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Phil Ochs wrote a jukebox full of anti-war songs, including “I Ain’t Marchin Anymore

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Phil Ochs wrote a jukebox full of anti-war songs, including “I Ain’t Marchin Anymore” and the witty “Draft Dodger Rag.”

As the Cold War and the hard reality of death, both in the United States and four thousand miles away in Vietnam, escalated anti-war songs kept the pulse of individual and collective dissent.

Any observer could track the changes in musical attitude by looking at how some artists were transformed during the war years. Bobby Darin began his pop career as a teen idol in 1958 with the million-seller “Splish Splash,” an imitation of Jerry Lee Lewis. By 1969 Darin, in a leather jacket with buckskin fringe, was writing songs of political activism and denouncing the war in his “

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