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JEFF WILSON FERRIS (Photo) born 1882 Omaha NE; married Anne Murray (1891-); and born to them was:

( JEFF M FERRIS (1911-) (Photo) married 1935 Ruth {maiden name unk}; and born to them was:


( ANDREW FERRIS (1913-) (Photo) married with 2 kids

( VERENE FERRIS (1914-) (Photo) married with 4 kids – birth order and surname unk: Almona, Jean, Arthur, and Karen

( HELEN MARY FERRIS (Photo) born May 21, 1886 Omaha NE; married February 12, 1907 Armand Theodore Mercier (1881-) (Photo) [son of Dr. C. S Mercier]; native of New Orleans, educated there in the public schools, Rugby Academy and Tulane U, graduating 1903 as a civil engineer; became a Vice President of Southern Pacific Railroad (1938); and became President of the Southern Pacific Railroad (1942); more info on ‘Net in the 1942 Southern Pacific Bulletin; received honorary Doctor of Laws from Tulane, 1945; and born to them were:

( SIDNEY ARMAND MERCIER born February 20, 1909 and died 1928 Palo Alto CA; unmarried

( HELEN F MERCIER (1913-) married Robert Polhamus and born to them were:



( THEODORA MERCIER born May 7, 1920 Seattle WA; married William Paulman; and born to them were:



( ROBERT D. FERRIS married Justine B. Rathbone, of LeRoy NY; in the hardware business in NY; and born to them were:



( ELIZABETH FERRIS born January 8, 1832 and died January 19, 1862 Minneapolis MN; married Charles M. Tyrrell of Wyoming NY and they moved to Minneapolis MN; and born to them were three kids, one of which was:


( MARTIN V. B. FERRIS born 1834 and died 1916 Spencerport, Monroe, NY; unmarried Note: Also listed in the (1) John line – appears to be conflicting info on this line.

( MARY FERRIS married John I. Black; resided in Minneapolis MN and born to them were:



( THOMAS BLACK died at age 3


( ISABEL FERRIS unmarried; resided Warsaw NY

( ALIDA FERRIS died September 14, 1917 Hennepin Co MN; married 1st October 25, 1866 John Randolph Blodget born March 12, 1829; married 2d 1876 George R. Newell (Photos). John was an organist and music teacher; kept a music store in Buffalo NY, where they resided; he died when Louis was a small child and Alida married in 1876 George R. Newell [son of Hiram] of Minneapolis MN, adopted Louis as his own child and giving him his name. George born in Essex County NY July 31, 1845 and moved to Minneapolis 1866; died November 15, 1921 Hennepin Co MN. George took a warm interest in the welfare and development of Minneapolis, an advocate and helper of every good movement. As his business expanded he became connected with other enterprises, holding a place on the board of directors of the St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad and a similar position in the National Grocers’ Association.

George R. Newell will long be remembered in Minneapolis, not only because he founded one of the large business houses of the city which will perpetuate his name, but because of the work he did to help build the city from, a village to a metropolis and, most of all, for his nobility and character which still exerts its in­fluence on the lives of all who knew him and cherish his memory. He was born in Essex County, New York, July 31, 1845. His early education was limited to a few years of school life, principally because he was eager for a business career. At the age of twelve he left school to become a clerk in a general store, where he ,was employed for eight years. In 1866 he came to Minneapolis and took a position as clerk in the Nicollet Hotel, but he remained there only a short time. His inclination was for a mercantile life, so he found employment as a clerk in the wholesale grocery concern of Stevens, Morse & Bull. After some years he, with H. G. Harrison, pur­chased the business and conducted it under the firm name of Newell & Harrison. It was in 1874 he formed the firm of Newell & Harrison with H. G. Harrison as a part­ner. Mr. Newell took over the entire business himself in 1882, the name changing to George R. Newell & Company. Subsequently the company was incorporated and Louis B. Newell, now president of the corporation, was made secretary and treasurer. Throughout its existence this house has enjoyed a steady growth and for many years has been recognized as one of the leading wholesale grocery establishments of the Northwest.

In 1876 Mr. Newell married Mrs. Blodgett, widow of Randolph Blodgett of Buffalo, New York, who bore the maiden name of Alida Ferris. Mrs. Newell had a son by her first marriage, Louis Blodgett, whom Mr. Newell legally adopted as his son, Louis B. Newell. The son is now president of George R. Newell & Company. Mr. Newell took a warm interest in the welfare and development of Minne­apolis, an advocate and helper of every good movement. As his business expanded he became connected with other enterprises, holding a place on the board of directors of the St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad and a similar position in the National Grocers' Association. He held a high rank in the Masonic fraternity, in which he had attained the thirty-second degree in the Scottish Rite and was a member of the Minikahda and Minneapolis clubs. Always an active participant in the business, social and civic life of the city, Mr. Newell so ordered his affairs that Minneapolis was the gainer because of his residence there. When Mr. Newell died on November 15, 1921 Dr. Marion D. Shutter penned this commemoration of him:

"He came here a mere boy, unknown, untried, with empty hands. He has left us in the fullness of years and achievements. Mr. Newell illustrated in his own person a typical American, a typical Northwestern, a typical Minnesota career, the rise through pluck and energy from poverty and obscurity to position and power. The spirit of ancestors who go back to colonial days was in him, and with a common school education, but with grit and courage, from a clerk in a store he became the head of a great and successful business, a director in other enterprises, and the founder of important commercial organizations. Of commanding personality and strong convictions, he left his impress upon every movement with which he was connected. In the earliest years of his activities he traveled much over the North­west and made friends of retail dealers who have since come to the front in leading Minnesota cities. He drew their attention and their trade to Minneapolis, and thus caused the business of the city to ramify through an ever-expanding territory. Many dealers throughout the regions beyond came to believe in Minneapolis because first of all they came to believe in George R. Newell. "Friends have testified to his generosity of heart, his open-handed liberality, and deeds of kindness recorded only in the hearts of those they blessed."

Born to her and John were:

( ELIZABETH BLODGETT born 1867 and died August 15, 1868

( LOUIS GOTTCHALK BLODGETT (NEWELL) born January 11, 1871 Chicago IL and died September 5, 1966 Hennepin Co MN; obtained his education in Griswold College, Davenport IA then returned to Minneapolis to enter his step-father’s business in 1889, and in 1921 upon the death of his step-father, became president of the wholesale grocery house of George R. Newell & Company, changing the name to SuperValu; married June 15, 1898 (1893) Helen Winston (dau of Fednall Gregory & Alice L. (Olmstead) Winston] born July 17, 1877 MN and died April 24, 1968 Hennepin Co MN; and born to them was:

( WINSTON BLODGETT NEWELL married Florence Hendrickson; and born to them were:

( ANNE ALIDA NEWELL married Stanley Hardman; offspring

( WINSTON BLODGETT NEWELL Jr (1924-) 1st married Elizabeth Battin (1925-); 2d Ellen Stich; and born to him and Elizabeth were:

