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EBENEZER FERRIS (6th born) probably died young

( DEBORAH FERRIS (7th born) born c1784/7; married 1st Asaph King born 1782 and died January 5, 1806 [son of Barzilla King, Sr.] and 2d in 1830 a Mr. Kendall; she was living in Ulysses NY 1830 as a widow. Born to Deborah and Asaph were:




( SYLVESTER KING born March 14, 1800 Covert NY and died 1882; married 1824 Sarah Cole (1807-1867) and born to them was:

( LOUISA KING born December 12, 1824 NY and died March 4, 1913; married John C. Porter born June 24, 1822 NY and died 1912. Born to them were:


( HARRIETT LOUISE PORTER born November 6, 1863 Senecca Township MI and died April 8, 1936 Columbus OH; married February 10, 1870 in Canadagua MI, Leroy William Rorick born September 24, 1847 Senecca Township MI and died March 9, 1917 Morenci MI. Born to them were:

( NELLIE RORICK born February 25, 1872 Seneca Township, Lenawee Co MI and died February 22, 1940 Columbus OH; married April 10, 1892 in Fulton Co OH, William David Murphy born June 1, 1870 Locust Grove OH and died May 12, 1946 Columbus OH; and born to them were:

( LEROY RORICK MURPHY born June 10, 1895 Fayette OH and died May 25, 1918 on board the USS Nokomis

( WILLIAM DAVID MURPHY born November 7, 1900 Locust Grove OH and died July 2, 1972 Zanesville OH; married October 7, 1925 in Columbus OH, Margaret Foster born April 23, 1899 Columbus and died November 1, 1984 Zanesville. Born to them were 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( MARGARET JANE MURPHY born July 18, 1929 Columbus OH and died December 27, 1983 Minneapolis MN; married John McConnell and they had 3 kids

( JOHN ANDREW MURPHY born February 15, 1905 Fayette OH and died December 3, 1985 Columbus OH; married January 27, 1929 in Smithfield OH, Mary Elizabeth Thomasson born January 12, 1906 Mt. Pleasant OH and died December 14, 1995 Columbus OH. Born to them were 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( JOHN ANDREW MURPHY born March 19, 1930 and died September 1, 1947 Columbus OH

( COSPER M. RORICK born December 31, 1874 Seneca Township, Lenawee, MI; married 1st November 30, 1897 in Morenci MI, Georgia L. Mace born December 19, 1876 Morenci and died there January 18, 1912; married 2d, April 13, 1914 in Morenci, Elsie M. Royce born January 21, 1885 Denson MI and died January 18, 1912. Born to him and Georgia were:


( WENDELL KIRK RORICK married Laila F. Green and they had 2 kids

( LEROY MAX RORICK married Margery Howland and they had 1 child

( GEORGE COSPER RORICK married, name unk, and they had 2 kids

Born to Cosper and his 2d wife, Elsie, were:



( HARRIET JEAN RORICK married Donald B. Kendall and they had 1 child

( SAMANTHA KING born August 15, 1791 and died March 21, 1817; married Lewis Porter born May 24, 1786 and died December 8, 1862 Covert, Seneca, NY; and born to them was (and may have been more):

( CYNTHIA PORTER born April 30, 1908 and died March 23, 1886 Seneca Co NY; married Daniel Hall who died October 11, 1850 Seneca Co NY; and born to them was (and may have been more):

( SAMANTHA PORTER HALL born October 20, 1830 and died September 5, 1888 at age 58y 11m 16d; married Abram Tunison [son of Philip B.] born c1828 and died September 24, 1898 at age 71; both buried Lakeview Cemetery, Interlaken, Seneca, NY; and born to them were:

( FRANKLIN HALL TUNISON born 1847 and died July 5, 1924; married c1870 Emma Sherwood [dau of Harrison J. M. & Gerzilla (Bradley)] born October 26, 1847 and died December 5, 1924; and born to them were:

( MATTIE F. TUNISON (1869-1943) married Clarence F. Snyder (1866-1947)

( SARAH A. TUNISON born c1852 and died before 1898; married Pratt Crissy, of East Steamburg NY; and born to them was:

( NELLIE CRISSY was living in Chicago 1933

( EDGAR E. TUNISON born February 28, 1856 and died June 25, 1890; married Flora Eldred born August 4, 1861 and died November 30, 1945; both buried Lakeview Cemetery, Interlaken, Seneca, NY; and born to them was:

( EDGAR ELDRED TUNISON born November 21, 1890 and died November 19, 1953; married Margaret G. {maiden name unk} who died March 29, 1954; no offspring

( LEWIS H. TUNISON born 1864 and died June 8, 1933; married January 1, 1899 in Searsburg NY, Georgie Anna Crisfield born January 1, 1869 and died 1948; and born to them were:

( J. WESLEY TUNISON born 1890 and died November 14, 1940; married December 18, 1912 Louie Mary Batty born 1888 and died November 1, 1972; both buried in Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg NY – no offspring

( FRANK ABRAM TUNISON born April 11, 1902 and died June 25, 1985; married 1st June 29, 1922 Gyda Mary Hymes born April 17, 1902 Newfield NY and died April 10, 1951; and 2d February 14, 1954 Anna Dawson Smith born 1904 and died January 13, 1981; Frank and Gyda are buried Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg NY; and born to Frank and Gyda were:

( LEWIS EDGAR TUNISON born June 14, 1923; inducted into the Army February 17, 1943 and promoted to Corporal April 10, 1943; attended radio repair school in the spring of 1944; landed in Scotland November 27, 1944 and saw duty in England and France before going to Heidelburg, Germany April 12, 1945; promoted to T-4 May 8, 1945; returned to the States at Hampton Roads VA July 13, 1945 and was discharged at Fort Dix NJ February 7, 1946; married April 16, 1944 in Trumansburg NY, Jean Shirley Wiggins born January 20, 1924; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL LEWIS TUNSION born June 20, 1946 Ithaca NY; married 1st November 8, 1968 in Trumansburg NY, Ruth Marie Eibach Parker [dau of Joseph & Edith (Brown) Eibach][her stepfather was a Parker] born August 23, 1950 (Ruth has remarried 3 times); second April 25, 1981 in Rochester NY, Karen Mary Sangmeister born May 29, 1954. Mike is the provider of this updated information on this “twig” – Thanks Mike! Born to Mike and Ruth were:

( MICHAEL ABRAM TUNISON born August 11, 1969 Rochester NY; Mike served in the Army from 1989-92; was in the Berlin Brigade, 6th/512th Infantry and was there when they tore down the Berlin Wall; married February 22, 1997, Jodi (Wood) Borchers who bought with her to the marriage a son, Cameron Scott Borchers. Born to Michael and Jodi was:

( CONNOR LEWIS TUNISON born June 30, 1997

( MATTHEW DAVID TUNISON (twin) born February 14, 1971 Rochester NY

( JENNIFER MARIE TUNISON (twin) born February 14, 1971 Rochester NY.

Born to Jennifer and Ignacio A. Torres were:

( JESSE MARIE TORRES born August 31, 1995

( ABBEY ELIZABETH TORRES born September 5, 1997

Born to Michael and his second wife, Karen, was:

( KYLE VINCENT TUNISON born April 15, 1983 Rochester NY

( SUSAN JEAN TUNISON born October 26, 1948; married 1st July 5, 1969 James Adam Bucci born November 9, 1949; second December 14, 1993 Charles Ingalls born April 19, 1942; and born to Susan and James was:

( NICKOLAS JAMES BUCCI born June 1, 1972; married June 21, 1997 Renee Casterline

( FRANKLYN HYMES TUNISON born November 11, 1925; inducted into the Army March 1, 1944; promoted to PFC September 18, 1944 and arrived in France January 20, 1945; was briefly in Luxembourg before seeing duty with Patton’s 3d Army in Germany; later saw brief duty in England, Scotland, Austria, and Switzerland; promoted to T-5 February 21, 1946 and was discharged May 17, 1946; married October 11, 1946 Elizabeth Husar born January 17, 1931; and born to them were:

( ARNOLD LEE TUNISON born October 21, 1947; married September 16, 1967 Anne Marie Crofton born September 14, 1946; and born to them was:

( DACEY TUNISON born May 16, 1968

( ROBIN LEE TUNISON born July 13, 1956; married May 14, 1978 Carol Ann Chesnick and born to them were:

( JAMIE LEE TUNISON born December 14, 1984

( JESSICA LEIGH TUNISON born August 5, 1986



( ISAAC FERRIS (AFN: 8RLL-SB) born 1735 Stanwich CT and died in July 11, 1819 at age 84, Columbia, Hamilton, OH; by tradition, he and his son, Ebenezer, served in the Revolutionary War, under Washington in the Battle of White Plains, but his name is not found on any payroll. He was purported to have been taken prisoner while defending his house against a British raid and was later exchanged as a prisoner of war. His taxes were waived twice, because of losses sustained in those raids; because of the destruction on his home and property, departed New York. Isaac, with his family, and nephew John Ferris and his family, left Stanwich in December 1788, and after stopping in New Jersey to visit relatives, they went by wagon as far as Pittsburg, and thence by flat-boat down the Ohio River, arriving at Fort Miami (Columbia, Hamilton County) OH, December 12, 1789. The party was under command of Captain Benjamin Stites. [Jim - as another source puts it: On September 20, 1789, with his family, and accompanied by two other families, they took their departure from Stanwich. As the little party of emigrants took their seats in wagons and moved down the road, they were surrounded by a crowd on every side ready to predict that they would fall a sacrifice to savage cruelty or be drowned in descending the Western rivers. But nothing could overcome the courage of the little company. Their route was along the road on the north side of Long Island Sound to New York City, thence through New Jersey and Pennsylvania and over the Allegheny Mountains to the Monongahel River; thence, by boats to Fort Miami; about three-fourths of a mile below the mouth of Little Miami, where they arrived December 12, 1789, having been two months and twenty days on the journey. After making fast the boats, ascended the steep bank and cleared away the underbrush in the midst of a pawpaw thicket, when the women and children sat down. They next placed sentinels at a small distance from the thicket, and having first united in song of praise to Almighty God, upon their knees they offered thanks for the past, and prayer for future protection. Blockhouses were erected as promptly as possible, for the storage of goods, and the protection of the women and children, and thus began the settlement of Columbia, the nucleus of a great city. There were, at that time, some thirty of forty families living in the fort, without the restraints of civil law and destitute of almost all kinds of provisions except such as could be obtained from the woods, in which hovered the hostile savages. An apartment in the fort, about sixteen feet square, was assigned to the family, in which they resided for a time.] These Ferris’ were all charter members of the Columbia Baptist Church organized there in March 1790, the first Baptist church in the Northwest Territory, north and west from the Ohio River to the Pacific Ocean. Of the nine constituent members, three bore the name Ferris and Isaac was made deacon. For several years, these pioneers lived on wild game and crops planted on the flood plain of the Little Miami River. The forest to the north was a dangerous refuge for hostile Indians, a hazard that was not eliminated until General Anthony Wayne’s victory at the battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794. Some years later, he moved to Duck Creek vicinity [northwest of Columbia] and purchased 200 acres from John Cleves Symmes. They sold land to a Joseph Clark, 1802. He died here and is buried beside his wife in the Duck Creek Baptist Church burying ground (Note: By 1900, the site had been abandoned, the church no longer existed and the cemetery was devasted. The church relocated and became the Hyde Park Baptist Church, without a cemetery on the grounds. The area were the original church and cemetery was located was cleared for commercial development; I-71 now courses through the grounds; several graves were moved to other unk locations. Isaac married c1765 Mary Sherwood (AFN: 8RLM-C7) born April 24, 1742/46, Greenwich and died 1825 Columbia OH [dau of Jabez and Hanna (Disbrow) Sherwood]. See Photograph of Isaac Ferris home. Born to them were:

( ISAAC FERRIS [one source has Isaac with a middle initial of ‘F’ and as Jr.] born c1768 Greenwich (Stanwich, Fairfield County CT) and died November 20, 1843; listed as having served in the Rev. War; 58th NSDAR Report; sold land to Archibald Holbrook 1804; married Elcy ‘Elsie’ Thornell, of Philadelphia, who died September 19, 1855; Isaac and Elcy were among the organizing members of the Mount Carmel Baptist Church of Sycamore Township in 1822; both were buried in the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery, on Kenwood Road, Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH; cemetery was renamed the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery 1991. After Isaac’s brother Ebenezer’s death, Ebenezer’s children, Polly, Nancy, and Isaac are purported to have chosen their Uncle Isaac as their guardian in 1806. Born to them were (not in birth sequence):

( ISAAC CLINTON FERRIS born c1819 (last born); married 1st Elizabeth J. Parmetur; married 2d November 19, 1861 at Winchester OH, Catherine Elizabeth Holliday; and born to Isaac and Elizabeth were:

( ANNA MARIA FERRIS married Benson Hill

( JOHN PARMETUR FERRIS married Myra Barnum - Civil War Vet?

( BELLE AUGUSTA FERRIS married Ralph Kramer


Born to Isaac and his second wife, Catherine, were:

( AMELIA (AURELIA) EDWARDS FERRIS died 1944 Washington; married Newcomb Cohen

( SAMUEL EDWARDS FERRIS married Lillie Mae Whyte; lived in Chicago IL

( JESSIE FLORENCE (FREMONT) FERRIS died 1942/43 Florida; married Townsend Lee Davis

( ISAAC CLINTON FERRIS, JR., married Fannie Lois Cagle

( PHILIP SHERIDAN FERRIS lived in Arkansas


( PAUL WEBB FERRIS born February 11, 1876 and died August 27, 1940 Cleveland OH; married Florence Marie Hughes born October 11, 1898 and died December 31, 1957 - divorced; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Fairlawn, Summit, OH, near Akron. Born to them were:

( JESSIE FLORENCE FERRIS born February 19, 1896 and died September 18, 1953; married: Frank Barre; John Turslow; and a Mr. Isaacs - no offspring

( EDWARD NEWCOMBE FERRIS born August 30, 1900 and died March 6, 1983; married 1st Dorothy {maiden name unk}; and also Alberta and Iva. Born to Edward and Dorothy were:

( DONALD EDWARD FERRIS born 1923 and was killed June 13, 1943 while serving with the Navy

( JACK JAY FERRIS born 1928 and died May 25, 1961

( KATHERINE LILLIAN FERRIS born July 16, 1903 and died December 14, 1998 peacefully in her sleep, Akron OH; married four times; the last time 25 years to Albert Lenz - no offspring

( ISAAC CLINTON FERRIS born September 16, 1905 Huntsville AL and died July 12, 1973; married 1925 Odetta Steele born January 28, 1899 Creston OH and died October 29, 1989; both buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Fairlawn OH near Akron. Born to them were:

( JANE LOUISE FERRIS born June 10, 1926 Akron OH; married 1st 1946 Walter Werner - divorced 1969; 2d October 15, 1976 Robert Hendry who died May 27, 1989; Jane has resided in Fort Wayne IN since 1946. Born to Jane and Walter were:

( NANCY WERNER born March 10, 1950; married 1983 Mervyn Faris; in 1993 they lived in Sarasota FL. Born to them was:

( BENJAMIN LEE FARIS born November 30, 1988

( JERRY ARTHUR WERNER (twin) born May 22, 1954 and lived 10 days

( LARRY WALTER WERNER (twin) born May 22, 1954 and lived 5 days

( PAUL WARREN FERRIS born July 28, 1927 Akron OH; married Rose {maiden name unk} - divorced after moving from Akron OH to CA. Rose remarried Ken Vaughn and he adopted both kids. Born to Paul and Rose were:

( PHILIP CLINTON FERRIS (VAUGHN) born December 1, 1951; married Debbie {maiden name unk} – divorced; 1993 resided in Lake Hughes CA. Born to them were:

( NICOLE VAUGHN born October 19, 1979

( RYAN CLINTON VAUGHN born May 16, 1983

( KAREN MARIE FERRIS (VAUGHN) born May 20, 1955; married 1st a Mr. Pace and 2d Eugene Neighbours; 1993 they resided in Lancaster CA. Born to Karen and Mr. Pace was:

( SUSAN REBECCA PACE born December 6, 1982

Born to Karen and her second husband, Eugene, was:

( STEPHEN NEIGHBOURS born February 20, 1990

( RICHARD CLINTON FERRIS born December 8, 1930; married Betty {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( MARK RICHARD FERRIS born March 7, 1952; married Karen Rothenbuhler and they reside in Anacortes WA - 1998. Karen is the provider of the information for this twig - thanks, Karen! Born to them were:

( JUSTINA FERRIS born December 24, 1981

( JESSE FERRIS born April 26, 1985

( SID DANIEL FERRIS born June 26, 1954; married Diana K. Smith – divorced; resides in Topanga Canyon CA – thanks to Diana for updated info! Born to them was:

( CHARLES MORGAN FERRIS born August 15, 1982

( LINDA FERRIS born December 18, 1957; married 1st Paul Carman; 2d Harry Hitchcock; 1993 reside in Columbia SC - no offspring


( ROBERT EARL FERRIS lived in Florida

( EBENEZER FERRIS born September 21, 1799 (3d born) Norwood OH and died November 12, 1887; married Eliza Neeves born in KY and died April 7, 1899 at age 69y 10m 15d; both buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; and born to them were:

( CLORINDA FERRIS (Clarinda) born April 22, 1831 Rossmoyne OH and died July 23, 1919; buried at the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery (Mt. Carmel Cemetery), Hamilton Co OH

( HENRY CLAY FERRIS born December 5, 1836 Rossmoyne OH and died March 6, 1920; buried at the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery (Mt. Carmel Cemetery), Hamilton Co OH (tombstone photo)

( EZRA FERRIS born May 6, 1808/9 (6th born) and died March 6, 1871; married Eliza J. {maiden name unk} born August 22, 1814 and died August 18, 1903; both buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; and born to them were (and probably others) [Beneficiaries of his will were: Eliza Ferris, James L. Ferris, Isaac Ferris, Angeline Ferris, and Matilda McC?]:

( MARY S. FERRIS born March 19, 1846 and died April 6, 1846; buried at the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( JOHN S. FERRIS born March 19, 1836 and died December 22, 1862; a Civil War Veteran who died in the service of his country; buried at the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( MARY FERRIS born July 12/13, 1794 (1st born) Cincinnati OH (NW Territory) and died there at Indian Hill, May 9, 1851/54; married John Stevens born September 3, 1796 Oxfordshire, England and died September 26, 1875 Indian Hill, Cincinnati; both were buried in the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery (Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery), Cincinnati; and born to them were (not in birth sequence):

( ISAAC CLINTON STEVENS born c1827/28 Indian Hill OH and died 1911; married 1st Amanda Kennedy [dau of David & Elizabeth] born June 23, 1840 and died April 29, 1864; buried Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Cemetery; married 2d October 16, 1866 Anna 'Annie' E. Printy [dau of Jesse J. & Mary Ann (Finch) Printy] born August 1843 and died November 29, 1922; Isaac received 65 acres of land from his father; and born to Isaac and Amanda were:

( CLARENCE ALLEN STEVENS (1860-1938), of Indian Hills OH, married September 1893 at the Ninth Street Baptist Church by Rev. Johnson Meyers, Carrie May Breitenbach (1866-1926); Clarence entered service with the O&M Railroad, later the B&O Railroad on January 8, 1886 as a train baggage man and retired as the train baggage master after 45+ years in February, 1932; serving his entire time with the St. Louis Division; and born to them were three children, one of which was:

( ALLEN CLINTON STEVENS born March 28, 1896 Cincinnati OH and died March 31, 1978 Englewood, Sarasota, FL; married Evelyn McCay born 1902 and died December 2, 1980 Venice FL; Allen had been a research superintendent at Cornell University; Evelyn had worked in children's social services; with the Children's Home of Cincinnati; the Hamilton County Welfare Department; and the Children's Protective Agency. She was also a former supervisor of the Home for Handicapped Children, Ithaca NY. They lived in Hyde Park, then Clifton before retirement; moving to Florida 1970; and born to was:


( ESTELLE A. 'Stell' STEVENS (1862-1959) married a Mr. Simmons

Born to Isaac and his second wife, Annie, were:

( HARRY L. STEVENS born July 27, 1865 and died February 28, 1949; married Georgette Cornvell born and died in France; and born to them were:


( RANDALL HARRY STEVENS born April 27, 1905 and died March 10, 1970; married May 23, 1925 Mattie Pearl Lewis who died May 13, 1985; and born to them were:

( GLORIA LORENA STEVENS born April 27, 1926

( RANDALL LEWIS STEVENS born December 2, 1928 and died July 29, 1994

( CLYDE CLINTON STEVENS born August 23, 1875 Indian Hill OH and died February 10, 1945; married April 1, 1905 Nellie Mae Losh born May 27, 1876 and died December 15, 1950; Clyde was the much-loved rural mail carrier of Indian Hill; and born to them were:

( RICHARD LOSH STEVENS born December 6, 1906 Indian Hill OH; lived in the old Losh home on Drake & Varner Roads

