Themes in ap world History

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Why you should know this: Both multiple choice and essay questions may require you to have an understanding of the historical significance of the world’s oceans.

  1. Interactions between Muslims and Europeans during the seventeenth century were most commonly found in

    1. the Atlantic Ocean

    2. the Arctic Ocean

    3. the South China Sea

    4. the Indian Ocean

    5. the Pacific Ocean

This question is specifically calling on your knowledge of the historical significance of

the world’s oceans and major seas. In the 17th century (1600’s), the most frequented oceans

were the Atlantic and Indian. Contact between Muslims and Europeans would only be

possible in the Indian Ocean. Indeed, remembering that the Indian Ocean was the busiest

ocean in terms of commerce (exotic spices and goods from Asia and India, luxury

commodities from the Middle East) at that time would help you immediately identify the

correct answer.

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