Things That Are To Be [65-1205, Things That Are To Be, Rialto, ca, 125 min]

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Things That Are To Be

[65-1205, Things That Are To Be, Rialto, CA, 125 min]
L-1 To Brother Boone and the congregation, this is certainly a--a great privilege for me to be back in San Bernardino again. This place holds many great memories of the days gone by. And to hear that, the visit here, and still have living influence, why, it certainly makes you feel glad that the Lord directed us this a way, years ago.

L-2 I was just setting out there in the parking lot, just now, trying to remember of one of the events that taken place. There was a Mrs. Isaacson had been my interpreter in Finland, on a Finnish campaign, and she came to the car when I was just leaving. And she said, "Your voice of Finland." And I just wonder if Mrs. Isaacson lives around here. I didn't know. She wouldn't happen to be present tonight, I suppose? Mrs. May Isaacson, and she's from Finland.

L-3 Then another outstanding thing that brought to my memories, was a little waitress in a restaurant that I eat, somewhere near, they call the Antlers Hotel. I believe that's right, now. And the little lady had... I was praying with her. She had... She, nice little lady, but she wasn't a Christian. I invited her to the meeting. And she had lost a baby, and I believe that her husband, they was separated. And we was praying that she would make up with her husband, or they would make up, together. So, I just wonder if that little lady could be present. See? The...

L-4 And then another event taken place, was a little baby that was brought from somewhere, about a day's drive. And it had died, and was laying in the mother's arms. And was brought back to life. Is that... Was that person present here? And it come, I believe, from the state up in this way, around, was above here. And the little mother had drove all night long, and the father, and the little mother setting there, sadly, holding her little, dead-form baby. And I thought, "Such faith!" If I was the biggest hypocrite in the world, God would have honored that mother's faith.

Holding the little baby in my hands, like that, praying. Got warm, it begin moving, opened its little eyes. I hand it back to their mother. So, they was from somewhere. I do not think they were Pentecostal, though. They were just... I believe it was just some church, that from... I don't know even if they was Christians, or not. Never asked them. I was just so elated about the little baby being brought to life again.

Since then, Brother Boone, much water has went down the river. But we're still serving the same God Who remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. [Hebrews 13:8]

L-5 Just looking around, seeing Brother Leroy Kopp setting here. It's the first time I seen him for a long time. [A brother says, "He's Paul Kopp here."--Ed.] Paul. That's right. Leroy is your father. That's right. ["And he--he's in Russia, tonight, so pray for him."] Oh, my! Russia. Well, that's, I know, this gallant soldier there, he's there on the business of the King. ["Right."] So, I'm certainly happy to be here and to hear this young minister saying he was inspired by the ministry that we had while we were here. Such a great thrill that is!

And I am trusting now, that, knowing we got... People are standing, and we won't keep too long. We remember those great healing services.

L-6 Then, I understand that there is a--a--a brother here in the neighborhood, somewhere, holding a healing campaign, a Brother Leroy Jenkins. I believe that's right. And so I'm very thankful, trusting that the Lord is blessing him and giving him a great, great service. It...

My, I felt really honored, tonight, to come into a church like this. I always feel better in a church than I do in those auditoriums. There's nothing against the auditorium. But, you know, I... It may be a superstition, or I just... Seems to me like a truth. See? They... You go into those auditoriums where there's fights, wrestles, burlesque, everything else going on, evil spirits seems to hang around them places. Now, that may seem a superstition, but it isn't so. But when you come into a church, you... usually, certainly a spiritual congregation, it seems like, that is, you--you feel more at liberty, like there's--there's something. The Presence of God is there. You know, it seems to be different. I don't know what effect the building has, but it's where the people are congregated. Course, the same, people are at the other place, but on those evil grounds. May be just me thinking that way. But, anyhow, I'm glad to be here tonight.

L-7 And now we want to not keep you too long, 'cause a standing audience. And we are going, tomorrow night, at some other place here. I don't even know where it's at. It's near here. [A brother says, "Orange Show Auditorium."--Ed] Where? ["Orange Show Auditorium."] Orange Show Auditorium, for the services tomorrow night. I... This is between, I'm speaking on a tour for the--the businessmen's Full Gospel Business Men's group. Which, I've had the privilege of speaking around the world, for them. And so in there, a very dear friend invited us over here, and we're glad to be in the assembly tonight.

L-8 Now, before we open the Bible... Now, anybody that's got physical strength can open It in this manner. See? But it takes the Holy Spirit to open the Word to us, open our understanding and reveal the Scriptures. I believe in the Bible. I believe that It's God's Word. I believe that the earth, or the peoples of the earth, will be judged someday by this Word. Now, that may seem strange. Now, there's many different with that idea. [John 16:13], [Romans 2:16]

L-9 I was talking to a very loyal friend of mine, not long ago, who is Catholic. And he said, "God will judge the world by the Catholic church." If that's so, which Catholic church? See? So, if He judges it by the Methodist, then what about the Baptist? See? If He judges it by one, the other one is lost. So, there's too much confusion there.