( JOHN FERRIS STEVENS (Photo) born May 12, 1916 Indian Hills OH

( EZRA FERRIS STEVENS born May 30/31, 1830 Indian Hill OH and died there September 15, 1913; married April 8, 1852 Eunice Muchmore Hetzler born November 21, 1832 and died January 14, 1917 Indian Hill OH; Ezra received 65 acres of land from his father; and born to them were:

( JOHN BURTON (BERTON) STEVENS born June 8, 1854 and died February 23, 1855, Indian Hill OH

( WILLIAM EDWARD STEVENS (Photo) born December 10, 1855 Indian Hills OH and died March 5, 1926; married Rose Gury, of San Jose CA, who died c1940; and born to them were:

( CHARLES FREDERIC STEVENS born October 27, 1876; married Pauline Butler and born to them were:

( RICHARD WILLIAM STEVENS married Betty Seymour and born to was:


( MARY ELIZABETH STEVENS married Edward Carey - divorced

( LOUIS HERMAN STEVENS born September 10, 1878 and died August 16, 1934; married Sine Coch

( MYRTLE IDA STEVENS born June 26, 1880 and died May 10, 1943; married 1st Harry Adair; 2d Joseph Henry Drewes

( MARY EUNICE STEVENS born July 26, 1882; married William Henry Watson

( ENNIS STEVENS born August 20, 1884 and died May 6, 1889

( ANNA AMELIA STEVENS born August 20, 1886; married Spencer Carl Jones and born to them was:

( CARL EDWARD JONES born November 29, 1914; married Margaret Eleanor Lovel and born to them were:



( MARY ELIZABETH STEVENS born July 7, 1858 and died September 17, 1934 Indian Hill OH; unmarried

( MILO ENNIS STEVENS born April 14, 1860 Indian Hill OH and died October 23, 1957; married June 1, 1892 at Covington KY, Margaret May Edwards, of Blanchester OH, born June 30, 1871 and died February 4, 1960; Milo organized the Indian Hill Cornet Band; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR EDWARD STEVENS (Photo) born December 26, 1892 Indian Hill OH and died October 31, 1986; buried Armstrong Chapel Cemetery, Indian Hill, Hamilton, OH (Photo); married December 31, 1913 Gladys Fae Ellis born August 5, 1894 Ripley OH and died 1977; Arthur was a farmer, operating a large farm near Loveland OH; and born to them were:

( RUTH VIRGINIA STEVENS born September 29, 1914 Indian Hill OH; married July 9, 1939 Paul Lytle born August 1, 1911; and born to them were:

( JOHN STEVENS LYTLE born December 3, 1940 Cincinnati OH; married June 10, 1962 Sarah Ruffner born May 24, 1944; and born to them were:

( CYNTHIA LOUISE LYTLE born May 24, 1964

( STEPHANIE LOUISE LYTLE born June 28, 1965

( JENNIFER LOUISE LYTLE born February 25, 1971

( PAUL WILLIAM LYTLE born June 19, 1943 Cincinnati OH; married December 19, 1965 Bernice Estep born February 7, 1943; and born to them were:

( RUTH ELIZABETH LYTLE born September 10, 1971

( WILLIAM JUDD LYTLE (twin) born April 1, 1975

( WADE JOSEPH LYTLE (twin) born April 1, 1975

( VIOLA YEATON STEVENS (Photo) born March 27, 1918 Indian Hill OH; married December 1, 1945 Francis White Eustis [son of George B.] born May 12, 1912 Cincinnati and died August 2, 1996; buried Armstrong Chapel Cemetery; Viola was a member of the Society of Colonial Dames of America, Ohio #733, Connecticut # 1883; elected President of the State of Ohio Unit for 1982-85. Adopted by them were [for information only]:

( FRANCIS WHITE EUSTIS, JR. (Adopted) born November 3, 1954 Chicago

( MARTHA WILEY EUSTIS (Adopted) born August 12, 1957 Chicago

( HELEN MAE (MAY) STEVENS born March 26, 1921 Indian Hill OH and died October 29, 1988; buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford, Clermont, OH (photo); married February 1944 David Shumard Hill born January 5, 1922; adopted by them was [for information only]:

( NANCY LYNN HILL (adopted) born April 7, 1948 Cincinnati


( WALTER ENNIS STEVENS (Photo) born August 16, 1895 Indian Hill OH and died October 28, 1985 Heritage Manor, Minster OH; buried Laurel IOOF Cemetery, Madisonville, Hamilton, OH (photo); married October 14, 1926 Helen Elizabeth Jackson born August 6, 1904 and died March 9, 1963; Walter lived near part of the original Ezra Ferris farm, with his home on the southeast corner of Miami & Brill Road. This was also owned at one time by Isaac Ferris, Sr., being in Section 5, Township 4, Tract Range 2. Walter was the Indian Hill Village Clerk and past Treasurer of Indian Hill Exempted Village Schools and the Village of Indian Hill; retired 1964 as President of the Madison Building Association (later the Madison Savings Bank); WWI Army Vet served in France; and born to them were:

( SHIRLEY ANN STEVENS born November 6, 1929 Indian Hill OH and died November 7, 1976; buried Armstrong Chapel Cemetery; married June 30, 1951 William Franklin Hahnert II who died July 6, 1984; buried Louisville KY; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM FRANKLIN HAHNERT III born June 14, 1962 Annapolis MO; married September 1, 1984 Paula Rose Koehler