( LOUIS WINSTON NEWELL (1950-) married Patricia Zak

( LUCIA BATTIN NEWELL born March 13, 1952 Minneapolis MN; married Steven Bruce Wiese (1950-); Lucia has provided this updated info – thanks Lucia! See her website:; and born to them was:


( FENDALL WINSTON NEWELL married Frances (mnu)

( JANE FERRIS born February 8, 1796

( RICHARD JACOB FERRIS born August 26, 1798; married Gertrude {last name unk} and they resided Covington NY; died Wisconsin

( JOSEPH FERRIS born May 8, 1800 and died October 17, 1879; buried East Cleveland Cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH; resided in LeRoy NY at the time of 1830 census but later moved to Collamer, now East Cleveland OH; married Lucinda {mnu}

( ANNA FERRIS born January 20, 1803 and died the next day

( ANN ELIZA FERRIS born November 27, 1804 and died September 18, 1805

( SARAH FERRIS (4th born) born April 6, 1762 Greenwich and died January 24, 1844 Shelton, Fairfield, CT; married Isaac Drew [son of Gilbert & Sarah (Hunt) Drew] born December 25, 1756 (1757) Cortland, Westchester, NY and died January 11, 1841 (1844 Kent NY), Shelton CT; both buried in the old Upper White Hills Cemetery next to the tiny White Hills Baptist Church on School Street, Shelton CT; the only Rev. War soldier buried there. Isaac enlisted and served a number of separate periods during the Rev. War. They resided in Frederickstown, Dutchess Co NY and Kent NY, but later moved to make their home with Ferris Drew, their son, in the White Hills region. Several of their children were presumably born in Frederickstown. Born to them were:

( HANNAH DREW born September 25, 1783 NY; married a Mr. Armstrong; no offspring

( JAMES DREW born October 29, 1785 NY and died 1873; married Charity Barrett and they had ten children; resided on Barn Hill

( SARAH DREW (Sally) born January 17, 1788 and died at age 102 (1890); married John Barrett and they had twelve children; resided at Peekskill Hollow; 1 child was:

( FANNY BARRETT born November 2, 1821 Carmel NY and died September 4, 1888; married Hiram M Cole [son of John & Mary (Smith) Cole] born June 25, 1811 and died June 5, 1888; both buried Old Baptist Church Cemetery, Carmel NY; and born to them were:

( ANNIE AUGUSTA COLE born November 1840 and died June 6, 1862; married October 26, 1859 as his 2d wife, Bryron E Hazen [son of Ansel & Eliza A (Hopkins) Hazen] born August 14, 1835 and died May 12, 1906 Mt Vernon NY

( CHARLES WILLIAM COLE born June 15, 1845 and died April 15, 1888 Carmel NY; married October 12, 1870 in Altay NY, Emma Frances Barrett [dau of Marcus & Viola (Cole) Barrett] born April 10, 1849 Wayne NY; both buried Old Baptist Church Cemetery, Carmel; and born to them were:

( HOMER E COLE born October 23, 1871 Carmel NY

( GRACE LORENA COLE born February 14, 1875 Carmel NY and died April 26, 1888; buried Old Baptist Church Cemetery, Carmel

( CASSIE BELLE COLE born February 4, 1881; married September 30, 1901 in Penn Yan NY, William Henry Armstrong [son of John & Lucy Ann (Shepard) Armstrong] born February 23, 1882 Milo NY

( RACHEL DREW born April 17, 1790 Putnam Co NY and died May 29, 1881 Jerusalem, Yates, NY; married 1st Rowland Van Scoy and 2d c1818 Lewis Burt Van Scoy born February 14, 1794 Ridgefield CT and died August 30, 1865 Jerusalem, Yates, NY. Born to Rachel and Rowland were:

( ROWLAND VAN SCOY who moved to Maple Rapids MI and was a banker



Born to Rachel and her 2d husband, Lewis Burt, were:

( CHARLES BURT born May 25, 1819 and presumably died young

( CHARLES BURT born August 22, 1821

( SARAH BURT born May 23, 1823

( DEBORAH ANN BURT born April 7, 1825

( FERRIS GRANT BURT born August 5, 1827 and died June 29, 1905 Yates Co NY; married June 22, 1853 at Bluffport, Steuben, NY, Susan Miller [dau of Thaddeus & Nancy] born March 4, 1826 Steuben Co NY and died February 20, 1881 Jerusalem NY. Born to them were:

( GRANT FERRIS BURT born July 18, 1864 Jerusalem, Yates, NY and died August 24, 1928 Detroit, Wayne, MI; married 1st August 17, 1890 in Penn Yen, Yates, NY as her 1st husband, Adda Mae Rarick [dau of Abel & Emily (Lake) Rarick] born December 24, 1873 Milo, Yates, NY and died November 14, 1956 Lapeer, Lapeer, MI; buried Pontiac MI; he married 2d in Detroit, Sophia Clutts; Born to them were:

( EDITH JULIA BURT (Edith Jewel Burt) born April 13, 1892 Penn Yan, Yates, NY and died December 13, 1969 Lapeer, Lapeer, MI; buried Hunter’s Creek Cemetery, Lapeer Co; married March 30, 1911 at Detroit MI, Omer Howard Snyder born August 7, 1892 Leeds Co, Ontario and died April 11, 1983 St. Joseph MI; and they had three sons, one of which was:

( HAROLD HOMER SNYDER born September 23, 1911 Detroit MI and died April 16, 1992 Watervliet MI; married September 7, 1936 at Skokie IL, Gertrude Mary Bischof born February 5, 1914 Chicago IL and died April 15, 1989 Watervliet MI. Born to them were three children, one being:

( ROBERT C. SNYDER (Rev.) pastor the Kenilworth Church of Christ, Buffalo NY. (Bob has provided much of this information on this twig of the family - thanks Bob!)

( RUTH AMANDA BURT born October 24, 1893 Milo, Yates, NY and died December 19, 1975 Waterford, Oakland, MI; married Norman Habel

( DOROTHY EMMA BURT born June 13, 1898 Montcalm Co MI and died Lapeer Co MI; married June 14, 1920 in South Bend IN Edward Steffes

( ANNA MAE BURT bor March 13, 1900 Gratiot Co MI and died March 23, 1982 CA; married Merle Knowles

( WILLIAM GRANT BURT born 1902 Gratiot Co MI and died 1918 Ft Bayard NM; buried Pontiac MI

( HELEN MILDRED BURT born October 12, 1904 Gratiot Co MI and died April 3, 1930 Attica, Lapeer, MI

( GEORGE BURT born May 6, 1830 Putnam Co NY

( ROBERT B. BURT born November 30, 1832 Putnam Co NY

( FERRIS DREW (Ferris T. Drew born September 26, 1795) born March 28, 1792 Frederickstown, Dutchess, NY (Putnam Co NY) and died May 13, 1849/56 (May 11, 1882) Huntington CT; buried White Hills Baptist Church Burying Ground; married August 5, 1813 Fannie Hazen [dau of Joshua and Elizabeth (McClean) Hazen] born September 26, 1793/5 and died May 11, 1882/87. They moved from Southeast NY to the White Hills region, Fairfield Co NY, 1836/37 and purchased 183 acres of land and a home. Born to them were:

( THERON DREW born November 12, 1814 Southeast NY (Kent NY) and died February 5, 1905; farmer in South Pulteney; married 1st June 10, 1835 in Southeast NY, Adillah Haines/Hains [dau of Horace & Jane (Youmans) Hains] born October 20, 1816 Southeast and died March 16, 1893 South Pulteney; and they had three children; married January 8, 1902 in Pulteney, Rachel (Hutton) Miller [dau of Lewis & Phebe (Catlin) Hutton] born April 10, 1820 Starkey NY – he remarried at age 88y and she 82y

( SAMUEL SARLES DREW born November 14, 1819 Kent NY and died November 28, 1899; married March 28, 1841 Lucy Ann Hubbell [dau of James & Eliza (Shelton) Hubbell] born October 29, 1821 Huntington CT and died December 25, 1894 Middlebush NJ; and they had three children

( ZILLAH DREW born June 1, 1825 Southeast NY and died August 6, 1843 Huntington CT

( RUTH ELIZA DREW born February 15, 1829 South Salem NY (Southeast NY) and died January 14/16, 1916; married June 7, 1846 in Huntington CT William Tomlinson [son of Charles & Anna (Pearce) Tomlinson] born May 7, 1821 Huntington CT; resided Woodbridge CT; and they had seven sons, 1 of which was:

( FRANK EMERSON TOMLINSON was a senator from the 8th District, South Dakota, 1889-90, the first years of statehood

( THEODORE DREW born January 13, 1832 Southeast NY and died January 12, 1913; married 1st August 7, 1853 in Huntington CT, Sarah Amanda Birdseye born December 16, 1832 Huntington CT and died July 12, 1870 Nora IL; married 2d March 5, 1871 in Huntington, Rosella Hubbell [dau of Philo & Eliza (Blackman) Hubbell] born July 24, 1842 Huntington CT and died January 23, 1902 Waterloo IA; and born to Theodore and Sarah were:

( FERRIS DREW born July 9, 1854 CT; married November 23, 1887 Blanche Warner

( RUTH DREW born November 20, 1856 CT and died in infancy

( JENNIE E. DREW born May 18, 1858 CT and died December 8, 1927; married December 25, 1882 Everett D. Warner

( FANNIE DREW born April 6, 1861 Nora IL and died July 4, 1936; married December 26, 1892 Elra E. Walsh

( FRED DREW born May 12, 1861 Nora IL and died July 25, 1945; married October 12, 1892 Edith Reynolds

( ISAAC DEWITT DREW born May 17, 1837 Huntington CT and died November 7, 1915; was in the coal business in Bridgeport and Meriden, and later lived in NY; married 1st January 6, 1857 in Birmingham CT, Fannie Marie Osborn [dau of John White & Susan H (Durand) Osborn] born January 12, 1836 Birmingham and died April 11, 1883 Meriden CT; and 2d October 25, 1888 in Bridgeport CT, (Libby) Elizabeth Washington Leonard [dau of Levi & Mary Jane] born February 22, 1861 Meriden CT; had 3 kids presumably by Fannie

( GILBERT DREW born February 22, 1794 Putnam Co NY; married August 20, 1865 widow Nancy Ann (Whitney) Owen born May 7, 1807; resided at Penn Yan NY

( DEBORAH DREW born May 18, 1781 Kent NY and died there August 4, 1834 (1839) [if either of these death dates are correct, then we have a problem with children below born after her death]; married in December 1800 [first child born in 1828 – sounds suspicious], as his 2d wife, John Hazen [son of John and Deborah (Drew) Hazen] [another source has his parents as Caleb & Sarah (Hamline) Hazen] born July 17, 1773 Hazen Hill, Carmel NY and died there (or Kent NY) February 11, 1823 [same thing, if this death date is correct, then we have a problem with all the children below born after his death date]; another marriage is listed to Robert Boyd. John was associated with his brother Joshua in the iron business; and they also cut wood and burned charcoal; he was supervisor for Kent, also Justice of the Peace; and just before his death was elected County Judge. He was appointed Ensign of Captain Kniffen’s Company, Light Infantry, Dutchess County Militia June 7, 1793 and Lieutenant of Captain Rowland’s Company 1797. Born to her and John were [I feel these kids are the wrong ones for this couple]:

( MARY HAZEN born October 26, 1828 and died July 16, 1853; buried Penn Yan NY; at the time of her death, she was engaged to marry Rev. C. C. Norton, who later married a sister of George Z. Noble, and who was for many years and until the time of his death, pastor of the Central Park Baptist Church on East 83d Street, New York City

( ANNA DEBORAH HAZEN born August 31, 1830 Carmel NY and died February 13, 1904 Elmira NY; buried Penn Yan NY; married October 10, 1855 George Z. Noble [son of Oliver Ellsworth Noble, M.D.] born December 27, 1833 Ninevah NY and died March 21, 1894 Elmira NY; George was a practicing physician for 30 years in Dundee NY and later in Elmira; and born to them were:

( MARY L. NOBLE born April 16, 1858 – living in Elmira NY 1912

( ELLSWORTH HAZEN NOBLE born June 21, 1865; graduate of New York College of Pharmacy, 1886; New York Homeopathic Medical College, 1890; and New York Ophthalmic, 1910 – living in Elmira 1912

( GEORGE HAZEN born August 21, 1832 and died October 20, 1857; buried Grand Rapids MI

( JOHN HAZEN born August 25, 1834 and died November 13, 1854; buried Penn Yan NY

( OSCAR HAZEN born November 5, 1838 and died April 2, 1839; buried Penn Yan NY

( HELEN HAZEN born February 26, 1841; married July 13, 1865 Professor John W. Stewart [son of Captain William Henry & Emeline (Merritt) Stewart] born August 1, 1837 and died January 22, 1889; and born to them were:


( WILLIAM HAZEN STEWART married Ella Loraine Doty [dau of Nathan and Emeline]

( ISAAC HAZEN born July 25, 1843 and died December 17, 1844; buried Penn Yan NY

( CALISTA LEMIRA HAZEN born September 5, 1845 Penn Yan NY and died October 21, 1869 Wappinger’s Falls NY; buried Penn Yan NY; married January 1, 1867 Rev. Edwin Pierson Brigham

( GERTRUDE HAZEN born November 15, 1847; unmarried living in Penn Yan 1910

( CHARLES HAZEN born January 5, 1850 and died May 23, 1875; buried Penn Yan NY; married July 4, 1873 Julia B. Wells

( WILLET HAZEN born June 24, 1853; married July 1885 Jessie Booth and born to them were:

( MARGURERITA G. HAZEN born July 29, 1886; married Charles Lemme of St. Helene CA. Note: a Charles R. Lemme b August 16, 1883 CA, died April 4, 1942 Marin Co CA – not sure this is the same guy

