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Halifax Ship Arrivals 1900-1914 – Finding Aid (J. Frank)

The extraction of Halifax arrivals by George Dorscher is an invaluable aid to genealogical research. However, it is not very easy to search for families because of spelling variations and errors. Using your browser search function may find your family but you may also miss some important connections because of these spelling problems. Trying to browse manually through over 200 pages of entries may also result in missing important clues. For example, if you are searching for any Gottschalk entries, you might miss the Gottschaulk spelling which occurs in a couple of places.

This alphabetical listing of names is intended as a TOOL to be used in conjunction with the Dorscher list. It does NOT include every individual but rather only those who are the head of household or single people traveling alone or with others where a surname is shown.
It will assist you in finding alternate surname spellings which you can then use within your browser search function to find the entry and subsequent ship info on the Dorscher list. I have also browsed through the list and, where I have noted a major inconsistency, I have added a note for considering an alternate. For example, someone looking for the Filman / Fielmann family at Rosenfeld should look at the Tilman spelling in this list.
Even with a list like this, you may still miss certain spelling problems. Be sure to include variations you have already encountered in your research and consider transliteration problems with old script such as, to name just a few:

  • mistaking S for L or vice versa

  • T for F or vice versa

  • M for N or vice versa

  • P for R or vice versa


  • m for n for u

  • s for f

  • l for t

  • i for e


?-alinger Andreas 41 Winnipeg MB

?amrose Robert 32 Winnipeg MB

?-elwer Johann 25 Oschkosh WI

?ende Juliana 55 Bruderheim AB

?-kal Joseph 18 Kenosha WI
Aab Alexander 20 Winnipeg MB

Aab? Friedrich 17 Chicago IL

Abel Johann 18 Linton ND

Abel, Jacob 17 Topeka, KS

Ackerman (male) 20 Sedley SK

Ackerman Joseph 29 Sedley SK

Ackerman Martin 50 Sedley SK

Ackermann, Friedrich 45 Tripp, SD

Ackermann, Philipp 26 Anamoose, ND

Adam Jacob 22 Maple Creek SK

Adam Kath Marie 41 Winnipeg MB

Adam, Johann 44 Winnipeg, MB

Adam, Franz 54 Towner, ND

Adenbach Nicholas 26 Borden SK

Adler Maria 21 Fort Collins CO

Adolf, Christine 21

Adolf, Heinrich 25

Adolf, Heinrich 49 Winnipeg, MB

Adolph, Conrad 18 Winnipeg,MB

Aerich, Friedrich 40 Winnipeg, MB

Aichenbener, Leopold 33 Harvey, ND

Aipke Rudolf 18 Winnipeg MB

Airich Gottfried 27 Chicago IL

Akstatter Margareth 33 Irvine AB

Albeigit Heinrich 17 Chicago IL

Alberg Johann 26 Halifax NS

Albert Gottlieb 29 Bellwood IL

Albrecht Amalia 25 Sheboygan WI

Albrecht Gottlieb 18 Chicago IL

Albrecht Herman 24 Winnipeg MB

Albrecht Lindner 20 Calgary AB

Albrecht Wilhelm 26 Winnipeg MB

Aldergath Friedrich 45 Chicago IL

Algash Julius 26 Chicago IL

Alger German 19 Chicago IL

Allen, Jacob 49 Spokane, WA

Aloisus, Hans 30 Winnipeg.MB

Alt Elizabeth 20 Lincoln NE

Altergat Friedrich 38 Chicago IL

Altergath Christian 28 Chicago IL

Altergolt Maria 23 Chicago IL

Altergott Christian 33 Chicago IL

Amann Philip 27 Weyburn SK

Ambinder Pinchor 21 Boston MA

Amerin, Ignatz 33 Topeka, KS

Andreas Ludwig 31 Sydney NS

Andres Friedrich 34 Bellwood IL

Andres George 36 Regina SK

Andreys Peter 34 Kenosha WI

Angelezen, Jacob 29 Dundurn,SK

Anhelober Karl 19 Maple Creek SK

Anhorn, Friederich 35 Winnipeg, MB

Anhorn, Joseph 20 Winnipeg, MB

Annas Johann 50 Wetaskewin AB

Anton, Michael 19 Winnipeg,MB

Anweiler, Johann 47 Winnipeg, MB

Apel August 22 Winnipeg MB

Appel Amalia 24 Delmas SK

Appelgantz, Felix 19 Mandron CO

Appelganz Anna 33 Steamboat Rd. LA

Appell Olga 21 Milwaukee WI

Appell, Ludwig 20 Winnipeg, MB

Apsch, Andrei 30

Armbruster, Ludwig 24 Grenfell, (SK)

