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In your introduction, you want to end with a thesis that tells me what you are arguing and what points will support that argument.
Do not simply repeat the question! So, let’s say my topic is The relationship between Buddhism and the silk road in 100AD to 900AD India, Central Asia and China It is not enough to just write “This essay will discuss the relationship between Buddhism and the silk road.”
You need something like this: This essay aims to discuss the symbiotic relationship between Buddhism and the silk road and how this relationship impacted encounters and exchanges between peoples along the silk road through various examples such as the trade of Buddhist artefacts for silk between India and China, the spread of Gandhara art, the journey of Faxian and Xuanzang, the role Buddhist institutions played in facilitating trade, and the transformation of Buddhism itself influenced by the silk road. I need to know what your points and arguments are already in the thesis. If the essay is a question like Are Females More Likely to Wear a Helmet When Riding a Bike Than Males? You cannot write this essay will explore whether females are more likely to wear a helmet than males. 
You need to write something like this essay will argue that females are more likely to wear a helmet than males when riding a bike using evidence from previous studies done by A, B, and C. If the essay is a to what extent question, I want to see you write This essay will show that A benefits, affects, reduces, increases, etc. B to a significant/ minimal extent by using evidence from A, B, C.

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