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Referencing: Try this!

Your end-text reference includes important elements for locating the source of your information. Practise putting this book chapter reference in order using the APA Style Drag each element to the correct place..

Macmillan Press (1998). (pp. 22-34).
The New American Workplace. In P. Thompson (Ed.), London: Milkman, R.
Workplaces of the Future

APA reference list template:

Author surname, Initial. (Year). Chapter title. In Initial. Editor Surname (Ed). Book title (pp. xxx-xxx). Location: Publisher

Correct answer: Milkman, R. (1998). The New American Workplace. In P Thompson (Ed.), Workplaces of the future (pp. 22-34). London: Macmillan Press.

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Find The Best Evidence

Some unit coordinators at UWA require students to submit assignments through Turnitin, which is a program used to determine the works originality.

Check your LMS to find out if Turnitin is being used in any of your units.

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Find The Best Evidence

Well done, you have completed this module!

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Communication and Research Skills (CARS) Module 3

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