Arnds, A 39 Edmonton, AB

Arndt Gustav 24 Woodruff KS

Arndt Margaret 30 Lincoln NE

Arndt Olga 17 Lemberg SK

Arndt, August 40 Winnipeg,MB

Arndt, Dora 32 Leduc, AB

Arndt, Pauline 34 Riverville,MB

Arnhold, H 16 Chicago IL

Arnold, Johann 38 Winnipeg, MB

Arnt, Helena 26 Portland, OR

Assmass, Konrad 42 Winnipeg, MB

Ast Johann 46 Rosthern SK

Auch Gottlieb 17 St. Paul MN

Audert Adolf 27 Winnipeg MB

Augustina, Franz 21 to US

Aul David 40 Chicago IL

Aul Jacob 29 Saginaw MI

Aul Karl 26 Chicago IL

Aul Sophia 16 Bellmost IL
B--charf Andreas 40 Winnipeg MB

Babler Edward 19 Strathcona AB

Bablik Peter 47 Strathcona AB

Bach, Regina 19 Benton Harbor, IN

Bach, Peter 30 Winnipeg, MB

Bachman Filip 27 Winnipeg MB

Bachman Jacob 34 Winnipeg MB

Bachman Jacob 48 USA

Bachmann, Anna Marie 21 Winnipeg, MB

Bachmann, Heinrich 47 Linton, ND

Backer Ferdinand 18 Detroit, MI

Bader Christian 26 Zeeland ND

Badt Heinrich 51 Lincoln NE

Baeker, Philip 31 Winnipeg, MB

Baier, Emmanual 27 Wiinnipeg, MB

Baier, Martin 40 Winnipeg, MB

Baier, Martin 40 Winnipeg, MB

Bakar, Heinrich 23 Winnipeg, MB

Baldris Gregory 31 Bellwood IL

Bale Louise 18 Detroit MI

Balke Adolf 21 Lang SK

Balke Julius 25 Lemberg SK

Ball, F 20 Regina,SK

Balman August 28 Halifax NS

Balwatz, Ignatz 33 Swift Rapids, ?

Balzer Johann 25 Winnipeg MB

Balzer Soloman 18 Sheboygan WI

Balzer, Joseph 25 USA

Banamann, Johann 40 Winnipeg, MB

Banar, Andreas 29 Bowdle, SD

Bangel Wilhelm 24 Edmonton AB

Bank, Gottleib 36 Winnipeg,MB

Bank, Gottlieb 36

Barakow Maria 21 Montreal QC

Bard Daniel 49 Ponoka AB

Barger Adam 35 Winnipeg MB

Barkenhage, Reinhardt 29 Kingston ON

Barkl Gustav 18 Edmonton AB

Barsan Kornach 25 Chicago IL

Bart Mathias 43 Regina SK

Bartch, Julius 39 Winnipeg, MB

Bartel Emma 22 St. Joseph MI

Bartel Heinrich 38 Drake SK

Bartel, Otto 22 ?

Barth Gottfried 53 Radisson SK

Barth, Johann 32 Winnipeg, MB

Bartorzews, Ludwig 44 Winnipeg MB

Bartz, Ludwig 23 Chicago, IL

Baso, Heinrich 24 USA

Bass, Heinrich 24 Michigan

Bassert, Andreas 52 Bowdle, SD

Bat David 20 Odessa WA

Bateman, W 19 Portland, ME

Bathe Wilhelm 18 Orangedale NS

Bathur Herman 20 Sydney NS

Batke Gustav 34 Winnipeg MB

Bauch Rosina 43 Winnipeg MB

Bauer Friedrich 28 NB

Bauer Heinrich 24 Winnipeg MB

Bauer Johann 28 Calgary AB

Bauer Johannes 39 Winnipeg MB

Bauer Kaspar 28 Saginaw MI

Bauer, Alex 40 Rosthern,SK

Bauer, Alexander 25

Bauer, Christian 42 Yorkton,SK

Bauer, Christoph 54 Irvine, AB

Bauer, Friedrich 26 Winnipeg, MB

Bauer, Jacob 23 Eureka, SD

Bauer, Johann 44 Winnipeg, MB

Baum, Andreas 32 Winnipeg, MB

Baum, Johann 55 Winnipeg, MB

Baumann Gottlieb 42 Irvine AB

Baumann Rosa 16 Irvine AB

Baumgardt Andreas 24 Winnipeg MB

Baumgarten, Franz 19 Montreal QC

Baumgartne, Alexander 29 Chicago IL

Baumgartner, Anton 42 Winnipeg, MB

Baumgartner, J 24 Norfolk,?

