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Structure essays – Watch this!

To see a well-written essay introduction, body paragraph and conclusion, watch this video.


Sample essay


You can see that this sample introduction:

  1. Opens with a general statement about the topic and its importance

  2. Provides some background information to set the context.

  3. State the position the author is taking: the thesis statement.

  4. Mentions the points the essay will cover.

(The introduction is the first step in achieving your essay’s purpose, which is to persuade your reader by presenting a compelling and convincing argument supported by valid evidence.)


A typical body paragraph:

  1. Develops an aspect of the argument.

  2. Opens with a general statement or topic sentence.

  3. Provide examples, evidence, explanations and evaluations to support each idea or statement.

(Effective body paragraphs support your argument through strong reasoning and scholarly evidence.)


An effective conclusion then:

  1. Restates the author’s position, rewording the thesis statement.

  2. Sums up the main points made in the body.

  3. Finishes with a strong statement about the wider context to demonstrate the significance of the essay.

(Your conclusion summarises your research and thinking, and leaves the reader thinking about the implications of your ideas.)

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