( UNA HAZEN born December 9, 1889; married B. W. Perrine of Oakland CA

( CALEB DUDLEY HAZEN born April 1888

( JOHN STEWART HAZEN born March 21, 1899

( OSCAR HAZEN born April 26, 1904

( JULIA HAZEN born July 5, 1836 and died December 25, 1840; buried Carmel NY

( ANNIS DREW born March 2, 1796 NY

( RACHEL FERRIS (5th born) born April 9, 1765 Stanwich (Stanton), Fairfield, CT and died January 25, 1845 Poughkeepsie (?), Dutchess Co NY; married October 31, 1784 Jacob Smith born September 18, 1762 Amawalk, Westchester, NY and died December 1, 1838 Newfield, Tompkins, NY (December 1, 1836, Cayuta, Chemung, NY); served in the Rev. War; on roll with 1st Regiment of the New York line commanded by Colonel Goose Van Schaick; private in Captain Jesse Truesdel's company of LTC Thaddeus Crane's regiment of Westchester County Militia; and born to them were:

( ANNA SMITH born April 20, 1785 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died December 14, 1846 Cayuta, Chemung, NY; unmarried

( HENRY SMITH born November 16, 1786 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died August 17, 1815; married June 27, 1812 in Poughkeepsie, Catharina Lieverse Fonda [dau of Johannes Hendrick & Altje (Lieverse) Fonda] born July 2, 1788 Albany NY; and born to them was:


( NATHAN SMITH born July 5, 1789 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died September 10, 1871

( ELIPHALET SMITH born September 13, 1791 (1795) Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died April 26, 1824 (1834)

( SAMUEL B. SMITH born October 27, 1793 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died January 21, 1876; married October 14, 1820 Anna Rhodes

( ALVIN B. SMITH born June 10, 1796 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died October 27, 1868 (1867) Beardstown, Cass, IL; married October 14, 1819 Cynthia Ammerman born September 30, 1803 NY and died February 4, 1865 Beardstown (Chandlerville, Cass County IL); both buried near Chandlerville IL, where they lived; Alvin Smith came to Beardstown IL 1833, on a flatboat with his family and belongings from Ithaca NY, came down the Allegheny River, up the Ohio River and Mississippi River, then Illinois River to Beardstown. Built a log house, one room, and lived there until he could do better. He was well educated for that time. He taught school in his own home for his children and other children that might come. He also preached. He was a Methodist. If any sick, he doctored them, anything to help people. His brother Samuel and family came the year before, and that winter they all lived in one room and a loft upstairs - sixteen in the two families. Wolves were plentiful and hounded around and tried to get into the house. Born to them were:

( ANNA SMITH born December 3, 1823 vicinity of Poughkeepsie NY and died September 9, 1906 Petersburg, Menard, IL; married January 5, 1845 in Menard Co IL, James Miles [son of George Uriah & Jane (McCoy)] born November 25, 1822 White Co IL and died February 11, 1913 Petersburg, Menard, IL; buried there Oakland Cemetery (Photo); a brother-in-law to William Herndon, Abraham Lincoln's law partner; (1879) James Miles, farmer and stock-dealer; P.O. Petersburg. Son of George U. & Jane (McCoy) Miles, who were among the first settlers of Menard County; George U born in St. Mary's Co., Md., March 20, 1796, and came with his parents to the Territory of Illinois in 1816; they first settled in what is now St. Clair C., where they remained for a time; thence to White Co., and there George U married Miss Jane McCoy in 1821; and November 25, 1822, James born. In 1825, they removed into what is now Logan Co., where they remained until 1836, when they removed into Sangamon Co.; thence, in 1840, to Petersburg, where James and his father have since lived. James’ mother having died Dec. 15, 1850 (she left three children), Oct. 21, 1851, his father married Mrs. Catherine Early, of Sangamon Co.; he still survives and now, at the ripe age of 74, resides with James, who is a prominent farmer and stock-dealer. His farm consists of 166 acres of fine land, adjoining the town of Petersburg. His wife was Miss Anna Smith, of this county; they were married Jan. 5, 1845, and have a family now living of five children. Mr. Miles is one of the well-to-do and enterprising farmers of Menard Co., always assisting in such matters as pertain to the welfare of the community. (1905) James Miles born in White county, Illinois on the 25th of November 1822, and is a son of George Uriah and Jane (McCoy) Miles. His father born March 20, 1796 in St. Mary county, Maryland, and on coming to Illinois in 1815 he settled in White county, where he married on the 18th of November, 1821 to Miss Jane McCoy. She born in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, November 11, 1796. In November 1825, George U. Miles removed to Sangamon County, Illinois, and settled on a farm six miles north of Springfield, where he engaged in farming and stock raising for a number of years. He often drove stock to Chicago, that being his nearest market. On one of these trips to Chicago, he was offered eighty acres of land in the swamp there for a horse, that tract being now in the very heart of the business part of the city. His wife died December 15, 1850, and he passed away at the home of his son James near Petersburg on the 19th of March 1882, lacking one day of being eighty-six years of age. Having removed with his parents to Sangamon county James Miles lived in that county until he was grown, and later removed to Menard County, where on the 5th of January 1845, he was joined in marriage to Miss Anna Smith, born in the state of New York, December 3, 1823. To this union were born six children, namely: Mrs. Mary Jane Hurd; Mrs. Lizzie N. Wood; a son who died in infancy; George Uriah, Jr.; James S., who married Nellie Purkapile; and Mrs. Katie A. Gray. Mrs. Hurd has one living daughter, Mrs. Iona A. Peterson, whose two-year-old son, Myron Dale, is Mr. Miles’ only great grandchildren. Mrs. Wood has two daughters and one son, and James S. Miles has a son and a daughter, those constituting the grandchildren of our subject. James Miles continues to reside on the old homestead one mile from Petersburg, where he has lived for forty-eight years. He and his wife, at the ages of eighty-two and eighty-one years respectively, are both hale and hearty, and in a few months they will have traveled the road of life together for sixty years. An industrious and temperate life has borne its fruit in a healthy and happy old age for both of them. Having acquired a competency in earlier life, they are spending a quiet and serene old age, enjoying the love and gratitude of their children and the respect and confidence of all who know them. Partial Obit: The venerable James Miles, one of Menard county's oldest and most beloved citizens, passed from this life Tuesday, 11th instant, at 2:00 o'clock a.m., at the homestead one mile north of the city, which was his home for almost fifty-eight years. Uncle Jim, as he was affectionately called by almost the entire community, has passed his ninetieth year but his mind was clear and his eye undimmed and until within the last few weeks he was seen on the streets of Petersburg almost daily. We shall miss him.

"The Story of Anna Smith", written by Beulah M. Wood as a school assignment:

"In the days following our second war with England, when the young American republic was thrilled with the spirit of nationalization, and the test of that patriotic fervor was the glory of economic conquest through emigration, the subject of this paper Anna Smith, then a tiny child of eight years, moved with her parents from the center of life and culture of New York City into the territory of Illinois.

