Madison IN, Margaret Eades (1866-); and born to them was:

( CHARLES E. HAMMEL (-1948) buried Washington Park Cemetery; married wife unk but born to them was:

( WILBUR HENRY HAMMEL (1915-) married Lassie McBride and born to them was:


( MARTHA ELLEN HAMMEL born March 4, 1863 Scott Co IN and died April 2, 1863 Deputy IN

( SADIE IDA CATHERINE HAMMEL born January 2, 1866 Scott Co IN and died 1958; buried Springdale Cemetery, Madison IN; married 1905 Alfred Adams born October 11, 1857 and died December 1, 1934; buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Madison IN

( CLARISSA EMMA HAMMEL born January 24, 1868 Scott Co IN and died August 5, 1894 Lexington, Scott, IN; buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Madison IN (buried under her maiden name – interesting!); married January 22, 1890 in Scott Co, William Amos Stonehouse [son of James Amos & Mary Elizabeth (Blackford) Stonehouse] born December 24, 1860/62 Lexington and died July 7, 1930; buried Bethel Cemetery, Lexington, Scott, IN; and born to them was:

( HARVEY EDMUND STONEHOUSE born January 17, 1892 Scott Co IN and died January 6, 1970 Fullerton CA; married May 4, 1912 in Joplin MO, Isabel M. Parcell born April 19, 1884 Kirksville MO and died January 21, 1981 LaHabra CA; both buried Rose Hills Memorial Park Cemetery, Whittier, Los Angeles, CA; and born to them were:

( HARVEY EDWARD STONEHOUSE born July 12, 1913 Joplin MO and died January 2, 1930 St. Paul MN; buried Alacia Park (can’t ID), Minneapolis MN

( MARY JANE STONEHOUSE born June 22, 1917 Oklahoma City OK; married June 7, 1938 in Puce, Ontario, Canada, Harvey Hillyer Sims [son of Harvey Hillyer & Frances (Jones) Sims] born March 8, 1916 Washington, D.C., and died September 16, 1979; buried at sea; and born to them were:

( HARVEY H. SIMS born February 27, 1940 Detroit MI; married September 6, 1964 in Clairmont CA, Barbara Louise Strutton and born to them were:

( DEREK ALAN SIMS born August 19, 1971 San Diego CA

( LARA NICOLE SIMS born November 19, 1973 San Diego CA

( CONSTANCE ISABEL SIMS born November 18, 1945 Whittier CA; married June 11, 1966 in Whittier, Pietro diGirolamo and born to them were:

( GEOFF diGIROLAMO born September 25, 1967 San Diego CA

( SCOTT diGIROLAMO born November 29, 1969 San Diego CA

( RICHARD EDWARD SIMS born July 12, 1949 Whittier CA; married 1st July 11, 1971 in Santa Ana CA, Patricia Ann Clark; married 2d 1978 in Las Vegas NV, Linda Knoble; married 3d August 11, 1990 in Newport Beach CA, Teresa Malktonne; and born to Richard and Patricia was:

( HILLARY ANN SIMS born August 30, 1972 Orange Co CA

Born to Richard and his second wife, Linda, was:

( STACY LYNN SIMS born February 28, 1980 Mission Viejo CA

( EVELYN LEE CLAIRE STONEHOUSE born January 4, 1919 Oklahoma City OK; married June 17, 1940 in Detroit MI, William Elbert Martin [son of Elbert Abraham & Harriet Mabelle (Mack) Martin] born November 2, 1915 Detroit; and born to them were:

( ROBERT EDWARD MARTIN born November 1, 1941 Detroit MI; married 1st July 6, 1963 in Blythe CA, Carol Stroshein; married 2d 1972/73 Marjorie Ann Schaf; and born to Robert and Carol was:

( DEBORAH ILIANK MARTIN born November 24, 1964

( MARILYN LEE MARTIN born March 24, 1944 Detroit MI and died February 3, 1987; cremated and buried at sea; married 1st December 22, 1966 in Whittier CA, Richard Eimers; 2d John Parker; and born to Marilyn and Richard was:

( KENT EIMERS born February 24, 19** San Diego CA

( HARVEY ASA HAMMEL born September 28, 1870 Scott Co IN and died August 9, 1932 Madison IN; buried there Springdale Cemetery; married May 27, 1896 in Madison, Minnie Viola Cruzan [dau of Fred & Laura (Sauer) Cruzan] born May 1, 1870 Bryantsburg, Jefferson, IN and died August 9, 1932; and born to them was:

( VERA VIRGINIA HAMMEL (c1897-) married Earl Edward Saur and born to them were:






( LOUISA ELIZABETH HAMMEL married November 9, 1843 in Jefferson Co IN, William Henry Nay