Baunler Gustine 41 Baryton MI

Baunsch, Heinrich 21 Montreal, QC

Baurer, John 44 Winnipeg, MB

Baurschuck, Margareth 18 Maple Creek SK

Bayer, Anna 32 Chicago, IL

Becher Anna 22 Chicago IL

Bechtold, Heinrich 29 Winnipeg, MB

Beck Anna 30 Lincoln NE

Beck Joseph 22 Allan SK

Beck, Jacob 30 Eureka, SD

Becke Karol 32 Oconto Falls WI

Becker Heinrich 44 Saginaw MI

Becker Joh Carl 33 Moose Horn MB

Becker Johann 25 Portland OR

Becker Karl 27 Winnipeg, MB

Becker Leokadia 18 Weyburn SK

Becker Maria 19 Bay Port MI

Becker, Christopher 24 Battleford, SK

Becker, March 23 Winnipeg,MB

Becker, Philipp 59 Edmonton, (AB)

Becker, Saul 39 Denver, CO

Beckler, Christian 24 Taylor Park, CO

Beckler, Rudolf 22

Beder, -- 15 Winnipeg, ;MB

Beder, Nicolas 53 Bismarck, ND

Beek Friedrich 25 Halifax NS

Beek Karl 18 Halifax NS

Beerbaum, Adolf 37 Winnipeg, MB

Befus Adam 58 Calgary AB

Befus Anna 26 Calgary AB

Befus Conrad 40 Calgary AB

Befus George 26 Calgary AB

Befus Johann 30 Morris MB

Befus Katharina 37 Calgary AB

Befus Peter 44 Calgary AB

Befus Philip 37 Calgary, AB

Befuss Peter 29 Calgary AB

Behm, Philip 20 Lincoln, NE

Behun George 49 Battleford SK

Behwabe(?), August 29 Winnipeg, MB

Beier August 18 Winnipeg MB

Beier Rudolf 29 Winnipeg MB

Beier, George 31 USA

Beiller Wilhelm 33 St. Joseph MI

Beis Adolf 47 Emerson MB

Beitz George 18 Winnipeg MB

Bek Wilhelmina 21 Chicago IL

Beker Anna 43 Winnipeg MB

Beker Iwan 33 Chicago IL

Beker Ludwig 23 Cudahy WI

Beking Konrad 26 Winnipeg MB

Bekker Friedrich 24 Saginaw MI

Bel, Julianna 26 Winnipeg, MB

Bell M. Eliz. 25 Kalamazoo MI

Bell Maria 32 Kalamazoo MI

Beller Heinrich 40 Chicago IL

Bellig, Andreas 30 Winnipeg,MB

Bemer Philip 43 Calgary AB

Bemmer, Johann 22 Winnipeg, MB

Bender Lisa 19 Winnipeg MB

Bends, Ludwig 19 Calgary, AB

Benner, John 50 Calgary,AB

Bennert Martha 24 St. Joseph MI

Bentel, Barbara 19 Neudorf, (SK)

Bentel, Martin 40 Grenfell, (SK)