But we have to go to It, to find our--our true statement, and the Bible says that God will judge the world by Jesus Christ. And He is the Word. Saint John 1, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us." And Hebrews 13:8 said, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." And I believe that to be the Truth. Now, I believe that. In... [Romans 2:16], [John 1:1, 14], [Hebrews 13:8], [II Timothy 4:1], [John 9:39]

L-10 God, in the beginning, being the infinite God; He is finite and... or infinite, rather. We're the finite. His mind is so much greater, and we, in our little finite mind, cannot understand His great, infinite wisdom. But therefore, when He speaks anything, it may seem very strange to us, to hear Him say a certain thing in the Scripture, but it's got to happen. I believe that His Words will never pass away. Therefore, I believe that God, knowing that we in our little finite mind could not interpret His--His great mind, He interprets His Own Word. He doesn't need any interpreter. He interprets His Own Word, by vindicating that Word in Its season. [Isaiah 55:7-9], [Matthew 24:35], [Mark 13:31], [Luke 21:33], [I Corinthians 2:16]

L-11 I believe that, God, in the beginning, that Noah was the Word for that day, for His Message. [Genesis 7:1-23]

Now, along come, after that, come Moses. Now, Moses could not have taken Noah's Word. He could not build a ship and floated them out of Egypt, down the Nile River, or to the promised land, or so forth. His message didn't work in Noah's day; that was the part of God's Word that was vindicated to be Truth by Moses. [Exodus 3:1-4]

Neither could Jesus have had Moses' Word. And the Luther could have not maintained the word of the Catholic church. Wesley, he could not maintain Luther's Word. And the Pentecostal, they could not take the Methodist Word. They... See? [Revelation 3:1-6], [Revelation 3:7-13]

The Church is growing. Each age, it's lotted in the Scripture here. So, God, through the Holy Spirit, reveals His Word, by manifesting It and vindicating It, Hisself, showing that It's His Word being brought to pass in the day that It's promised. [Titus 1:2-3]

L-12 Jesus said that. He said, "If you can't believe Me, believe the works that I do," for they testify of who He was, see, if anyone would have knowed the Scripture.

Now, He come so oddly, so strange, that the people didn't want to believe Him, because, "He, being a Man, was making Himself God."

So, He was God, in form. "God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself."

"And no man can do these works without God be with him," as we know Nicodemus said that. That, the Sanhedrin believed that. [John 10:38], [John 3:1-2], [II Corinthians 5:19]

L-13 Now, we know that, that Word. If they would have known the Word! He said, "If you'd have knowed Moses, you'd have knowed Me, because Moses wrote of Me." And we look. If they had looked back in the Scripture, see what the Messiah was supposed to do, then they'd have knowed Him by the vindication, that, "God, through Christ, was reconciling the world to Himself," and bringing to pass all the promises that was of the Messiah, that He was to do. Jesus bore record of that Word, making that Word live for that day. [John 5:46], [II Corinthians 5:19], [Revelation 1:1-2], [John 8:14]

L-14 And I believe that's the same thing we live in today: God bearing record of His Word, by vindicating what He said He would do. Now, we know that this is the day of salvation, where God is calling men from the world, from a life of sin, unto a life of service. And in the day that God has poured out His Spirit from on High, great signs and wonders are to accompany the ministry of this day. This is the... when the former and latter rain are falling, together. And we know that there is supposed to be great signs and wonders. Which, in many great denominations, This is turned down.

But I'm very thankful for these open doors that I've had, to go into, and the inspiration it's give to young men like your pastor here. That's caused them... As I'm beginning to get old, and know that my days are numbered, and know now that these young men can take this Message and sweep It on to the Coming of the Lord, if He doesn't come in my generation. Which, I'm hoping to see Him. I look daily for Him, watch, keeping myself prepared for that hour. [John 8:14], [Acts 2:17-21], [Jeremiah 5:24], [Hosea 6:3], [Joel 2:23], [James 5:7], [Luke 12:37], [Matthew 24:42-46]

L-15 Now let us speak to the Author before we read His Book, as we bow our heads.

Heavenly Father, we are grateful to Thee, to be alive tonight, to return back to this great city. Setting here in this panoramic here of the mountains, looking up and seeing the snow, and the orange blossoms blooming, at the same time, what a magnificent world You've give us to live in! And how that we see that man has disturbed and--and acted in this world, it makes us ashamed of ourself, Father.

We are here, tonight, to try to put forth our efforts, to try to cause men to see this great thing that God has done, and know that there's something greater just beyond. May we look to that, tonight, Father, as we turn in to Your Word and read. We can read It, Father, but let the Holy Spirit reveal It to us through the revelation. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

L-16 Now, you that like to perhaps take notes, and--and to read the Scripture with the minister, as--as usually they read It. And it used to be, when I... years ago, I didn't have to write down my Scriptures, and so forth. But I've got a little older since then. See? I just passed twenty-five, just recently, twenty-five years ago. So, it makes it a little bad. But I'm still trying to hold on to everything that I know to do in His Word, until He calls me.

L-17 Now, let us turn to Saint John the 14th chapter, very familiar Scripture that we want to read tonight, to draw from this a context, the Lord willing. Nearly all knows this. It seems to be, many times, it's used in funeral services. There ever was a time that I'd like to preach a funeral service, it'd be to this world. Let it die and be born again. Saint John 14:1 through 7, I believe, I have marked down here.

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