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ELIZA ANN FERRIS born May 2, 1800 Patterson, Putnam, NY and died November 4, 1838 Lake Owasco NY; buried there; married November 19, 1819 in Westchester Co NY, Alvin Fuller

( ANGELINE FERRIS born March 21, 1803 and died February 17, 1851; buried Baptist Churchyard, Carmel, Putnam, NY; unmarried

( LAURA FERRIS (Laurette) born September 27, 1804 and died March 27, 1851 Carmel , Putnam, NY; buried Baptist Churchyard, Carmel; unmarried

( ALVA FERRIS born November 7, 1806 and was killed by lightning August 9, 1825 Carmel NY; buried there Baptist Churchyard

( JANE FERRIS born June 24, 1808; married James Flower and they resided in Danbury CT

( AMANDA FERRIS born June 2, 1810 Carmel NY and died December 29, 1898 Cleveland OH; married 1st as his second wife, August 31, 1840 David Cole [son of Elisha & Rebecca Townsend (Hopkins) Cole] born December 5, 1808 and died July 9, 1844 Steuben OH; married 2d A Whitman. Born to Amanda and David were:

( EMILY COLE born May 1842 and died November 14, 1843

( DAVID ELLIOTT COLE born April 16, 1844; married Mary Rogers [dau of Thomas S & Margaret W (Ash) Rogers] born December 26, 1847 Harlem NY; and born to them was:

( MARY CONSTANCE COLE born July 7, 1871 and died May 5, 1904 Cleveland OH; married July 7, 1895 Jay Nellis Murray [son of Robert Maynard & Alice (Gray) Murray] born March 19, 1872 Painsville OH and they had a child

( SARAH ANN FERRIS born February 22, 1812 and died 1909; married 1838 Joseph Brundage Slote (1811-1884); both buried Vale Cemetery, Schenectady NY. Born to them were:

( ORIANA SLOTE (1840-)


( JOSEPHINE SLOTE born October 17, 1844 NYC; married Charles Hammer (c1840-) and born to them were:


( CARL HAMMER born July 13, 1877 Schenectady NY

( ERNST HAMMER born February 2, 1884 Schenectady NY

( GEORGE BENEDICT SLOTE born June 27, 1847 NY and died October 7, 1881 NY; married in NY, April 10, 1869 Joanna Hope Scott born December 31, 1848 in Scotland and died 1937; and born to them were:

( GEORGINA HOPE SLOT born May 1871 New York City and died May 8, 1950 Waltham MA; never married

( SARAH BEATRICE SLOT born September 1837 New York City and died August 17, 1954 Newtonville MA; her DAR# is 161167; never married

( JOAN MAUDE SLOTE born March 4, 1876 New York City and died September 28, 1967 Newtonville MA; married November 25, 1899 in MI, Winfield S. Smyth and they had 3 kids. A granddaughter, Joan Fraser, has graciously provided this updated info. Thanks, Joan.

( SAMUEL KNIFFEN FERRIS born October 17, 1813 Carmel NY and died there July 5, 1890; married 1st November 4, 1841 Mary Esther St. John [dau of Darius and Harriet (Comstock) St. John] born April 16, 1820 and died December 11, 1858; and 2d D. J. Knapp. Note: The St. John Genealogy has Mary Esther as the dau of William & Sally (Saunders) St. John. According to the history of Putnam Co NY, a Samuel Ferris, grandson of Reuben lived on the farm and homestead of Reuben Ferris on the north side of the road which runs to Drewville from the highway leading from Carmel to Croton Falls; this tract is in the town of Carmel, and is bounded by the original line between Lots 6 and 9. Interesting to note that it is said that Reuben sold the 140-acres to Solomon Fowler – is this in error or did Samuel buy the land? Born to Samuel and Mary was:

( WILLIAM ANDREW FERRIS born May 8, 1845 Carmel NY and living in Brewster NY 1903; married 1st November 28, 1867 Julia Frances Pinkney [dau of Israel and Anna (Baldwin) Pinckney] born November 24, 1844 and died April 25, 1884; and 2d June 15, 1859 Jenny M. Field [dau of Isaac and Martha (Knapp) Field] born March 4, 1866; and born to the first marriage was:


( BENJAMIN STRONG FERRIS (AFN: L18R-7V) (3d born) born c1771 and died after 1850 Ulysses Township, Seneca Co NY; married January 21, 1797 Hannah Levina Pelton [dau of Benjamin & Jane (Griffiths) Pelton] born November 12, 1780 and died October 8, 1880; he bought land 1801 Ovid NY which he sold in 1807; various deeds show he owned land in the towns of Hector and Scipio as well as Ovid, and he was in Ulysses at the time of the 1830 census; at one time he resided near Cayuga Lake NY; and born to them were:

( CHARLES FRANKLIN FERRIS [Ms. Scofield nor Chaplain Ferris lists Charles] who married Rebecca Turner Otto and born to them was (may be more) (birth sequence is unknown):

( HARRIETT ELIZA FERRIS born Farmers Valley PA and married as his 2d wife, George Addison Sisley [son of John]; her DAR# is 53410

( JUSTINA AGUSTA FERRIS born McKean Co PA and married John R. Droney; her DAR# is 53406

( GEORGE OTTO FERRIS married Jennie Ann Bisett and born to them was (may be more):

( JENNIE VICTORIA FERRIS born McKean Co PA; her DAR# is 53407

( ASAPH FERRIS transferred land to Lufanna Feris (Ferris), both being of Ulysses as of May 6, 1853 – there is an Asaph Ferris who died November 28, 1864 buried Site 9096, Arlington National Cemetery VA – Private with 188th NY Infantry – not sure this is same guy.

( CAROLINE FERRIS (Caroline C.?) born October 10, 1807 Ithaca, Topkins, NY and died November 3, 1895; married August 16, 1827 in the township of Spencer NY George W. Pelton [son of Richard Walcott & Jane (McDowell) Pelton] born December 22, 1804 Ithaca NY and died August 12, 1878 Farmer's Valley; they moved to Farmer's Valley, McKean Co PA 1831; he was a good man and brought up his children to obey the Golden Rule. In his early days at Farmer's Valley he bought and sold large quantities of fur. In later years was engaged in the lumber business, and in looking up and selecting timberlands for speculation. He also did much work as land surveyor. From his obit: Mr. Pelton was one of the first settlers of McKean County, coming here when there was only a bridle path to Warren and Ridgeway and through Potter county to Wellsboro. He at one time, probably fifty years ago, sold goods in Smithport. He lived to see the county he chose for his home when a howling wilderness, transformed to a commercial emporium and become a network of railways, draining a most productive oil field. His probity of morals and integrity won for him the friendship and esteem of all who knew him, whose sympathies now go forth to and remain with his widow and relatives in this their time of bereavement. Born to them were:

( HENRIETTA MESTARE PELTON born May 3, 1828 Trumansburgh, Tompkins, NY and died October 16, 1862; married October 13, 1853 at Farmer's Valley, McKean Co PA John Boyland [son of Daniel, of Elmira NY]

( JANE LAVINIA PELTON born June 2, 1830 Farmer's Valley PA; married September 20, 1855 Farmer's Valley, James H. Boyland [son of Daniel, - brother to John, above]; 1890 lived at Coleville, McKean, PA

( RICHARD WALCOTT PELTON born April 16, 1832; married July 10, 1853 Maria Burton

( WILLIAM LAWRENCE PELTON born June 10, 1834 and died September 1883; married June 14, 1859 Alziana F Griswold

( EMMA BEERS PELTON born June 22, 1837 Ridgeway, Elk, PA and died September 10, 1912 Coleville, McKean, PA; married January 22, 1869 at Sierra Ville CA, George Wallace of St. Louis MO; 1890 resided at Farmer's Valley PA. Maybe this was her 2d marriage; another source has her marrying John Herzog born c1819 in Germany and born to them was a George Herzog

( JOHN MCDOWELL PELTON (John A. McDowell Pelton) born February 7, 1839 Farmer's Valley PA; enlisted in Company H, 58th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, serving with honor until the latter part of 1863, when he was mustered out so that he could be mustered in again as Second Lieutenant of his company. As the company had not enough men to entitle it to two lieutenants, he was ordered home as a recruiting officer, until the company could be filled up. In 1864, Captain Cowles having been authorized to raise a company, Mr. Pelton was the first to enlist in it, and on its organization received a commission as the Second Lieutenant. He served with honor until on the death of his first lieutenant, he was promoted to the First Lieutenancy, after which he led h is company in all the in which it was engaged, until in his last battle on the heights of Petersburg VA, April 2, 1865, where he fell, at about 11 a.m., wounded in the right shoulder by a case-shot; taken that night 30 miles in an ambulance to the hospital at City Point, he here died April 14, 1865. His body reached home at Farmer's Valley PA, April 23d, and was buried there in Fairmount Cemetery, April 26th, much regretted by all, a good soldier and a noble man.