Bentz David 33 Portland, OR

Berbram, Heinrich 27 Winnipeg, MB

Berg, Peter 32 Winnipeg, MB

Berger Martin 36 Sedley SK

Berger, Raphael 24

Beritz, Johannes 23 Winnipeg,MB

Berman Joseph 16 Chicago IL

Berndt Friedrich 30 Sheboygan WI

Bernhardt Jacob 29 Winnipeg MB

Bernhardt, Juliana 60 Winnipeg, MB

Bersch, Johan 35 Winnipeg,MB

Bersindt, Matheas 32 Winnipeg,MB

Berszka Friedrich 29 Muscatine IA

Bertoch, Joseph 26 Winnipeg, MB

Bertul, Edward 35 Montreal,QC

Bertz Ena 31 Winnipeg, MB

Bertzgold George 40 Winnipeg MB

Besel Waldemar 19 Winnipeg MB

Best Wilhelm 38 Beausejour MB

Betcher Martin 20 Edmonton AB

Beteker David 18 Sheboygan WI

Bethke Edward 16 Winnipeg MB

Betscher Lorentz 75 Calgary, AB

Betscher Philip 37 Chicago IL

Bettcher Philip 24 Chicago IL

Betz Freidrich 17 Winnipeg MB

Beubler, August 34 Winnipeg, MB

Beuler, Emilie 22 Winnipeg, MB

Beusch Amalia 48 Chicago, IL

Bexger, Henry 31 Calgary,AB

Beyer Emil 30 Winnipeg MB

Bezellenberg, Jakob 62 Altona, MB

Bichel, Joseph 20 Edmonton, (AB)

Bici, Philip 20 Rosthern, SK

Bickler, Ernestine 36 Winnipeg, MB

Bicksmusier, Franz 25 Chamberlain, SK

Biede Alolf 50 Winnipeg MB

Bieger, Rosine 64 B---, SD

Biek (?) Johannes 25 Rosthern, SK

Bienert Julius 28 Winnipeg MB

Bier Heinrich 46 Regina SK

Bier, G 29 Rosthern,SK

Bietz, Reinhold 18 Sydney, NS

Biffard, Heinrich 43 Eureka, SD

Bilau Ferdinand 25 Edmonton AB

Billiing Berta 29 Chicago IL

Bindeman Johann 36 Winnipeg MB

Binder Lidia 24 Vegreville AB

Birkle Wilhelm 20 Halifax NS

Birkman Jakob 26 Monteal Junction QC

Birz Adolph 32 Chaplan ON

Bischel Friedrich 27 Rosthern SK

Bischoff Adolf 43 Halifax NS

Bishof, Johan 39 Sugar City, CO

Bitter Paulina 45 Racine WI

Bitterman, Heinrich 21 Winnipeg, MB

Bittner, August 36 Winnipeg,MB

Blande, Adam 25 Winnipeg, AB

Blaskowski, Ferdinand 51 Winnipeg, MB

Bleile Anna 40 Francis SK

Bleile, Adam 31 Setley, SK

Blisch Samuel 19 Evanston IL

Blisk Gottfried 17 Winnipeg MB

Block Daniel 16 Browning SK

Block, B (fem) 21 Benton Harbor, MI

Block, Emil 27 Winnipeg, MB

Bluhn Elizabeth 15 Winnipeg MB

Blule, Martin 36 Winnipeg, MB

Blum Johannes 19 Stoney Plain AB

Blum Peter 18 Winnipeg MB

Blum Wilhelm 18 Duluth MN

Blum, Johann 34 Winnipeg, MB

Blum, Mirek 20 St. Paul, MN

Boechel Katherine 17 USA

Boehm Heinrich 28 Frank AB

Boehm Joseph 65 Maple Creek SK

Boehm, Julius 23 Winnipeg, MB

Boettcher Emil 26 Bruderheim AB

Boettcher Ernst 22 Bruderheim AB

Boger Peter 33 Maple Creek SK

Bohen Adolf 43 Edmonton AB

Bohlinger, Johann 33 Winnipeg, MB

Bohr August 27 Lang SK

Bohr, August 22

Bohs, Agata 27 Winnipeg,MB

Bohs, Johanes 26 Montreal, QC

Bojarsky, Johann 34 Battleford,SK

Boks, Conrad 29 St. Jos.Col.SK

Bolger David 42 Chicago IL

Bolgert Heinrich 34 Sheboygan WI

Bolindin Am. Minna 32 Hindsdale IL

Bollinger, Johann 53 Winnipeg, MB

Bonakowski, Anton 15

Bonar Friedrich 36 Herbert SK

Borchard, Ludwig 33 Winnipeg, MB

Borchert Rudolf 16 Yorkton SK

Borg Wilhelm 26 Battleford SK

Borg, Johann 20 Winnipeg,MB

Borgens, Johannes 24 Winnipeg, MB

Borger Heinrich 25 Winnipeg MB

Borke, Friedrich 29 Winnipeg, MB

Borowski Emilia 18 Winnipeg MB

Borowsky Mike 29 Halifax NS

Bossert, Andreas 20 Bowdle, SD

Bostch, Elizabeth 11

Botscher Michael 25 Irvine AB

Bottcher, Christian 43 Lykeston, ? (Wells Co)

