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Structure reports – Take a look!

For tips on how to write an effective report, click on each of the elements below.


Use your Title to indicate the topic or main finding of your report. Make it interesting, but precise and informative.


Use your Introduction to set the context of your report and establish its importance. Where relevant, outline key definitions, your purpose and/or your hypothesis.


Group Body paragraphs into sections according to topic and function. Research reports, for example, typically include Aims, Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion.


Use your Conclusion to summarise key points and main findings. Suggest implications and reinforce the significance of your work.

Abstract or Executive Summary

Note: You may not be asked to provide an abstract or executive summary. Ask your tutor or unit coordinator if you’re not sure.

Provide an Abstract (summary of content) for a scientific report or journal article or an Executive Summary (summary and recommendations) for a business report or project proposal.

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