Anna's father Alvin Smith was a college man; [his] mother was the daughter of Rheuben Ferris, pastor and leader of the noted Fairfield Conn. Baptist Church. Caught in the tide of the emigration movement the father decided to cast his fortune with it, and therewith took his family, and traveled by wagon route to the head waters of the Allegheny River near the present city of Olean to what was then a logging center known among the few whites and Indians as Painted-Post. Here the family lived for almost six months in camp while the father and brother, who by the way was a man with a family of equal proportion -- a family of eight children, built a flatboat. Indians were no curiosity in those days. Anna Smith remembered long after and related the story to her grandchildren of one old Indian who sat on the banks of the river and watched the men build their boat. He was friendly to the men and tried to play with the little girl, but she was too shy to appreciate his best intentions and was quite content to allow him to fish and talk to her father. It was in the early spring when the boat was finished and the two families embarked on their long river journey. They floated down the Allegheny to the Ohio stopping here and there on the trip to look for suitable game or desirable land on which to make their homes. They depended almost entirely upon the game they killed for their supply of food. With a family of twenty mouths this part of the providing was by no means a part that was without its cares and difficulties. For weeks they floated down the river then they came to the Mississippi River and turned north because they had heard of the prairie soil of the Illinois territory and they wanted to look at it. They worked their way up the Mississippi and turned in at the Illinois River coming to the present site of Beardstown. They decided to stay here for by this time it was late fall and the snow was again falling. The two Smith brothers left their families at the landing in the care of a generous hearted family, and they hastened out into the open land out beneath the shelter of the bluffs and close to the trees, which grew along the river and set about building a rude log cabin. They were advised to build near the river for two reasons, the game kept close to water and then too the presence of the trees made a shelter from the wind and snow both of which the early settlers found to be their hardest elements to overcome since their housing conditions were crude at the best. After due time the cabin was completed and the families moved in -- twenty strong. The cabin was about 14x15 feet square with a loft the access to which was a ladder. The first floor being too small to contain all twenty at one time with any degree of physical comfort the children were sent to bed with an early supper and the ladder was taken down to prevent their return to the cabin's first floor. The little eight year old girl who later became an enthusiastic story teller to her grandchildren concerning these pioneer days said that many a time they used to peep through the hole in the floor to listen to the hunting stories of the grown up folk and many a time they were sent back to their beds for so doing. The snow often sifted through the roof and chinking and they found themselves covered with a new white counterpane in the morning.

There were no advantages for education so the father of Anna undertook to teach the children their lessons for it had been one great drawback toward their coming west when he and his wife thought of the loss of school advantages to their children. He set aside certain times in the day for study and recitation. Before long one of the neighbors came in and interrupted the recitation and when he went to leave he asked Alvan Smith to teach his children too. Mr. Smith already had a school as it was but he took in his friend's children because he felt under obligation to him since he had assisted him to build the cabin when he most needed help. Then and there the trouble began. Other neighbors wanted in and after some arrangements the plans were at length completed. The work at first was without compensation but later they built a little room near the Smith cabin which was used for a shed to shelter the Smith tools and serve as a place to meet the pupils since the Smith cabin could scarcely contain its own brood with any comfort. The children brought meal and meat and all sorts of eatables to pay their tuition but the amount and the kind was altogether their own choosing. So far as is known this Alvan Smith is the first teacher in what is now Menard County. He was later pressed into service as a minister and used to make a circuit through what is now Cass and Menard Counties.

We cannot close this paper without a word as to the help his dainty little helpmate gave in this work. She was a thrifty, economic little woman in stature not five feet tall, but with a heart that was full of strong purpose. She had been reared to have many of the luxuries of life, one of which was soda. One may smile at this but nevertheless one of the luxuries of colonial housekeeping was soda. Now that she was removed from the center of life where she could get this she was determined to have it if she could. Therefore she used to save all the corncobs and from these she made her coveted soda and boasted to her family that the president's wife could not make better soda biscuits than she. She used to sift the coarse mill corn meal and wheat meal through cheesecloth and then on Sundays she made a white loaf and had a Johnnycake for the children. She was gifted with a good singing voice and in the long evenings during the winter especially she sang, and taught her children to sing the songs she had learned in her life back east.

This couple took up land from the government made the most of their opportunities lived a life full of definite service to their community and at length died without an amassed fortune but they gave to their children a something that was better than land, they gave them a chance to see life in its fullest sense.

Obit for Anna: "Mrs. Anna Miles, wife of James Miles, one of Menard county's oldest citizens and one of its most lovable and beloved women, passed away at the family residence just north of this city, about seven o'clock last Sunday morning, 9th inst., at the advanced age of 82 years, 9 months and 6 days.

She was the daughter of Alvin and Cynthia Smith and born in Tompkins County, New York, December 3, 1823; nine years old she came with her parents to Illinois. January 5, 1845, in this county, she was united in marriage with James Miles. For several years they resided west of Petersburg, then lived in town for a time, removing to the farm north of town in the early part of 1856, where they lived happily together for more than fifty years. Six children were born to them. Five are living, and reside near Petersburg, namely: Mary, wife of A. G. Hurd; Lizzie, wife of H. A. Wood; George U. Miles; James S. Miles; and Kate A., wife of A. S. Gray, all of whom, with her aged companion, mourn the lost of a faithful, loving and devoted wife and mother.

When about fourteen years of age she united with the Methodist church, of which she was a faithful member until death. She was an ardent temperance worker and for some years was president of the local branch of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

The funeral occurred from the home at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon, and was attended by many friends. The services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. Silas N. Wakefield, assisted by Elder W. M. Groves. The interment was made in Oakland Cemetery." (Petersburg IL)

Born to them were:

( MARY JANE MILES born March 19, 1848 and died January 22, 1917; buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL; married October 31, 1867 in Menard Co IL, Almon G. Hurd born March 13, 1838, Sunapee, Sullivan, NH

"Mary Jane Miles, daughter of James and Anna Miles, deceased, born in Petersburg, March 19, 1848. She was the oldest of six children, four of whom survive her, Mrs. Lizzie Wood, George and James Miles and Mrs. Kate Gray all of Petersburg.

She was married to Almond G. Hurd of Petersburg, October 31, 1867, who died December 5, 1908. To this union were born two children, Harvey Hurd, who died 15 years ago, and Iona Antle Hurd, now Mrs. H. S. Peterson.

Some forty odd years ago, during a meeting held in Petersburg by Elder D. R. Lucas, she confessed Christ as her Savior and was buried with him in baptism in the waters of the Sangamon River. She united with the Christian church of Petersburg, and held fast to her faith in her Lord until death.

Mrs. Hurd was for many years an active member of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Petersburg, also a member of the Rebecca lodge.

She died at her home just west of the city, where she had spent most of her life, on Monday morning, January 22, 1917, aged 68 years, 10 months and 3 days. Mrs. Hurd was the last one of the family. She leaves to mourn her departure her bereaved daughter, Mrs. Peterson, and her sisters and brothers, five grandchildren, other relatives and very many friends.

In her death the home, the church and the whole community have sustained a great loss.

The funeral services were held at the Christian church on Wednesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. S. E. Fisher, assisted by Elder C. E. Smoot. Interment at Oakland."