Bottschlin, Freidrich 41 Winnipeg MB

Bouk Johann 24 Sydney NS

Bowman Alvina 20 Chicago IL

Bown, Rudolph 30 Strathcona,AB

Boyer, Franz 20 Tripp, SD

Bragen Ivan 20

Brahm, Peter 45 Winnipeg,MB

Brak Johann 60 Sheboygan WI

Brak(e), Gottfried 29 Winnipeg, MB

Brandt Gottfried 29 Havelock NE

Brandt Louisa 36 Fernwood, SK

Braner Rudolf 29 Stoney Plain AB

Braun Alexander 18 Lansing MI

Braun Michael 18 Rosenfeld MB

Braun Timateus 19 Maple Creek SK

Braun, Edmund 21 Beausejour, MB

Braun, Johann 29 Rosthern, SK

Braun, Ludwig 22 Winnipeg, MB

Brectenbac, Ferdinand 21 Chicago IL

Breger, Aron 29

Breide, Gottlieb 45 Calgary, AB

Breitbreit, Martin 60 Medicine Hat AB

Breitkreit, Martin 28 Winnipeg MB

Brell Casper 32 Portland OR

Bremmer, George 20 Regina, (SK)

Brendel Leo 18 Kansas City KS

Brening, Ludwig 51 Russel, MB

Brennert Karl 37 Winnipeg MB

Bresa Wilhelm 38 Winnipeg, MB

Brese Adam 45 Winnipeg MB

Brese Balthasar 33 Lincoln NE

Brese Carl 21 Pigeon MI

Breshaur Emilia 20 Winnipeg MB

Brester, Heinrich 42 Winnipeg, MB

Bretthauer, Heinrich 37 Portland, OR

Bretzel Michael 42 Winnipeg, MB

Brewer Julius 19 ? MI

Brichler, Christian 17 Velva, ND

Brichler, Johann 39 Velva, ND

Brick Elic 34 Duluth MN

Bricker, Anton 40 Winnipeg, MB

Briland Solomon 31 Cochrane ON

Brill Conrad 26 Portland OR

Brilly Johanna 46 Richardton ND

Brittner Maria 18 Strathcona AB

Brolty? Marcus 26 Estevan SK

Brost, Johann 37 Battleford,SK

Brostkaus Adolf 26 Strathcona AB

Bruchl, Jacob 34 Winnipeg, MB

Brucker Johann 44 Medicine Hat AB

Brug Heinrich 25 Chicago IL

Bruner David 28 Windsor CO

Bruner Katharina 54 Oschkosh WI

Brungardt Mathilda 18 Lincoln NE

Brunner Gottfried 45 Winnipeg MB

Bruno Cy 18 Radisson SK

Brushus Reinhard 25 Cleveland OH

Bub, George 19 Estevan,SK

Bubel, Anton 25 Chicago,IL

Buchamer Natile 16 Winnipeg MB

Buchlolz, Peter 54 Manville, AB

Buchmeyer Magdalena 45 Regina SK

Buchwitz, Christof 45 Fessenden, ND

Buck Edward 47 Regina SK

Bucksbaum Farrow? 49 Gering NE

Budeck George 42 Winnipeg MB

Buderman, P 18 Halifax,NS

Budwist, Paul 31 Montreal, QC

Buecher, Phillip 65 Winnipeg, MB

Buhman Gustav 29 Blackwell WI

Bulgeiser Jacob 55 Battleford SK

Bulich Johann 42 Chicago IL

Buliza, Gregor 24 Montreal,QU

Bulwetter, Daniel 20 Winnipeg, MB

BunikowskyGottfried 38 Milwaukee WI

Burbach George 18 Milwaukee WI

Burgard, Richard 45 Winnipeg, MB

Burgardt Adam 20 Winnipeg MB

Burgardt Martin 19 Chicago IL

Burgart, Fred 43 Montreal,QC

Burgart, Ludwig 20 Lehr, ND

Burghardt Heinrich 17 Regina SK

Burkenhage, Wilhelm 39 Edmonton AB

Burkhardt, Franz 30 Winnipeg, MB

Burse Karl 36 Herbert SK

Busch Amalia 18 Arcola SK

Busch Maria 28 Winnipeg MB