( SHARON ANN HAHNERT born October 20, 1965

( SALLY ENNIS STEVENS born October 16, 1937 Indian Hill OH; graduated from Cottey College, Nevada MO 1957; married Grant Kattau and born to them were:

( LANE ALAN KATTAU born February 21, 1962 Cincinnati

( LEE ENNIS KATTAU born April 23, 1965 Cincinnati

( CATHERINE ‘Kitty’ FRANCES STEVENS (adopted) born July 14, 1934

( MABEL MARGARET STEVENS born December 4, 1902; married 1st Emmanuel West born December 11, 1892 and died June 12, 1935; married 2d Roy Brown born August 8, 1879

( JOSEPH FRANKLIN (FRANCKLIN) STEVENS born November 3, 1862 and died April 3/5, 1863

( GEORGEANNA STEVENS (Georgianna) born December 29, 1863 Indian Hill OH and died December 23, 1939; married December 23, 1886 Elmer Ellsworth Conger born June 17, 1861 and died February 27, 1909; and born to them were:

( ARNOLD BURTON CONGER born November 28, 1889 and died August 14, 1922

( LEON ELBERT CONGER born April 24, 1891; married July 14, 1914 Alva Mae Carr [half-sister to T. V. Hedger, below] born April 14, 1896; and born to them were:

( ROBERT LARUE CONGER (Larry) born September 29, 1914 and died November 19, 1943; married June 10, 1943 Mildred Delores Dean born May 26, 1918

( IRENE FARREL CONGER born April 2, 1916; married April 3, 1936 Edward Alphonse Hurdle - they divorced 1941

( PEARL CONGER born March 7, 1896; married 1st April 13, 1914 Thaddeus Vernon Hedger born June 18, 1894 - they divorced 1939; married 2d March 12, 1940 Raymond Lacey Clark born April 23, 1895; and born to Pearl and T. V. were:

( BERTAM WESLEY HEDGER born November 9, 1914; married May 14, 1938 Edna Mae Lucky born September 22, 1917; and born to them were:

( STEPHEN WESLEY HEDGER born March 10, 1940

( WAYNE SHAWN HEDGER born July 30, 1946

( WYNONA CAROL HEDGER born February 15, 1917; married September 3, 1936 Robert Louis Luther and born to them were:

( MARTHA ANN LUTHER born June 24, 1937

( PATRICIA CAROL LUTHER born August 7, 1940

( RUBY FAY HEDGER born July 27, 1921; married January 16, 1940 Donald Earl Reese born February 21, 1918; and born to them was:

( RANDON WESLEY REESE born July 13, 1947

( MARILDA ELMA STEVENS born October 2, 1869 Indian Hill OH and died there December 1950; married May 27, 1886 Ennis Turpin Armstrong [g.grandson of Nathaniel] born December 30, 1861 and died November 13, 1930 Indian Hill OH; and born to them were:

( ETHEL ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG born February 18, 1887 and died January 30, 1890

( LILLIAN MYRTLE ARMSTRONG born April 9, 1889 and died November 4, 1949; married 1st February 5, 1906 Harry Henry Nutick born June 10, 1885 - they divorced 1937; married 2d April 4, 1944 August Martin Smith; and born to Lillian and Harry were:

( HARRY VALENTINE NUTICK born September 29, 1906 and died April 21, 1995; a charter member of the Fairfax Volunteer Fire Department; an employee of Heekin Can Company for 51y; married September 29, 1934 Rosella Elizabeth Levitz (Sally) born December 19, 1915; and born to them were:

( RONALD EDWARD NUTICK born January 29, 1937

( JOHN DAVID NUTICK born May 25, 1944

( MITCHELL HOWARD NUTICK born March 25, 1909 Terrace Park OH; married September 29, 1928 Emma Jane Bowker born September 19, 1909 Terrace Park; and born to them were:

( MARY ALICE NUTICK born April 11, 1930 Terrace Park OH; married August 30, 1947 John Henry Mahne, Sr., born April 17, 1927 Terrace Park OH; and born to them was:

( JOHN HENRY MAHNE, JR., born June 26, 1948

( MITCHELL EDWARD NUTICK born September 13, 1931 Terrace Park OH

( ROWENA MILDREN NUTICK born June 5, 1915; married March 12, 1935 Walter August Fenker born August 30, 1912; and born to them was:

( GWENDOLYN FENKER born March 10, 1937

( ROBERT EDWARD NUTICK born November 12, 1920; married November 15, 1940 Mary Lanelle Lykins born September 11, 1922; and born to them were:

( BARBARA JOY NUTICK born October 10, 1941

( BETTY JO NUTICK born June 10, 1944

( EDWARD JULIAN NUTICK born November 1, 1948

( DAVID SCOTT NUTICK born August 13, 1958

( ALMA LORRAINE NUTICK born April 10, 1923; married 1st January 10, 1943 James H. Neff - they divorced 1946; married 2d March 30, 1946 Ralph W. Long born July 10, 1922; and born to Alma and James was:

( MARY JEAN NEFF born March 6, 1943

( EVA MAY NUTICK born April 5, 1925; married November 21, 1940 Joseph Hulen Steele, Jr., born February 10, 1923; and born to them were:

( CONNIE RUTH STEELE born October 16, 1941

( JOSEPH HULEN STEELE III born August 17, 1944

( WALTER THOMAS STELLE born July 14, 1947

( WILLIAM RUSSEL STEELE born October 23, 1949

( RUSSELL WILLIAM NUTICK born July 27, 1927 and died March 19, 1945

( JULIA IRENE NUTICK born September 8, 1930; married September 16, 1948 Clarence Nicholas Seigla, Jr., born June 16, 1930; and born to them was:

( PHYLLIS ANN SEIGLA born November 10, 1949

( MARTHA HAZEL ARMSTRONG born June 1, 1891; married February 16, 1927 Albert Twenhofel born December 30, 1887

( EUNICE MARIE ARMSTRONG born November 7, 1894; married July 2, 1914 Marion Francis Williamson born April 25, 1889 and died September 6, 1928; and born to them were:

( FRANCIS MARION WILLIAMSON born August 9, 1915; married June 26, 1937 Louisa May Bronson born October 5, 1915; and born to them was:

( BARBARA LEE WILLIAMSON born August 23, 1938

( CHARLES ARMSTRONG WILLIAMSON born December 17, 1917; married December 29, 1942 Mamie Louise Wearman born January 14, 1925; and born to them was:

( PEGGY ANN WILLIAMSON born January 29, 1944 and died December 17, 1946

( DAVID LEE WILLIAMSON born April 19, 1946


( MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON born September 4, 1920

( HOWARD STANLEY WILLIAMSON born May 11, 1922; married December 19, 1942 Nellie May Ditchen born January 11, 1927; and born to them were:

( JAMES EDWARD WILLIAMSON born March 21, 1946

( JANICE MARIE WILLIAMSON born July 23, 1948

( VIRGIL EZRA ARMSTRONG born June 20, 1896 and died February 17, 1905

( CHARLES STANLEY ARMSTRONG born December 6, 1898 and died October 19, 1918

( MARY EDITH ALICE ARMSTRONG born March 10, 1902; married 1st July 1, 1922 Warren Wilbur Finch born April 19, 1900 and died March 22, 1933; married 2d April 15, 1940 Bernard Aloysius Meyer born May 30, 1900 and died February 9, 1949; and born to Mary and Warren was:

( VIRGINIA ELISE FINCH born July 11, 1923; married August 11, 1948 John Dexter Frazier and born to them were:

( JANE ANN FRAZIER born February 25, 1955


( AGNES LORRAINE ARMSTRONG born November 5, 1907; married 1st December 30, 1925 Harry Mullen born February 21, 1908 and died May 1939 - they divorced; married 2d March 1, 1948 William LeRoy McClanahan born May 27, 1906; and born to Agnes and Harry were:

( GENE HARRY MULLEN born April 29, 1927; married March 20, 1945 Ellen Carolyn Stein born June 2, 1927

( KENNETH TURPIN MULLEN born May 24, 1929; married May 9, 1950 Miss Bowling

( MARTHA HAZEL MULLEN born March 30, 1931

( KATHRYN LOUISE MULLEN born February 3, 1933

( LILLIE BELL STEVENS born December 18, 1873 and died December 15, 1878 Indian Hill OH

( ELCY E. STEVENS born c1825/26 Indian Hill or Madison OH and died February 28, 1900 Hamilton Co OH; married 1st February 11, 1857 Abram W. Cosbey born August 30, 1828 Hamilton Co OH and died there August 8, 1857; 2d as his second wife, January 27, 1864 James Nelson; Elcy received 66 acres of land in Sycamore Township from her father; and born to Elcy and James were:

( MARY OLIVE NELSON (1867-1923) unmarried

( JOHN BURTON NELSON (1870-1946) unmarried

( ANNA MARY STEVENS born July 19, 1833 Indian Hills OH and died there September 14, 1897; married October 6, 1853 George Hetzler born August 2, 1830 Indian Hills and died there August 28, 1897; both were buried at Laurel Cemetery, Madisonville (Cincinnati) OH; Anna received 70 acres of land from her father; and born to them were:

( MARY LUELLA HETZLER born June 18, 1854 Indian Hill OH and died January 13/15, 1927; married, as his 2d wife, September 14, 1876 Samuel Earhart Losh [son of Lot & Alasanna (Earhart) Losh] born July 28, 1839 Indian Hill and died April 27, 1905 [See footnote at end of this chapter on Earhart and Losh families.]; and born to them were:

( EDWARD WALTER LOSH born August 26, 1877 Indian Hill OH

( ALASANNA VIOLETTA LOSH born April 14, 1879 Indian Hill OH

( GEORGE LOT LOSH born October 16, 1882 Indian Hill OH; married 1st November 21, 1903 Nellie Crawford who died August 20, 1904 after childbirth; married 2d October 26, 1905 Prudence Frances Finch; and born to George and Nellie was:

( NELLIE CRAWFORD LOSH (Nina) born August 19, 1904; a schoolteacher and unmarried; wintered Tucson AZ

Born to George and his second wife, Prudence, was:

( NORMAN LESLIE LOSH born July 15, 1919 Indian Hill OH and died August 16, 1987; married Carol {maiden name unk} who died May 1990 in a car wreck in Peoria IL; resided Littleton CO

( SAMUEL WILLARD LOSH born May 27, 1886 Indian Hill OH

( NELLIE MABEL LOSH born June 18, 1890 Indian Hill OH

( VIOLETTA ELIZABETH HETZLER born September 22, 1856 Indian Hill OH and died September 7, 1904 Norwood OH; married 1897 as his 2d of 3 wives, Dr. Ephraim Nathaniel Shepard Bush (Ennis) [son of Andrew Jackson & Emeline (Masters) Bush] born April 8, 1855 and died January 21, 1933; no issue to this union. He had 4 children with his other 2 wives.