"[Almon G. Hurd], son of Hiram and Ester (Patten) Hurd, who are natives of New Hampshire. The former born June 3, 1800, and the latter Dec. 22, 1804. They were married Jan. 26, 1826. They have now lived together for over fifty-three years. They came west with their family in 1855. Almon is the only son and born in Sullivan Co., N. H., March 13, 1838, and has always resided with his parents, and, since their coming west, has superintended the affairs of his parents. He married Mary J., daughter of James Miles, a prominent pioneer of Menard Co. They were married Oct. 31, 1867. They have a son and a daughter. Mr. Hurd owns 160 acres."

"Almon G. Hurd, for fifty-four years a resident of Menard county and one of its prominent and most respected citizens, closed his eyes in death last Saturday evening, at his home just west of the city limits.

Mr. Hurd born near Concord, New Hampshire, March 13, 1838. His father, Hiram Hurd, moved west in 1854, settling on the farm, which afterward became the property of the son. In early manhood Almon engaged in teaching school, but the greater part of his life was spent in farming upon the old homestead. On October 31, 1867, he was united in marriage with Miss Mary J. Miles, a daughter of the venerable James Miles. Two children - a son and a daughter - were born to them, Harvey and Iona. The son died in August 1901. The daughter is the wife of Hardy S. Peterson, and with her husband has continued to live at the old home since her marriage.

Mr. Hurd became a member of Salem lodge of Odd Fellows more than forty years ago. In 1875 he joined the Christian church and was an active member thereof until his failing health no longer permitted him to go about. He was a companionable man, of strictest integrity, a good neighbor and sympathetic friend, and devoted to his family. In his death the community sustains the loss of one of its best citizens. He is survived by his wife, the daughter above named, and three grandchildren.

The funeral occurred from the residence at 1:30 o'clock Monday afternoon, Elder W. M. Groves conducting the services, after which the remains were conveyed to Oakland cemetery, where they were consigned to earth with the burial rites of the Odd Fellows order." Almon spent most of his adult years in agriculture and was also a partner of Horace Alanson Wood in their nursery business. During his early years, he taught school at Little Grove and Brush College, also at Tice and Little Brick.

Born to them were:

( HARVEY A. HURD born July 14, 1870 and died August 21, 1901; buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL; a traveling salesman for Thomas & Clarke, cracker manufacturer, Peoria IL

( IONA A HURD born February 13, 1874 and died December 26, 1970; married April 2, 1902 in Menard Co IL, Hardy S. Peterson born August 3, 1874 and died July 17, 1936; she graduated from Harris High School in Petersburg 1893; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg; stone photo

Dan Patch, "(foaled 1896), American harness racehorse (Standardbred), a nearly legendary horse in his time, who established in 1905 a world pacing record of 1:55 1/4 that endured for 33 years. (In 1906 he paced a mile in 1:55 flat--Billy Direct's record-breaking time in 1938--but this feat was not officially recognized.) He paced a mile in 2 minutes or less on 30 occasions, a world record that was not surpassed until the 1960s (by Bret Hanover, with 31). Never defeated in a race, Dan Patch lost only two of 56 heats (divisions of a harness race) in his three years of competition (1900-02). Thereafter, until his retirement in 1909, he traveled around the United States in his own railroad car and raced against the clock in exhibitions that drew large crowds." Hardy Peterson owned Dan Patch.

Born to them were:

( MYRON DALE PETERSON born November 1, 1902 and died August 7, 1996; married August 15, 1932 in Springfield IL, Ruth Withrow born November 3, 1902, Loami IL and died August 31, 1991 Springfield IL; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg (stone photo); Myron was a graduate of Harris High School, Petersburg IL; Ruth graduated from University of Chicago 1924; she retired from Petersburg High School 1968 after 30 years of teaching; member of Central United Presbyterian Church; served on the board of the Petersburg Public Library; and born to them were:

( ANN PETERSON - residence Alexandria VA

( JUDITH PETERSON - residence Falls Church VA

( ESTHER I. PETERSON (1906-1975) married Eugene W. Eades (1913-1988); both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL

( MARY PETERSON (Mary D) born October 20, 1908 and died November 22, 2004; married William Messinger (1923-1998); both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL



( LIZZIE NEY MILES born March 14, 1850 Petersburg, Menard, IL and died there February 7, 1937; married December 21, 1869 in Menard Co IL, Horace Alanson Wood [son of Solomon & Ann (Shewman)] born June 30, 1842 Lyndon, Cattaraugus, NY and died October 12, 1913 Petersburg, Menard, IL; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL (headstones photo)

"Mrs. Lizzie Ney Miles Wood, widow of the late Horace Wood and a member of the pioneer Miles family, died at her home Sunday morning, February 7 at 1:40. While Mrs. Wood had suffered an attack of influenza in January, she had apparently entirely recovered and had been enjoying her many home interests when she was suddenly stricken with pneumonia, the resulting complications of which her unusual vigor was unable to overcome.

Mrs. Wood born in Petersburg on March 14, 1850, the daughter of James and Anna Smith Miles, pioneer settlers of Menard Co; her mother had made the trip west from New York on a flat boat at the early age of nine years, traversing the Allegheny, Ohio, Mississippi, Illinois and Sangamon Rivers to a point near Chandlerville where the family resided and the grandfather became not only one of the pioneer teachers of Cass county, but physician and pioneer preacher as well. Her father, James Miles, born in White county, Illinois, emigrating to Menard when it was first made a county.

Something of the native courage and natural philosophy of Mrs. Wood's inheritance was an integral part of her life. When through an accidental fall she suffered a broken hip in September 1935, this courage and philosophy coupled with a fine sense of humor helped to accomplish a recovery that seemed incredible.

She grew into womanhood in this community. On December 21, 1869, she was married to Horace A. Wood of Cuba, New York. To them were born three children, Florence, the wife of Dr. G. W. Spears, Green Valley, Illinois, Beulah M. Wood, City Superintendent of Schools of Petersburg, and Harlington, Springfield attorney and Judge of the Sangamon County Court.

Mrs. Wood had an abiding interest in the work of her church. Together with her husband she was a charter member of the local Christian Church a fact very dear to her. She held membership in the Petersburg Woman's Club for many years and was one of the charter members of Pierre Menard Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Her interest in current life was maintained to the last.

It was hard to realize that Mrs. Wood had reached the ripe age of nearly 87 years because of the fullness and completeness of her interests, but to her many friends and especially to her children she has left a rich heritage of the pattern of beautiful living.

Surviving are the three children named above, two grandchildren, Mrs. Anna Ney Spears Gidcombe of Green Valley, Harlington Wood Jr., Springfield, one great-grandson, John Spears Gidcombe, two brothers, George U. Miles and James S. Miles of this city. Two sisters, Mrs. Mary Miles Hurd and Mrs. Kate Miles Gray preceded her in death several years ago.

Funeral services were held at the First Christian Church at 10:30 Tuesday morning, conducted by Rev. Clark Walter Cummings, pastor of the First Christian Church of Springfield, Rev. L. R. Cronkhite, pastor of the church here, and Rev. W. M. Groves of Springfield, former pastor of the local church. Pallbearers were Judge V. O. Whipp, John M. Smoot, Fred R. Henninger, C. C. Juhl, Harry B. Apken and Powell Juhl. Burial was in the family lot in Oakland cemetery."