Busch, Jacob 40 Southey, SK

Busch, Johan 31 Winnipeg,MB

Buschol Philip 27 Regina SK

Busel, Josef 52 Winnipeg, MB

Businius Michael 21 Edmonton AB

Buss Michael 36 Winnipeg MB

Buss Wilhelm 43 Winnipeg MB

Buss, Michael 74 Winnipeg, MB

Busse Sofia 34 Edmonton AB

Bustner Jon 17 Porcupine ON

Buszynska Emilia 42 Rosthern SK

Butterns, Heinrich 35 Lincoln, NE

Butz, Friederich 19 Balgonie, (SK)

Buzen Andreas 55 Aurora IL

Buzzer, Oswald 26 Saskatoon,SK

Cech, Ludwig 25 Detroit, MI

Cerlin Wilhelm 14 Benton Harbor MI

Charte, Ludwig 26 Detroit, MI

Chateraner 36 Montreal,QC

Chauskowsk, Anton 42 Strathcona AB

Chebert, Gottlieb 27 Winnipeg, MB

Christ Dorothea 35 Chicago IL

Christian Johann 29 Muscatine IA

Christinason, Regina 69 Winnipeg, MB

Christman Adam 29 Regina SK

Churutzky Ivan 33 Montreal QC

Cispalhows, Johann 37 Rosthern SK

Copp Alexander 27 Montreal QC

Croisier Jean 40 Halifax NS

Czap Marianna 36 Benton Harbor MI

Czyriuk Stephen 30 Lansing MI

Dabrowski, Jacob 21 Regina,SK

Dacher August 44 Dewajan MI

Dahlke August 62 Winnipeg MB

Dahlke Johann 45 Morris MB

Dalingues Julius 27 Winnipeg, MB

Dalke, Ludwig 42 Winnipeg,MB

Dalkeier, Nicolaus 20 Winnipeg,MB

Dall Konrad 50 Judson ND

Dalmer Efrosina 40 Edmonton AB

Damer Peter 25 Saginaw MI

Danberg Johann 32 Windsor CO

Dartmann Wilhelm 19 Sheboygan WI

Dauewsky, Josef 45 Regina, (SK)

Dause Augustina 30 Toronto ON

Dause Jakob 18 Winnipeg MB

David Floren 31 Bellwood IL

Deberle, Jacob 59 Norango, ?

Debus, Philip 26 Lincoln, NE

Dechuer, Willhelm 35

Deck, Daniel 20 Saskatchewan

Deck, Wilhelm 33 Winnipeg, MB

Deckers, H 29 Chicago IL

Dedmer, Johann 19 Winnipeg, MB

Degelmann, George 18 Winnipeg, MB

Degenthin(?), Carl 42 Winnipeg, MB

Degg, Carl 49 Bowdle, SD

Degner, Elias 34 Winnipeg, MB

Degraf ? Dorothea 16 Chicago IL

Dehring Johann 25 Milwaukee WI

Deibert, Conrad 44 Winnipeg,MB

Deines, Christoph 65 Winnipeg,MB

Deis, K 34 Hurley, WI

Deiterer, Alexander 21 Winnipeg, MB

Deitz, Mathias 49 Winnipeg, MB

Deitz, Michael 45 Winnipeg, MB

Deitz, Sebastian 30 Winnipeg, MB

Deitz,Florian 29 Winnipeg, MB

Deivert Julius 16 Strathcona AB

Dekelstein, Wilhelm 48 Sedley SK

Dekert. Friedrich 24 Chicago, IL

Dell, Friedrich 26 Lincoln, NE

Delos Johann 31 Lincoln NE

Demler Philip 25 Sehwaing MI

Denis, A 36 Dundern,SK

Dering Elizabeth 19 Winnipeg MB

Dering Johann 36 Newark NJ

Dering, Conrad 37 Saskatchewan

Dering, Franz 48 Winnipeg, MB

Dering, Nathaniel 25 Winnipeg, MB

Derr, Ivan 27 Calgary, AB

Derr, Konrad 38 Calgary, AB

Deschler, Joseph 25

Deutschanen, August 18 Medicine Hat, AB

Devald Ludwig 25 Calgary AB

Dewald Johann 26 Scott, SK

Dewald, Katharina 45 Regina, (SK)

