Theories of history (hist 698)

Reviews of required texts (30%)

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Reviews of required texts (30%)

Each participant is required to write a critical review of all of the required books, with the exception of Iggers' book. These reviews are to meet scholarly guidelines for your standard journal book review. Reviews are to be 500-750 words long (2-3 pages).

Discussion Leader (20%)

Seminar participants are required to lead a discussion on two separate occasions. On the first occasion, discussions will be focused upon the reading of a book from the attached reading list. Discussion leaders are responsible for providing a 4-5 page book review to all the other participants. Each review should outline the general themes and arguments of the book being discussed. The discussion leader will then give a brief presentation of the themes of the argument and lead a discussion of these themes as they apply to other themes of the seminar. On the second occasion, participants are to present an outline of their seminar paper (including thesis, purpose, and findings).

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