( MARTHA LOUISE PELTON born May 18, 1841 Farmer's Valley PA; married June 16, 1868 at Port Allegany PA, J. L. Stanton [son of Judge Stanton, of Kingwood PA] - in 1890 resided at Mount Jewett PA

( JULIA ANNA PELTON born 1843 Farmer's Valley -resided there 1890

( EDMUND GENET PELTON born January 12, 1845 Farmer's Valley PA; married April 1, 1880 at Farmer’s Valley, Mary A. Schoenman; a farmer; enlisted October 7, 1861 under Captain A. H. Cory, Company I., 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers, went to Huntington and Harrisburg, and thence to Philadelphia PA, where his regiment was consolidated with the 58th Pennsylvania Volunteers, becoming Company H of that Regiment. In the spring of 1862, the regiment was ordered to Fortress Monroe VA under General Wool, arriving there the day after the naval battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac. Next, after this, they took Norfolk VA, and thence went to Suffolk VA; then into General Peel's command of the Army of the Potomac, to join General Foster's 1st Brigade, 3d Division, 18th Army Corps, at Newbern NC, losing their colonel in their last battle there; thence to Washington. D.C., whence in March, 1864, the rebels drove them; thence up the coast in boats to Yorktown VA, and up James River to Bermuda Hundred, there joining General Butler's forces, where in the attack on Fort Darling, they were badly repulsed. From here the 18th Corps was sent to General Grant, and with his army fought the battle of Cold Harbor, after which they returned to Petersburg. Having, while in Washington, D.C., re-enlisted for three years, he, June 26th, was taken out of the front at Petersburg and sent home with his company on furlough, returning to Bermuda Hundred VA in August 1864. Taken sick, he was sent to the US Hospital at Fortress Monroe VA, where he remained until he was honorably discharged, September 14, 1865, and thence returned to his home in Farmer's Valley. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM EDMUND PELTON born April 2, 1881 Farmer's Valley PA

( CAROLINE ANNA PELTON born April 17, 1882 Farmer's Valley PA

( CATHERINE JANE PELTON (Kate) born March 3, 1885 Farmer's Valley PA

( CHARLES WALTER PELTON born October 19, 1887 Farmer's Valley PA

( JOHN MCDOWELL PELTON born April 6, 1889 Farmer's Valley PA

( HELEN CAROLINE PELTON born December 9, 1847 Farmer's Valley PA and died August 4, 1874 Plumnas CA; married June 2, 1872 at Reno NV, George Wilson of Quincy IL - one child

( GEORGE MADISON PELTON born February 9, 1849 Farmer's Valley, McKean Co PA and died November 23, 1930; 1891 resided at Belmont, Allegany Co NY; a farmer; married May 31, 1876 at Chagrin Falls OH, Ella B. Bartlett [dau of D.B., of Chagrin Falls]; and born to them were:

( BLANCHE MARIAN PELTON born March 13, 1877 and died April 1, 1881

( ALICE ELNASA PELTON born September 9, 1880

( BENJAMIN FERRIS PELTON born July 15, 1851 Farmer's Valley PA - was residing there in 1891; married 1st July 8, 1874 at Erie PA, Olive Alford [dau of Oliver, of Chapinville PA]; married 2d c1891-1892 Sarah Emeline Austin [dau of Edward O. & Amelia, of Austin, Potter County PA]. Born to Benjamin and presumably Olive, were:

( MAY EMMA PELTON born April 14, 1875 and died in May 1878

( EVA MARIAN PELTON born April 3, 1879

( VERA MAY PELTON born January 10, 1889

( INFANT SON born October 10, 1890 and died October 12, 1890

Born to Benjamin and his 2d wife, Sarah, were:

( LAURA AMELIA PELTON born c1892 and died January 29, 1935; married c1910 Laroy Betram Davis [son of Charles & Marietta (Stark) Davis] born April 28, 1882 and died November 9, 1959; both buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Smethport, McKean, PA; and born to them were:

( MARGARET ALIDA DAVIS born January 9, 1913; married 1st, name unk; 2d July 15, 1945 Wallace Creasy; married 3d May 9, 1961 Edward Robishaw

( ELAINE DAVIS born June 5, 1914 and died March 2, 1989 Smethport, McKean, PA; buried there Rose Hill Cemetery. She was born Violet Elaine Davis and changed her name on marriage; married June 15, 1933 Robert King Palmer [son of Willett Sheridan & Orra Hamlin (King) Palmer] born November 4, 1907 and died September 9, 1965 Shinglehouse PA; and they had 1 child


( JEAN MAXINE DAVIS born October 27, 1919; married November 10, 1939 Max Loy and they had 3 kids



( VERA MAY PELTON born January 10, 1889 Sylvania PA; married Charles Lyman Davis and born to them were:



( DONALD TREFIELD DAVIS born July 27, 1909 Mt. Jewell PA and died May 22, 1975 Reading CA; married Cornelia Fraser Smoot born June 19, 1910 Alexandria VA and died December 9, 1983 Colonial Beach VA; and born to them were 4 kids





( RICHARD P. FERRIS born 1814 and died 1870 Southport NY; age 36 living at home in the 1850 census; a boatman; married Charlotte {maiden name unk} and born to them, at least, were:



( HARRIET FERRIS was age 33y in the 1850 census

( LUFERNA FERRIS (Lufanna) was age 31y in the 1850 census

( EZRA FERRIS (Rev.) (1st born) born September 1, 1760 Greenwich CT and died November 5, 1833 Wyoming village, town of Middleburg, Genesee Co (now part of Wyoming County) NY; 1776 while living in Frederickstown, he enlisted for service in the Revolution, on which both he and his wife drew pensions. In his pension application, he stated that after the War he lived one year in Hillsdale, Columbia Co, then about eight years in Nassau, another eight years in Half Moon and fifteen years in Milton, Saratoga Co NY before going to Middleburg, where he died and was buried. As of 1832 he had been a ranting Methodist minister for about 30 years; at one time lived near Ballstown Spring NY; married October 29, 1779 at Frederickstown NY, Charity Firman born December 25, 1761 and died July 14, 1841; and born to them were:

( ARCHIBALD FERRIS born September 10, 1780 and died April 30, 1801 Morristown NJ; married May 10, 1800 at Morristown, Sally Mills [dau of Edward & Phoebe (Byram) Mills] born c1780 and died April 13, 1841 at age 61; after Archibald’s early death, Sally resided with her father, Edward. Born to them was:

( PHEBE FERRIS born September 27, 1801 [7 months after her father's death] and died October 26, 1806

( RACHEL FERRIS born May 31, 1782; married a Mr. Hubbard and moved to Ohio

( ELIZABETH (BETSY) FERRIS born July 23, 1784

( PHEBE FERRIS born March 18, 1786; married Stephen Seaman

( REUBEN FERRIS born March 20, 1788 and died June 23, 1856 purportedly in Saratoga Springs NY, although buried in Wyoming NY, where his family resided; a merchant in Troy NY; married December 25, 1816 at Albany NY, Julia Redfield born February 25, 1796 Killingworth CT and died June 9, 1851; and born to them were:

( ANN JENETT FERRIS born 1807 and died April 22, 1836

( NANCY E. FERRIS born 1823 and died February 25, 1846 at age 22y 5m

( SARAH FERRIS born 1829 and died January 12, 1831

( HENRY C. FERRIS born c1841 and died December 25, 1861 at age 19; buried Site 2697, Soldiers Home National Cemetery, Washington, D.C. (Photo); Civil War Vet, Private with Company K, 17th New York Infantry Regiment