"(1879) H. A. WOOD, nursery, Petersburg; H. A. Wood is a specimen of the Yankees of the Empire State; born in Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., June 30, 1842; son of Solomon and Anna Shuman Wood; the Shumans are of German and the Woods of English descent; Horace's father was a farmer, and reared H. A. to this business, after he had attained his manhood, was engaged several years as traveling salesman, and was successful in this direction, and, attracting the attention of Mr. Spaulding, of Springfield, he engaged his services and continued with him two years, with credit to himself and to the satisfaction of his employers. Dec. 29, 1869, married Lizzie Miles; born in Petersburg March 14, 1850; daughter of Maj. Miles; one child -- Florence, born April 13, 1874. Since his marriage, he has been engaged in the nursery business on his own account; keeps a general assortment of fruit and shade trees, shrubbery and hardy plants; Mr. Wood's long experience in the business enables him to give satisfaction to his customers, and from his upright and manly deportment, has secured the good will and liberal patronage of the people. Is a member of the Christian Church."

"(1905) Horace A. Wood, now living retired in Petersburg, was until recently engaged in the nursery business. He born on the 30th of June 1842, in Cattaraugus County, New York, a son of Solomon and Ann (Shewman) Wood.

Horace A. Wood began his education in the district schools of his native state and afterward continued his studies in an academy in Rushford, New York. Later he attended a private school and subsequently went to Poughkeepsie, where he entered Eastman's Business College, completing his education by graduation from that institution. On putting aside his textbooks he began traveling for a nursery company, his territory being principally Illinois. Later he embarked in the nursery business in Menard County on his own account and grew nursery stock for seven years. He then dealt in nursery stock for a number of years and was at one time connected with a business of manufacturing bedsprings and mattresses, following that pursuit for about thirteen months. He owns seventy acres of land adjoining the corporation limits of Petersburg. In Menard county and this part of the state was known as an enterprising and reliable business man, and whatever success he achieved is due entirely to his own labors, for he started out in life on his own account with limited capital.

In 1869 was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Wood and Miss Lizzie Miles, a daughter of James Miles [refer to biographical sketch for James Miles], and unto them were born three children, two daughters and a son: Florence, born in 1874, is now the wife of Dr. George Spears, who is engaged in the practice of dentistry in Petersburg; Beulah, born in 1881, is a graduate of the Petersburg high school and has spent two years as a student in the State University of Illinois and is now teaching in Menard county. Harlington, born in 1884, is also a graduate of the Petersburg schools and was a student in the State University, where he pursued the study of law. He is now teaching school, but will continue his law studies in 1905. Both Mr. and Mrs. Wood hold membership in the Christian church and their children are also identified therewith. He gave his political support to the Republican party until 1896, in which year he voted for William Jennings Bryan, but he has again become connected with the Republican party and he is enabled to support his position by intelligent argument because he keeps well informed upon the questions and issues of the day. He began life as a poor boy, but his financial valuation is now creditable. His life has been one of activity and usefulness and has been characterized by the most unswerving integrity and honor in all his business transactions and in his varied relations with his fellow men."

"Horace A. Wood, for forty-six years a respected citizen of Petersburg, passed away at his home at 5:30 o'clock last Sunday morning, 12th instant, aged 71 years, 3 months and 12 days. He had been in declining health for several years and for about two years last past had been confined to his home. The funeral took place from the Christian church Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock and was largely attended. Rev. A. I. Zeller read a lesson from the Scriptures, Rev. W. M. Groves offered prayer and Rev. C. E. Smoot delivered the discourse. A quartette composed of Dr. Degge, Harold Smoot, Mrs. J. M. Smoot and Mrs. Harry Apken, Mrs. Harold Smoot accompanist, rendered "There'll Be No Dark Valley," "Wonderful Peace," and "Lead Me Gently Home, Father." The interment was made in Oakland cemetery. The pallbearers were” L. A. Whipp, L. F. Watson, H. S. Houghton, J. M. Smoot, H. W. Nance and C. W. Shipley.

Horace A. Wood born June 30, 1842, in Cattaraugus county, N. Y. He was a student at Rushford academy, Rushford, N. Y., and afterwards took the course at Eastman's business college at Poughkeepsie. He came to Illinois in 1867 as traveling salesman for a nursery company, reaching Petersburg on the 14th day of November of that year. On December 21, 1869, he was united in marriage with Miss Lizzie N. Miles, daughter of the late James Miles. Three children were born to them, Florence (wife of Dr. George Spears) and Beulah, both of Petersburg, and Harlington, of Springfield, Ill., all of whom, with the wife and mother, survive him.

Mr. Wood united with the Christian church in Petersburg during the tent meeting held by Elder D. R. Lucas in 1874. Upon the organization of the church he was made a deacon, which office he held until his death. He was one of Menard County’s best citizens. A man of commanding appearance, kindly disposition and courteous manner, he made many friends. In business he was honorable; in his home was a kind and loving husband and father; in his church he was a man of unwavering faith and ready for any work. In his death his family, the church and the community have sustained a great loss." Made fortune-selling hedges (for windbreaks) all over Illinois.

Born to them were:

( FLORENCE ANNA WOOD born April 13, 1874 Petersburg, Menard, IL and died January 10, 1943 Pekin IL; married January 1, 1902 Petersburg, George Walter Spears [son of George & Elizabeth] born May 1, 1869 Tallulah, Menard, IL and died December 19, 1942 Jacksonville IL; cemetery photos

"Mrs. Florence Wood Spears of this city died Sunday morning, January 10 at the age of 68, in a Pekin hospital where she had been a patient the last week. She first became ill several weeks ago while visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. A. Gidcombe in Peoria and was unable to attend the funeral of her husband, Dr. George W. Spears who dies December 19. She born in Petersburg on April 13, 1874 the daughter of the late Horace A. and Lizzie Miles Wood. She was a sister of Judge Harlington Wood, Sangamon county judge and of Miss Beulah Wood. Mrs. Spears was active in the local Christian church and was superintendent of the Sunday school more than fifteen years.

Mrs. Spears is survived by her daughter, Mrs. E. A. Gidcombe and two grandchildren; one sister, Miss Beulah Wood of Petersburg, who is employed in the office of Arthur Leuder, state auditor of public accounts in Springfield, and her brother, Judge Wood.

Funeral services were held Tuesday at 3 p.m. at the Christian church in this city conducted by Rev. Mack A. Warren. Burial was in Oakland cemetery, the pallbearers being Miles Grey, Dale Peterson, James Miles Jr., Ralph Reding, G. Sam Watkins and Dr. Irving Newcomer."

"(1905) Dr. G. W. Spears, engaged in the practice of dentistry in Petersburg, born in Tallula, Menard county, May 1, 1869, a son of G. C. and Elizabeth Spears, the former born in Kentucky on the 18th of April, 1822, while the latter's birth occurred in Menard county. In their family were nine children, of whom G. W. Spears is the seventh in order of birth.

