This committee will facilitate and coordinate promotions for the Madison area community

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GMACC Community Promotions Committee Thursday, August 8, 2013

4:00 PM Depot Community Room

Mission: "This committee will facilitate and coordinate promotions for the Madison area community."

Attendance: Lyn Jorgensen, Kirsten Mersbergen, Melissa Hegg, Beth Bernard and Rosie Jamison

Active Members Absent – Chair Dick Fawbush, Joyce Hyland, Tami Smith, Kristin Grimm, Eric Sinclair, Shari Eliason

Review Minutes of July 11, 2013 Meeting - Approved by Committee

Review Agenda August 8, 2013 Meeting - Approved by Committee attending
Old Business

Review of Madison Discovery Day – July 27, 2013 What worked -What needs Improvement

One Day Schedule – comments from many to committee members was very positive to maintain at one day

Retailers may start sales earlier

Interest in more food options on Egan Ave throughout day from groups for fund raising and other member businesses not on Egan Ave example 10 – 2 for their benefit if they choose to as an outside offering

Review start time – 7 AM may be too early based on traffic this year

Activities - maintain Lebahn Train, review schedule of events, try to promote what is happening when more

Set up planning meeting this fall yet to get reserved for next year what we were too late to reserve for 2013. Zip Line . . . Nat. Guard Climbing Wall, SD GFP Outdoor Campus and SUFUDU, 3 on 3 BB Tourney examples

Also consider coordination with the All School Reunion in 2014

Summer Grill Out in Park, Lip Sync and Texaco Country Showdown maybe more time to promote but over 180 attended at the end of the show.

Aquatics Center and Free Bowling at Cherry Lanes went well

Post Exotic issue with a lame camel for rides that occurred on trip to Madison

Zoo Mobile people didn’t know where it was located

Search and Recue

Demonstrations at Rustic AxeCents, John Green Studio, Search and Recue and Madison Fire Trailer

were well attended

Displays were good and need/want even more

Mini Tennis busy throughout schedule – consider location away from bank drive through

Music at Mochavino was important to keep people lingering

Water Carnival and Ping Pong Drop – good numbers yet cooler day we had less for water activity and over 540 ping pong balls were dropped from the Madison Fire Dept. bucket from 28 businesses.

Volunteers and Committee Members Assistance

We had excellent help and booths - we just need more displays, demonstrations day long

Promotion - Signage on the street, pocket schedules to picked up, earlier confirmation for longer promotion period after this initial year of everyone testing it this year, some means to announce schedule throughout the day

Announcing the activities day long would help people go timely to events day long

Funding the Chamber Board wanted this to get underway and voted to provide funding of the free event may hope to get more sponsorship in the future after the initial years it grows within the call for sponsorship along with membership however, allowed for a


Note received Alex’s Lemonade Stand to Chamber/Committee

Sub Committee has sent Inflatable church group thank you notes, Chamber is still in process of sending notes to many that made this happen

City of Madison Electric, Fire, Public Works, Street, Parks were instrumental in making the event a success

To the Subcommittee for all the planning, coordination and volunteering for make it happen

Melissa Hegg, Kristen Grimm, Ashley Cole, Shari Eliason, Kirsten Mersbergen

Coordination with MHS All School Reunion 2014 per Ashley Allen July 26, 2014

Their activities and Discovery Day event happenings should complement each other allowing for maximum opportunities for all attending and visiting Madison for a full venue and reduce conflicting schedules. Possibly assist with transportation between venues as well.

Review of Mart in the Park – Melissa Miller Madison Christian School

56 Vendors more than 2012 – it was a good shopping crowd

Will have a registration booth for vendors upon arrival next year for location to be found

Music schedule was packed and added new groups like the Methodist church praise band and Gold Medal Gymnastics. The food booth offered more choices and it went well except the cooler weather reduced snow cone sales. Train transport was fantastic.

Port-a-potties were important - thanks to Chamber for covering rent of one of the two and leaving it at the Park

Coordination with Tour the City Road Races

Went well overall and the combination of these two committee events complement one another

Tentative 2014 date for Discovery Day is - July 26, 2014

New Business

DSU Kick Off – Chamber Welcome to DSU Students set for Thursday, September 5

City Armory reserved

Chamber member bag contribution notice and deadline – Chamber will send out to members next week with a deadline to return 325 items for inclusion by August 30

Food Fair – Chamber member involvement last year 15 – Jamison will send out request from previous by note and include it in the Weekly Update as well.

Program – rolling basis and overall Chamber member involvement as a community in addition to general welcome

Requesting various areas of businesses that assist students to welcome and let students know what we can do for them

Coordination of activity, schedule and promotion of event

DSU will promote to all students, electronically and by residential hall assistants, coaches, etc.

Chamber with members and committee, students, Facebook

Plan to attend and support this event in our community
Miracle Treat Day – Today on August 8 at Madison Dairy Queen through closing

Prairie Village – 51st Annual Steam Threshing Jamboree August 23-25

Review of member request for dining promotion – Committee considered and felt any business may have similar interests. Decision was that information is already available and not to duplicate. If interested in more exposure to advertise in the PV magazine/flyer and support PV as well. We do have the Visitor Guide listing and the Welcome to Madison Map that includes many needs to know items as people come to Madison for members – accommodations, restaurants, camping, attractions, groceries, medical facilities, convenience/gas stops and churches.

Holiday Promotions – Initial thoughts

Chamber Show and Sell is Saturday, November 30, 2013 registration forms on Chamber Website

Tabled at this time

GMACC Newsletter deadline for information is due Friday, August 23 for the August/September Edition

Ribbon Cutting, Open Houses, Chamber Mixers – this summer we have 5

Rustic AxeCents, Madison Discount Liquor, Stemper Auto Body, Urban Junk - past

Mustang Seeds - yet on August 27 scheduled and more throughout the fall planned

Opportunity to support fellow Chamber members – plan to attend upcoming

Educators Reception and Chamber Mixer – Tuesday, September 10 5:00 to 7:00 DPP plan to attend

Challenge to Committee - to enlarge active members – to further promote and build on our current programs

Next Meeting

2nd Thursday in September - Thursday, September12, 2013 at the Depot Room 4:00 PM

Future meeting in 2013 as of 2nd Thursday Dates October 10, November 14 and December 12
Adjournment 5:00 PM

Recorder - Jamison GMACC

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