( SARAH FERRIS born April 9, 1790 and 1839 resided Ballston Spa NY; unmarried

( DEBORAH FERRIS born March 23, 1792; married a Mr. Fox

( JAMES C. FERRIS (James Covel or James Charles) (Photos) born March 14, 1794 Rensselaer Co NY and died January 13, 1872 Minneapolis MN; buried Warsaw NY; moved to Wyoming 1821 and established himself in the mercantile business. His was, it is believed, the second store kept in that place, and the first, which comprised a stock adequate to the wants of the people of that village and vicinity. After a large and prosperous trade there for nearly 34 years, he moved to Warsaw, in 1855, and became proprietor of the grist-mill in the village. He was for some time a partner in the Drug business in Warsaw; also the Dry Goods business. He was elected President of the Wyoming County Agricultural Society in 1843; 1866 (at the age 72!) James sold his dry goods store and gristmill in Warsaw and removed to Minneapolis, but he returned to Buffalo 1867 and 1868 returned to Warsaw where he purchased a residence on Buffalo Street; held for several years the office of Supervisor of the town of Middlebury; 1843 appointed Associate Judge of the County Court; married March 5, 1815/1818 at Albany NY, Alida Wyncoop (1801-1893) and born to them were:

( JAMES W. FERRIS married Emily Stoddard; resided Wyoming NY and had seven children

( ELIZABETH FERRIS died young November 7, 1822

( ANDREW J. FERRIS born 1824 and died November 3, 1849 Wyoming NY age 26y 7m; unmarried

( CHARLES EDWARD FERRIS (Photos) born August 27, 1826 Wyoming Co NY and died July 4, 1908 Los Angeles CA; married 1st Matilda Jane McNulty, of Elmira, born c1828 and died January 10, 1861; and 2d November 25, 1873 Helen Mary Folsom born November 28, 1851 Attica NY and died June 10, 1942 Pasadena CA; resided Attica until c1880-81 when he and Helen moved to Omaha NE, then 1886-87 on to southern California; following Charles’ death, Helen remarried; and born to Charles and Matilda were:


( FRED FERRIS born January 30, 1852 and died August 30, 1852

( MATILDA M. FERRIS born June 1860

Born to Charles and his second wife, Helen, were:

( JAMES CHARLES FERRIS (Photo) born 1874 Attica NY and died 1964 Los Angeles CA; married Beulah Adair George (1882-196-) and born to them were:

( CARL LORRAINE FERRIS (1904-1925) married Ruth Rebecah Relph (1904-196-) and born to them was:

( CHARLES RELPH FERRIS (1924-) married Ellen Marie Fallon (1926-). Charles is the provider of the updated information on this “twig” and has provided financial support to the Ferris Tree thanks, Chuck!; reside Merced CA; and born to them were:

( KATHLEEN MARIE FERRIS (1949-) married 1st Patrick Robert Child; 2d Norman Allen Trelatsky; and born to Kathleen and Patrick was:


Born to Kathleen and her 2d husband, Norman, was:

( ADAM ALLEN TRELATSKY (1984-) - provided correct spelling on his and his father’s name – thanks Adam!

( JO ELLEN FERRIS (1956-) married Steven Winder (1957-); and born to them were:




( KENNETH GEORGE FERRIS born July 4, 1909 and died c1948; married Helen Billings and born to them were:

( BARBARA LOUISE FERRIS (c1934-c1990) married Don Smith and born to them were:



( BEVERLY JUNE FERRIS (1936-) married 1st David Tarby, and 2d George Bryden; offspring from both marriages

( BENJAMIN FOLSOM FERRIS (Photo) born May 1877 Attica NY; married Eleanor Luby (1877-); and born to them was:

( FOLSOM FERRIS (1911-) (Photo) married 1935 Waldemar Wendt; and they adopted:

( PETER WENDT (c1939-)

( CLARA LOUISE FERRIS (Photos) born January 17, 1879 Attica NY and died December 2, 1963 Pasadena CA; married Jesse Oliver Smith born June 17, 1872 and died July 25, 1944; he was a prominent Los Angeles furniture dealer (1903) (Birch-Smith Furniture Co); and born to them were:

( FERRIS FOLSOM SMITH born October 24, 1905 Santa Monica CA and died September 4, 1979 Roseville CA; married 1st May 1931 Marian R Williams born October 5, 1909 and died September 15, 1967; married 2d 1972 Millie {maiden name unk}; and born to him and Marian was:

( TIMOTHY JON SMITH born May 21, 1934 Glendale CA; married 1976 Gilda Ann Armann; and born to them were:

( KYLE KEY SMITH born March 30, 1977

( MACKENZIE MARIE SMITH born January 3, 1980

( HUNTER FERRIS SMITH born July 5, 1981

( GRAEME CONLEE SMITH born April 6, 1909 Los Angeles CA and died April 6, 1997 Vista CA after a long career as a Congregational minister; married September 5, 1933 in Sierra Madre CA, Margaret Edith Moote born January 17, 1910 and died August 5, 1993; and born to them were:

( ROBERT BRUCE SMITH (Photo) born July 8, 1937 Philadelphia PA; spent his career as an university professor and executive; married August 21, 1959 in Phoenix AZ, Eileen Adele Petznick born November 1, 1937; Bob is the provider of this additional, updated information and the wonderful photographs– thanks Bob!; and born to them were:

( MONICA EILEEN SMITH born January 26, 1964 Las Vegas NV; married September 26, 1992 in Redwood City CA, Curtis Nobu Fukuda born April 11, 1951; and born to them was:

( RICHARD NOBU FUKUDA born December 11, 2001 Mountain View CA

( SARA KATHERINE SMITH born May 10, 1965 Las Vegas NV; married April 3, 1993 in Santa Ana CA, Michael Ray Nelson born August 6, 1961; and born to them were:

( EVAN GRAEME NELSON born January 7, 1997 Fountain Valley CA

( KYLE SCOTT NELSON born July 12, 200* Fountain Valley CA

( DOUGLAS ROBERT SMITH born April 25, 1970 Las Vegas NV; married May 25, 1997 in Redwood City CA, Hayley Frances Green

( DOROTHY PATRICIA SMITH born March 29, 1943 Portland OR; married December 30, 1967 in Vista CA, Arpad Michael Mihaly; and born to them were:

( MATTHEW MIHALY born June 21, 1972 Oshkosh WI

( PETER MIHALY born September 13, 1974 Oshkosh WI and died October 18, 1987 Ripon WI

( RICHARD GRAEME SMITH born March 15, 1945 Portland OR; followed in his father’s footsteps as a minister; married July 25, 1970 in Irving TX, Gail Lynn Poag; and born to them were:

( ANASTASIA GRACE SMITH born May 3, 1975 Ben Lomond CA; married June 20, 1998 in Bettendorf IA, John McAteer

( CHRISTAL LYNN SMITH born September 20, 1977 Davenport IA; married February 24, 2001 in Bettendorf IA, Craig Fendley; and born to them was:

( VALLARIE LYNN FENDLEY born June 30, 2005 Bettendorf IA

( JOSIAH DANIEL SMITH born May 12, 1980 Davenport IA; married April 24, 2004 Shannon Donbroski

( MARGARET ELIZABETH SMITH born January 5, 1954 Escondido CA; pursued a career in speech therapy; married 1st December 29, 1979 in Vista CA, Bogdan Mandzuik; married 2d July 8, 1990 in La Mesa CA, Donald Lee Morgan

( MERRILL ATHERTON SMITH (Photo) born February 1913 Los Angeles CA; finished career in the U.S. Department of Justice as Chief of Federal Probation System; 1999 was shown as Special Advisor to Federal Probabtion, A Journal of Correctional Philosophy and Practice; other ‘Net references; married September 9, 1937 in Deerfield NJ, Vera Crispin; and born to them were:

( KATHRYN LOUISE SMITH (1942-2002) was headmaster of private schools in California and Minnesota; married Jack Knapp; and born to them were:

( WARREN KNAPP marired Anne {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( GEORGE C KNAPP born February 25, 2004

( JESSE KNAPP married Karina {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( ELIZA KNAPP born May 14, 2004

( CHRISTINE SMITH married Peter Cushing; and born to them was:

( MARC CUSHING married Amanda {maiden name unk}

( BENJAMIN ERIC SMITH (Photo) born March 22, 1915 Los Angeles CA and died July 3, 2003 Carlsbad CA after a productive life as an Army officer, business entrepreneur, author and poet; married January 6, 1956 Donelle Ray Fitzgerald; and born to them was:

( DEIDRE SMITH married April 26, 1980 in Burbank CA, Gregory Martin Glaser; and born to them was:


( BRUCE OLIVER SMITH (Photo) born August 1917 Los Angeles CA; and after military service pursued a teaching career; married March 1944 Andrea Johnson; and born to them was:

( ERIC SMITH (1946-) married Martha Brock and born to them was:


( VIRGINIA SMITH married 1st August 10, 1968 in Monrovia CA, Tom B Talbott; married 2d William Clinton

( NANCY ALLISON SMITH born November 11, 1964; married Vincent Tubiolo; and born to them was:



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