( EBENEZER FERRIS HAMMELL (c1829-) married September 25, 1851 in Jefferson Co IN, Mary Jane Lawler born c1830 IN; and born to them were:

( ALVIN G. HAMMEL born 1859 and died April 4, 1860; buried Lick Branch Cemetery, Jefferson Co IN


( MELVIN HAMMEL born 1856 IN

( ISAAC FERRIS (Rev.) (AFN: 8RLM-X5) born April 12, 1795/6 Lexington, Fayette, KY and died December 22, 1860 Cincinnati OH; age 4y, Isaac was sent to live with his grandfather in Hamilton Co OH and there learned the shoemaker and tannery trades under his Uncle Abram ( Disliking this work, he entered the blacksmith and the harness business and after a 5-year apprenticeship, began the manufacture of hames, a business that grew and prospered until his death. Isaac was one of the founders and the first pastor of the Duck Creek Baptist Church; 1825 became a licensed preacher in the Baptist Church; ten years he preached at the Duck Creek Baptist Church; afterward thirteen years pastor of the East Fork Church; also led the flocks at Newton, Cloughs, Hammer's Run, and elsewhere. During his pastoring, he still labored at his trades, blacksmithing and farming. He was accustomed to manual labor and was an active, energetic man, and in consideration of the arduous work performed was truly a great man at that time. Those who knew him credit him with having a meek, humble disposition, and an unassuming manner. His mind was clear; reasoning and understanding, deep; while his arguments and exhortations were very effective, and upon great occasions, when aroused into action, the power of the man was most fully felt. He married October 24, 1816 at Pleasant Ridge OH, Phebe (Phoebe) R. Marsh [dau of Samuel & Hannah (Miller) Marsh] born September 22, 1798 Essex Co NJ and died February 25, 1882 Cincinnati; both buried in the Duck Creek Baptist Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; see Photograph of Isaac Ferris home; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL MARSH FERRIS (AFN: 8RLN-FP) (Photograph) born October 12, 1817 Linwood on the old Ferris homestead at Mt. Lookout, Hamilton Co, OH and died there May (March) 14, 1903; early life was spent on the farm and in his father’s shop, where he learned the trade of blacksmith; married November 1, 1838 Mary Zorelda Ferris ( (AFN: 8RLN-RF). [Interesting comment by Ms. Scofield here - Samuel and his people were characteristically blue-eyed, fair skinned and light complexioned, while those of his wife's people were dark complexioned with dark hair and eyes.] For two years after the marriage, they lived at Mt. Lookout, and then moved to Linwood. Samuel's first business venture was as a village blacksmith, which together with wagon making, he followed for many years with much success. In 1865, he took his two brothers into partnership and built a large, new brick factory, thoroughly equipped with modern equipment; S. M. Ferris & Co. He built the first freight cars on the Little Miami Railroad and manufactured hames and saddles. He was connected actively with the underground railroad and was one of the organizers of the Republican Party in his county; was town treasurer for nearly 30 years and helped organized his school district, followed by serving as school trustee for 24 years. In 1833, he was taken into the Duck Creek church, three miles north of Columbia, in which he was always a most active and useful member. In this church he was clerk for 20 years; was treasurer and deacon for ten years, and after he moved to Columbia in 1865, was made deacon in the Baptist Church at that place, which was the first Baptist Church west of the Alleghanies. He also took a lively interest and management in the erection of the costly and elegant church building in Columbia in 1866-67. To this work he devoted of his means lavishly, and its success as an organized society is due largely to his efficient and never-tiring labors. Appreciating the advantages of an educated life, he gave his children a liberal education. Samuel was a quiet, unassuming man, who cared little for office notoriety. In his township, for the sake of good government and needed reforms, he held every office except that of clerk. He helped organize his school district, and for 18 years following served as one of the trustees on the board of education. He always believed in the power of the school to elevate society, and so he was a generous friend to educational interests, all of his children, save one, enjoyed the advantages of collegiate studies at the schools at Granville. He was a most faithful student of history, not only of our own but also of other countries, and having enlarged his views by travel in this and foreign countries, he was a fund of information that made him a most agreeable companion. Both were buried at Mt. Washington Cemetery, Mt Washington, Hamilton, OH (Photos); and born to Samuel and Mary were:

( CAROLINE FERRIS (AFN: 8RLN-SL) (1839-1842)

( PHEBE FERRIS (1841-1849)

( ANNA MARIA FERRIS born June (May) 28, 1844 Linwood OH and died March 6, 1912; married December 24, 1865 (or December 15, 1864) James Alexander DeArmond born March 1, 1840 and died January 1, 1917; a member of his father-in-law's company and was the head of J. A. DeArmond Manufacturing Company; resided Linwood; and born to them were:

( JANE DeARMOND born October 11, 1867 and died January 24, 1943; married December 25, 1888, Eugene Harmon, Captain USNR, born 1859 and died March 8, 1904; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM MARION HARMON born March 23, 1890; married September 1913 Pauline Cregmite; no offspring

( BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HARMON II (Major, US Army Coast Guard Artillery) born October 1893 and died June 20, 1936; buried Section 5, Site 7000, Arlington Cemetery (tombstone photo); married Julia Batten and born to them was:

( BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HARMON III (born) died December 1928

( ELLA DeARMOND born January 29, 1869 and died November 8, 1939; married December 24, 1890 Harry Bollinger Curtin born October 4, 1866 and died January 2, 1929; and born to them were:

( GEORGE DeARMOND CURTIN (1891-) (born January 24, 1892 WVA) graduate of Denison University, Granville OH 1914; there is a George D Curtin listed as a 2d Lieutenant assigned to the 324th Field Artillery 1917; 1st Lieutenant George D Curtin is assigned to 134th Field Artillery listed on the orders of the 37th Division departing the AEF in 1919; married 1918 Mary Huffman, of Baltimore and born to them were:

( GEORGE DeARMOND CURTIN, JR., (1920-) married 1944 Mary Ann Heisey of Newark OH

( PATRICIA CHATHAM CURTIN married 1943 Daniel Louchery



( ELLSWORTH FERRIS CURTIN born July 29, 1893 and died August 1989 Key Biscayne, Dade, FL; cremated; there is a Ellsworth F Curtin listed as a 2d Lieutenant assigned to the 324th Field Artillery 1917; 1st Lieutenant Ellsworth F Curtin is assigned to 134th Field Artillery listed on the orders of the 37th Division departing the AEF in 1919; married 1918 E Margaretta Cope [dau of Edgar & Jane Dowdney (Yarrow) Cope] born June 23, 1894 Philadelphia PA and died November 1982 Egypt; cremated; both graduates of Swartmore College; there is an Ellsworth F Curtin Scholarship Fund at Swarthmore College; and born to them were:


( PHILIP CURTIN married 1946 Miss Smith


( FRANCES BIRD CURTIN born December 1894 WVA; graduate of Bryn Mawr; married Dr. Herbert H. Haynes, of Clarksburg WVA; and born to them were:

( HERBERT H. HAYNES, JR born March 17, 1920; married 1943 Christine {maiden name unk}



( JAMES A. CURTIN died in infancy

( HENRY BOLINGER CURTIN born August 1901/02 (June 1, 1903 OH); married Bettie {maiden name unk}, of Dade City FL and born to them were:



( OTIS WILKINSON CURTIN born November 1909 (1910 WVA) and died June 1946

( MARY FERRIS DeARMOND ‘Bird’ born April 19, 1872 and died June 10, 1954; married June 10, 1896 George Dana Hutson and born to them were:

( HELEN HUTSON born March 27, 1897; married November 12/13, 1920 Sidney Williams of Warren OH and born to them were:

( ROBERT H. WILLIAMS born November 18, 1921

( PATRICIA WILLIAMS born September 4, 1924

( SIDNEY D. WILLIAMS born September 13, 1930

( DONALD HUTSON born February 16, 1899; married August 7, 1923 Ferne Taylor of Cleveland OH and born to them were:

( BARBARA HUTSON born June 4, 1924

( CAROLYN HUTSON born July 3, 1926

( JAMES D. HUTSON born May 31, 1929

( JOHN DANA HUTSON born May 16, 1932

( CAROLYN HUTSON born December 17, 1900; married November 27, 1929 Alexander P. Leete of Detroit MI and born to them were:

( ANNE DEA LEETE born October 10, 1935

( CAROLYN JEAN LEETE born December 15, 1936

( JOHN HOPKINS LEETE born June 21, 1939

( MARY ELIZABETH LEETE born December 9, 1941

( DeARMOND HUTSON born November 22, 1906; married September 11, 1937 Marjorie Artz of Detroit MI and born to them were:

( DAVID D. HUTSON born April 27, 1942

( DONALD S. HUTSON born June 10, 1944

( ALBERT ELMER DeARMOND born July 12, 1873 and died April 1935/6; married 1st September 18, 1900 Matilde Ferrier who died July 24, 1901, probably in childbirth; married 2d April 17, 1907 Edith Huddart who died February 1943; and born to Albert and Matilde was:

( JAMES DeARMOND born July 1901

Born to Albert and his second wife, Edith, were:

( WILLIAM DeARMOND died in infancy

( JANE DeARMOND (c1910-) married Charles Wilson; resided Chicago IL; and born to them was:


( CLARA MELDRUM DeARMOND born November 30, 1875 and died January 27, 1912; married December 20, 1899 Latelle M. LaFollette, of Charleston VA and born to them were:

( LATELLE M. LAFOLLETTE, JR. (1902-) married Thelma Hatfield and born to them was:




( CHARLES FERRIS DeARMOND born November 17, 1879 and died December 2, 1943; married September 27, 1911 Sylvania Mayhew and born to them were:




( EMILY FERRIS (or EMMA) born May (or June) 28, 1846 and died February 22, 1904; married December 3, 1867 James Hawkins born October 27, 1843 and died March 26, 1918; a farmer and they lived in Clarke Co OH; and born to them were:

( HOWARD HAWKINS born September 17, 1869; married August 28, 1899 Nettie Loucks born January 16, 1881 and born to them were:



( IRENE HAWKINS born August 16, 1871 and died November 1953; married September 22, 1934 Albert Grieves born December 22, 1862

( FRED HAWKINS born October 22, 1873; married July 6, 1898 Daisy Newlove born April 20, 1875 and born to them was:


( CLARA MELDRUM HAWKINS born April 16, 1876

( ALBERT E. HAWKINS born June 9, 1884; married June 2, 1910 Mary K. Snyder born March 3, 1889 and died July 22, 1943; and born to them were:



( ROBERT C. HAWKINS born August 19, 1887/9; married November 19, 1910 Stella M. Wise born July 18, 1886 and died August 20, 1944 and born to them were:

( LAURA EMILY HAWKINS married a Mr. Harget


( HARRIET LANGDON FERRIS born September 20, 1848 and died January 6, 1926; married January 9, 1866 Albert Edgar Smith born September 2, 1843 and died November 13, 1921. Albert was a manufacturer of salt and bromine; a member of the firm Roots and Company, Cincinnati commission merchants; resided Linwood; and born to them were:

( FANNIE SMITH born December 1, 1866 and died April 1, 1953 Columbus OH; married May 24, 1888 George B. Goodhart born August 22, 1859 and died January 29, 1937; and born to them was:

( ZORELDA GOODHART born March 4, 1889; graduate of Denison University 1911; married October 14, 1914 Robert L. Dunlap; 1956 lived Cincinnati; and born to them were:

( ROBERT L. DUNLAP born December 16, 1915 and died October 2, 1928

( MARY ZORELDA DUNLAP born December 14, 1919; graduated from Denison University; married October 3, 1943 John G. Turnbull who was on the faculty of the University of Minnesota; and born to them were:

( ANDREW DOUGLAS TURNBULL born June 28, 1948 Washington DC

( ELIZABETH WEBSTER TURNBULL born April 25, 1952 Minneapolis MN (or Washington, D.C)

( KATHERINE FERRIS TURNBULL born October 15, 1953 Minneapolis

( HORACE FERRIS SMITH born January 12, 1870 and died May 22, 1943 Hartford WVA; married June 7, 1899 Florence Higbee born May 17, 1872 and died September 1954; and born to them were:

( HORACE FERRIS SMITH, JR., born August 8, 1903 and died October 1931; married Edna Rust and born to them were:


( MAY SMITH (twin) born July 27, 1906; married June 1931 at Grand Rapids, Edward Stollatis and born to them were:




( MARGARET SMITH (twin)born July 27, 1906; married June 1921 at Wilmington OH, Monroe Hardet. [Interesting - Margaret was not quite 15 when she married, but did have a child until she was approximately 24]; and born to them were:




( ALICE ABIGAIL SMITH born April 1910; married April 1943 Pauli Wase and born to them was:

( RICHARD PAUL WASE born December 1945

( CLARA MAY SMITH born January 9, 1872 and died November 29, 1903 Cincinnati OH; married June 5, 1900 Francis W. Dale (Davis?) (1867-); no offspring

( ERWYN ALBERT SMITH born February 26, 1876 and died February 14, 1929 Hartford WVA; married September 25, 1899 Elizabeth Hill Smith born June 29, 1878; and born to them were:

( ALBERT DONALD SMITH born September 9, 1900; married February 1929 Gertrude Harper and born to them were:



( DOROTHY M. SMITH born November 22, 1901; married May 8, 1926 Ernest L. Smith and born to them was:

( BETTIE ERNESTINE SMITH born May 31, 1927

( FERRIS E. (ERWYN?) SMITH born November 26, 1902; married 1927 Marie {maiden name unk}; and born to them were:



( H. RAYMOND SMITH born July 8, 1880 and died May 27, 1949 Cincinnati OH; married June 6, 1906 Edna Witham born November 20, 1883 and died July 27, 1942 Cincinnati; he was president of the A. R. Witham Insurance Agency, Cincinnati OH, where they resided. Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH WITHAM SMITH born August 8, 1907; married February 22, 1947 Billingsworth Reaves (Reanes?) and born to them was:

( BENTON W. REAVES born March 24, 1941

( RICHARD WITHAM SMITH born January 17, 1913; married January 2, 1935 Ann Thomason and born to them were:



( ANNE WITHAM SMITH born November 3, 1918


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