Thesis packet for 2015 thesis defenders/graduates deadlines

Special instructions for Art, Drama, and Music students

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Special instructions for Art, Drama, and Music students

Students in the arts must invite all the members of the oral exam committee to exhibits, concerts, recitals, and dramatic performance, etc., that are relevant to work considered for graduation with honors. For music students, this applies to the recitals in the senior year. Additionally, music students should provide either video or audio files, while art students may print pictures of their exhibit for committee consideration.

Students in the arts must hold a defense with all committee members present. This may be at the concert/exhibit or at a later time prior to the thesis defense deadline. Students should be prepared to provide video, audiotape, pictures, or slides to the committee for consideration.

  • Follow thesis specifications for documentation, page numbering, margins, type, and arrangement for the final copy

  • See sample title page

  • Incorporate any final changes into your thesis

  • Submit unbound thesis on 100% cotton bond paper (following the guidelines) to the Fulbright

College Honors Program Office in Old Main 517

  • Cotton bond paper available in the Fulbright College Honors Program Office in Old Main 517

Only the final copy must be submitted using the cotton bond paper

Failure to follow these procedures or meet the deadlines will result in either the postponement of your defense to later in the term (but by the stated deadline) or the postponement of your graduation to a later term.


To graduate with honors from Fulbright College, students must complete the requirements of an honors curriculum, maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50, and research, write/create, and orally defend an honors thesis/project. Only students who complete the Honors Program will be assigned a level of honors distinction: cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude.

Note: the cumulative GPA from the semester before the student’s final semester (semester of graduation) will be used in determining the student’s GPA. For example, the GPA at the close of the Fall semester will be used for Spring graduates, since the Honors Council must determine the student’s distinction before final grades have been submitted in the Spring.

A student must meet the minimum criteria in each area—grade point average, number of honors hours, and thesis defense score—to receive a respective level.

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