Third Party Assignment

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Third Party Assignment
Are you tired of the fighting that goes on between the Democrats and Republicans? Are you a little curious about what other choices there might be? Then this assignment is for you! This assignment examines current third parties in American politics. You will be guided through web sites for the following political parties: Constitution; Democratic Socialist; Green; Libertarian; and Reform. Then you will visit a general web site for third parties and answer simple questions on some of the more "extreme" or "fringe" political parties.
Your answers to the questions MUST be recorded in a Word document or written on a separate sheet of paper. For some questions you can simply copy and paste your answers into your Word document. For other questions you will be required to summarize material. If the question says to SUMMARIZE, you will NOT receive credit for your answer if you do not put it in your OWN thoughts, words, and analysis.

Constitution Party

  1. When was the Constitution Party formed? By what other name is it known? (see about us)
    2. How would the CP reform Congress? (see platform)
    3. Summarize the CP position on education.
    4. What federal environmental legislation would the CP repeal?
    5. Select any two additional items from the CP platform and summarize their positions.

Democratic Socialists

From the home page, find out the Democratic Socialists summarize their position on the following:

  1. The #WeNeedBernie

  2. In the Constitution Summarize the purpose of the DSA

  3. Click on the DSA Wal-Mart link ( Would a Democratic Socialists be likely to support Wal-Marts in the Treasure Valley? Why or why not?

Green Party

  1. . When was the Green Party founded? (Click on "ABOUT" from the homepage)

  2. Summarize any three items from the list of the ten key values of the Green Party. (Links are on the home page)

  3. Who is the Green Party presidential candidate and what are the three things she has done during the month of November.

  4. Click on the state of Idaho. Who is the Secretary of the Idaho Green Party? (Click on About and State Parties).

Libertarian Party

  1. The Libertarian Party differs from the two major political organizations in that Libertarians don't move from issue to issue. Rather, Libertarians operate from a set of beliefs or principles.

    1. What 3 things is the Libertarian Party committed to? (from the home page)

    2. Compare and contrast your position or beliefs with those of the Libertarian party on four issues; this should be more than just a summary. (Click on issues & positions)

Reform Party

  1. Use the link on the home page to answer the first three questions.

  2. Summarize 4 of the points of the parties’ political platform.

  3. What does the American Reform Party stand for? (Mission Statement)

  4. How is this party preparing to take back the U.S.? (Summary from Platform)

  5. Which candidates did or does the reform party support during the last election cycle?

  6. Who did the Reform Party of New York join with to protect the Reform Party ballot line? (Click under the News link.)

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