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Structure essays and reports – Try this!

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Structure essays and reports – Try this!

Do you know the common differences between essays and reports? Drag and drop statements that apply to each under the headings.


Purpose – Analyse and discuss issues and ideas

  • Yes, that’s right! Essays are generally designed to analyse and discuss issues and ideas.

Format – Paragraphs of continuous text

  • Yes, that’s right! Essays usually contain paragraphs of continuous text.

Features – Thesis statement and reasoned argument

  • Yes, that’s right! Essays frequently contain a thesis statement and reasoned argument.


Purpose – Present and discuss facts and findings

  • Yes, that’s right! Reports are generally designed to present and discuss facts and findings.

Format – Paragraphs divided into sections with headings

  • Yes, that’s right! Reports usually contain paragraphs divided into sections with headings.

Features – Visual elements like tables, figures and bullet points

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