Reared under the parental roof, Dr. Spears devoted the greater part of his boyhood to the acquirement of a good education in the public school of his native town, and when he had mastered the more specifically literary branches of knowledge he entered upon the mastery of the principles of dentistry, matriculating in the Chicago Dental College, where he completed the regular course and was graduated on the 1st of May, 1902. Immediately afterward he came to Petersburg. He did not have long to wait for patients and his business has grown continually, so that he now has a large and gratifying practice. He is familiar with the latest methods known to the science, has his office equipped with the latest improved dental appliances, and his skill in performing the mechanical work connected with the profession has secured him a very desirable patronage, which indicates that he has found favor with the public.

On the 1st of January 1902, Dr. Spears was united in marriage to Miss Florence Wood, of Petersburg, a daughter of H. A. Wood, one of the old settlers and prominent residents of Menard County. The Doctor and his wife are members of the Christian church, have many friends and occupy an enviable position in social circles here. Fraternally he is connected with the Knights of Pythias lodge, and in the line of his profession he is a member of the Alumni Association of the Chicago Dental College and also belongs to the Illinois State Dental Society. He is a Republican in politics, but cares nothing for public office."

"Dr. C. St. Clair Drake, managing officer at the Jacksonville State Hospital, has announced the appointment of Dr. George W. Spears of Petersburg as dentist at the Jacksonville State Hospital. Dr. Spears has been practicing dentistry in Petersburg and is well qualified for the local position. He is married and he and his wife and 15-year-old daughter will make their home here after the end of the school year. Dr. Spears succeeds Dr. Claude Durfree who recently resigned to engage in private practice in Clinton, Ill."

Born to them was:

( ANNA NEY SPEARS born April 14, 1914 Petersburg IL and died 2000; married May 1, 1934 at Springfield IL, Englebert A. Gidcombe [son of Lawrence & Bertha (Rockwell)] born June 20, 1908 Galatia, Saline, IL and died July 19, 1994 Los Angeles CA; September 2-3, 1918 Anna was a 'butterfly' in the Lincoln-Salem Pageant, Menard County's celebration of the Centennial of Illinois, at the Village of New Salem. General Pershing, who attended the event, patted little Anna on her head. Anna graduated from Jacksonville High School, Jacksonville IL, 1932; attended Illinois College, Jacksonville, 1932-34. She was President of Green Valley IL Women's Club, 1937-38, 40-41; President, League of Women Voters, local chapter, 1948-49; President of National Council of Churchwomen, Peoria chapter; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL (Photo)


"Green Valley, July 30. -- E. A. Gidcombe, for seven years coach and mathematics teacher at Green Valley High School, has resigned his position it was announced yesterday. Mr. Gidcombe coached baseball and track at Green Valley while Principal Arthur Jones handled basketball.

Green Valley baseball and track teams hung up very impressive records during Mr. Gidcombe's sojourn. The two teams have won five firsts and five seconds in Tazewell county circles. The baseball teams won 65 and lost nine conference and non-conference games in the period. Four of Mr. Gidcombe's boys have qualified for the state track meet, and the track team last year won first place in the county meet.

Mr. Gidcombe himself was an athlete of note. He had two summers of professional baseball in the Three-Eye and Mid-Atlantic leagues, and won nine college letters in football, baseball and track. He was Little 19 all-conference tackle in football and shortstop in baseball and was captain of both sports at Millikin University, Decatur.

He holds an A.B. from Millikin and an M.S. in mathematics from the University of Iowa."

In 1929, graduated from Millikin University in Decatur, IL, with Bachelor of Arts degree. Obtained Masters Degree in Mathematics from the University of Iowa. Worked on a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Cincinnati. Was captain of the football team at Millikin. In 1971, was inducted into the Millikin University Athletic Hall of Fame. Worked at the Jacksonville State Hospital, Jacksonville, IL, as an attendant and a member of the hospital baseball team. This is where he met Anna Ney Spears, daughter of Dr. George W. Spears, the hospital dentist. Was a professional baseball player for a Pittsburgh Pirates Class A farm team. Interests: Sports and physical fitness, gardening (an avid gardener, beginning in 1935 with a large vegetable garden, and in later years, specialized in succulents and plants of the desert).

Military service: Served in the United States Marine Corps in a special capacity -- as a member of the Corps' football and baseball teams, which traveled to other military bases for exhibition games. Was stationed in San Diego, CA. He taught math and coached athletics (track, baseball, football) at Green Valley High School, Green Valley, IL. During WWII, worked at Letourneau Company, Peoria, IL, as a foreman in Quality Control. He taught math at Bradley University, Peoria, IL. Worked at General Electric, Cincinnati, as a supervisor in Quality Control. Employed as a civilian in Data Processing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Fairborn, OH. This was his introduction into a life-long career in the world of computers. In Data Processing, was among the first computer programmers in the U.S. Worked with the first large-scale computer, Univac I. He retired 1973, From Rockwell International Corp., Los Angeles, as the Supervisor of Scientific Computing. Cremated. Buried at sea, in the waters off the coast of Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA.

"Miss Anna Ney Spears, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Spears, and Mr[s]. Englebert Gidcombe were quietly married in Springfield Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock at the home of Rev. Mr. Groves. The couple was accompanied by the bride's parents. The unique part of this affair was the fact that the bride's father and mother were married by this same minister thirty-two years ago.

Mrs. Gidcombe was formerly a student of Illinois College in the class of 1936. She is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Mr. Gidcombe is a graduate of Millikin College. He is now employed at the State Hospital."

Born to them were:

( JOHN SPEARS GIDCOMBE born February 15, 1936 Pekin IL; married May 19, 1973 at Los Angeles CA, Adeline Jane Merino (Elaine) born June 6, 1936 Hilo HI; John graduated from Fairborn High School, Fairborn OH 1954; attended Ohio State U., 1954-56; graduated from UCLA 1958, B.S., Business Admin, Marketing and Economics; MBA, 1965, USC, Marketing; employed as an assistant buyer for the May Company, Los Angeles CA, 1958-59; Served in the US Army Finance Corps, 1960-63, stationed in Korea and California; employed by Rockwell International as a computer programmer and systems analyst; and Hunt-Wesson, Inc., Fullerton CA in various data processing positions in systems computer programming and management, 1970-91, retiring as System Technology Manager. Elaine attended elementary schools in Naalehu and Hilo HI, graduating from Waiakea Kai Intermediate School, 1950, valedictorian; 1953 graduated from Hilo High School; 1953-55 attended the University of the Philippines, Quezon City PI, for 2 years, majoring in pre-med; graduated from the University of Hawaii 1958, B.A. Mathematics; 1958 -70 employed at Rockwell and Mattel Toys as a computer programmer; 1970-1997 employed at Hunt-Wesson in various computer programming and management positions. At her retirement in 1997, she was a Data Processing Technical Specialist; reside Long Beach CA. One of Elaine's interests is genealogy and we have her to thank for providing this wonderful information on the Rachel Ferris - Jacob Smith 'twig' of the Tree -

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