Thesis Statements for Analytic Douglass essay Although slavery turned slave owners into monsters

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Thesis Statements for Analytic Douglass essay

Although slavery turned slave owners into monsters with no trace of humanity, slavery was worse for those enslaved because it took away the the physical and mental well-being of enslaved people.

Although Frederick Douglas was enslaved and attacked for much of his life, he took the opportunities given to him to educate himself and he resisted the idea that he was not a human being.

Although slavery in America turned slave owner's into evil and closed minded individuals, it mentally and physically dehumanize those who were enslaved as well as their future generations

Although the lack of education of enslaved peoples was detrimental to the enslaved “animals”, the power of having a slave transformed the slave owners even more negatively to become more inhumane by physically abusing their slaves and abusing their complete power over their slaves.

Although slave owners might have been psychologically damaged from the guilt of owning another human being, the actual slaves suffered far more on account of them being treated as property and the revocation of their basic human rights.

Although slavery caused the slave owners to be brainwashed to think of people as animals, slaves were more negatively affected by slavery because they had no opportunity to be independent, and they suffered through physical pain.

Although slavery was meant to make Frederick Douglass feel like he was not a human being, he used slavery as a motivation force to become a free man and an educated person. 

Although slave owners were brainwashed into believing that people were animals, enslaved people were more negatively affected by slavery because they were physically tortured, and suffered mental dehumanization. 

Once Douglass realizes the strategies the white men use to keep them enslaved, he turns his anger into a positive motivating force.

Although slave owners treated the enslaved as less than human, the detrimental and dehumanizing effects slavery had on the enslaved motivated them to become educated and to daringly escape in hopes of freedom.

Although slave owners were negatively affected emotionally by slavery, the enslaved people were more negatively affected because of the dehumanizing effects of constant physical and emotional abuse.

Although slavery did change the slave owners personalities in a negative way, the enslaved people were nagtivley affected more becasue they were tortured and dehumanized everyday of their lives by their masters. 

Although Douglass had a predisposed idea that he was going to escape slavery, he has been so distraught by seeing men and women of relation to him forever being a slave; he now believed that he will remain as one forever as well, and has led him to be physically and mentally broken losing sight of what he once desired.

Although the dehumanizing experience of being a slave made Douglas question the value of living at times, he primarily used it as a positive, motivational force to learn to read and to stand up to Mr.Clover.

  In the Narrative of Fredrick Douglas,  slave owners were subject to a harsher emotional slavery than any enslaved person of the 1800s due to the concept of slavery, the pressure of other owners, and the complexity of the southern economy.

Although slave ownership potentially changed good people to bad, the enslaved were more negatively affected by slavery because they were dehumanized and did not have freedom or any other rights.

Although slave owners were corrupted by slavery, the slaves were much more negatively affected in ways such that they were completely dehumanized and tortured.

    Although the obvious changes in personal behavior affected slave owners greatly, as they became vulgar and uncivil, slaves endured far worse due to the physical torture, and the family discontinuity they experienced.

Although the dehumanizing nature of slavery negatively affected slaves and slave owners, it motivated douglass to educate himself and this makes him so different from other slaves.

Even though the enslaved people had it much worse than the slave owners, it’s important to not forget that some slave owners might’ve still felt morally wrong about having slaves despite it being a necessity for owners of large farms.

Although slave owners’ humanity is destroyed through the cruelty they inflicted, slaves were more damaged through the mental and physical abuse they received.

Although the unjustified punishments slaves received were beyond cruel, the stories that Frederick Douglass tells about the merciless treatment of slaves persuades the abolishment of slavery and reveals the unique perspective of an enslaved person.

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