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Review your work - Try this!

Once you’ve checked the big picture, check that you’ve varied your wording. For examples of how you can vary transition signals, click on words in the left column.


Express Similarity

Transition Signals

  • Likewise

  • Similarly

  • Equally


Add Ideas

Transition Signals

  • Furthermore

  • In addition

  • Moreover


Contrast Ideas

Transition Signals


Describe Results

Transition Signals


Commence Ideas

Transition Signals

  • First

  • To begin with

  • Firstly


Sum Up

Transition Signals

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Review your work – Watch this!

Watch a presentation by Dr Alison Jaquet, Learning Skills Officer, that provides some quick tips for reviewing your work.


Hi, I'm Alison one of the learning skills advisors in STUDYSmarter here at UWA and I am here to just to give you a few quick tips about reviewing your work.

Firstly, it's important to think about the revision of your work right from the outset, so when planning your assignment think about allocating a good amount of time to revision. Once you've written a final draft make sure you take a break before reviewing, try removing yourself from your work for a while this will enable you to view it with fresh eyes.

Another tip is to print out your assignment, many people find reading a hard copy much easier than editing on a computer screen and try changing your environment for the revision process, move away from your desk and go somewhere more relaxed - this will help to clear your head and it might give you a different perspective to view it from.

When proofing look at grammar, spelling and wording and try reading your assignment aloud because sometimes you can hear what you can't see. If you can, have somebody else read your work because if somebody who is unfamiliar with the assignment topic can understand it then you are probably on the right track.

Finally, take into account feedback that you have received on previous assignments this might help you to identify areas to focus on when reviewing your current assignment.

That's it from me, good luck!

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