( ENNIS WALTER HETZLER born May 29, 1858 and died March 9, 1884 of typhoid fever; pastor of the Pendleton Methodist Episcopal Church, Cincinnati

( LILLIE AMANDA HETZLER born February 8, 1860 Indian Hill OH and died January 2, 1891 Vickery OH; married July 1878 (Frank) Francis Kennedy born October 30, 1853 and died September 14, 1928; a Methodist circuit rider; born to them were 2 children; after Lillie's death, Frank married Ida Leatitia Bush

( THOMAS A. STEVENS born September 20, 1834 Indian Hills OH and died April 21, 1909 Hamilton Co OH; married December 23, 1855 Sarah Anna Whitehead [dau of Lot & a (Brown) Whitehead] born February 8, 1837 KY and died April 6, 1919; both buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH; Thomas received 66 acres of land from his father in Sycamore Township; and born to them were:

( CHARLES HERBERT STEVENS born July 18, 1858 Madeira OH and died November 19, 1924; married September 4, 1879 Anna Maria Bush born November 20, 1860 and died December 24, 1939; both buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH; Charles was a commission merchant and a farmer; and born to them were:

( CLIFFORD ELON STEVENS born October 16, 1880 Indian Hill OH and died February 18, 1945; married June 16, 1903 (Carrie) Carolyn B. Rawlings; Clifford was employed by the Aetna Insurance Company, working in the farm department and was either the Assistant Manager or Manager of that department, when he died; and born to them were:

( LORENA STEVENS born c1905 Plainville OH; married 1st October 1923/24 a Mr. Todd - they divorced; married 2d Frank {surname unk}; and married 3d Hank Schleinzer

( ELIZABETH STEVENS born Chicago IL; married 1st Oliver Gracey - divorced; married 2d Kendall Romack; and born to Elizabeth and Oliver was:


( NELLIE BLANCHE STEVENS born June 10, 1882 Indian Hill OH and died December 19, 1966; married 1st May 11, 1911 Joseph Lee Kain (1879-1936); 2d September 3, 1949 Witter Leeka; and born to Nellie and Joseph were:

( MERIDEN LEE KAIN born April 29, 1912 Reading OH and died January 7, 1979; Meriden was a truck driver for Complete Auto for 37 years, before retiring; married 1st Marcella Henderson - divorced; married 2d Jeanette Viola Young born July 30, 1916 Newtown OH; and born to Meriden and one of his wives was an unnamed male, who probably died at birth

( DELBERT KAIN born and died 1917 Reading OH

( ELDON MELVILLE STEVENS born November 13, 1888 Indian Hill OH and died January 4, 1961; married September 18, 1912 Beulah Ethel Finch [sister of Prudence (] born January 29, 1892 and died August 29, 1980 Sun City AZ; both buried Resthaven Park Cemetery, Glendale, Maricopa, AZ (photo); Eldon was employed by the Aetna Insurance Company, working in the Farm Department, and at the time of his retirement, was the Assistant Manager of the department; and born to them were:

( MYRON BUSH STEVENS, Sr., (Photo) born October 14, 1914 Chicago IL; attended Lyons Township High School in LaGrange IL and Armour Institute of Technology [later Illinois Institute of Technology] earning a B.S. degree in Fire Protection Engineering; registered as a Professional Engineer in Missouri; worked for the Missouri Inspection Bureau, was Assistant Branch Superintendent of the Kansas City Office when the name was changed to Insurance Services Office of Missouri and title to Branch Office Assistant Supervisor; retired after 43+ years of service. He was a member of the Missouri State Guard, 1942-47, with Company A., 1st Battalion, 3d Regiment; Second Lieutenant when unit was disbanded at the return of the 110th Engineers, National Guard. During a work leave of absence, spent seven months on the white collar shift of Vendo Company making radar equipment, earning Army Navy E; later worked nights and weekends, when possible, for the Physicians Exchange Ambulance Service; was a member of the Jr. Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City MO; and the Kansas City Safety Council. He spent fifteen years as an adult leader in the Boy Scouts of America serving as Cubmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Explorer Advisor, Assistant District Commissioner, and as Vice Chairman of the District in charge of cub scouting, etc. Myron is a member of the Sons of American Revolution, NSSAR # 120964; dual member of the Delaware Crossing Chapter; Kansas SAR; and a member of the Saguaro Chapter, Arizona SAR; member of the Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims, National #8789, Ohio #210; member of the First Families of Ohio, #1008. Myron is a member of Alpha Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi; a life member of Mo-Kan Chapter of the Fire Protection Engineering Society, a chapter organized principally by him. He is a life member of the Heart of America Pond of the Honorable Order of Blue Goose, International, an insurance industry fraternity; a member of the Gate of the Temple Lodge No. 422, A.F.& A.M. in Springfield MO. Member of the First Lutheran Church of Mission Hills KS and associate member of the Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church of Sun City AZ; member of the Scandinavian Clubs of Greater Kansas City and Sun City. Myron is the provider of a considerable amount of information on this twig of the Tree -

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