Dewald, R 27 Winnipeg,MB

Dibert, Katherina 54 Qu'Appelle, SK

Dichak(?), Jacob 31 New Salem, ND

Dick, Wendelin 26 Battelford,SK

Dieger, Christof 42 Bismarck, ND

Dielkkowski, Michael 24 Rosthern, (SK)

Diens, Jacob 47 Regina, (SK)

Dieser Barbara 21 Battleford SK

Diffler Ignatz 26 Battlefield SK

Difman Robert 26 Halifax NS

Dihl Peter 22 Chicago IL

Dikan Anna 38 Strathcona AB

Dilger Ludwig 31 Mandan ND

Dilger Sebastian 28 Mandan ND

Dilger Wilhelm 56 Mandan ND

Dilke, Christian 18

Dilling, Alex 23 Regina,SK

Dillman Heinrich 18 Winnipeg MB

Dilman Anna 25 Winnipeg MB

Dilmann, M 29 Winnipeg,MB

Dilsan Gottfried 34 Quebec QC

Dink Johann 27 Kansas City KS

Distel Johann 34 Chicago IL

Ditenberg, George 20 Lincoln, NE

Ditler Valentine 22 Battleford SK

Divold Peter 40 Vibank SK

Docktor, Johan 46 N. Dakota

Doering, Frederich 33 Russel, MB

Doktor, Alex 23 Montreal,QC

Dolsohn, Marie 27 Kansas City,MO

Domer, Martin 35 Winnipeg, MB

Domter, Otto 18 Winnipeg, MB

Donis Helena 27 Portland OR

Donner,Leopold 24 Winnipeg, MB

Dorentz Karl 19 Halifax NS

Dorfman Adam 36 Port Huron MI

Dorn, Heinrich 43 Lincoln, NE

Dorn, Katherine 51 Winnipeg, MB

Dorrcher, Adam 18 Winnipeg,MB

Dorscher, Elizabeth 47 Regina, SK

Dorsk Adolf 28 Cleveland OH

Dortman Susanna 33 ?

Dotz Alexander 28 Sheboygan WI

Drachenber, Albert 26 Winnipeg MB

Drawneck, J 35 Winnipeg,MB

Dreger, Gustav 36 Winnipeg, MB

Dreger, S 20 Beausejour, MB

Dreifuss, Ludwig 34 Winnipeg,MB

Drews Samuel 21 Kulm ND

Dreyer Mathilda 25 Winnipeg MB

Dromkeller, Frederick 34 Winnipeg, MB

Drosdow, Daniel 28 Alberta

Drunheler Anna 44 Scottsbluff NE

Dschak, Peter 28 New Saalem, ND

Dubau Carl 40 Quebec QC

Dubs Peter 32 Chicago IL

Ducht Johann 25 Decatur IL

Duda Herman 29 St. Joseph MI

Dudka Filip 27 New York NY

Dufert (male) 30 Montreal QC

Duhs, C 24 Chicago IL

Dumer Margareth 10 Chicago IL

Dumler Heinrich 24 Chicago IL

Dunues Wilhelma 19

Durbach, _? 18 Portland, Me

Durgan Louise 42 Winnipeg MB

Duschalke Gottlieb 26 Oconto WI

Dusdal, Emil 20 Lowe Farm, MB

DusterhoftFriedrich 28 Winnipeg, MB

Duvogal Karl 40 Gainsborough SK

Dytloff Karl 56 Chicago IL
Ebach, Johann 63 Winnipeg, MB

Eberhardt Martin 25 Halifax NS

Eberle Anton 20 Regina SK

Eberle, Frans 30 Winnipeg,MB

Eberle, Jos 18 Winnipeg,MB

Ebert Edward 32 Nokomis SK

Ebert Emil 49 ? AB

Ebert Friedrich 26 Winnipeg MB

Eberts, Anton 33 Winnipeg,MB

Ebrat, Johann 18 Benton Harbor, MI

Eckerman Johann 27 Winnipeg MB

Eckert Adolf 27 Winnipeg MB

Eckert Johann 53 Edmonton AB

Eckert, Martin 49 Beausejour,MB

Eckhard Jacob 43 Lincoln NE

Ehrlick, Maria 40 Winnipeg,MB

Eibersprach, Johann 24 Winnipeg, MB

Eichard, Johann 41

Eichhorn, Johann 39 Winnipeg, MB

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